LIRR Smokin' It Up!   
H10s-113_train- L56-toPort-Jefferson_Mineola-1955_Huneke.jpg (100196 bytes)
H10s #113 Train #L56 to Port Jefferson at Mineola  1955 Archive: Art Huneke

lirr #105 Freight #-L-80 Lynbrook view W 3/03/1946 Photo: Rod Dirkes

Snow Train and Plow-Eastbound at Greenport-c. 1914+.jpg (114035 bytes)
Snow Train and Russell Plow View W Greenport c. 1914+
4-4-0 D55a No. 80-Wading  River Train-Leaving Huntington-1904 (H. Fullerton-Keller).jpg (95424 bytes)
D55a #80 4-4-0 Train leaving Huntington to Wading River 1904 (H. Fullerton-Keller)
D52-Tower-11.5-Exp-Hse-Lefferts-Ave-Xing-Richmond-Hill-c.1905 (Huneke).jpg (112222 bytes)
D52 Tower -11.5 Express House Lefferts Ave crossing Richmond Hill c.1905 (Huneke-Keller)
Steam and MU Trains at Sta - Belmont Park-S. of Hempstead Tpke-View E-1905 (Keller).jpg (146477 bytes)
MU Trains at Belmont Park Station south of Hempstead Turnpike View E 1905 Archive: Dave Keller
G54sb-Camelback-11-Freight-Eastbound Approaching Wading River-1906 (Keller).jpg (95676 bytes)
G54sb Camelback #11 Freight eastbound approaching 
Wading River 1906 Archive: Dave Keller
D16b-219-Train-WB at MT Tower and Station-Mineola (View E) - 1909 (J. Burt-Keller).jpg (110196 bytes)
D16b #219 Westbound at MT Tower and Mineola Station View E 1909 (J. Burt-Keller)
D56-89-Train-Cedarhurst-c.1910 (Keller).jpg (129212 bytes)
D56 #89 Cedarhurst c.1910 Archive: Dave Keller
G53-Camelback-123-Westbound Freight Near Trestle - c. 1910 (Keller).jpg (128425 bytes)
G53 Camelback #123 Westbound freight near trestle c.1910 Archive: Dave Keller
D53a-Camelback-47-1915 (Holman-Keller).jpg (121358 bytes)
D53a Camelback #47 1915 (Holman-Keller)
4-4-0 D56 No.88-NY&NS Traction Overpass-O.B. Br-Mineola-c. 1913 (J. Burt-Keller).jpg (85545 bytes)
D56 #88 4-4-0-NYNS Traction overpass Oyster Bay Branch Mineola c. 1913  (J. Burt-Keller)
Camelback-Ore Cars-3rd Ave-Bay Ridge Yard-1917 (Keller).jpg (152542 bytes)
Camelback and Ore Cars at 3rd Ave, Bay Ridge Yard 1917 Archive: Dave Keller
E51sa-Camelback-3-Carlton-Ave-CI-c1918 (G. Ayling-Keller).jpg (133090 bytes)
E51sa Camelback #3 Carlton Ave., Central Islip c.1918 
(G. Ayling-Keller)
G54sb-Camelback-13-W-Carlton-Ave-Central-Islip-1922 (G. Ayling-Keller).jpg (86128 bytes)
Camelback  G54sb #13 westbound Carlton Ave, Central Islip 1922 (G. Ayling-Keller)
G5s-32-DblHdg-Trn12-Shinnecock Express-Central-Islip-1930 (G. Ayling-Keller).jpg (51586 bytes)
G5s #32 Double heading Train #12  Shinnecock Express at Central Islip 1930 (G. Ayling-Keller)
G5s-Snowstorm-Carlton Ave-Central Islip-c. 1935 (G. Ayling-Keller).jpg (86028 bytes)
G5s Snowstorm at Carlton Ave., Central Islip c.1935 
(G. Ayling-Keller)
PRR-E3sd-3154-3-car train-Oyster-Bay-3-1-36 (G. Votava-Keller).jpg (93092 bytes)
PRR E3sd #3154 three car train Oyster Bay 3/01/1936 
(G. Votava-Keller
H10s-107 Pushing Hack and Frt-Mt. Olivet-c.1937 (Reschke-Keller).jpeg (86892 bytes)
H10s #107 Pushing a hack and freight at Mt. Olivet c.1937 (Reschke-Keller)
G5s-22-Train-Main Line-Bethpage Jct - c. 1938 (Keller).jpg (76965 bytes)
G5s #22 Main Line-Bethpage Jct. c.1938 Archive: Dave Keller
  G5s-26-Train-625-Near Syosset - c. 1938 (Keller).jpg (79190 bytes)
G5s #26 Train #625 near Syosset c.1938 
Archive: Dave Keller
PRR-E3sd-3148-Train-Mill Neck-11-1940 (G. Votava-Keller).jpg (110095 bytes)
PRR E3sd #3148 Mill Neck 11/1940 (G. Votava-Keller)
PRR-E3sd-3148-Train-Irish Lane-E. Islip - 1-27-40 (Keller).jpg (48784 bytes)
PRR E3sd #3148 Irish Lane, East  Islip 1/27/1940 
Archive: Dave Keller
G5s-45-Troop Train-New South Rd-Hicksville-1940 (Keller).jpg (79050 bytes)
G5s #45 Troop train - New South Rd., Hicksville 1940
Archive: Dave Keller
G5s-29-Train-East-in-Snow-Mineola-c.1940 (Keller).jpg (114621 bytes)
G5s #29 Eastbound Mineola c.1940 Archive: Dave Keller
G5s-31-Train-204-LIMP-Mineola-1941 (Keller).jpg (77354 bytes)
G5s #31 Train #204 Mineola 1941 Archive: Dave Keller
lirr27_G5s_Train-616_accelerating-eastbound_Union-Hall-Street_2-21-1946_F.R.Dirkes-Huenke.jpg (82967 bytes)
LIRR G5s #27  Train #616 accelerating eastbound at Union Hall Street 2/21/1943 (F.R. Dirkes-Art Huenke)
H6sb-311-Frt-Passing LOCUST Tower-Locust Valley-1943 (J. Boerckel).JPG (87345 bytes)
H6sb #311 freight passing LOCUST Tower, Locust Valley 1943 (J. Boerckel-Dave Keller)

