Station-Westhampton - 1879 (Brainerd-Keller).jpg (64613 bytes)
The original 1870 depot as it looked in 1879 amidst the 
wilderness of Westhampton (Brainerd-Keller

AND NORTH SIDE OF TRACKS: 1905. ( Robert Emery data)
(Read David M.
Morrison's account of the fire at the end of this listing) AND REPAIRED. 
CLOSED:  9/07/1996.

Emery_Westhampton_MP73-74_6-58.jpg (137978 bytes)
Emery Westhampton - MP73-74  6/1958

Westhampton-LIRR-map-1966.jpg (38263 bytes)
LIRR Westhampton map 1966

Emery_Westhampton-AFB_MP74-75_6-58.jpg (52518 bytes)
Emery Westhampton - MP74-75  6/1958

LIRR-map- 1986 Westhampton.jpg (22377 bytes)
LIRR Westhampton map 1986

Westhampton-Station_postcard_viewSE_c.1910_Morrison.jpg (61678 bytes)
Westhampton Station postcard c.1910 View SE 
Archive: Dave Morrison
Westhampton-Station_colorized-postcard_1912_viewNW_Morrison.jpg (107155 bytes)
Westhampton Station colorized postcard 1912 View NW 
Archive: Dave Morrison
Westhampton-Station_colorized-postcard_1912_viewSW_Morrison.jpg (122527 bytes)
Westhampton Station colorized postcard 1912 View SW 
Archive: Dave Morrison
Station-Westhampton-View W - 1915 (T. R. Bayles-Keller).jpg (70688 bytes)
Station looking west in 1915.  Open-air, westbound express house in distance, Dietz kerosene platform lamps, train order semaphore block signals, and remains of the old crossing in the foreground.  You can see the added-on station platform on the east side.  (Thomas R. Bayles photo, Dave Keller archive
Express House-Westhampton-View NE - 1915 (T.R. Bayles-Keller).jpg (72761 bytes)
The Westhampton freight/express house looking northeast in 1915.  Besides a huge ridership back in the day, it appears that there was quite a bit of express handled at this station!  It also appears that the original express house was about 1/3 the size seen here, with a 2/3 additional portion added on, judging by the line in the roof shingles. (Thomas R. Bayles photo, Dave Keller archive)  

Express-Trucks-West-Hampton-1915 (Bayles-Keller).jpg (81560 bytes)
Two early-era Autocar trucks of the Adams Express Co. are backed against the high level express platform in this 1915 view looking NW.  Note the solid rubber tires providing one seriously uncomfortable ride. . .but no chance of getting a flat!  (Thomas R. Bayles photo, Dave Keller archive)

Station-Westhampton-Holiday Riders Returning - 07-05-1915 (View W) (T.R. Bayles-Keller).jpg (77493 bytes)
Looking west on July 5th, 1915, we see the massive crowd of July 4th holiday goers somberly returning to work.  There are not too many happy faces visible amongst a sea of straw skimmers as far as one can see up the platform.  (Thomas R. Bayles photo, Dave Keller archive)

Station-Westhampton-Holiday Crowd Heading West-View W-07-05-15 (Bayles-Keller).jpg (98338 bytes)
The moment of departure has arrived. The bunch of not-happy July 4th revelers now boards the westbound train to head back to the daily grind.  (Thomas R. Bayles photo, Dave Keller archive)
Station-Westhampton-Loading Mail (View W) - 1915 - (T.R. Bayles-Keller).jpg (65351 bytes)
Westhampton Station looking west in 1915.  It's train time and the mailbags are being loaded onto the RPO car.  In front of the Dietz kerosene platform lamp a conductor can be seen wearing the white summer uniform cap.  In the foreground we see the diamond crossing sign warning vehicles at the old crossing.  There appears to be quite a crowd further down the platform.  (Thomas R. Bayles photo, Dave Keller archive)
Westhampton-Station_valuation_viewN_1918_Morrison.jpg (94209 bytes)
Westhampton Station LIRR valuation View N 1918 
Archive: Dave Morrison
Westhampton-Station_valuation_zoom-baggage-cart_viewN_1918_Morrison.jpg (111204 bytes)
Westhampton Station LIRR valuation close-up baggage cart View N 1918 Archive: Dave Morrison
Westhampton-Station_postcard_viewN_c.1920_Morrison.jpg (192017 bytes)
Westhampton Station colorized postcard c.1920 View N Archive: Dave Morrison
Westhampton-Station_postcard_viewE_c.1925_Morrison.jpg (90529 bytes)
Westhampton Station view E c.1925 
Archive: Dave Morrison
Westhampton-Station_postcard_viewNW_c.1932_Morrison.jpg (122734 bytes)
Westhampton Station colorized postcard c.1932 View NW 
Archive: Dave Morrison
Westhampton-Station_postcard_viewN_c.1940_Morrison.jpg (99296 bytes)
Westhampton Station postcard View N c.1940
Archive: Dave Morrison
Exp House - Westhampton (eBay).jpg (86015 bytes)
Westhampton Freight/Express House View W
Westhampton_8-1963_Huneke.jpg (87520 bytes)
Westhampton LIRR #2403 westbound 8/1963
Photo/Archive: Art Huneke
westhampton-station_8-29-87_EdwardHand.jpg (80646 bytes)
Westhampton Station View SE 8/29/87 Photo: Edward Hand
westhampton_N.B.Rogers-Sons_ViewSW_8-29-87_EdwardHand.jpg (116728 bytes)
Westhampton - N. B. Rogers & Sons coal elevator and silos View SW at Old Riverhead Rd.  8/29/87 Photo: Edward Hand


