Electrification Project Completed Archive 12/1987

haroldprotects-KO-DietrichRyan11-2011.jpg (88011 bytes)
Harold Protects at KO 11/04/2011

Ronkonkoma Milepost 49-50
Emery map 10-57

Ronkonkoma Milepost 48-49 
Emery map 10-57

Ronkonkoma-Holtsville-Medford69.jpg (139137 bytes)
LIRR 1966 Ronkonkoma track map page 69

KO water tank raze 11/21/1962 - NEWSDAY

 Ronkonkoma track map - 1986 page 55 (LIRR-Jeff Erlitz)

Sta-Ronk-1915 T. R. Bayles photo.jpg (47515 bytes)
Ronkonkoma station looking east from the recently constructed 
Ronkonkoma Ave. overpass in 1915. Note: Water tank at trackside south.
Archive: Dave Keller

The nice landscaping on the depot grounds was a gift 
of the then-popular Broadway actress Maude Adams (1872-1953) who 
resided in Ronkonkoma.  Upon her death, her house 
and grounds were bequeathed to The Cenacle, a
religious convent on what later became Cenacle Road. 
(Thomas R. Bayles photo, Dave Keller archive)

Maude Adams House - Ronkonkoma

She willed her house and grounds to the Cenacle Sisters, a Roman Catholic convent and retreat center on Cenacle Road in Ronkonkoma, which, over the years had grown in size to encompass 40 acres. Research : Dave Keller

Ronkonkoma Track Capacities P-54 Cars

prr230E-6leaseRonkonkoma1-30-1938RobertGLewis.jpg (100209 bytes)
Leased PRR E-6 #230 1/30/1938
Photo: Robert G. Lewis retired publisher of RAILWAY AGE magazine. Archive: Jim Gillin

Tender-G5s-39-Taking-Water-Ronkonkoma-6-5-55_small.jpg (16219 bytes)
 G5s LIRR #39 Tender taking on water Ronkonkoma 06/05/1955 Photographer unidentified, Dave Keller archive

G5s-21-Tender-Taking on Water-Ronkonkoma-8-1947 (2).jpg (98968 bytes)
G5s LIRR  #21 Tender taking on water Ronkonkoma 8/1947  Dave Keller archive

KO-1 & KO-2 Interlocking -  3/01/1988 Archive: Jeff Erlitz

KO-1 & KO-2 Interlocking -  11/08/2002 Archive: Jeff Erlitz

KO Yard 1/16/2003 Archive: Jeff Erlitz

Maude Adams colorized photo c.1897
Maude Adams - 1908-Playbill-1898_eBay.jpg (152730 bytes)
Maude Adams in her famous role as Peter Pan in 1908 and an early 
playbill for Romeo and Juliet from 1898 (Source:  eBay)

Maude Adams  Broadway Actress who landscaped Ronkonkoma station - 1900s

Station-Temporary-Ronkonkoma-1934-37.jpg (63300 bytes)
Temporary Ronkonkoma depot (1934-37) at right. Eastbound express house at left. View is looking south from the entrance to the depot grounds. Archive: Dave Keller

Temporary Ronkonkoma Station 5/1936 View SE
 (Mid-Island Mail-Pete Ritter)

Station-Ronkonkoma-New-Temp-Exp Hse-KO Cabin-G5s-Train-View E-1940 (Sommer-Keller).jpg (118995 bytes)
The new Ronkonkoma station, temporary station/block office, eastbound express house, former "KO" cabin and G5s westbound 
leaving the yard - 1940

This is one of only three images that have surfaced showing the temporary station that was placed in service after the 2-story depot burned in 1934. (T. Sommer photo, Dave Keller archive)

Ronkonkoma Station post card shows the temporary depot no longer in place, the two platform lamp posts removed, and the platform appears in better condition as probably been replaced. Summer view indicates 1941+ as summer of 1940 still had the temporary depot and older platform in place. Research: Dave Keller. 