H10s #109 Old Northport Branch
1945 Archive: Robert Myers
PRR-K2s-1458-Train-5-West-Rockville Ctr-3-16-46 (Keller).jpg (63154 bytes)
PRR K2s #1458 Train #5 westbound Rockville Centre 3/16/1946 Archive: Dave Keller
H10s-113-Olivet - 1946 (Keller).jpg (47988 bytes)
H10s #113 Olivet 1946 Archive: Dave Keller
G5s-40-Morris Park Shops - 1947 (Keller).jpg (72852 bytes)
G5s #40 Morris Park Shops 1947 Archive: Dave Keller
G5s-46-Train 4515-Snow-MP27-Sea Cliff-2-22-47 (E. Hermanns-Keller).jpg (101190 bytes)
G5s  #46 Train #4515 Sea Cliff  MP27 2/22/1947 
(E. Herrmans-Keller)
K4s-5406-Trn-4613-ColdSpringHbr-3-16-47 (G. Votava-Keller).jpg (44401 bytes)
K4s #5406 Train #4613 Cold Spring Harbor 3/15/1947
 (G. Votava-Keller)
G5s-39-Freight-East at Queens Village, NY - 1947 (F. Zahn).jpg (95903 bytes)
G5s #39 Eastbound freight Queens Village 1947 
(F. Zahn-Keller)
K4s-5406-Trn4229-B-Twr-Bethpage-5-11-47 (2) (G. Votava-Keller).jpg (50475 bytes)
K4s #5406 Train #4229 "B" Tower, Bethpage 5/11/1947 
(G. Votava-Keller)

PRR H9s #910 running light eastbound  at MP 6 Woodhaven Blvd., Glendale 1/01/1948 (E. Hermanns-Keller)
H10s-106-Pulling Frt in Reverse WB under Rock Bch Br -Glendale Jct-View E-01-31-48 (E. Hermanns-Keller).jpg (99276 bytes)
H10s #106 Pulling freight in reverse westbound  under  Rockaway Beach bridge Glendale Jct. View E 1/01/1948 
(E. Hermanns-Keller)
H10s-106-Frt-East-Hicksville-11-2-48 (G. Votava-Keller).jpg (118137 bytes)
H10s #106 eastbound at Hicksville 11/02/1948
 (G. Votava-Keller)
LIRR-39_2-6-0_Mill-Neck_1949_Norman-Kohl-JeffErlitz.jpg (96856 bytes)
LIRR #39 4-6-0 Mill Neck 1949 (Kohl-Erlitz)
H10s-107-Frt-E-Past-Frt-House-Floral Park-c. 1950 (Keller).jpg (120331 bytes)
H10s #107 Eastbound freight past Freight House
Floral Park c. 1950 Archive: Dave Keller
H10s-111-Frt-E-Past-Frt-House-Floral Park-c. 1950 (Keller).jpg (109313 bytes)
H10s #111 Eastbound freight past Freight House
Floral Park c. 1950 Archive: Dave Keller

LIRR H10s #104 Troop train approaching Fresh Pond Jct.
 Photo: Frank Zahn Archive: James Scullin

Richard Harrison's LIRR book Long Island Rail Road Memories he wrote that they backed from Bay Ridge area north so as not to suffocate in the Evergreen Cemetery Tunnel area.

