Affixed to a riderís luggage in the old days. The express agent would put it on the bags with a leather strap. Upon receipt of your bag(s) at your destination, the express agent would remove the tag for reuse for another customer on another train. American Railway Supply Co., was in business from 1891 to the 1920s. Info: Brendan Manley

Baggage Tag South Side Rail Road
of Long Island 

Brass Baggage Tag 
Collection: Brendan Manley

Brass Baggage Tag 
Collection: John Fusto

LIRR baggage tag #18240
Archive: Carol Mills 

LIRR RPO baggage tag - American Railway Supply Co., NY

Penn Station to Garden City Baggage Tag 
Collection: Brendan Manley

LIRR baggage tag #A2811 34th St. to Islip and reverse.  Once the luggage arrived it would
be used by the Agent (in this case at Islip) to return baggage going back to 34th Street.

Penn Station to Easthampton baggage tag  #45545
Archive: Carol Mills

Brass Baggage Tag  Flatbush Ave. to Great River 1/2008 Collection: Brendan Manley

LIRR Brass Pay Check Tag 

To the best of my knowledge, it was used to pay employees out on the line (perhaps as a "chit" to be cashed in somewhere where cash was available)...maybe a a major station where the ticket agent had copious amount of the green stuff and could pay you out of his "cash drawer" from selling tickets, etc, or maybe a major  terminal like Jamaica, where cash was disbursed to outlying terminals for different purposes. Info: Robert Myers

34th Street to Easthampton baggage tag #45649
Archive: Carol Mills

Ronkonkoma to 34th St. and reverse side #22673 Brass Baggage Tag Collection: Brendan Manley

L-I.R.R. baggage tag #3707 1875-1883
Stamped Hoole Bagg Check Co

LIRR (L-I.R.R.) baggage tag # 6570 1875-1883
Stamped Hoole Bagg Check Co
Archive: Art Single

Edmund Hoole started making baggage checks in the late 1860s. He
continued to manufacture baggage checks until his company was
 absorbed by The American Railway Supply Co. in 1893.
Source: New York City Public Library

Baggage Tags c.1962-1963 Archive: Art Single

LIRR Baggage Tag Checks
East-Hampton-Water-Mill_baggage-tag_BradPhillips.jpg (96951 bytes)   East-Hampton-Water-Mill_baggage-tag_customer-part_BradPhillips.jpg (104487 bytes)
Baggage tag and Customer Duplicate Check - Bicycle Easthampton to Watermill

NY-Penn-Watermill_local-baggage-tag_BradPhillips.jpg (106299 bytes)   NY-Penn-Watermill_local-baggage-tag-D_BradPhillips.jpg (94742 bytes)
Baggage tag and Customer Duplicate Check - Penn Station to Watermill

Flatbush-Ave-Watermill_local-baggage-tag_BradPhillips.jpg (135672 bytes)
Baggage tag  Customer Duplicate Check - Flatbush Ave to Water Mill
Sag-Harbor-Watermill_local-baggage-tag_BradPhillips.jpg (96956 bytes)
Baggage tag and Customer Duplicate Check - Sag Harbor to Watermill
Baggage-tag-LIRR-REA_BT-1_BradPhillips.jpg (87910 bytes)
BT-1 baggage tag LIRR via PRR REA
Note: BT-1 Form back is blank
Baggage-tag-LIRR-REA-Armstrong-Transfer_BT-1_BradPhillips.jpg (100291 bytes)
BT-1 baggage tag LIRR via PRR REA or
via NYNH&H Arnstrong Transfer Co.

Baggage-tag-Long-Beach_BradPhillips.jpg (106646 bytes)
Baggage tag A - Long Beach To blank 2/04/1945
Baggage-tag-back_BradPhillips.jpg (88218 bytes)
Baggage tag back
Baggage-tag-blank-Penn-Station_BradPhillips.jpg (83798 bytes)
Baggage tag - From blank to Penn Station
Baggage tag - From blank to Penn Station-back_BradPhillips.jpg (47215 bytes)
Baggage tag - From blank to Penn Station back
Baggage-tag-blank-to-from_BradPhillips.jpg (80334 bytes)
Baggage tag B blank From-To

Baggage Tag - Wantagh 2/05/1949


Photos/Archive: Brad Phillips unless noted

Baggage Check - Interline Huntington to Sarasota, FL 2/01/1967