MTA-M9 10-2017.jpg (54245 bytes)
MTA/LIRR  M9 #9001 10/2017
lirr9001_Kawasaki-Heavy-Industries-Hyogo-Works-2016.jpg (79871 bytes)
LIRR #9001 Kawasaki Heavy Industries - 
Hyogo Works, Japan  2016
M-9_Engineer-Cab.jpg (57439 bytes)
M9 Engineer Cab 2016
M-9_Pilot-Car-Interior2.jpg (60419 bytes)
M9 Pilot Car Interior Cab forward 2016
M-9_Pilot-Car-Interior.jpg (62109 bytes)
M9 Pilot Car Interior - Rear view 2016
M-9_Milestones.jpg (45593 bytes)
M9 Procurement Milestones Look Ahead


This section: Photos/Resource: MTA/LIRR 


On Sunday, April 29, 2018, M9s 9010-9009 and 9014-9011 were transferred from the New York & Atlantic Railway Co. Fresh Pond Yard to the LIRR for acceptance and testing. These cars are part of an initial order of 92 cars from Kawasaki, with options for 508 more. The recently repainted LIRR MP15AC # 154, will lead toward Jamaica. Marc Glucksman

Kawasaki-M-9s_Fremont_viewN_4-29-18_Barry-Johnson.jpg (110030 bytes)
M9s delivery to Fremont Jct. view N 4/29/18 Photo: Barry Johnson
Kawasaki-M-9s_Fremont_viewW_4-29-18_Barry-Johnson.jpg (124782 bytes)
NYA delivery to Fresh Pond view W 4/29/18 Photo: Barry Johnson
M9-9010_Fresh-Pond_4-29-18_Greg-Grice.jpg (102679 bytes)
M9 #9010  Fresh Pond 4/29/18 Photo: Greg Grice
M-9s-transfer-Pond_4-29-18 MarcGlucksman.jpg (120271 bytes)
Kawasaki M9s transfer from Fresh Pond 4/29/18
Photo: Marc Glucksman
Kawasaki-M-9s-window-detail_Jamaica_4-29-18_Paul-Pesante.jpg (35076 bytes)
Kawasaki M9 Window detail 4/29/18
Photo: Paul Pesante


Kawasaki-M-9s_Jamaica_4-29-18_Paul-Pesante.jpg (121187 bytes)
Kawasaki M9s Jamaica 4/29/18 Photo: Paul Pesante
MP15AC-154_Kawasaki-M-9s_Jamaica_4-29-18_Paul-Pesante.jpg (100479 bytes)
LIRR MP15AC #154 - Kawasaki-M-9s Jamaica 4/29/18
Photo: Paul Pesante
Kawasaki-M-9s-coupled_Jamaica_4-29-18_Paul-Pesante.jpg (72028 bytes)
Kawasaki M9s 9009/9014 at Jamaica 4/29/18 Photo: Paul Pesante
MP15AC-154_Kawasaki-M-9s_Hillside-Station_4-29-18_Barry-Johnson.jpg (97783 bytes)
MP15AC #154 M-9s arrive at Hillside Station 4/29/18
Photo: Barry Johnson
MP15AC-154_Kawasaki-M-9s_Hillside_4-29-18_Road-Foreman-Engines-Barry-Johnson.jpg (162198 bytes)
MP15AC #154 M-9s at Hillside Station 4/29/18
Photo: Barry Johnson, Road Foreman of Engines
Kawasaki-M-9s_Hillside-Boneyard_4-29-18_Barry-Johnson.jpg (131093 bytes)
 M9s stored at Hillside "Boneyard" 4/29/18
Photo: Barry Johnson
"Nines at Republic" Long Island Rail Road & Kawasaki Heavy Industry's M9 Test Train head west past the former Republic Station on LIRR Main Line, 3/11/2019. The six car train is making several runs throughout the LIRR system, testing each function the railcars have to offer. Republic station, which opened in 1940, served Republic Airport and employees of Fairchild Aircraft manufacturing company until Republic Station was closed in 1986 as new stations with high-level platforms opened as part of the Hicksville-Ronkonkoma Electrification replacing low-level platform facilities. All that remains are the staircases that lead passengers from NY Route 110 to the platform which are seen in the foreground and background of this photo.  Photo/Archive/Info: Greg Grice
M9-test-train_New-Hyde-Park_3-15-2019_AlexVasic.jpg (83556 bytes)
M9 #9010 test train New Hyde Park 3/15/2019
Photo/Archive: Alex Vasic
M9-test-train_Pinelawn_3-12-2019_DanielForan.jpg (112279 bytes)
M9 #9011 test train Pinelawn 3/12/2019
Photo/Archive: Daniel Foran
M9-9012_Bethpage_3-21-2019_DanielForan.jpg (111783 bytes)
M9 #9012 Bethpage 3/21/2019 
Photo/Archive: Daniel Foran
M9-test-train_New-Hyde-Park-Station_3-15-2019_AlexVasic.jpg (82077 bytes)
M9 #9013 test train New Hyde Park Station
3/15/2019 Photo/Archive: Alex Vasic
M9-test-train_Amityville_3-8-2019_DanielForan.jpg (92986 bytes)
M9 #9013 test train Amityville 3/08/2019
Photo/Archive: Daniel Foran
M9-test-train_Amityville-Station_3-8-2019_DanielForan.jpg (73475 bytes)
M9 #9014 test train Amityville Station  3/08/2019
Photo/Archive: Daniel Foran
M9-9011_Lynbrook_4-10-2019_MilesBlount.jpg (113345 bytes)
M9 #9011 test train Lynbrook 4/10/2019 
Photo/Archive: Miles Blount


M9s- 9015-9016-Fresh-Pond-interchange_3-19-2019_viewN_GregGrice.jpg (197712 bytes)
M9s #9015 and #9016 at Fresh Pond Interchange - View N 3/19/2019 Photo/Archive: Greg Grice

Fresh Pond map - NYA

Long Island Rail Road's Roustabout crew tow a pair of Kawasaki M9 EMUs over the Fresh Pond Bridge clear of the "Interchange" switch in order to get downstairs to the Fresh Pond Yard Wye. This pair, numbered 9015 & 9016, are the first "production" cars produced from Kawasaki's Lincoln Nebraska Plant. Once the pair is downstairs, Kawasaki officials inspect the cars for any damage that may have occurred in transit. Greg Grice  Note: They are shipped with regular AAR couplers.