"Freight Train Through Mill Neck?" - "SHOP 100" (NH #32006) is former New Haven Railroad 40ft "PS-1" boxcar built by Pullman Standard in 1944. This freight car ran in revenue service untill the 1970's, when transferred to the LIRR as a surplus car. The LIRR utilized the car in work train service, later as a mobile parts storage unit. After storage in Holban Yard, for many years, the car was graciously donated to the Oyster Bay Railroad Museum. The museum plans to repaint the car into its original colors and use it as a storage unit while it sits in their display yard. Info: Gregory Grice

Ex-NH 40' boxcar LIRR "SHOP-100" Photo/Archive: Steve Torberg

LIRR MOW "SHOP 100"  ex-NH 40' boxcar storage at
Dunkirk St. Yard, Holban 6/2021 Archive: Steve Torberg

Switching the consist preparing for the move
YFD-201 (Yard Freight Drill) 10/08/2021

Modern Maid Foods, at left,  LIRR #166 entering the lead 
to Dunkirk St. Yard YFD-201 10/08/2021


Dunkirk Yard, Holban - OBRM wheels on flatcar
Photo/Archive: Jason Baxter

The wheels on the flatcar were delivered to OBRM to replace the original wheels on Locomotive #35's tender (#21). They came from a relatively new boxcar destroyed when it struck the under jump for the Montauk Branch at Hillside. Jason Baxter

Special equipment move this evening of two MP-15's, a flatcar and a boxcar bound for the Oyster Bay Railroad Museum. It'll leave Holban Yard and travel to Oyster Bay Yard between 11PM and 1AM, after which the boxcar will move over the road from the LIRR Yard to the OBRM Display Yard. 10/08/2021

LIRR RFX14 move MP15AC #153 with boxcar consist
Sunday 12.40AM  10/09/2021 Photo/Archive: Neo Jiang

RFX14 with MP15AC #153 leading New Haven Railroad boxcar NH #32006 and Long Island Railroad flatcar LI #4202 and MP15AC #164 craws past East Williston this early Sunday (12:40AM). This move went on for hours (faulty journal box repairs), with the train leaving Holban yard around 11:40 and returning (2 MP15s and the flatcar) around 8AM in the morning. Neo Jing


NH boxcar smoking journal box repair enroute 10/09/2021

LIRR RFX14 move MP15AC #153 with boxcar consist
early Sunday AM  10/09/2021 Photo/Archive: Gregory Grice

During the early morning hours of October 9th, 2021, Long Island Rail Road RFX13 is seen heading east past the old Mill Neck Station on the Oyster Bay Branch with vintage boxcar "SHOP 100" in tow. The boxcar was on way to its new home at the Oyster Bay Railroad Museum (OBRM), where it will be on display.  Info: Gregory Grice

LIRR RFX14 move MP15AC #164 at 3:30AM
yard arrival 10/09/2021

LIRR personnel in position to unload the flatcar for transfer to Pedowitz Machinery Movers - 10/09/2021

The boxcar was relocated before the locomotives and flatcar returned to Queens. The LIRR Freight Car Inspectors set out to removing all the brake rigging from under the car so it could be transported by truck to the OBRM display yard..

Pedowitz Machinery Movers arrive early in the AM
ready to provide the NH boxcar transport - 10/09/2021


Pedowitz Machinery lift the boxcar off the trucks prior to
chocking for transfer to the flatbed. 10/09/2021

The boxcar chocked and transferred to the flatbed. 10/09/2021

NH boxcar repaired journal box and
broken spring in a sleeve 10092021

Pedowitz Machinery moving the trucks for delivery to OBRM
display location. 10/09/2021

Pedowitz Machinery in transit of the boxcar delivery to OBRM
10/09/2021 Photo/Archive: Ronnie Schnepf

NH boxcar arrival, via flatbed, at OBRM. 10/09/2021

ex-NH  #32006 in place at OBRM. 10/09/2021