Long Island Rail Road - Before & After
Prototype photos of the same location taken in differing eras; Hence - Before and After!

"B" Tower  Bethpage  Photo: Joe Tischner 
Animation: Steve Lynch



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Morris Park Shops at DUNTON Tower - 15 Years Apart 12/13/2018
164th St. and N. Hempstead Tpke (now Booth Memorial Ave) - 80 Years Apart 11/09/2018
Clarenceville - View N  - 80 Years Apart 11/05/2018
Franklin Ave, Garden City, view E - 50 Years Apart 10/25/2018
Locust Valley Station - 110 years Apart 10/17/2018
Locust Valley Station - 15 years Apart 10/17/2018
NY & Queens Transit Co., Northern Blvd., Queens - 80 Years Apart 9/21/2018
164 St. & I-495, Flushing - 80 Years Apart  9/04/2018
Vanderbilt Ave Passenger Yard -  20 Years Apart 8/02/2018

JAY Tower Interlocking - 30 Years Apart 7/04/2018
Bridge Crossing Metropolitan Blvd, Parkside - 70 Years Apart 6/13/2018
Bridge Crossing Junction Blvd, Corona - 70 Years Apart  6/13/2018
Atlantic Branch Tunnel Portals - Morris Park  70 Years Apart  5/13/2018
B Tower, Bethpage - 70 Years Apart 4/11/2018
Knickerbocker Ice Co., Patchogue - 100 Years Apart 3/28/2018
Golding's Feed, Riverhead - 30 Years Apart  3/24/2018
Swezey Fuel, Patchogue - 120 Years Apart 12/18/2017

Original Croton Aqueduct Dept. Reservoir - 20 Years Apart 12/01/2017
Bayside Station - 50 Years Apart  10/10/2017
Riverhead Station - 35 Years Apart   5/20/2017
Massapequa Station - View NW - 90 Years Apart  5/07/2017
Glendale Station - View E - 60 Years Apart  4/27/2017
Locust Valley Tower - View W - 70 Years Apart  4/15/2017
Massapequa - Broadway View NW - 70 Years Apart  4/10/2017

Jamaica Station View East - 100 Years Apart 4/05/2017
Roslyn Rd. - 100 Years Apart 4/04/2017

Pilgrim State Hospital Station - 40 Years Apart  3/19/2017
Mineola Station Plaza - 60+ Years Apart 3/5/2017
Patchogue - Four Corners - 80 Years Apart 2/26/2017
Cathedral Avenue Crossing, Garden City  70 Years Apart 10/21/16
Trestle at Tanners Pond Rd., New Hyde Park  View N  50 Years Apart 10/16/16
Montauk View E   50 Years Apart  8/18/16
LI City, 11th St., Switchman Shed  20 Years Apart 4/29/16
Ellison Ave. Bridge, Westbury  1 Year Apart  4/23/16

Centre Ave., Lynbrook Station  70 Years Apart  2/24/16
Bayside Station View E 80 Years Apart  9/24/15
Ronkonkoma Ave. Bridge -Ronkonkoma Station  75 Years Apart 8/30/15
BQT #8488 at South 4th St and Marcy Ave Williamsburg  65 Years Apart 8/14/15
Jamaica Bay Trestle - Passenger Train - Rockaway Beach Branch 50 Years apart 8/08/15
Sayville: Summer eastbounds 45 years apart 7/27/15
Flatbush: VD Yard - Barclay's Center 30 Years apart 7/11/15
Pilgrim State Hospital Station 50 Years apart 6/27/15
LIRR #7737 Baggage/Mail Car 50 Years apart 6/22/15
Sunnyside Duckunder 100 Years apart 4/16/15
LIRR Float Docks (Gantry Park) 60 Years apart 4/15/15
MU Train westbound Tulip Ave., Floral Park 25 Years apart 02/06/15
Malverne Station view N  20 Years apart 1/08/15
Morris Park Shops view E  25 Years apart 3/28/14
Greenport Station  90 Years Apart 12/17/13 
Port Jefferson - east of station 25 Years apart 11/19/13
Wantagh Station 07/04/11
Flatbush Ave. Station 07/03/11
World's Fair - Shea 06/11/11
Douglaston Bridge 06/11/11
LI City 06/07/11
Oyster Bay Yard view W 3/18/11
Oyster Bay Station view E 10/15/10
Polo Grounds at the 155th St. Station  IRT’s 9th Ave. EL 9/11/10
Fulton Street Tunnels 9/14/10
Bethpage Rd., Hicksville 5/02/10
Patchogue Station View East 02/22/10LI City Yard A View East 11/29/2009
Plandome 06/01/2009
King Park State Hospital 05/25/2009
Pilgrim Station, Brentwood 09/11/08
Islip, Islip Ave South 80 Years Apart 05/13/2008
Kings Park, Bread-and-Cheese-Hollow Road Trestle 05/04/2008
Richmond Hill Yard Office 02/08/2008
Bliss Cabin, LI City 06/28/07
LIRR Diner Morris Park Shops 06/09/07
Smithtown View East 12/07/06
Setauket  Facility - salt/sand/gravel 09/27/06
LIRR SW1001 Unit #100 09/25/06
Islip - Westbound 09/15/03
River Rd Overpass East of Yaphank 09/06/06

Central Islip Station Eastbound Trains 09/04/06
Yard A  Sunshine Biscuits 08/12/06 
Greenport Turntable 08/13/06
LI City Passenger Yard 08/07/06
Patchogue Turntable Area 08/05/06
Yard A Sunnyside LIRR Engine Facility 08/03/06
Patchogue at PD 07/30/06
Islip, NY 06/13/06
Yard A, LI City - 20 Years Apart - 06/06/06
Irish Lane,  E. Islip 06/02/06
Locust Tower 06/01/06
Patchogue River 06/01/06
Patchogue West Ave 06/01/06
Patchogue View Westbound - 50 Years Apart - 06/01/06
Tunnel Rd Holtsville - 20 Years Apart - 06/01/06

PD Tower Patchogue - 50 Years Apart- 5/13/05
Nassau Tower - 80 Years Apart - 12/20/04
"B" Tower - 60 Years Apart - 12/13/2004


