NYA Roster & Paint Schemes 

Number Model LIRR 
NYA logo
Dark Green 
White Stripe
Dark Green  9/11 flag Green/Black L&N Notes
101 SW1001   x           ex-LIRR
105 SW1001 x x (repaint)           ex-LIRR (5)
106 SW1001       x       ex-LIRR (5)
151 MP15AC     x         ex-LIRR (1)
155 MP15AC       x       ex-LIRR
156 MP15AC x             ex-LIRR
159 MP15AC x     x (repaint)   x (repaint)   ex-LIRR
201 GP10               ex-Conrail (2)
202 GP10               ex-Conrail (2)
261 GP38-2 x x 1999   x (repaint)       ex-LIRR
268 GP38-2 x x 1999   x   x (repaint)   ex-LIRR (8)
270 GP38-2 x x 1999   x   x (repaint)   ex-LIRR
271 GP38-2 x x 1999     x x (repaint)   ex-LIRR (7)
9321 SW1200             x   (3)
9373 SW1200            


300 PR20B           x   Progress Rail  (6) 
301 PR20B           x   Progress Rail  (6) 

        Notes:  (1)  #151 has/had been painted a bright "mint green" color and out for rebuild by Altoona. 11/2021
                    (2)  Only at the NYAR for a short while, until LIRR GP38-2 arrived. Scrapped at IIRC.
                    (3)  Engine blown and sitting on the old Heritage Paper Industrial Track. Scrapped 1/28/2020.
                    (4)  Returned to L&N?, lacks ASC
                    (5)  To LIRR in Dashing Dan Scheme (hand painted by NYA MofE). 105 is active as a yard switcher at Morris Park repainted 2 times by LIRR. 106 on the deadline. None of the 3 SWs have ASC.
                    (6)  Replacements for #105-106
                    (7)  Memorial scheme in 2001
                    (8) "Heritage" scheme:
nNo NYAR lettering on the long hood, the front of the cab is painted green, and the frame is painted green with white dashed frame striping.

       Info: Henry Wagner and update notes: Gregory Grice, William J. Skeats