General Electric 25T - LIRR #397-399

General Electric 25T Class GS-1 (25 ton GE Switcher, 1=150HP)  LIRR 397 has a single chime Leslie #RS44 horn on the cab roof and bell mounted on top of the hood. 398 & 399 have air whistles mounted on the cab and bells on the chassis. 399 was modified to have Automatic Air Brakes (brake stand from an M1). 397 also has automatic air, but it is unknown if it was LIRR who added it. All modified to have steps on the engineer side
to access the engine doors.

LIRR #397 - Photo/Archive: Bobby J. Kasza
ex-LILCO Island Park Power Generating Station, NY

 #397  Built: 3/1956  Serial #: 32628  Class: GS-1
"Dashing Dan" Photo/Archive: OBRM


       #398  Built: 5/1958  Serial #: 33030  Class: GS-1
"Dashing Dottie" Photo/Archive: OBRM


"Dinky" on the Morris Park transfer table view N
at the driveway c.1976  Archive: Frank Fiore

Morris Park Shops 1973

#398-399 On the Patio at Morris Park Shops - Oil Storage facility
at left. c.1985 Photo/Archive: John Scala

LIRR #397 Morris Park 10/31/1987
Photo/Archive: Kevin Gulau

LIRR #398 Morris Park 12/1970
Photo/Archive: Bob Bender

LIRR #398 Morris Park 2/1976
Photo/Archive: Art Huneke

LIRR GE 25T #398 Morris Park c.1979
LIRR Pres. Francis Gabreski scheme 1978-1981
Photo: Steve Hoskins

LIRR GE 25T #398 Morris Park Shops
c.1974 Photo: Steve Hoskins

LIRR GE 25T #398 Morris Park Shops
c.1980 Photo/Archive: Mike Boland

#399  Built: 8/1958  Serial #: 33375 Class: GS-1
LIRR #399 on the Morris Park shops transfer table View SE

New GE 25T switcher #399 and Baldwin battery and third rail (dial power) switcher #320 switching in Morris Park Yard in 1958. I believe #320's batteries had died and #399 was doing the  work. Photo/Archive: Art Huneke

LIRR #399 Morris Park 10/31/1987
Photo/Archive: Steve Rothaug

GE 25Ton  LIRR #397-398 6/29/2022
Photo/Archive: Ronnie Schnepf

Dinky #26 at OBRM 3/11/2023 Photos/Archive: OBRM

Ex-LIRR #398 has been renumbered #26 in honor of  the twenty-sixth
US President Theodore Roosevelt, who's name will adorn its flanks.

Dinky #26 "taken a ride" on the now functioning turntable!
3/11/2023 Photos/Archive: OBRM


Steve Torborg takes a turn at the throttle of #26. Seen here operating
in reverse back onto the display track.  3/11/2023 OBRM

These were two of three four-wheeled, chain driven, 25 ton diesel locomotives that toiled away in the backshops of the Long Island Railroad from 1958 through the early 2000s. Used for shuttling locomotives and coaches to and from the shops, these engines served the railroad well, working in virtual anonymity. Preferred by the employees who used them, they were affectionately known as "Dinkys".

Dinky #398 has been restored and is open for visiting. Oyster Bay Railroad Museum (OBRM)