Morris Park Shops at DUNTON Tower 15 Years Apart Tower-Dunton-Morris Park Shops - View W - c. 1938 (Keller).jpg (100041 bytes)
Dunton Tower - Morris Park Shops View W c.1938 
Archive: Dave Keller
MP Shops (View W from Signal Bridge) - 05-1951 (Rugen-Huneke).jpg (104600 bytes)
Morris Park Shops View W from Signal Bridge 5/1951 (Rugen-Huneke)
We're looking west from the signal bridge just west of Dunton station c. 1938 along the Atlantic branch towards Morris Park Shops. The grade elimination project has not yet begun and the tracks are still at grade in the distance. After the elimination was complete, the tracks entered tunnels about in line with the Maintenance-of-Equipment building at the shops. At the center are locomotives laying up at the Shops and the diagonal coaling elevator accessing the old wooden coaling tower. At the right is "DUNTON' tower, formerly "MP" but renamed on April 23, 1937. At the far right, behind the tower, is the elevated Montauk branch atop the embankment and the track under the branch, entering the tunnel, accesses the Richmond Hill Storage Yard, located on the other side of the embankment. Info: Dave Keller
164th St. and N. Hempstead Tpke 
(now Booth Memorial Ave)
80 Years Apart
NYQT Car 24-NB from Jamaica on PROW Crossing N. Hempstead Tpke at St. Mary's Cemetery-Flushing, NY - 1937 (Keller).jpg (130413 bytes)
NYQT Car #24 northbound from Jamaica on private ROW crossing North Hempstead Tpke at St. Mary's Cemetery, Flushing 1937 Archive: Dave Keller
164 St & Booth Memorial Ave (North Hempstead Tpke) at St. Mary's Cemetery-Flushing, NY (View SE) (Google Maps).JPG (77685 bytes)
164th St. and Booth Memorial Ave. (was North Hempstead Tpke) at St. Mary's Cemetery Flushing - View SE Google Maps
Note: After the line shut down to trolley service late in 1937, the private right-of-way became 164th St. Info: Dave Keller
Clarenceville - 
view N 80 Years Apart
Pedestrian Xing-Gates-Shanty-109th St. & Atlantic Ave.-Clarenceville, NY (View N) - 05-07-34 (Sperr-Keller).jpg (105446 bytes)
Pedestrian crossing gates and shanty 109th Street-Atlantic Ave., Clarenceville  View N 5/07/1934 (Sperr-Keller)
109th St. & Atlantic Ave. - (View N) - 07-27-2014 (Bing Maps).jpg (79339 bytes)
109th Street-Atlantic Ave., Clarenceville  View N  
7/27/2014 Bing maps
Franklin Ave, Garden City - 
view E 50 Years Apart
Franklin-Ave-Garden-City_Central-Extension_viewE_c.1930_Huneke.jpg (103544 bytes)
Franklin Ave, Garden City - Central Extension View E c.1930 
Archive: Art Huneke
Franklin-Ave-Garden-City_Central-Extension_viewE_c.1980_Huneke.jpg (60175 bytes)
Franklin Ave, Garden City - Central Extension View E c.1980 
Archive: Art Huneke
Locust Valley Station - 
view NW 110 Years Apart
Locust-Valley-Station_viewNW_1908_Morrison.jpg (95222 bytes)
Locust Valley Station View NW 1908 Archive: Dave Morrison
Locust-Valley-Station_viewNW_4-12-17_Morrison.jpg (81348 bytes)
Locust Valley Station View NW 4/12/2017 Photo/Archive: Dave Morrison
Locust Valley Station - 
view E 15 Years Apart
Locust-Valley-MP29_viewE_c.late1940s_FredWeber Weber.jpg (102095 bytes)
Locust Valley MP29 view E c. late 1940s (Weber-Morrison)
LocustValleyStation-MP29viewE10-1963.jpg (128328 bytes)
Locust Valley Station MP29 view E 10/1963
NY & Queens Transit Co., Northern Blvd., Queens - 80 Years Apart

NYQT Car - WB on Northern Blvd Approaching Lawrence St. - Flushing, NY (View E) - 07-10-36 (Sperr-Keller).jpg (91626 bytes)
NYQT Car - WB on Northern Blvd Approaching Lawrence St., 
Flushing, NY View E 7/10/1936  (Sperr-Keller)

 NY & Queens Transit Co. streetcar westbound along Northern Blvd. At that time, the cross street was called Lawrence Street and headed north into College Point. Today's it's called College Point Blvd. The Flushing River (Creek) is just behind the photographer. You can see Northern Blvd. beginning a slight incline at the far right, to be carried over the river by the older lift bridge.

Northern Blvd. through here was called Bridge Street back when the LIRR's Whitestone branch was in service and the Flushing, Bridge Street station was located 2 blocks east of here. The railroad trestle over the Flushing River (Creek) was to the right, outside the 1936 image.  Info: Dave Keller
Emery-Map-Whitestone_prior-2-19-1932.jpg (291282 bytes)
Emery Map Flushing Bridge St. prior to 2/19/1932
Northern Blvd & College Point Blvd-Flushing, NY_View E-2018_Google-maps.jpg (100579 bytes)
Northern Blvd & College Point Blvd, Flushing View E 2018 Google maps

A bird's-eye view of the location today as per Google Maps. You can see the proximity of the river to where the photographer was standing in 1936. Northern Blvd. has been elevated through here, probably when the more recent bridge was constructed over the river (creek). Info: Dave Keller

Emery's map of the Whitestone branch through here. The map is looking west. The north arrow is to the right. Rotate 90 degrees counter-clockwise and the map will be situated correctly. The red arrow at the old lift bridge is the direction of the photographer in 1936 and approximately a similar angle in the Google Maps images. Lawrence Street I've identified as now being College Point Blvd. The red star is the location of the westbound trolley car of the NY & Queens Transit Co. in the 1936 image. The green star is the location of a 2-track storage facility for the trolley company. (See image   above right looking south into that storage facility.) Info: Dave Keller
NYQT Cars Laying up- Northern Blvd E of Lawrence St. - Flushing, NY (View S) - 1937 (Keller).jpg (82109 bytes)
NYQT Cars laying up- Northern Blvd east of Lawrence St., 
Flushing, NY View S 1937 Archive: Dave Keller

This photo shows the storage facility known then as "Flushing Bridge Yard." The view is looking south. The clock tower in the far right background is atop the multi-storied  W & J Sloane building  which is notably visible in photos along the east side of the Flushing River (Creek). Formerly a well-known furniture builder, it's still standing today, complete with clock tower and is a U-Haul storage facility. Info: Dave Keller

164 St. & I-495, Flushing
80 Years Apart
NYQT Car 33-on PROW at Trolley Sta-Hempstead Tpke-Flushing, NY - 07-04-37 (Keller).jpg (188319 bytes)
NYQT Car #33 on private ROW at trolley station - Hempstead Tpke. 
Flushing, NY  7/04/1937
Archive: Dave Keller
164 St-and-I-495-Flushing_ViewN-2018.jpg (152725 bytes)
164th St and I-495 - Flushing View N 2018

The NY & Queens Transit streetcar #33 on the Flushing-Jamaica line bound for Jamaica, a north-south private ROW,  making a stop at the trolley station at Hempstead Tpke. in Flushing.  This "middle-of-nowhere" rustic view is NE. The line would soon shut down.

