2nd depot opened: 8/10/1903 Bayport Station c. 1903+ view SE

BAYPORT: S. S. R. R. BUILT: 3/1869 RAZED: 1903
2ND DEPOT OPENED: 8/10/1903
RAZED: 5/64
PER G.O. #207, EFF: 9/6/80

Station-Bayport-View E_1903.jpg (169205 bytes)
Bayport Station and Express House view E 1903 
Archive: Dave Keller

Emery-Map-Bayport-MP50-51-1901.jpg (49694 bytes)
Emery Map Bayport MP50-51 1901

emery mp50-51  Bayport .jpg (120236 bytes)
Emery Map Bayport MP50-51

Emery-Map-Bayport-MP51-52_5-58.jpg (174281 bytes)
Emery Map Bayport MP50-51 05/1958

Bayport-Station-postcard_viewN_1906.jpg (35019 bytes)
Bayport Station postcard view N 1906 "Published for Elroy's Variety Store" located in Sayville.

Station-Bayport-Wview_c.1947.jpg (144382 bytes)
Bayport Station view W 1947 Photo: Frederick Weber Archive: Dave Morrison

Bayport-Station_viewE_c.1920.jpg (75082 bytes)
Bayport Station view E c.1925
Photo: Block operator James V. Osborne

  Bayport-Station_Gulf-Oil-Co_viewW_1947.jpg (90036 bytes)
Close-up Gulf Oil Co. view W

Bayport- Oakwood-Ave_derail-protected_viewS_1932_Huneke.jpg (64077 bytes)
Bayport - Oakwood Ave. view S, "Split derail" high level switch stand, (perhaps to prevent roll out of Gulf Oil tank cars) view S 1932 
Archive: Art Huneke

Bayport- Oakwood-Ave_grade-crossing-sgn-only_viewS_1932_Huneke.jpg (59695 bytes)
Bayport - Oakwood Ave. view S, LIRR valuation photo view S 1/15/1932 
Archive: Art Huneke

Bayport-Station_viewE_1947.jpg (57338 bytes)
Bayport Station view E 1947
Photo: Frederick Weber Archive: Dave Morrison

Station-Bayport-Eview_c.1947.jpg (72141 bytes)
Bayport Station east parking lot, view E 1947 Photo: Frederick Weber Archive: Dave Morrison

bayportbarrel.jpg (44759 bytes)
Siding in 1904 Bayport Barrel Factory

bayport-bluepointclosing_9-5-1980.jpg (142951 bytes)
Bayport -  Blue Point Station closing 9/05/1980 memo dated 8/27/1980
archive: William Gilligan

Along those same railroad tracks, between Snedecor and Oakwood Avenues, Clarence E. Hibbard and John Sawyer Jr. established the Bayport Barrel Company in 1904. The company made a specialty of barrels for the oyster trade, particularly for the world-famous Blue Point oyster business. The building covered almost half an acre on the north side of the tracks, and by 1914 under Hibbard, with Frank Corey as foreman, fifteen men were employed turning out 100,000 barrels a season. By 1938 this facility was gone and the site was occupied by the Gulf Oil Company. bayportbarrelstaff-closeup_c.1904+ (1).jpg (38380 bytes)
Bayport barrel Factory staff staff closeup c.1904
In 1904, Snedecor and Squires bought a plot of ground on the north side of the Long Island Railroad tracks and east of Bayport Avenue and had a large warehouse built to house Snedecor and Squires Grain and Feed Store. This business was run as an extension of their general store on Middle Road. 

Deliveries were made to the warehouse from a special side track of the railroad and then delivered locally by horse and wagon or by truck.
bayport-Snedecor-SquiresGrain-FeedStore1904.jpg (23321 bytes)
Snedecor and Squires
Grain & Feed Store c.1904