LIRR Smokin' It Up!   
H10s-113_train- L56-toPort-Jefferson_Mineola-1955_Huneke.jpg (100196 bytes)
H10s #113 Train #L56 to Port Jefferson at Mineola  1955 Archive: Art Huneke

lirr #105 Freight #-L-80 Lynbrook view W 3/03/1946 Photo: Rod Dirkes

Snow Train and Plow-Eastbound at Greenport-c. 1914+.jpg (114035 bytes)
Snow Train and Russell Plow View W Greenport c. 1914+
4-4-0 D55a No. 80-Wading  River Train-Leaving Huntington-1904 (H. Fullerton-Keller).jpg (95424 bytes)
D55a #80 4-4-0 Train leaving Huntington to Wading River 1904 (H. Fullerton-Keller)
D52-Tower-11.5-Exp-Hse-Lefferts-Ave-Xing-Richmond-Hill-c.1905 (Huneke).jpg (112222 bytes)
D52 Tower -11.5 Express House Lefferts Ave crossing Richmond Hill c.1905 (Huneke-Keller)
Steam and MU Trains at Sta - Belmont Park-S. of Hempstead Tpke-View E-1905 (Keller).jpg (146477 bytes)
MU Trains at Belmont Park Station south of Hempstead Turnpike View E 1905 Archive: Dave Keller
G54sb-Camelback-11-Freight-Eastbound Approaching Wading River-1906 (Keller).jpg (95676 bytes)
G54sb Camelback #11 Freight eastbound approaching 
Wading River 1906 Archive: Dave Keller
D16b-219-Train-WB at MT Tower and Station-Mineola (View E) - 1909 (J. Burt-Keller).jpg (110196 bytes)
D16b #219 Westbound at MT Tower and Mineola Station View E 1909 (J. Burt-Keller)
D56-89-Train-Cedarhurst-c.1910 (Keller).jpg (129212 bytes)
D56 #89 Cedarhurst c.1910 Archive: Dave Keller
G53-Camelback-123-Westbound Freight Near Trestle - c. 1910 (Keller).jpg (128425 bytes)
G53 Camelback #123 Westbound freight near trestle c.1910 Archive: Dave Keller
D53a-Camelback-47-1915 (Holman-Keller).jpg (121358 bytes)
D53a Camelback #47 1915 (Holman-Keller)
4-4-0 D56 No.88-NY&NS Traction Overpass-O.B. Br-Mineola-c. 1913 (J. Burt-Keller).jpg (85545 bytes)
D56 #88 4-4-0-NYNS Traction overpass Oyster Bay Branch Mineola c. 1913  (J. Burt-Keller)
Camelback-Ore Cars-3rd Ave-Bay Ridge Yard-1917 (Keller).jpg (152542 bytes)
Camelback and Ore Cars at 3rd Ave, Bay Ridge Yard 1917 Archive: Dave Keller
E51sa-Camelback-3-Carlton-Ave-CI-c1918 (G. Ayling-Keller).jpg (133090 bytes)
E51sa Camelback #3 Carlton Ave., Central Islip c.1918 
(G. Ayling-Keller)
G54sb-Camelback-13-W-Carlton-Ave-Central-Islip-1922 (G. Ayling-Keller).jpg (86128 bytes)
Camelback  G54sb #13 westbound Carlton Ave, Central Islip 1922 (G. Ayling-Keller)
G5s-32-DblHdg-Trn12-Shinnecock Express-Central-Islip-1930 (G. Ayling-Keller).jpg (51586 bytes)
G5s #32 Double heading Train #12  Shinnecock Express at Central Islip 1930 (G. Ayling-Keller)
G5s-Snowstorm-Carlton Ave-Central Islip-c. 1935 (G. Ayling-Keller).jpg (86028 bytes)
G5s Snowstorm at Carlton Ave., Central Islip c.1935 
(G. Ayling-Keller)
PRR-E3sd-3154-3-car train-Oyster-Bay-3-1-36 (G. Votava-Keller).jpg (93092 bytes)
PRR E3sd #3154 three car train Oyster Bay 3/01/1936 
(G. Votava-Keller
H10s-107 Pushing Hack and Frt-Mt. Olivet-c.1937 (Reschke-Keller).jpeg (86892 bytes)
H10s #107 Pushing a hack and freight at Mt. Olivet c.1937 (Reschke-Keller)
G5s-22-Train-Main Line-Bethpage Jct - c. 1938 (Keller).jpg (76965 bytes)
G5s #22 Main Line-Bethpage Jct. c.1938 Archive: Dave Keller
G5s-22-Train-Main Line-Bethpage Jct - c. 1938 (Keller).jpg (63091 bytes)
G5s #22 Main Line Bethpage Jct. c.1938 Archive: Dave Keller
G5s-26-Train-625-Near Syosset - c. 1938 (Keller).jpg (79190 bytes)
G5s #26 Train #625 near Syosset c.1938 
Archive: Dave Keller
PRR-E3sd-3148-Train-Mill Neck-11-1940 (G. Votava-Keller).jpg (110095 bytes)
PRR E3sd #3148 Mill Neck 11/1940 (G. Votava-Keller)
PRR-E3sd-3148-Train-Irish Lane-E. Islip - 1-27-40 (Keller).jpg (48784 bytes)
PRR E3sd #3148 Irish Lane, East  Islip 1/27/1940 
Archive: Dave Keller
G5s-45-Troop Train-New South Rd-Hicksville-1940 (Keller).jpg (79050 bytes)
G5s #45 Troop train - New South Rd., Hicksville 1940 Archive: Dave Keller