When the trolley line closed in 1937, the private ROW was built into what is now 164th St.  Hempstead Turnpike (also known as Horace Harding Blvd. and World's Fair Blvd.) was obliterated at this location by the construction of the LIE (I-495).  The route of the trolley line became bus route Q65. Research: Dave Keller

Vanderbilt Ave Passenger Yard 
 20 Years Apart
Vanderbilt-Ave-Passenger-Yard_MP54-Electrics-left-along-Pacific-St._1959_Huneke.jpg (104605 bytes)
Vanderbilt Ave Passenger Yard - MP54 Electrics at left along Pacific St. view E from the 6th Ave. overpass.  Beyond that overpass is the VD Team Yard.  06/1959 Photo/Archive: Art Huneke
Vanderbilt-Ave-Passenger-Yard_ViewE_9-1980_BillMangahas.jpg (175285 bytes)
Vanderbilt Ave Passenger Yard - View E in the far distance can be seen the overpass for Carleton Avenue.  9/1980 Photo/Archive: Bill Mangahas
JAY Tower Interlocking 
 30 Years Apart
JAY-Tower_Jamaica_viewW_1969.jpg (101869 bytes)
JAY Tower, Jamaica View W 1969 
M1-9754_Jay-Tower_viewW_1998.jpg (111113 bytes)
JAY Tower view W in 1998. LIRR M1 #9754 westbound on its journey to LI City.
Bridge Crossing Junction Blvd, Corona 70 Years Apart Junction Blvd._ c.1940's._BillMangahas.jpg (71375 bytes)
Junction Blvd., Corona View W c.1940's Archive: Bill Mangahas
Junction Blvd_2018.jpg (91933 bytes)
Junction Blvd, Corona  View W 2018 Google maps
Bridge Crossing Metropolitan Blvd, Parkside 70 Years Apart Parkside_Metropolitan-Ave_ViewNE_c.1940's.jpg (343270 bytes)
Parkside (Forest Hills) - Metropolitan Ave View NE c.1940's
Parkside_Metropolitan-Ave_ViewE_2018.jpg (85532 bytes)
Metropolitan Ave., Parkside  View E 2018 Google maps
tlantic Branch Tunnel Portals  Morris Park  70 Years Apart ROW-New-Portals-for-tracks-MPark_ViewW_c1939-Keller.jpg (87697 bytes)
Atlantic Branch new portals at Morris Park View W c.1939
Archive: Dave Keller
Bolands-Landing-Morris-Park_viewW_6-06-2011.jpg (77619 bytes)
Boland's Landing at Morris-Park  View  W 6/05/2011
B Tower, Bethpage
 70 Years Apart
K4s-5406-Trn4229-B-Twr-Bethpage-5-11-47.jpg (49358 bytes)
B Tower, Bethpage 5/11/1947 (G. E. Votava-Keller)
B-Tower-manual-switch_viewSE_4-08-2018_Morrison.jpg (124308 bytes)
B Tower, Bethpage 4/08/2018 Photo: Dave Morrison
Knickerbocker Ice Co., 
Patchogue - 100 Years Apart
Hiscox-Chemical-Works_viewSW-1902_patchogue.jpg (115738 bytes)
Hiscox Chemical Works - View SW 1902
Knickerbocker-Ice-Co._viewW_2001_SteveLynch.jpg (189130 bytes)
Knickerbocker Ice Co. View SW 2001 Photo: Steve Lynch
Golding's Feed, Riverhead 
 30 Years Apart  
Crossing-Shanty-Osborne Ave-Frt Cars Spotted-Riverhead, NY (view NW) - 06-1933 (Keller).jpg (78688 bytes)
Crossing Shanty - Freight cars spotted at B. S. Golding's Feed, 
Osborne Ave., Riverhead View NW 6/1933 Archive: Dave Keller
riverhead_viewW_Goldings-Feed_c.1962_BradPhillips.jpg (99970 bytes)
Riverhead view W at Osborne Ave. crossing - B. S. Golding's Feed and Lumber Yard siding c.1962 Photo: Brad Phillips
Swezey Fuel, Patchogue - 120 Years Apart Dayton-Hedges-Coal-Feed_Rider-Ave_viewNE_ c.1910_John-Jett.jpg (70842 bytes)
Dayton Hedges Coal & Feed,  Rider Ave 
View NE c.1910 Archive: John Jett
Swezey-Fuel-Oil_viewNE_9-2017.jpg (86511 bytes)
Swezey Fuel Oil,  Rider Ave -View NE 9/2017
Original Croton Aqueduct Dept. Reservoir - 20 Years Apart Horsecar from LIRR Ferries on 42nd St. at Orig. Croton Reservoir- 5th Ave., NY, NY (View SW) - c. 1875 (Keller).jpg (90295 bytes)
Westbound horse car from the LIRR Ferries plodding along 42nd St. in Manhattan with a horse-drawn bus (stage?) clopping along southbound along 5th Ave., both in front of the original Croton Aqueduct Dept. Reservoir c. 1875 located on the west side of 5th Ave., between 40th and 42nd Streets. This structure was demolished in the 1890's when the new Croton Dam and reservoir were created upstate. Research/Archive: Dave Keller
New_York_Public_Library_1908.jpg (140702 bytes)
This became the site of the N. Y. Public Library building.  
Some of the original structure is part of the foundation of the library building. This image is from 1908 while the library is still under construction. Note the famous landmark lions have not yet been placed at the steps which have temporary wood steps in place over the finished ones.
Info: Shorpy Archive
Bayside Station - 50 Years Apart  Freight House-Tracks-Temp Cabin B2-Bayside -View W - Summer, 1929 (Keller).jpg (126600 bytes)
Bayside freight house, temporary block cabin B2 and track workers view W. during the grade elimination - Summer, 1929 Archive: Dave Keller

Temporary block cabin B2 controlled the temporary single track in place during the grade elimination project from June 18 to December 5, 1929 when it was placed out of service.    


