Ticket_Bellport-Jamesport.jpg (78645 bytes)
Ticket - Bellport to Jamesport 8/19/1896 Archive: Brad Phillips
Note:  Bellport east to Eastport.  Then changing there to the Greenport Scoot westbound Eastport to Jamesport via Manorville branch. Info: Dave Keller
Ticket_Bellport-Patchogue_BradPhillips.jpg (68683 bytes)
Ticket- Bellport to Patchogue (1953-59) Archive: Brad Phillips

East Patchogue to Bellport map 1950 Drawing: Jim Boerckel
Archive: Dave Morrison
Emery_Bellport_MP56-57_5-1958.jpg (97705 bytes)
Emery map -Bellport MP56-57 5/1958

Bellport-LIRR-map-1966-page39.jpg (26835 bytes)
Bellport - LIRR map page 39 6/1966

Bellport Station - View W c.1916
G54sa-Camelback-19 with Fireman-on Passing Siding-Bellport-(View SE)-c. 1915 (Holman-Keller).jpg (74667 bytes)
G54sa Camelback #19 with fireman on Bellport passing siding view SE c.1915 (Holman-Keller)  Welz & Zerwick Beer Distributor at left
Station-Bellport-View E - c. 1925 (Osborne-Keller).jpg (64439 bytes)
Bellport Station -View E c.1925 Photo: James V. Osborne 
Archive: Dave Keller
Welz & Zerwick Beer Distributor in background at Station Rd.
Station-Bellport-9-20-58.jpg (75227 bytes)
Bellport Station -View  SW 9/20/1958 - Photo: Irving Solomon- PSC Archive: Dave Keller
lStation-Bellport-1963.jpg (84802 bytes)
Bellport Station -View  SE  1963 Photo: Robert M. Emery 
Archive: Dave Keller


Station-Bellport-7-1-01.jpg (84247 bytes)
Bellport Station -View  NW 7/01/2001 Photo/Archive: Dave Keller



BLS-BO-E of Bellport-Start of Siding-MP 57 (View E) - 05-88 (Keller-Keller).jpg (118457 bytes)
"BO" block limit signal east of Bellport station at the east end of the passing siding opposite unmarked MP57 (View E) - May, 1988 (Dave Keller photo and archive)