G5s-29-Train-East-in-Snow-Mineola-c.1940 (Keller).jpg (114621 bytes)
G5s #29 Eastbound Mineola c.1940 Archive: Dave Keller
G5s-31-Train-204-LIMP-Mineola-1941 (Keller).jpg (77354 bytes)
G5s #31 Train #204 Mineola 1941 Archive: Dave Keller
lirr27_G5s_Train-616_accelerating-eastbound_Union-Hall-Street_2-21-1946_F.R.Dirkes-Huenke.jpg (82967 bytes)
LIRR G5s #27  Train #616 accelerating eastbound at Union Hall Street 2/21/1943 (F.R. Dirkes-Art Huenke)
H6sb-311-Frt-Passing LOCUST Tower-Locust Valley-1943 (J. Boerckel).JPG (87345 bytes)
H6sb #311 freight passing LOCUST Tower, Locust Valley 1943 (J. Boerckel-Dave Keller)
PRR-K2s-1458-Train-5-West-Rockville Ctr-3-16-46 (Keller).jpg (63154 bytes)
PRR K2s #1458 Train #5 westbound Rockville Centre 3/16/46 Archive: Dave Keller
H10s-113-Olivet - 1946 (Keller).jpg (47988 bytes)
H10s #113 Olivet 1946 Archive: Dave Keller
G5s-40-Morris Park Shops - 1947 (Keller).jpg (72852 bytes)
G5s #40 Morris Park Shops 1947 Archive: Dave Keller
G5s-46-Train 4515-Snow-MP27-Sea Cliff-2-22-47 (E. Hermanns-Keller).jpg (101190 bytes)
G5s  #46 Train #4515 Sea Cliff  MP27 2/22/47 
(E. Herrmans-Keller)
K4s-5406-Trn-4613-ColdSpringHbr-3-16-47 (G. Votava-Keller).jpg (44401 bytes)
K4s #5406 Train #4613 Cold Spring Harbor 3/15/47
 (G. Votava-Keller)
G5s-39-Freight-East at Queens Village, NY - 1947 (F. Zahn).jpg (95903 bytes)
G5s #39 Eastbound freight Queens Village 1947 
(F. Zahn-Keller)
K4s-5406-Trn4229-B-Twr-Bethpage-5-11-47 (2) (G. Votava-Keller).jpg (50475 bytes)
K4s #5406 Train #4229 "B" Tower, Bethpage 5/11/47 
(G. Votava-Keller)
PRR-H9s-910-Light EB at MP 6-Woodhaven Blvd.-Glendale-01-31-48 (E. Hermanns-Keller).jpg (98559 bytes)
PRR H9s #910 running light eastbound  at MP 6 Woodhaven Blvd., Glendale 1/01/48 (E. Hermanns-Keller)
H10s-106-Pulling Frt in Reverse WB under Rock Bch Br -Glendale Jct-View E-01-31-48 (E. Hermanns-Keller).jpg (99276 bytes)
H10s #106 Pulling freight in reverse westbound  under  Rockaway Beach bridge Glendale Jct. View E 1/01/48 
(E. Hermanns-Keller)
H10s-106-Frt-East-Hicksville-11-2-48 (G. Votava-Keller).jpg (118137 bytes)
H10s #106 eastbound at Hicksville 11/02/48
 (G. Votava-Keller)
H10s-107-Frt-E-Past-Frt-House-Floral Park-c. 1950 (Keller).jpg (120331 bytes)
H10s #107 Eastbound freight past Freight House
Floral Park c. 1950 Archive: Dave KellerH10s-111-Frt-E-Past-Frt-House-Floral Park-c. 1950 (Keller).jpg (109313 bytes)
H10s #111 Eastbound freight past Freight House
Floral Park c. 1950 Archive: Dave Keller
LIRR-39_2-6-0_Mill-Neck_1949_Norman-Kohl-JeffErlitz.jpg (96856 bytes)
LIRR #39 4-6-0 Mill Neck 1949 (Kohl-Erlitz)
G5s-28-EB-Nassau Tower-Mineola-1950 (J. Sommer-Keller).jpg (95878 bytes)
G5s #28 eastbound at Nassau Tower Mineola 1950
 (J. Sommer-Keller)
G5s-Train-East-Union-Hall-St-Jamaica-1952 ( W. Broschart-Keller).jpg (83077 bytes)
G5s Train eastbound Union Hall St., Jamaica 1952 
(W. Broschart-Keller)
G5s-39-Train - Cold Spring Harbor NY - 03-1953 (F. Zahn).jpg (131116 bytes)
G5s #39 Cold Spring Harbor 03/1953  (F. Zahn- Keller)
H10s-107-52-Car-Frt-NewHydePark-7-10-53 (G. Votava-Keller).jpg (53790 bytes)
H10s #107 heading a 52 car freight at New Hyde Park 7/10/53 (G. Votava-Keller)
PRR-H10s-111_Train-L44_approaching-Hicksville_1954_Huneke.jpg (106768 bytes)
PRR H10s #111 Train L44 approaching Hicksville 1954 Photo/Archive: Art Huneke
G5s-39-Railfan Extra-WB Under Ronkonkoma Ave.-Ronkonkoma - 06-05-55 (e-Bay Scan).JPG (123027 bytes)
G5s #39 Railfan Extra- westbound under 
Ronkonkoma Ave., Ronkonkoma 6/05/1955
H10s-113-Freight-L56-Climbing Hill-Cold-Spring-Harbor-1954 (A. Huneke-Keller).jpg (128421 bytes)
H10s #113 Freight #-L56 "Climbing the Hill" at 
Cold Spring Harbor 1954 (Huneke-Keller)
H10s-111-Freight-East-Past-Brentwood-1954 (A. Huneke-Keller).jpg (111748 bytes)
H10s #111 freight eastbound Brentwood 1954 

