Edward Lange  (1846-1912)

South Side RR Train Shed_1876_Patchogue_EdLange.jpg (261192 bytes)
South Side Rail Road  Train Shed - Patchogue 1876 watercolor
Edward Lange Collection: Queens Borough Public Library
Huntington-Station-print_EdwardLange-c. 1880.jpg (116440 bytes)
Huntington Station Artist: Edward Lange c.1880
Greenlawn-Station-print_EdwardLange-Greenlawn-Centerport-Historical-Association.jpg (112558 bytes)
Greenlawn Station Artist: Edward Lange - Greenlawn-Centerport Historical Association
Northport_c.1880_edward-Lange.jpg (97480 bytes)
Northport Station  Artist: Edward Lange c.1880

Cold-Spring-Station_c.1880_Ed Lange.jpg (124934 bytes)
Cold Spring Station c.1880+ Artist: Ed Lange  Note: Prior to Oct 15, 1880 station name was: Woodbury then changed to Cold Spring - and later to Cold Spring Harbor.


Lewis Mallard

 Syosset Station Camelback - Lou Mallard
Boy-peaking-out-window_Lou-Mallard-Morrison.jpg (118891 bytes)
Boy peaking out window - Lou Mallard
Number-35_Lou-Mallard-Morrison.jpg (108102 bytes)
Engine #35 - Lou Mallard
DUNTON-Tower_Mallard-Morrison.jpg (128012 bytes)
DUNTON Tower - Lou Mallard
Number-518_Lou-Mallard-Morrison.jpg (93014 bytes)
Engine #518 - Lou Mallard
Syosset-Station_Lou-Mallard-Morrison.jpg (91835 bytes)
Syosset Station - Lou Mallard

Sunrise-Coal_Lou_mallard-Morrison.jpg (68275 bytes)
Sunrise Coal - Lou Mallard

Woodbury-Rd_Lou-Millard-Morrison.jpg (191619 bytes)
Woodbury Rd. - Lou Mallard
Shinnecock-Hills_Lou-Mallard-Morrison.jpg (119372 bytes)
Shinnecock Hills - Lou Mallard
Syosset_Lou-Mallard-LIST.jpg (170560 bytes)
Syosset Station - Lou Mallard
Archive: Dave Morrison unless noted
Vincent Quatroche  (1921- 2011)
LIRR-no.39_Greenport_Quatroche-Morrison.jpg (149693 bytes)
LIRR no.39 - Greenport   Artist: Vincent Quatroche
St.James_V Quatroche_DaveMorison.jpg (273752 bytes)
St. James Station - Artist: Vincent Quatroche
Setauket-Quatroche.jpg (191561 bytes)
Setauket Station - LIRR #24 N-52A caboose -  Artist: Vincent Quatroche

LIRR "Then & Now" Artist: Vincent Quatroche  Archive: Dave Morrison
LIRR-no.39__Quatroche-Morrison.jpg (171958 bytes) LIRR-no.35__Quatroche-Morrison.jpg (184930 bytes)
Jamaica-Station-1875_Quatroche-Morrison.jpg (230823 bytes) Greenport-Station-1892__Quatroche-Morrison.jpg (249579 bytes) Woodside-1910_Quatroche-Morrison.jpg (259492 bytes) Easthampton-Station-1894__Quatroche-Morrison.jpg (254435 bytes)


Anthony Montague (1925-2004)
Bayshore-Station-c.1900_Montague-Morrison.jpg (390280 bytes)
Bay Shore Station c.1900 Anthony Montague
St James-Station_Montague-Morrison.jpg (364321 bytes)
St. James Station - Anthony Montague
Stony-Brook-Station_Anthony-Montague.jpg (160848 bytes)
Stony Brook Station - Anthony Montague


Mattituck-Montague.jpg (192618 bytes)
Mattituck Depot c.1912 - Anthony Montague
George L. Wybenga  (1937-2016)
lirr39RMLI_GeorgeLWybenga.jpg (81692 bytes)
LIRR #39 - George L. Wybenga Archive: RMLI
lirr92printGeorgeLWybenga03-09.jpg (70912 bytes)
LIRR C-9 George L. Wybenga  3/2009

38 George L. Wybenga at Camp Pa-Qua-Tuck, Center Moriches, NY
NYO&W_no.8360_LIRR-no.74_GeorgeWybenga05-09.jpg (77985 bytes)
 NYO&W caboose #8360 became LIRR #74  George L. Wybenga
Steven Cryan 
Locust-Tower_H6sb-311-freight_StevenCryan .jpg (142579 bytes)
LIRR H6sb #311 freight train at Locust Tower 
"Hoopin Em Up at Locust" Artist: Steven Cryan as it appeared as the centerfold 
in the Summer 1995 KEYSTONE magazine of the PRT&H Society. 