Freight House-Tracks-Bayside -View W - 04-12-78(Madden-Keller).jpg (197251 bytes)
Same direction view W with track workers:  4/12/1978  Amazing what almost 50 years can do to an area!  Note that the two houses at the far right are still there. The old freight house was torched by vandals and, as a result, demolished shortly after this photo was taken. What appears to be a bridge in the distance over the tracks (causing the shadow) is the road bridge and beyond, the covered pedestrian crossover at the Bayside station. The westbound concrete platform is visible to the right of the tracks. (Madden-Keller)
Riverhead Station - 35 Years Apart Station-Riverhead_Rear-View_Valuation-Photo_10-1917_DaveKeller.jpg (112205 bytes)
Riverhead Station  - rear view 10/1917 View SW
Archive: Dave Keller
Station-Block Signals-Riverhead-1953.jpg (87389 bytes)
Riverhead Station  - Block Signals - View NE 
1953 Archive: Dave Keller
Massapequa Station - View NW - 90 Years Apart  Massapequa-Station_c.1900Summer_Massapequa-Historical-Society.jpg (66044 bytes)
Massapequa Station c.1900 Summer  View NW
Archive: Massapequa Historical Society
Station-Massapequa (View NW) - 1966 (Keller-Keller).jpg (73038 bytes)
Massapequa station view NW - 1966 
(Dave Keller photo and archive)

Station-Massapequa (View NW) - 07-87 (Keller-Keller).jpg (94956 bytes)
Massapequa station view NW - Baggage/express elevator at far right - 07/1987 (Dave Keller photo and archive)

Glendale Station - View E 
60 Years Apart 
Station-Glendale-Tower 9 (GW)-View East-1906.jpg (71949 bytes)
Glendale Station Tower 9 (GW) View E 1906  Archive: Dave Keller
Station-Glendale-E-73rd St. Xing-View E-02-20-76_Independent-Chemical-siding_Madden-Keller.jpg (80940 bytes)
Glendale Station View E  at 73rd St. crossing 2/20/76 Independent Chemical siding at left (Madden-Keller)
Locust Valley Tower - View W 70 Years Apart LOCUST-Tower_viewW_c.1948_(Weber-Keller).jpg (64228 bytes)
LOCUST Tower View W c.1948 (Weber-Keller)
LOCUST-Tower_viewW_4-12-2017.jpg (125855 bytes)
LOCUST Tower View W4/12/2017
Massapequa - Broadway View NW  70 Years Apart Massapequa_Broadway_viewNW_2-03-1949_(Weber-Morrison).jpg (92279 bytes)
Massapequa - Broadway  View NW ( "Massapequa Beauty Shop") 
2/03/1949  (Weber-Morrison) 

Massapequa_Broadway_viewNW_4-08-2017_Morrison.jpg (109507 bytes)
Massapequa - Broadway  View NW ("Studio 27 Wedding Photography") 4/08/2017  Photo: Dave Morrison
Note: The LIRR is elevated above the photographer position.
Jamaica Station - View East  100 Years Apart Jamaica-Station-from-roof_ViewE_9-1913_DaveMorrison.jpg (95682 bytes)
  Grade elimination in progress at Jamaica, NY.  View E from upper level of 
the new Jamaica station general offices towards old Jamaica station.  
9/1913 Archive: Dave Morrison
Jamaica-Station_from-roof_viewE_3-30-2017_DaveMorrison.jpg (133760 bytes)
View E from upper level of Jamaica Station. 
3/30/2017 Photo/Archive: Dave Morrison
Roslyn Rd. - View NW
100 Years Apart
Roslyn-Rd.-LIRR-Bridge_ViewNW_1915.jpg (93863 bytes)
Roslyn Rd. Bridge View NW 1915
Roslyn-Rd.-LIRR-Bridge_ViewNW_2016.jpg (114576 bytes)
Roslyn Rd. Bridge View NW 2016
Pilgrim State Hospital Station 40 Years Apart Station-Pilgrim-State-Hospital-View E - 01-29-46 (Weber-Keller).jpg (136244 bytes)
Pilgrim State Hospital Station - View E 1/29/1946 (Weber-Keller)
Station-Pilgrim-State-Hospital-ViewE_10-19-87_EdwardHand.jpg (198308 bytes)
Pilgrim State Hospital Station - View E 10/19/1987 
Photo/Archive: Edward Hand
Mineola Station Plaza
60+ Years Apart
Mineola-Station-Plaza_viewNW_c.1950.jpg (62963 bytes)
Mineola Station Plaza  View NW c.1950
Mineola-Station-Plaza_viewNW_3-4-17_JohnF Ciesla.jpg (119438 bytes)
Mineola Station Plaza view NW 3/04/2017 Photo: John F. Ciesla
Patchogue - Four Corners 
80 Years Apart
swezeycolor.jpg (28637 bytes)
Four Corners view W c. 1923
Patchogue_Swezey_viewNW.jpg (96025 bytes)
Patchogue Four Corners view NW c.2002. 
The store closed 2003 razed 2012.
Cathedral Avenue Crossing, Garden City View S
70 Years Apart
Cathedral Avenue crossing_1940s_(Weber-Morrison.jpg (84538 bytes)
Cathedral Avenue crossing 1940's (Weber-Morrison)
Cathedral Avenue crossing_10-16-16_DaveMorrison.jpg (101523 bytes)
Cathedral Avenue crossing 10/16/16 Photo: Dave Morrison
Trestle at Tanners Pond Rd. New Hyde Park - 50 Years Apart
Trestle_Tanners-Pond-Rd_New-Hyde-Park_viewN_1966 (Keller-Keller).jpg (67358 bytes)
Trestle at Tanners Pond Rd. New Hyde Park view N 1966 (Keller-Keller)
Trestle_Tanners-Pond-Rd_New-Hyde-Park_viewN_Google-2016.jpg (54384 bytes)
Trestle at Tanners Pond Rd. New Hyde Park view N 2016
Montauk View E
50 Years Apart
Montauk_viewE_c1930_keller.jpg (27154 bytes)
Montauk view E c.1930 Archive: Dave Keller
Montauk-viewE_9-5-83_Huneke.jpg (712307 bytes)
Montauk view E 9/05/83 Archive: Art Huneke
LI City 11th St.
Switchman Shed,  20 Years Apart
LIRR 258, Long Island City, NY. 3-94.jpg (104086 bytes)
LIRR GP38-2  #258 at Switchman Shed view W 3/1994 
Switchman-Shed_viewW-2013.jpg (140513 bytes)
LI City 11th St. and 53rd Ave 
witchman Shed view W 2013
Ellison Ave. Bridge, Westbury
 1 Year Apart
Ellison-Ave-Bridge_viewN_4-13-2015.jpg (66958 bytes)
View N 4/13/2015
Ellison-Ave-Bridge_viewN_4-21-2016.jpg (55981 bytes)
View N 4/21/2016
Centre Ave., Lynbrook Station  70 Years Apart Centre Ave.-Station_Lynbrook- Depot-Platform_c. 1940s_Huneke.jpg (85711 bytes)
Centre Ave. Station, Lynbrook Depot-Platform View N 
Archive: Art Huneke
Centre Ave-Lynbrook_2016.jpg (137266 bytes)
Centre Ave., Lynbrook View N 2016
Bayside Station at Bell Blvd. view E - 80 Years Apart bayside-1929.jpg (44320 bytes)
Bayside 1929 View E 1929
bayside-station_bell-blvd-2008.jpg (71367 bytes)
Bayside Station - Bell Blvd. overpass view E 2008
Ronkonkoma Ave. Bridge
Ronkonkoma Station view W
75 Years Apart
Ronkonkoma-Station_viewW_c.1940_(Weber-Morrison).jpg (120741 bytes)
Ronkonkoma Station view W c.1940 (Weber-Morrison)
Ronkonkoma-Station-overpass_viewW_1-17-15.jpg (91296 bytes)
Ronkonkoma Ave.  Station overpass view W 1/17/2015
BQT #8488 at South 4th St and Marcy Ave Williamsburg 
65 Years Apart
BQT-8488_Met.-Ave. Line _Turning-Marcy-Ave. onto S. 4th St -Bound for Wmsbg Bridge Plaza - Bklyn - c. 1948 web (Keller).jpg (97269 bytes)
BQT #8488 Metropolitan Ave. Line turning at Marcy Ave. onto South 4th St  Bound for Williamsburg Bridge Plaza  c. 1948 web Archive: Dave Keller
South-4th-St_Marcy-Ave_Williamsburg.jpg (50521 bytes)
South 4th St at Marcy Ave, Williamsburg view E 2014
This has to be at South 4th St and Marcy Ave in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn (zip 11211). In a few blocks the car will arrive at the Williamsburg Bridge Plaza. Metropolitan cars left Metropolitan Ave. at the English Kills drawbridge, then ran on Grand St, Marcy Ave, South 4th., and Havemeyer St. to the Plaza. The view is looking east on  South 4th St. None of the buildings in the old picture survive, as an expressway (The BQE- Brooklyn Queens Expressway -  I-295) slashes through the area now. The Carlo truck is where the streetcar had been.