Signal-Block Limit WH - Westhampton (View W) - 1970 (Keller-Keller).jpg (47211 bytes)
"WH" block limit signal with "T" box at the west end of the Westhampton station platform.  View is looking west in April, 1970 (Photo/Archive: Dave Keller)

LIRR Westhampton Station 6-1_2014.JPG (106051 bytes)
Westhampton Station View E 6/01/2014
Photo: Derek Stadler

LIRR Westhampton Station 5-24_2015.JPG (94301 bytes)
Westhampton Station Waiting Room  5/24/2015
Photo: Derek Stadler

WESTHAMPTON: June 6th, 2017
Photos/Archive: Steve Rothaug
Westhampton-LIRR-Station-Sign_6-20-17_SteveRothaug.jpg.JPG (70046 bytes) Westhampton-High-Level-platform_WATCH-THE-GAP_6-20-17_SteveRothaug.jpg (49671 bytes)
Westhampton High Level platform "WATCH THE GAP"
Westhampton-Station_viewN_6-20-17_SteveRothaug.jpg (40293 bytes)
Westhampton Station - View N


Westhampton-Station_viewNW_6-20-17_SteveRothaug.jpg (42047 bytes)
Westhampton Station -View NW

Westhampton-Station-Agency-closed-2006_ViewE_6-20-17_SteveRothaug.jpg.JPG (39319 bytes)
Westhampton Station -View E
Westhampton-track-replacement_concrete-ties_viewW_6-20-17_SteveRothaug.jpg (57679 bytes)
Westhampton concrete track tie replacement - ViewW



Westhampton-High-Level-platform_viewW_6-20-17_SteveRothaug.jpg (44207 bytes)
Westhampton High Level Platform -View W

Westhampton-track-replacement_viewW_6-20-17_SteveRothaug.jpg (62798 bytes)
Westhampton track tie replacement - View W

Knox-Kershaw-Inc_ KTC-1200-Tie Handling-Crane_Westhampton_6-20-17_SteveRothaug.jpg (69231 bytes)
Knox Kershaw Inc.  - KTC 1200 Tie Handling Crane Westhampton

Westhampton-High-Level-platform_viewE_6-20-17_SteveRothaug.jpg (46348 bytes)
Westhampton Platform - Track tie replacement - View E

Westhampton-track-replacement_viewE_6-20-17_SteveRothaug.jpg (60273 bytes)
Westhampton - Track tie replacement - View E

Westhampton-wildfire_NYTimes_8-25-95_morrison.jpg (265021 bytes)
Westhampton Wildfire NY Times 8/25/1995
Archive: Dave Morrison

I was sent to the Westhampton station during the wildfire that night to see if I could get the tickets and tour book out of the station building because it was anticipated that the building might be lost in the fire. I tried contacting the Agent, who had the keys, but was unable to do so.

When I got to the building, I could see the fire approaching from the north. With the help of the LIRR police, we entered the waiting room, through a window that we broke.  We broke the door to get into the ticket office and, with the help of the police, I carried the locked ticket case to the truck, along with the tour book.  The money was in a locked safe and I did not have the combination, so that safe was left untouched.

When I left the building, numerous railroad ties were on fire in front of the building and there was a spot of fire on the roof.

I remember calling my boss on the cell phone and telling him, "we ain't gonna see this building in the morning." Maybe it was my words that gave the impression that the building was lost in the fire LOL

Anyway, I went to the station the next day and the building was okay.  A house and several vehicles were burned up nearby, as we'll as lots of woods, but the volunteer fire department saved the station building. It was the West Hampton Beach Fire Department who refer to themselves as "The Sons of the Beach".

I got a $500.00 bonus and a nice letter from the LIRR Police Dept for my auctions that evening. When the ticket case was audited, one subway token was all that was missing.  The auditor didn't even report that.

The NY Times could have easily contacted the 24/7 Public Affairs number and confirmed the status of the station building. I guess that they chose "fake news" instead.  (The New York Times reported on 08/25/95 that the station building was destroyed in the fire.  D. Keller)   Info: Dave Morrison