Train Time at Oyster Bay - Cryan.jpg (120556 bytes)  
"Train Time at Oyster Bay"  Artist: Steven Cryan
Long-Island-Tug-2_watercolor_Steven-Cyran.jpg (230908 bytes)
"Night Trick" watercolor by Steven Cyran - LIRR Tug "Long Island II"  Built in Wilmington, DL the second  Diesel-Electric acquired by the LIRR

The MEITOWAX Off the Battery-StevenCryan.jpg (148202 bytes)
"The MEITOWAX Off the Battery" Artist: Steven Cryan

Garden-City-tugboat_StevenCryan.jpg (97879 bytes)
"Garden City"  Artist: Steven Cryan


The Late Great GARDEN CITY-StevenCryan.jpg (160424 bytes)
"The Late Great GARDEN CITY" Artist: Steven Cryan
Ron Ziel  (1939-2016)
LIRR-no.18_Hampton-Express_RonZiel.jpg (130519 bytes) LIRR-no.18_Hampton-Express_reverse_RonZiel.jpg (138821 bytes)
RAILROAD Magazine cover: January 1969  'Christmas season in the Shinnecock Hills of Long Island fifty years ago: the LIRR's Hampton Express, with a Baldwin-built Camelback.'
LIRR-no.45_Taking Orders at Manorville_RonZiel.jpg (163493 bytes) LIRR-no.45_Taking Orders at Manorville_reverse_RonZiel.jpg (138567 bytes)
Harry Burke 
LIRR-ALCO-C420- no.205-MTA_1975_HarryBurke.jpg (117834 bytes)
LIRR ALCO C420 #205 MTA scheme  Artist: Harry Burke 1975
LIRR-ALCO-S-2_1975_HarryBurke.jpg.JPG (130176 bytes)
LIRR ALCO S-2 Artist: Harry Burke 1975
LIRR-G5s-no31_caboose-N52A-no45_1975_HarryBurke.jpg (141801 bytes)
LIRR G5s #31, Caboose N52A #45 Artist: Harry Burke 1975
Greenport_LIRR-no.21_Conductor-Artist-Harry-Burke.jpg (167709 bytes)
Greenport LIRR #21 Conductor/Artist: Harry Burke
Farmingdale Railroad Station - 150th Anniversary  Architect/Artist: Vincent Scotis (1841-1991)
Farmingdale artwork_south_Architect Vincent Scotis_1841-1991.jpg (89844 bytes) Farmingdale artwork_east-west_Architect Vincent Scotis. 1841-1991.jpg (90970 bytes)
Other LIRR Artwork
lirr-RS-1-467_Autumn Rush at Bethpage Tower_Mark Karvon-MikeKoehler.jpg (75108 bytes)
LIRR  RS-1 #467 "Autumn Rush at Bethpage Tower" 
Artist: Mark Karvon Archive: Mike Koehler
LIRR-Sunrise Special-Christmas Card_National-Railway-Museum-David Tutwiler.jpg (75069 bytes)
LIRR "Sunrise Special" Christmas card Artist: David Tutwiler - National Railway Museum

PD Tower MTA rendering by Mike Maione c. 1980's 

New Dashing Dan - 10/2002 Artist: Anonymous Archive: Al Castelli
B-Tower-drawing.jpg (259452 bytes)
"B" Tower, Bethpage  - Pen and Ink 
PD-Tower-drawing.jpg (252841 bytes)
PD Tower, Patchogue  - Pen and Ink
Patchogue pen and ink.jpg (93086 bytes)
Patchogue Station - Pen and Ink  View E c.1888
Archive: Dave Keller