Note the two signs in the overhead; standard feature of B&QT lines. One says "Section Break - Shut off Power". This is to avoid arcing and burning the insulator. The other says "Cars Will not Pass on This Curve".  A lot of trackwork at intersections had been laid out when cars were shorter and narrower at the corners; cars like the 8000's would not clear at curves like at this.   In some cases (like this?) the streets were too narrow to permit realigning the tracks.    

The silver and green paint scheme which came in about 1947, and the abandonment of the Metropolitan Ave line on Jun 12, 1949 bracket the date. 
Research/Comments:  Henry Raudenbush 


Jamaica Bay Trestle - Passenger Train
50 Years Apart
American_Type_Loco_and_Train_on_Trestle-Jamaica_Bay-c. 1900_(Keller).jpg (51387 bytes)
American type loco (4-4-0) and train on Jamaica Bay Trestle
 c. 1900 Archive: Dave Keller
MU-train-Trestle-Jamaica-Bay-c. 1948_viewSE.jpg (39451 bytes)
MU train on Jamaica Bay Trestle c. 1948 view SE 
Sayville:  Eastbounds 
45 Years Apart
lirr207_train4012_1970_summer-only_eastbound_BobBender.jpg (56352 bytes)
LIRR #207 three engine train #4012 of parlors, bar and coaches at Sayville 1970 Summer only Montauk eastbound -  Return train #4011 “the Sundowner” Sunday 15 car all parlor west to Hunters Point Avenue, arriving there around 10:00 p.m., using parlor equipment from one of the Friday all-parlors (Cannonball or Weekender). Photo/Archive: Bob Bender
lirr418-DE30_Sayville_eastbound_7-11-2015_BobBender.jpg (73974 bytes)
LIRR #418 DE30 Sayville  eastbound 
to Patchogue 7/11/15
Photo/Archive: Bob Bender 
Flatbush: VD Yard - Barclay's Center 
30 Years Apart
Yard View - VD - Bklyn-View SE- 05-11-79 (Madden-Keller).JPG (178168 bytes)
Yard View - VD - Brooklyn  view SE 5/11/1979 (William Madden-Dave Keller)
Barclay's-Center-Brooklyn_viewSE_c.6-2011.jpg (188310 bytes)
Barclay's Center Brooklyn view SE c.6/2011
Pilgrim State Hospital Station 
50 Years Apart
PilgrimStation_ c.1947FredWeber.jpg (46736 bytes)
Pilgrim Station c.1947
Photo: Fred Weber, Archive: Dave Keller
PilgrimStation03-25-06PatMasterson.jpg (153875 bytes)
Pilgrim Station 03/25/06
Photo: Pat Masterson
LIRR #7737 Baggage/Mail Car
50 Years Apart
RPO-BaggageCar7737-PortJefferson-9-63.jpg (46666 bytes)
RPO Baggage Car #7737 Port Jefferson 09/1963 Archive: Dave Keller
BM-62_7737_RMLI-Riverhead_2012_DonFisher.jpg (38459 bytes)
Baggage-Mail, LIRR BM-62 #7737   Photo taken 2012 after the car was freshly painted in PRR Tuscan Red with black roof.  Currently the car is being used as a storage space.  Long term plans are to open the car for partial viewing. Photo: Don Fisher Archive: RMLI
Sunnyside Duckunder
100 Years Apart
DD1-Mixed Consist Train-Past New Sunnyside Yard-LIC-1910.JPG (111516 bytes)
DD1 mixed consist train past the new 
Sunnyside Yard LI City 1910
Duckunder_west-of-Sunnyside_Amtrak-train-91-Silver-Star_MOUNT-VERNON_viewE_9-21-12_JackDeasy.jpg (82070 bytes)
Duckunder west of Sunnyside Amtrak train #91 view E from Mt. Vernon Parlor 9/21/2012  Photo: Jack Deasy