H10s-113_trainL56 _Cold-Spring-Hill_1954_Huneke.jpg (114527 bytes)
H10s #113 Train #L56 Cold Spring Hill 1954
Photo: Art Huneke 

PRR-G5s-24_Port-Jefferson_9-54_Huneke.jpg (85815 bytes)
PRR G5s #24 Port Jefferson  9/1954 Photo: Art Huneke 
C420_219_Bay Shore_c.1964_SteveHoskins.jpg (92017 bytes)
C420 #219 Bay Shore c.1964 Photo: Steve Hoskins
C420_216_Bay Shore_c.1964_SteveHoskins.jpg (79775 bytes)
C420 #216 Bay Shore c.1964 Photo: Steve Hoskins 
217-C-420_7-1-76-New-Hyde-Park_RichardReichenbach.jpg (95218 bytes)
C420 #217 New Hyde Park 7/1/1976  
Photo: Richard Reichenbach
LIRR-229-225-609-091089-ClintonRd-AlCastelli.JPG (93553 bytes)
LIRR C420 #229 #225 FA #609 Fan Trip - Clinton Rd., Garden City 9/10/89  Photo: Al Castelli
LIRR-208_C420_PD_ViewW_11-72_WilliamRosenberg.jpg (87631 bytes)
LIRR C420 #208, second unit, parlor and 4 coaches  at PD Tower View W  11/1972 Photo: William Rosenberg


"SMOKING PERMITTED" green sign, I believe, from the double-deckers Archive: Art Single

Archive: Art Single