In service M7: 2002-present LIRR
M7A: 2004-present Metro-North
Manufacturer Bombardier Transportation
Family name M-series
Constructed 1999-2006
Number built 1,172 cars
Long Island Rail Road: 836 cars
Metro-North Railroad: 336 cars
Formation married pairs
Fleet numbers LIRR: 7001-7836
MNCR: 4000-4335
Capacity Seated passengers:
110 (A car); 101 (B car)

Cars are arranged as married pairs, where each car contains a complete set of controls for an engineer, conductor, or brakeman. However, the 'B' Cars (denoted by odd-numbered car designations) contain a handicapped accessible restroom, which is larger than the restroom provided on the M1 and M3 railcars and designed to accommodate a wheelchair, as well as an attendant and/or service animal (such as a guide dog, hearing dog or service dog) accompanying the passenger. The enlarged bathroom reduces the number of seats in the car.

The M7 was built as two separate but similar models due to the different electrical and signaling systems on the LIRR and Metro-North. Their most notable differences are in third rail shoe design between the M7 and M7A. The Metro-North uses under-running third rails (with the train's third-rail shoes collecting electricity from the bottom of the third rail) inherited from the former New York Central Railroad, and the LIRR uses over-running third rails. Metro-North's M7As are not equipped with illuminated number boards, while LIRR's M7s are. 

In late 1999, a contract was awarded to Bombardier for 836 LIRR M7s. Delivery began in early 2002, and test trains for the LIRR M7 began on the Ronkonkoma Branch. After several successful tests, LIRR M7 revenue service began on the Long Beach Branch on October 30, 2002 and Metro-North's first M7A started scheduled service in April 2004. All M7s were delivered by early 2007.

M7-original-design-Bombardier_Bill Mangahas.jpg (79474 bytes)The original mid/late 1990's artist concept of the M7 car. This photo was used in rail and transit publications (Railway Age and Metro come to mind) and was in color - with the yellow front end stripe the only significant difference into what was shown. In time Bombardier changed the M7 car design to resemble the AMT (Montreal) MR77 MU car to a large extent.

There are cases when the artist concept is quite different then the finished product - one of the best recent examples I can think of is when Metro-North's M8 cars were being designed one of the artist concepts was virtually the same as the M7 with a bright red stripe across the lower front end of the car...As we now know the M8 has its own unique design inside and out. Mike McEnaney

M7 original design - Photo: Bombardier Archive: Bill Mangahas

Abridged LIRR Fleet List issued by Maintenance of Equipment/Engineering - June 30, 2008
EMU cars-Listed in a odd/even format. All EMU cars are 85 feet long.:

M-7 A car 7002-7836, Wt 127,500; 1060 HP, Built 2001-2007 by Bombardier, Total 418
M-7 B car 7001-7835, Wt 129,240; 1060 HP, Built 2001-2007 by Bombardier, Total 418

M7-Bombardier-spec-sheet.jpg (282938 bytes)
M7 - Bombardier spec sheet

M7 #7337 car interior 10/2023
Photo/Archive: Joe Vila


LIRR_M7_Seat.jpg (68733 bytes)
LIRR M7 Seat

M7-7644-roof-detail_TimDarnell.jpg (78090 bytes)
M7 #7644 roof detail - Jamaica Station
Photo/Archive: Tim Darnell
M7-roof.jpg (130829 bytes)

M7 #7694 at Mineola zoom 9/21/2022
Photo/Archive: Dave Morrison

M7 #7694 at Mineola 9/21/2022
Photo/Archive: Dave Morrison

LIRR M7 lights*

* Green - brakes released
Amber - brakes applied
White - Door Station Energized (Conductor key in panel to operate doors)
Red (flashing) - Parking Brake (Handbrake) applied
Blue - ATC (ASC - Automatic Speed Control) operative  
Info: Nick Kudreyko

M7 cab CDP Central Diagnostic Panel  2/24/2023
Photo/Archive: Steve Torborg

M7 cab PTC console


M7 cab TOD - Train operator display
ADU - Aspect Display Unit
M7s in Action

M7 #7466 - Eastbound at Pinelawn
M7-7245_Bombardier.jpg (147139 bytes)
M7 #7245 Photo: Bombardier
M7-7515_floral-Park_6-28-2013_GregPrimose.jpg (110740 bytes)
M7 #7515 Floral Park 6/28/2013
Photo/Archive: Greg Primose
M7-7196_Brentwood_viewW_2-05-16_EdwardHand.jpg (146249 bytes)
M7 #7196 Brentwood - View W 2/05/2016
Photo/Archive: Edward Hand
Wyandanch-M7-7645_viewE_9-26-2018_BillMangahas.jpg (367992 bytes)
M7 #7645 - Wyandanch view E 9/26/2018
Photo/Archive: Bill Mangahas
M7-7628_Brentwood_4-18-2013_ChrisJAllen.jpg (179578 bytes)
M7 #7628 "BRENT" Interlocking east of Brentwood
View W - 4/18/2013 Photo/Archive: Chris J. Allen
M7-7235_Brentwood_Double-Track-Project_8-2018.jpg (204155 bytes)
M7 #7235 - Brentwood Double Track Project View E 8/2018

M7-7361_train-1701-westbound-Penn_Merillon-Ave-Garden-City_10-25-2018_JeffErlitz.jpg (92569 bytes)
M7 #7361 Train #1701 Merillon Ave., Garden City 10/25/2018 Photo/Archive: Jeff Erlitz

M7 #7725 - MP 32.24 westbound downhill from Cold Spring Hill, giving this section of the Port Jefferson Branch the nickname of “Mountain Division" 5/05/2020 Photo/Archive: Jeff Erlitz

M7 #7203 Train #7701 View east at Roslyn Road, Mineola at Signal Bridge 5 - 11/28/2020 Photo/Archive: Jeff Erlitz

Consist: 7203-7204+7231-7232+7331-7332+7581-7582+7817-7818+7811-7812