Block Signal-KO-Ronkonkoma-1940 (T. Sommer-Keller).jpg (29264 bytes)
"KO" semaphore block signals controlled at this time by the block office in the station ticket office- 1940 (T. Sommer photo, Dave Keller archive)

KO Call Letters in Keystone-Ronkonkoma (Huneke).jpg (188366 bytes)
"KO" call letters in PRR keystone on Ronkonkoma station ticket office bay window. Block office at that time was relocated from a cabin at the east end of the platform to the ticket office - View c. 1940s Archive: Art Huneke

Station-Ronkonkoma-TemporaryDepot-NewDepot-ViewE-1940(Sommer-Keller).jpg (82519 bytes)
A close-up view of the temporary
Ronkonkoma depot and former "KO"
Block office.  New depot is at the left.
(T. Sommer photo, Dave Keller Archive)


RDC2_KO-Ronkonkoma_viewW_1956_ W.J.Edwards-Keller.jpg (118109 bytes)
RDC-2 at KO Ronkonkoma View W 1956 (W. J. .Edwards-Keller)

New-Elec-Yard-Ronkonkoma-12-87-1.jpg (103904 bytes)

New-Elec-Yard-Ronkonkoma-12-87-2.jpg (132301 bytes)

Photos of the newly opened electric yard at Ronkonkoma – filled with diesel-hauled equipment!  A sight you’ll never see again.

Views are looking west in December, 1987. I don’t have an actual date indicated, however the 3rd rail was activated on, I believe, Dec. 17th and I probably shot these the same day as I shot the electrified activation warning sign.  (Photos shot through the chain-link fence.)
Photos/Archive/Info: Dave Keller

Ronkonkoma-Station_viewW_c.1940_Weber-Morrison.jpg (120741 bytes)
Ronkonkoma Station view W c. 1940 
Photo: Fred Weber Archive: Dave Morrison

This rare image (left above dated 1940) depicts the temporary station building at Ronkonkoma from 1934-1937, replacing the wooden, 2-storey structure which burned remaining in service until the newer brick building was opened.  It continued to be used as is evidenced by this 1940 photo shot by block operator Ted Sommer from the Ronkonkoma Ave. trestle showing the structure located between new 1937 brick depot and the old eastbound express house north of the tracks.  The "RONKONKOMA" station sign is still on the structure and the "KO" block office call letters, along with the Western Union telegraph office and Bell Telephone signs are on the platform lamp post out front.  (Ted Sommer photo, Dave Keller archive)

1970 Dave Keller photo

KO Storage Seed 1972 Photo: Dave Keller

Ronkonkoma View W 1987 Photo: Dave Keller
   lirrW80-GouldsFeedSiloRonkonkoma-02-72.jpg (66262 bytes)
LIRR W80 Gould's Feed Silo Ronkonkoma 02/1972 
(closed prior to 1966) view NE Photo/Archive: Dave Keller 
 (See R. Emery 10-57 map above )

George Ayling, the agent at CI, worked a rotation schedule in the late 1940s and part of that rotation was a day or two a week at Ronkonkoma .  He said he was warned by the regular agent to beware of Gould, because Gould was a deadbeat who never paid his bills and was constantly threatened by the LIRR.  He saw a relief agent on duty and would bluster into the depot, figuring the new guy didn’t know of him and DEMAND that his loads of feed be released to him.  Ayling told him he’d be more than happy to release his loads to him ONCE HE PAID HIS MONEY OWED TO THE RAILROAD . . . whereupon he’d bluster some more and storm out.  He’d come back later with money to pay the bill, blustering some more, and his feed would be released to him.      Story told  to Dave Keller, no claim as to accuracy of this story.

His feed business was way up Hawkins Road north of the village of Ronkonkoma , almost on the borderline of Ronkonkoma and Lake Grove.  Info: Dave Keller

LIRRturbine.jpeg (29296 bytes)

LIRR turbine car  laid up on the north leg of the wye prior 
to the sheet metal shed being built for the 2nd turbine that 
arrived a couple of years later. View NE  c.12/1966 
Photo/Archive: Tom Harmon Info: Dave Keller

LIRRturbinedetail.jpeg (23365 bytes)
LIRR turbine car truck detail c.12/1966
Photo/Archive: Tom Harmon

Photo: Steve Hoskins c. 1966

ronkyard-c.1965.jpg (105070 bytes)
A severe telephoto view shot from the Ronkonkoma Ave. overpass looking towards the yard and Gould’s Feed silo.  KO Block signals at the far right.  Note the passenger train laying up . . . at least 6 different styles of car in one train.  View NE summer 1965
Photo/Archive: Tom Harmon 
Info: Dave Keller

FA1 #611 C420 #208 - Push-pull train at Ronkonkoma Station
 View east from the trestle 10/1972 Photo/Archive: Dave Keller