HowardFoggNYExpressFortPondBayc.1962.jpg (97305 bytes)
Artist Howard Fogg: "The New York Express" at Fort Pond heading for Penn Station. The view is from the slopes of Hither Hills overlooking Fort Pond Bay. The majestic Montauk Manor dominates the skyline a mile and a half away. Commissioned by John Scala  c.1962

Sea-Cliff_ JMontelione Sea Cliff LIRR 100th Anniversary 1888-1988 ceramic tile Morrison.jpg (128759 bytes)
Sea Cliff Station 100th Anniversary 1888-1988 ceramic tile Artist: J. Montelione
Archive: Dave Morrison
Locust-Tower-renovation_Matinecock-Neighborhood-Association_8-08-2006.jpg (113827 bytes)
LOCUST Tower Renovation Dedication Archive: Dave Morrison
LIRR-no.35_Paul Goldberg_1979_GaryFarkash.jpg (138447 bytes)
LIRR #35 Artist: Paul Goldberg 1979  Collection: Oyster Bay RR Museum
Huntington-Station_LIRR-artwork_1997.jpg (101778 bytes)
Huntington Station Artwork: LIRR 1997 produced by 
Capital Programs to promote the renovation project.
LI-City_1956_Watercolor_SamNorkin.jpg (110595 bytes)
Skyline of New York City in 1956 - Original Watercolor by Sam Norkin  
Note: View W at  LI City, Queens, NY

LIRR #39 Artist Don Lubov 1979 Archive: Joe Costa
Andy-Fletcher_LIRR-artwork_2018.jpg (92567 bytes)
Andy Fletcher LIRR drawings 2018

LIRR C420 #208 Mineola  - Artist Andy Romano
Commerce Bank Murals - 2003-2011
Bank mural Deer Park 1938.jpg (79993 bytes)
Commerce Bank mural: Deer Park c.1938

Bank mural Islip c 1907.jpg (111454 bytes)
Commerce Bank mural: Islip c.1907

Bank mural Hicksville 1910.jpg (133005 bytes)
Commerce Bank mural: Broadway grade crossing, Hicksville  c.1910


In 2003 to 2011, the Commerce Bank installed murals in its Long Island bank locations. In later years, the name of the bank was changed to TD Bank. Archive: Dave Morrison

Jamaica Station plaque_100th-Anniversary-LIST.jpg (68440 bytes)
Jamaica Station plaque-reverse.jpg (38204 bytes)
Jamaica Station 2013 100th Anniversary Plaque LIST, 
produced by The Cat's Meow  
Archive: Dave Morrison
East-Williston- plaque-2011.jpg (87214 bytes)East-Williston- plaque-reverse.jpg (47142 bytes)
East Williston Plaque 2011 produced by The Cat's Meow
Archive: Dave Morrison
Great-NEck-Station_Jan51-LIRRer_DaveMorrison.jpg (222468 bytes)
Great Neck Station - 1870  Artist: Lillian Taylor Pelham Archive: Dave Morrison
Mattituck-Station_Artist-Diane-Smith.jpg (143981 bytes)
Mattituck Station - Artist: Diane Smith Website for purchase:

St James bank mural 12-1990_Morrison.jpg (51110 bytes)
Local St. James bank mural  - 12/1990 Photo/Archive: Dave Morrison

Southampton-Station-painting.jpg (120896 bytes)
Southampton Station painting over the fireplace 1/11/2018 Photo: Dave Morrison
NY City - Penn Station - LIRR Murals

LOCUST Tower mural at Penn Station  - 1992

Greenlawn-Station mural zoom 9/29/1995 Photo/Archive: Dave Morrison
This was one of the plywood art panels that was at Penn Station during the early 90's renovations. I had the B&B crew mount the panel on the west wall of Greenlawn Station. Dave Morrison

 An old Shinnecock Hills station photo was used for this mural. Info: Dave Keller

Daily News_8-30-1992_Morrison.jpg (338816 bytes)
Penn Station LIRR murals - Daily News 8/30/92 Archive: Dave Morrison
Railfan-RR- magazine_April-1993 p.45_Penn-Station-art-panels_Morrison.jpg (80564 bytes)
Railfan & Railroad  magazine - April 1993, p.45 NY City Penn Station LIRR
art mural panels
Archive: Dave Morrison `

NYTM drawing - 63rd Street -tunnel  1972