LI City Float Docks - 
Gantry Park 60 Years Apart
Float Docks-LIC_c.1955+.jpg (118615 bytes)
Float Docks LI City c.1955+ view NE
LIRR-Gantry-Park_4-2015_ToneRivera.jpg (65839 bytes)
LIRR Gantry Park 4/2015 view NE  Photo: Tone Rivera
MU Train westbound off Hemp. Branch over Tulip Ave. - Floral Park - 25 Years Apart MU Train WB off Hemp. Branch over Tulip Ave.-Floral Park - c. 1950 (Keller).jpg (117863 bytes)
MU Train westbound off Hemp. Branch
 over Tulip Ave., Floral Park  c. 1950 (Keller)
M1-9341-Tr 751-WB off Hemp. Branch over Tulip Ave.- Floral Park-09-10-73 (Votava-Keller).jpg (122767 bytes)
M1 #9341 Train #751 westbound over Tulip Ave., Floral Park 9/10/73 (Votava-Keller)
Malverne Station - 
view N - 20 Years Apart
MU-train_Malverne-Station-1954.jpg (58836 bytes)
Malverne Station 1954 
Archive: Dave Keller
West-Hempstead-Ave_Malverne_10-73_viewN.jpg (79121 bytes)
West Hempstead Ave. -  Malverne 10/1973 Photo: Brad Phillips
Morris Park Shops - View East - 25 Years Apart Morris-Park_viewE_1976  V1.jpg (77986 bytes)
Morris Park view E 1976
Morris-Park_viewE_4-05-99_MarioCraig.jpg (137797 bytes)
Morris Park view E 4/05/99 
Photo: Mario Craig

Greenport, Long Island - 90 Years Apart

Camelback is c. 1915, courtesy of Art Huneke's.jpg (40136 bytes)
Camelback c. 1915
Collection: Art Huneke

1921 photo by J. V. Osborne  Dave Keller archive.jpg (27150 bytes)
1921 Photo: J. V. Osborne 
Collection: Dave Keller 
Greenport 1978 Arts arrachvies.jpg (27856 bytes)
Greenport 1978 view NW
Photo: Art Huneke

7-24-06.jpg (55636 bytes)
Train 200 with Engine 419
Greenport 07/24/06 view NW
Photo: Nick Kudreyko

Greenport-Station_viewNW_1968.jpg (59352 bytes)
Greenport 1968 view NE
greenportpassstationsouthwestexterior7-31-08.jpg (53295 bytes)
Greenport 7/31/08 View NE Photo: Don Fisher 
Port Jefferson - East of Station - 25 Years Apart Loper-Bros-Lumber_FA2-602_C420-202-PushPull_Port-Jefferson_viewW_12-71.jpg (51086 bytes)
Port Jefferson Station - FA2 #602, Loper Bros Lumber at left  view W 12/1971
GP38-251_Port-Jefferson_viewW_8-09-1998.jpg (129109 bytes)
Port Jefferson Station - GP38 #251 view W 8/09/1998
Wantagh Station
Station-Wantagh-c.1900.jpg (156989 bytes)
Wantagh Station - view NE c.1900
Station-Wantagh-c1920.jpg (124847 bytes)
Wantagh Station - view NEE c.1920
Station-Wantagh-NE-11-12-63 (Lichtenstern-Keller).jpg (80612 bytes)
Wantagh Station View NE 11/12/63
Wm. Lichtenstern photo, Dave Keller archive
Flatbush Ave. Station FlatbushAve.jpg (49782 bytes)
Opened 4/1/1907 - 1988 Razed c. 1990's
AtlanticTerminalNite.jpg (44116 bytes)
Opened 1/5/2010 renamed Atlantic Terminal
World's Fair - Shea lirrWorldsFair1939.jpg (40692 bytes)
World's Fair 1939
LIRRshea2011.jpg (54808 bytes)
LIRR Shea 2011
Douglaston Swing Bridge

Douglaston bridge was a swing bridge originally allowing ships into Alley Creek to access the mill. It was rebuilt in 1990's to help revive tidal flow into Alley Creek.

Dougbridge1965.jpg (59396 bytes)
1965 Collection: nycsubway.org
dougbridge2006.jpg (43450 bytes)
View 2006
LI City Station
Station-Long Island City-Yard-Express Hse-Platforms-c. 1910.jpg (285176 bytes)
LI City Express House Platforms c.1910
Archive: Dave Keller
227,259,228,267,Trains-PassengerYard-LIC-2-9-78.jpg (186915 bytes)
LIRR #227, 259, 228, 267 02/09/1978
Archive: Dave Keller
Chris&AmyCateLIC_Yard-9-21-04.jpg (164449 bytes)
LI City Yard09/21/2004
Chris&Amy Cate
Polo Grounds  PoloGroundsStation155thSt._ IRT9thAveELc.1920.jpg (129779 bytes)
Old Polo Grounds 1916; check out the outfield bleacher seating to the left of the old train! 
Research/Archive: Dave Keller  
PoloGroundsStation155thSt._ IRT9thAveELApril 271940.jpg (108435 bytes)
Renovated Polo Grounds at the 155th St.  station of the IRT’s 9th Ave. EL
Taken on April 27, 1940.  
Note the sand lot ball game in progress.
Research/Archive: Dave Keller
Fulton Street Tunnels
Station-Fulton St.-Tunnels Under Constr.-ENY - 1913.jpg (245953 bytes)
Fulton St. Tunnels Under Construction. 
East New York, NY 1913 Archive: Dave Keller
Station-Fulton St-Tunnels-Manhattan Bch Br-East NY-1924.jpg (80658 bytes)
Fulton St. Tunnels Manhattan Beach Branch
East New York, NY 1924
Archive: Dave Keller
Station-Fulton St-Tunnels-Bay Ridge Br-East NY-1980s.jpg (83422 bytes)
Fulton St.Tunnels Bay Ridge Branch
East New York, NY c. 1980s
Photo: Art Huneke
Archive: Dave Keller
Smithtown View East SmithtownEastboundsnow.jpg (51009 bytes)
Smithtown looking east c. 1984
going over Main St. as it was entering Smithtown Station 
Photo: Mike Koehler
smithtown12-06-2006john61.jpg (58716 bytes)
Smithtown looking east 12/06/2006
Photo: John Volpe
Bethpage Rd., Hicksville bethpagerdviewsoutheast_8-64.jpg (56956 bytes)
View SE 8/1964 Photo: William Rosenberg Archive: John Dziobko
BethpageRdviewSE-AlCastelli04-07-10.jpg (59438 bytes)
4/07/2010 Photo: Al Castelli
Fresh Pond Junction Tower