View Wye South
Photo: Steve Lynch

View Wye North 
Photo: Steve Lynch

L203 Photo: Steve Hoskins c. 1960's

View Wye NE BAR  #60, #72  1998
Photo: Paul Kennedy

View Wye NE Precision  #1702
1998 Photo: Paul Kennedy

lirr-1556_Ronkonkoma-Shed_12-22-73_Huneke.jpg (61629 bytes)
LIRR #1556 Ronkonkoma Shed 12/22/1973 Archive: Art Huneke

L1555  Photo: Steve Hoskins c. 1960's

Bar74BrianWoodruff.jpg (135934 bytes)
BAR #74 PNC #1706
Photo: Brian Woodruff
Bar69BrianWoodruff.jpg (149658 bytes)
BAR #65 #69 PNC #1706
Photo: Brian Woodruff
lirr1552-1557BrianWoodruff.jpg (130658 bytes)
LIRR RS-3 #1552 #1557
Photo: Brian Woodruff
Ronkonkoma-Station_viewE_2-1984_ FrankFiore.jpg (78775 bytes)
Ronkonkoma Station View E 2/1984 Archive: Frank Fiore


lirrjaws3,FA602,GP254 6-29-1985Ronk.jpg (73214 bytes)
LIRR #W83, FA #602, GP #254 6/29/1985
Archive: McEnery 

Freight eastbound passing wye 7/1983
ronkonkoma---lirr_8-18-87_EdwardHand.jpg (108761 bytes)
Ronkonkoma Ave. View W 8/18/1987 Photo: Edward Hand


KOviewwest2homesignals-wash-Ronkstation.jpg (83234 bytes)
KO view west two Home Signals Wash Rack Ronkonkoma Station
Cab View 04/2008
Ronkonkoma-Station-overpass_viewW_1-17-15.jpg (91296 bytes)
Ronkonkoma Ave. view W from Station overpass 1/17/2015

Ronkonkoma yard 9/17/1966 (Smith-Morrison)

Ronkonkoma zoom VW track vehicle 9/17/1966 (Smith-Morrison)

LIRR Mid-Suffolk Train Storage Yard  - Formerly Ronkonkoma Yard (KO)  6/2020
RF62 eastbound #266 at Ronkonkoma new high level platform
under construction 8/1987Photo/Archive: Jay Bendersky

Mid-Suffolk Yard

Mid-Suffolk Yard - View E 1/201/2020 Photo: MTA/LIRR

The newly expanded Mid-Suffolk yard will provide additional space to store, maintain, inspect, service and clean electric train cars. The MTA Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) last week announced it has completed major construction on the Mid-Suffolk Train Storage Yard in Ronkonkoma, NY. York.

Formerly known as the Ronkonkoma Yard, the newly expanded yard will provide additional space to store, maintain, inspect, service and clean electric train cars, LIRR officials said in a press release.

The $76.6 million project included the addition of 11 tracks. The yard now features a total of 22 tracks, each with the capacity for a 12-car trainset.

The Mid-Suffolk yard will enable LIRR to increase in service on the Ronkonkoma Branch during the morning rush by nearly 50% when East Side Access opens under Grand Central Terminal in New York City at the end of 2022. A new 15,900-square-foot employee facility is now in use at the yard.  Source: MTA

Ronkonkoma-KO-Yard_viewE_m7-11-01-15_EdwardHand.jpg (106881 bytes)
Ronkonkoma KO Yard  - View E 11/01/2015 
Photo: Edward Hand

New KO Yard  11/18/2020 Photo/Archive: Robert Myers

KO Yard View E 11/18/2020 Photo/Archive: Robert Myers

New KO Yard south portion View E 11/18/2020 Photo/Archive: Robert Myers

KO Yard new snow (fighters) plows  View N 11/18/2020
Photo/Archive: Robert Myers

KO Yard new LIRR company vehicle - View E 11/18/2020 Photo/Archive: Robert Myers

KO Yard - LIRR Employee Welfare Facility View N
11/18/2020 Photo/Archive: Robert Myers

KO Yard - LIRR Employee Welfare Facility entrance View N
11/18/2020 Photo/Archive: Robert Myers

M3s Mid-Suffolk Yard 3/30/2021 Photo/Archive: Jason Baxter

New KO - Mid-Suffolk Yard - View E 11/2020 Source: MTA

Mid-Suffolk Yard Layout - 11/2020 Source: MTA

LIRR Ronkonkoma (KO) Yard Expansion 1/11/2021 - Newsday