H10s #111 moves away from the coal dock at the Morris Park engine terminal- View W c.1942. Also in the scene are (from left) a class G53, G5s 4-6-0 and class K2s 4-6-2 at the far right with men working on the drivers. LIRR photo.
G5s-28-EB-Nassau Tower-Mineola-1950 (J. Sommer-Keller).jpg (95878 bytes)
G5s #28 eastbound at Nassau Tower Mineola 1950
 (J. Sommer-Keller)
G5s-Train-East-Union-Hall-St-Jamaica-1952 ( W. Broschart-Keller).jpg (83077 bytes)
G5s Train eastbound Union Hall St., Jamaica 1952 
(W. Broschart-Keller)
G5s-39-Train - Cold Spring Harbor NY - 03-1953 (F. Zahn).jpg (131116 bytes)
G5s #39 Cold Spring Harbor 03/1953  (F. Zahn- Keller)
H10s-107-52-Car-Frt-NewHydePark-7-10-53 (G. Votava-Keller).jpg (53790 bytes)
H10s #107 heading a 52 car freight at New Hyde Park 7/10/53 (G. Votava-Keller)
PRR-H10s-111_Train-L44_approaching-Hicksville_1954_Huneke.jpg (106768 bytes)
PRR H10s #111 Train L44 approaching Hicksville 1954 Photo/Archive: Art Huneke
G5s-39-Railfan Extra-WB Under Ronkonkoma Ave.-Ronkonkoma - 06-05-55 (e-Bay Scan).JPG (123027 bytes)
G5s #39 Railfan Extra- westbound under 
Ronkonkoma Ave., Ronkonkoma 6/05/1955
H10s-113-Freight-L56-Climbing Hill-Cold-Spring-Harbor-1954 (A. Huneke-Keller).jpg (128421 bytes)
H10s #113 Freight #-L56 "Climbing the Hill" at 
Cold Spring Harbor 1954 (Huneke-Keller)
H10s-111-Freight-East-Past-Brentwood-1954 (A. Huneke-Keller).jpg (111748 bytes)
H10s #111 freight eastbound Brentwood 1954 

H10s-113_trainL56 _Cold-Spring-Hill_1954_Huneke.jpg (114527 bytes)
H10s #113 Train #L56 Cold Spring Hill 1954
Photo: Art Huneke 

PRR-G5s-24_Port-Jefferson_9-54_Huneke.jpg (85815 bytes)
PRR G5s #24 Port Jefferson  9/1954 Photo: Art Huneke 

Nassau Tower L-56 Port Jefferson freight eastbound at NASSAU Tower 1955 Photo/Archive: Art Huneke
C420_219_Bay Shore_c.1964_SteveHoskins.jpg (92017 bytes)
C420 #219 Bay Shore c.1964 Photo: Steve Hoskins
C420_216_Bay Shore_c.1964_SteveHoskins.jpg (79775 bytes)
C420 #216 Bay Shore c.1964 Photo: Steve Hoskins 
217-C-420_7-1-76-New-Hyde-Park_RichardReichenbach.jpg (95218 bytes)
C420 #217 New Hyde Park 7/1/1976  
Photo/Archive:  Richard Reichenbach 
LIRR-229-225-609-091089-ClintonRd-AlCastelli.JPG (93553 bytes)
LIRR C420 #229 #225 FA #609 Fan Trip - Clinton Rd., Garden City 9/10/89  Photo/Archive: Al Castelli
LIRR-208_C420_PD_ViewW_11-72_WilliamRosenberg.jpg (87631 bytes)
LIRR C420 #208, second unit, parlor and 4 coaches  at PD Tower View W  11/1972 - Photo/Archive: William Rosenberg
DE30AC #409 eastbound at Hicksville in the Summer of 2016
Photo/Archive: John Krattinger


"SMOKING PERMITTED" green sign, I believe, from the double-deckers Archive: Art Single

Archive: Art Single