ticket_Jamaica-St.-Albans-Springfield-Gardens_BradPhillips.jpg (63431 bytes)
Tower-SP-SpfdJct-1923 (Osborne-Keller).jpg (48532 bytes)
1923 shot of SP interlocking tower, built on a signal bridge, controlling Springfield Junction, the start of the Springfield branch just west of Rosedale (Osborne-Keller)  
Emery-Springfield-Br-Liberty-Ave_2nd-curve-north-St.Albans_8-58.jpg (226550 bytes)
Emery map - MP11 Liberty Ave. to 2nd curve north of St. Albans 8/58   Location #4 on map is signal S110

Emery-Springfield-Br-MP12-13_8-58.jpg (155788 bytes)
Emery map - Springfield Branch MP12-13 8/58

REA-RPO Car 743 on Rear of Train Passing Signal S110 and Switching Track -Spfd. Branch-St. Albans - 02-12-57 (Faxon-Keller).jpg (129519 bytes)
REA-RPO car #743 on rear of train passing Signal S110 02/12/57 (Faxon-Keller)
Emery-Map-LibertyAve-Holban-St.AlbanstoMP12-SpringfieldBranch.jpg (379136 bytes)
Emery map (East at top) - Springfield Branch 2nd curve north of St. Albans to MP12 

Holban-South-Yard_ViewNW_TimDarnell.jpg (97568 bytes)
Holban South Yard View NW 12/1976
Photo/Archive: Tim Darnell

St.-Albans-Station_Linden-Blvd-prior-elevation_1935_SRothaug.jpg (67211 bytes)
St. Alban's Station at Linden Blvd prior to elevation View NE 1935 Archive: Steve Rothaug
St.-Albans-Station_viewW_1935_SRothaug.jpg (85469 bytes)
St. Alban's Station View W 1935 
Archive: Steve Rothaug

St. Alban's station having been just razed in anticipation of the upcoming grade elimination project.  The crane and rubble are still visible.  The view is looking towards the Linden Blvd. crossing.  Info: Dave Keller

Station-StAlbans-New-1936 (Keller).jpg (100520 bytes)
St. Alban's Station newly-opened in 1936 Archive: Dave KellerMU-RPO-StAlbans-1954 (Edwards-Keller).jpg (66208 bytes)
St. Alban's Station 1954 with an MU RPO car pulling a train (Edwards-Keller)
Emery-map-Springfield-Station_1920's.jpg (299008 bytes)
Emery map Springfield Station 1920's

Station-Springfield_Springfield-Gardens_09-04-23_LIRR-Valuation-Keller.jpg (180046 bytes)

The old, wooden Springfield station sits pretty among its landscaped grounds and recently-constructed crushed cinder platform in this official LIRR valuation photo taken on  September 4, 1923.  Later changed to Springfield Gardens, this structure would be demolished in 1935 to make way for the grade crossing elimination of the two LIRR stations along the Springfield branch:  Springfield Gardens and St. Albans, both of which opened as new, elevated structures in 1936.  (Dave Keller archive and data)  

Seq 1 - MU REA Car 1206 and Train E on Springfield Branch-Laurelton -View NE - 08-31-57 (Faxon-Keller).jpg (145479 bytes) Seq 2 - MU Train E on Springfield Branch Approaching Spfd. Jct. -Laurelton-View NE - 08-31-57 (Faxon-Keller).jpg (125104 bytes) Seq 3 - MU Train E on Springfield Branch Approaching Spfd. Jct. -Laurelton-View E - 08-31-57 (Faxon-Keller).jpg (125565 bytes)

Three views showing an MU train eastbound on the Springfield Branch approaching Springfield Jct., Laurelton 08/31/57.  Views northeast and east from the Laurelton station platform. 
(Will V. Faxon, Jr. photos, Dave Keller archive)

RS1 Units Dbl Hdg Frt EB-Spfd Br-Laurelton-View NE from Atlantic Br. Sta-08-31-57 (Faxon-Keller).jpg (61575 bytes) RS1 Units Dbl Hdg Frt EB-Spfd Br-Laurelton-View NE from Atlantic Br. Sta-08-31-57 (Faxon-Keller) ZOOM.jpg (111870 bytes)

RS1 units are double-heading a freight eastbound on the Springfield branch heading towards Springfield Junction where the branch meets the Atlantic branch just west of Rosedale.  This view, taken on August 31, 1957, is looking northeast from the Atlantic branch station platform at Laurelton.  LIRR electric sub-station #10 is at the left. (Will V. Faxon, Jr. photos, Dave Keller archive)

MU Train on Spfd Branch over 225th St-Laurelton-View N from Sta Platform - 06-02-62 (Faxon-Keller).jpg (115256 bytes)
MU electric train on the Springfield branch of the LIRR, crossing 225th Street in Laurelton, looking north from the LIRR's Atlantic branch station at Laurelton - 6/2/62 (Will V. Faxon, Jr. photos, Dave Keller archive)
MU-Central-Ave-Xing-From Station-Laurelton-1950 (Keller).jpg (59145 bytes)
An MU electric train is heading eastbound over the Foster's Meadow Road (later Brookville Blvd.) grade crossing west of Rosedale, NY in this pre-grade-elimination view looking southeast c. 1948.  The ROW at this point consisted of four tracks at grade:  two for the LIRR's Atlantic branch and two for the LIRR's Montauk branch. The grade elimination project through here began in the latter part of 1948.  The photo was taken from the approximate location where today the Belt Parkway dips under the LIRR's ROW.  (Will V. Faxon, Jr. photos, Dave Keller archive)
Laurelton_viewE_08-66_BradPhillips.jpg (73807 bytes)
Laurelton view E 08/1966 
Photo/Archive: Brad Phillips