DF Tower- Fresh Pond 1925

H10s c.late 1940's at DF Tower
Collection: Art Huneke

POND after 1968 remodel

LIRR RS-3 #1556 at Pond c.196

NYA GP-38 #271 Stone Train 10/04/04
Photo: Joe Tischner

Photo: Steve Lynch 6/2000 NW view
Cooke Rotary Snow Blower #193
Cooke rotary #193 Morris Park 1898

In death throes at Steamtown c. 2000+
Oyster Bay Yard
Looking East

LIRR-OysterBayYard-080110AlCastelli.jpg (125063 bytes)
8/01/10 Photo: Al Castelli

Oyster Bay 03/01/36
Covered platforms out c.1940
Photo: G. Votava  Collection: D. Keller

Oyster Bay 02/29/48
Photo: E. Hermanns
Collection: D. Keller
ob4-53station.jpg (25282 bytes)
Oyster Bay  04-1953

OBstation.jpg (17256 bytes)
Oyster Bay  c. 1997
Photo: Oyster Bay Historical Society
Oyster Bay Yard
Looking West
Yard Scene-Trains-Water Tower-Crew Shanty-Oyster Bay-1951.jpg (85947 bytes)
Yard view – freight house, REA trucks at express house, trains laying up, water spout, water tower and crew shanty – Oyster Bay, NY – 1951  (Joel Shanus collection, Dave Keller archive)
Yard Scene-Trains-Crew Shanty-Oyster Bay-6-14-70.jpg (102644 bytes)
Yard view – trains laying up, crew shanty – Oyster Bay , NY – 6-14-70  (Wm. Lichtenstern photo, Dave Keller archive)

Patchogue Station
Eastbound View

patchogue1939ThomasBayles.jpg (48274 bytes)
1939 Photo: Thomas Bayles 

Patchogue1955-ArtHuneke.jpg (59900 bytes)
1955 Photo: Art Huneke

Patchogue NW near Patchogue River

P54D-93-PELCO-Plant-Patchogue-1954.jpg (39499 bytes)
PELCO Plant 1954
Collection: D. Keller

mowstorage.jpg (72898 bytes)
MOW Storage
c.  2002 Photo Steve Lynch

Patchogue West Ave

P54D-105-CoalRamp-Patchogue%20-%201954.jpg (49796 bytes)
Snedecor Coal Ramp 1954
Collection: D. Keller

WestAveShanty-Patchogue-1968.jpg (22199 bytes)
West Ave Crossing 1968
Collection: D. Keller

Locust Tower, Locust Valley

Tower-Locust-LocustValley-1966.jpg (64394 bytes)
Locust Tower, Locust Valley 1966

locust tower 2005.jpg (153528 bytes)
Locust Tower, Locust Valley 2005

Irish Lane, East Islip

west Irish Lane 3740 PRR K4s Pacific c.1940.jpg (516444 bytes)
Westbound #3740 PRR K4s c. 1940

eastislip10-12-01.jpg (83161 bytes)
Westbound  10-12-01

Yard A, LI City

Yard A 3-29-46.jpg (24107 bytes)
Yard A 03-29-46
Yard A looking nw c.1980.jpg (60564 bytes)
Yard A c. 1980  Photo: Steve Lynch
Yard A 06-03 Steve Kay.jpg (96253 bytes)
Yard A 06-03  Photo: Steve Kay
Yard A Bernie Ente 11-23-03.jpg (68176 bytes)
Yard A 11-23-03  Photo; Bernie Ente

Islip, NY

Sta-Islip-1966 D keller.jpg (46275 bytes)
1966 Station view looking NW
Photo: Dave Keller LIRR Photos

islip2006.jpg (59396 bytes)
2006 Station view looking NW


islipave.jpg (31023 bytes)
Islip Ave (Route 111) view southeast 
Just  east of station c. 1925 

IslipAveviewSE-05-08-08SteveLynch.jpg (83439 bytes)
Islip Ave (Route 111) view southeast 
Just  east of station 05/08/08 
Photo: Steven Lynch

Patchogue at PD

RDC-At-PD-BaggHse-Patchogue-4-6-63.jpg (35946 bytes)
RDC  at Baggage House 04/07/63
Collection: D. Keller

FA617-Patchogue.jpg (28453 bytes)
FA 617 c. late 1980's

LI City Passenger Yard

DD-1-352-LICity-1950.jpg (42204 bytes)
DD-1 #352 1950
Collection: Dave Keller

CPA20-5-2001-LICity-1952.jpg (50040 bytes)
CPA20-5 2001 1952 
Collection: Dave Keller

L227-Long Island City.jpg (87626 bytes)
LIRR 227 LI City
Photo: Steve Hoskins c. early 1970's 

LIRR228-tLIC1-31-79.jpg (153874 bytes)
LIRR 228 LI City
Photo: 01/31/1979

Long island City 1992 L.I.S.T NRHS Fantrip.jpg (88025 bytes)
Long island City 1992  
L.I.S.T NRHS Fantrip

03-24-2005_JTunnel.jpg (104181 bytes)
Circus Train 03-24-2005 
Photo: J. Tunnel

LI City Yard A - Sunshine Biscuit Area
B8-1109-LICity-1946.jpg (114506 bytes)
PRR B8 0-6-0 #1109 LI City 1946
Collection: Dave Keller

S2%20441-Yard%20A.jpg (85149 bytes)
Alco S2 #441 Yard A L.I. City
Photo: Steve Hoskins c. 1960's

LI447.jpg (89734 bytes)
Alco S2 #447 Yard A L.I. City
Photo: Tim Darnell  c. 1970's

LIRR Sunnyside Engine Facility Yard A

yarda3-29-46.jpg (19631 bytes)
Yard A 03/29/46

sside1-71billmyers.jpg (44740 bytes)
01/1971 Photo: Bill Myers

SunnysideYd.jpg (106293 bytes)
LIRR #1554 05-01-75
Photo: Tim Darnell

c.1980BobRedden.jpg (100505 bytes)
c. 1980 Photo: Bob Redden

NYA_Yard_AbernardEnte1997.jpg (86754 bytes)
 1997 Photo: Bernard Ente

AE_2006_NJT_4420.jpg (104561 bytes)
AE 2006 NJT #4420  2006
Photo: Bernie Ente

Patchogue, Turntable Area

lirr110_patchoguebuilt1916.jpg (36429 bytes)
LIRR #110 Built 1916
 ex-PRR 8610 Photo: c. 1928+
turntable1940.jpg (19397 bytes)
E7s Atlantic (4-4-2) 1940

