Water Mill

Watermill, Mill Pond ice block harvesting  c.1905
Archive: Richard Eikov

Watermill-Station_Valuation_10-25-1917_DaveMorrison.jpg (101968 bytes)
Watermill Station - LIRR valuation photo: 10/25/1917 Archive: Dave Morrison

WATERMILL: Built: Aug-Sept/1875. Listed on timetables of 1883 as "Water Mills" (2 words).  On timetables of 1885 as "Watermills" (one word) and finally listed as "Watermill" until discontinued as a station stop.  2nd depot opened: 8/1903, Agency closed: 1940s.  Last listed as station stop in ETT #3, eff: 6/24/56. Listed on LIRR station symbol card eff: 8/31/57. Structure left standing and abandoned.  Completely renovated: 1968 for use as a dress shop.  Later became a restaurant. 2013 was externally restored to be part of office condominiums surrounding the old depot grounds. Info: Dave Keller

Watermill_7-Ponds-Rd_viewW_10-19- 1948_Weber-Morrison.jpg (97844 bytes) Watermill_7-Ponds-Rd_viewE_10-19- 1948_Weber-Morrison.jpg (124427 bytes) Watermill_7-Ponds-Rd_viewN_10-19- 1948_Weber-Morrison.jpg (81979 bytes) Watermill_7-Ponds-Rd_viewS_10-19- 1948_Weber-Morrison.jpg (113518 bytes)
7 Ponds Road crossing, Watermill - Photos left to right are view west, east, north and south.  10/19/1948 Photos: Fred Weber  Collection: Dave Morrison
Emery_Water-Mill_MP90-91_7-58.jpg (105963 bytes)
 Watermill - Emery map MP90-91 7/1958 Archive: Dave Keller
Emery_Water-Mill_MP91-92_7-58.jpg (72261 bytes)
 Watermill - Emery map MP91-92 7/1958
Archive: Dave Keller
Water Mill_LIRR-map-1966-page42.jpg (26254 bytes)
Watermill - LIRR map 1966 Page 42
Watermill-Station-postcard_c.1906_BradPhillips.jpg (167477 bytes)
Watermill Station colorized postcard  View NW c.1906  
Archive: Brad Phillips


Watermill-postcard-1908_DaveMorrison.jpg (34998 bytes)
Watermill Station postcard View NE 1908 
Archive: Dave Morrison
Watermill with platform_c.1925_James V. Osborne-DaveMorrison.jpg (98473 bytes)
Watermill Station with platform View E c.1925 
(James V. Osborne - Dave Morrison)
Watermill_MP92_east-Scuttle-Hole-Road_viewW_4-21-63_(Weber-Morrison).jpg (45674 bytes)
Watermill MP92 - 1,520 feet east of Scuttle Hole Road crossing View W 4/21/1933 (Weber-Morrison)
Watermill Station View E c.1947
Watermill with weeds_C.1950_DaveMorrison.jpg (111986 bytes)
Watermill Station View SW 9/14/1952
Photo: by Ron Ziel  Archive: Dave Morrison

Watermill Depot during its renovation into a clothing shop
View E 7/1968 Photo/Archive: Brad Phillips
Water-Mill-Station_viewNE_9-28-87_EdwardHand.jpg (108205 bytes)
Watermill Station view NE 9/28/87 Logo on ex-LIRR MP54 #1691  W84 "TCC TS" intertwined for "The Club Car /The Station."   Photo: Edward Hand
Watermill_viewN_2009_DaveMorrison.jpg (100863 bytes)
Watermill Station - View N 2009 Photo: Dave Morrison
Watermill_viewNE_2009_DaveMorrison.jpg (123358 bytes)
Watermill - View E 2009 Photo: Dave Morrison
Watermill_viewE rear_2009_DaveMorrison.jpg (135616 bytes)
Watermill - View E rear 2009 Photo: Dave Morrison
Station-Watermill-2012 (Susan Sherry Clark).JPG (75773 bytes)
Watermill Station  - View N 2012 Photo: Susan Sherry Clark, Town of Southampton Landmarks and Historic Districts Board


Watermill_Station-Road-sign_2009_DaveMorrison.jpg (227278 bytes)
Watermill - Station Road Restaurant sign 2009 
Photo: Dave Morrison
Watermill_viewE rear_9-05-2015_DerekStadler.jpg (101105 bytes)
Watermill - View E rear 9/05/15 Photo: Derek Stadler
Station-Watermill-Restored for Office Condos-Rear View N-2013.jpg (87705 bytes)
Watermill Station restored for office condos - Rear view N 2013
Station-Watermill-to right 2012 (Susan Sherry Clark).JPG (92130 bytes)
Watermill Station at right- View NE 2012 
Photo: Susan Sherry Clark
Ticket-Water-Mill-Bridgehampton_BradPhillips.jpg (96785 bytes)
Ticket -  Water Mill to Bridgehampton Archive: Brad Phillips
jordan-spreader_Watermill_2-78.jpg (39853 bytes)
Watermill - Jordan Spreader 2/1978