Far Rockaway


FarRockawayOldStationViewN-c.1955.jpg (42934 bytes)
Old station with train on elevated viaduct. View N  c. 1955  (W. J. Edwards photo, Dave Keller archive)

Emery-Map-Far-Rockaway-pre-1942.jpg (407011 bytes)
Emery Map Far Rockaway Branch-Mott Ave., Far Rockaway Station prior to 1942 as the station still indicates having low-level platforms. The tracks were elevated on a viaduct through here and placed in service on 4/10/42.

Then, thru service ended on 10/3/55 and shortly thereafter, the viaduct and tracks were severed at Mott Ave.  
The LIRR tore up its tracks and viaduct and moved east to the present-day terminal at Nameoke Ave. and the 
NYCTA constructed their new Far Rock station and began operating transit trains from there using the existing 
elevated viaduct to Frank Ave., Wavecrest, Playland, etc., etc. and Rockaway Beach as well as over the new 
Jamaica Bay trestle. Info: Dave Keller

timetable_Rockaway-Branch_4-13-1885.jpg (413956 bytes)
Timetable Rockaway Branch 4/13/1885  Archive: Brad Phillips
ViewEast1915.jpg (86212 bytes)
The building to the left of FW tower below, in front of the tall smokestack is the Far Rockaway venue of Sheffield Farms Dairy.  Express house at right. Looking east – 1915
FWtowerViewE1933.jpg (101169 bytes)
FW tower at end of station platform.  Track in front of tower leads to the express house.  Looking east – 1933  Note the single mast signal in the right background and a cantilever mast signal in the left background . . . both of which were set by the levers pulled in the tower.
Mott Avenue crossing at grade.  Depot at right of MU train.  Express house towers above the lead car in the background.  Looking east - 1915.jpg (104323 bytes)
Mott Avenue crossing at grade.  Depot at right of MU train.  Express house towers above the lead car in the background.  Looking east - 1915
FarRockawaySheffieldFarmDairyViewW1915.jpg (91166 bytes)
Sheffield Farms Dairy at the left, with rooftop “skeleton” sign.  Looking west - 1915
Emery-Map-Far-Rockaway-1942-1957.jpg (295734 bytes)
Emery map Far Rockaway 1942-1957
Station-Far Rockaway-Mott Ave-West from FW Tower-6-6-33 (Keller).jpg (147526 bytes)
 Far Rockaway Station - Mott Ave view W  from FW Tower 6/06/1933  Archive: Dave Keller
FarRockawayViewWc.1915.jpg (42943 bytes)
Trackside view of train on elevated trestle, looking west – c. 1957  (note dark grey color scheme of cars with orange end doors.  This was AFTER Tichy and prior to Goodfellow/Dashing Dan scheme
25-Far Rockaway.jpg (52794 bytes)
LIRR Far Rockaway Track map 1966 page 25
Far-Rockaway-Station_ViewW_6-1964.jpg (74638 bytes)
Far Rockaway station at Nameoke Ave. after tracks were cut back from Mott Ave.  View NE - 6/1964  
Archive: Brad Phillips
All archive photos/research Dave Keller unless specified.