The Sunrise Trail Chapter-NRHS had set aside 14 cars for preservation, mostly of the "54" series. Sadly, most were scrapped, but a few cars still survive.  11/1/1974 - 4/4/1982  

Info/Photos/Archive: Tim Darnell unless noted. Click her for his photo archive.  




LIST cars - NY State Fairgrounds, Solvay, NY 4/1982  - Photo/Archive: Tim Darnell



MTA reply from David Yunich - 12/02/1974
Archive: Tim Darnell

P54D #1 "Ping-pong"
Photo/Archive: Tim Darnell
Title:  LIRR #1, LIRR #4391
Description:  Eastern most car, looking west
Photo Date:  11/1/1974  
Location:  Calverton, NY
Built:  1927 by ACF
Author:  Tim Darnell


P54D #1 turntable Richmond Hill Receiving Yard late1960's (Maywald-Boland)
"The basic LIRR steam train coach for many years."

LIRR C420 #221 eastbound for Greenport passing LIRR #200 in storage. Photo/Archive: Tim Darnell
Title:  LIRR #200
Description:  Sun shows up as the afternoon train passes for Greenport
Photo Date:  11/1/1974 
Built:  1932 by PRR
Location:  Calverton, NY
Author:  Tim Darnell
Locomotives:  LIRR #221 (C420)

LIRR #200 - Riverhead 8/26/2007
Archive: RMLI
"Original double-deck car, one of a kind as others were larger, newer"