Patchogue Station, 
View West

firsttrainPennNY_Patch09-8-1910.jpg (28780 bytes)
1st train from Penn Station out to Patchogue: 9/8/1910 
Photo: Howard S. Conklin 
Collection: Dave Keller
LIRR 56 Eng 1554 at Patchogue 1964.jpg (58598 bytes)
LIRR Train 56 Eng #1554
Photo: 1964

Greenport Turntable - 10 Years Apart

turntablegport.jpg (51687 bytes)
Greenport Fan Trip c.1950's 
L1560-Greenport.jpg (66826 bytes)
LIRR RS-3 #1560 c. 1960's
Photo: Steve Hoskins
Patchogue Interlocking pd1resized2xi.jpg (47071 bytes) pd13resized4vc.jpg (49750 bytes)
Central Islip Station Eastbound Trains Sta-CI-1stTrain-PennSta-1910.jpg (42626 bytes)
First Train from Penn Station 1910
Collection: Dave Keller
FM-CPA20-5-2008-At Station-Central_Islip-1957.jpg (40172 bytes)
FM CPA20-5 #2008 1957
Photo: George G. Ayling
Collection: Dave Keller
River Rd Overpass
East of Yaphank
River Road Overpass - East of Yaphank.jpg (66608 bytes)
C420 #226 reclassed L-2's by MTA in 1968
Painted in the Blue and White scheme to match the GP38-2 units around October, 1977 or a little earlier. c. 1974
Info: Dave Keller
Photo at RMLI Museum
River Road Overpass - East of Yaphank 06-01-06.jpg (85331 bytes)
Nick Kudreyko
Islip - Westbound FA619islip1990.jpg (44510 bytes)
Alco FA HEP  #619  1990
516islipsummer2005.jpg (62527 bytes)
LILIRR #516 Summer 2005
LIRR SW1001 Unit 100 morrispark-lirr100-03-05-jtischner.jpg (161309 bytes)
LIRR SW1001 #100 Morris Park
Photo: Joe Tischner 03-2005
09-21-06lirr100.jpg (269152 bytes)
Photo: Bobby J. Kasza
Setauket  Facility - salt/sand/gravel  LIRR RS1 Triple header008b1.jpg (46711 bytes)
LIRR RS1 #468 Tripleheader
1970 Photo: Richard Glueck
C420-220_FA603Setauket.jpg (81368 bytes)
C420 #220  FA #603 
Photo:  Mike Koehler
LIRR Diner -
Morris Park Shops

LIRR Diner Photo: Bob Anderson 1963
LIRR_L397_Diner_081289adj.JPG (66608 bytes)
LIRR #L397 at Diner 8/12/89
Photo: Al Castelli
LIRR Bliss Cabin -
Blissville, LI City
BlissCabinBlissvilleLICity12-70Keller.jpg (60661 bytes)
Bliss Cabin, Blissville, LI City 12/1970 Photo: Dave Keller
bliss06-20-2007joegregory.jpg (126250 bytes)
Bliss Cabin 06-20-2007
Photo: Joe Gregory
Richmond Hill
Yard Office

Trainman's-Bldg-Yardmaster's-Office-Storage-Yard-Richmond-Hill-9-1974.jpg (63691 bytes)
Trainman’s Building and Yardmaster’s Office (tower)  Storage Yard, view NE  Richmond Hill , NY 09/74
 Dave Keller photo

(Yardmaster’s office was added as a tower to roof of building in 1945) Info: D. Keller

richmondhillyardoffices.jpg (70272 bytes)
Trainman’s Building and Yardmaster’s Office (tower)  Storage Yard, view NW Richmond Hill ,  NY prior to demolition

ARetired LIRR Condr. Howie Austin found this photo of the demolition of the Yardmaster's office and the Richmond Hill crew welfare facility.

Kings Park - Trestle Bread & Cheese Hollow Road KingsParkwestofStationlirr113_1955NormanEKohl.jpg (67470 bytes)
Kings Park west of  Station LIRR 2-8-0 Class H10s #113
1955 Photo: Norman E. Kohl
KingsParkwestofStation-lirr214-1966J.Guthure.jpg (56398 bytes)
Kings Park west of Station LIRR C420 #214 1966 Photo: J. Guthure
Kings Park State
G5s-50-Train-Departing-Kings-Park-State-Hosp-3-29-36.jpg (92841 bytes)
G5s #50 and train is departing westbound from the State Hospital station in Kings Park, NY on this cold March 29th in 1936.
Richard J. Harrison photo, Dave Keller archive

GTE 4-Car-Train-Kings-Park-State-Hsopital-11-13-77.jpg (86579 bytes)

RS3-1551-Hospital-Train-Kings-Park-State-Hosp-1964.jpg (105458 bytes)
RS-3 #1551 is laying up in the late afternoon sun with a 5-car train of "ping-pong" coaches at the Kings Park State Hospital station in this 1964 view looking east.  Rolf Schneider photo, Dave Keller archive

Fast forward 13 years and we see a rather unusual view taken at the same venue:  the experimental GTE cars as a 4-car train laying up at the same hospital station on a raw November's evening in 1977.  The cars are all lit up, headlights are on, door markers are lit and the cars appear ready to depart this locale. Note the Department of Transportation logo on the front door of the lead car. Photographer unidentified, Dave Keller+ archive


MU-Train-Station-Plandome-9-15-48.jpg (90135 bytes)
Eastbound MU train leaving station - Plandome, NY - 9/15/48 (view looking east)   Dave Keller+ archive

MU-Train-Station-Plandome-9-15-48-closeup.jpg (111715 bytes)
Close-up view above:  9/15/48 (view looking east)   Dave Keller archive

Station-Plandome-12-11-76.jpg (116561 bytes)
Station building and branch Post Office, Plandome, NY 12/11/76 (view looking east) Photo: Wm. Madden  Archive: Dave Keller

 Patchogue - View Westbound
50 Years Apart

patmailpickup.jpg (51692 bytes)
Orders Pickup  c. 1955

divisionavesw.jpg (40237 bytes)
c. 2002 Photo Steve Lynch

Tunnel Rd., Holtsville
20 Years Apart
Sta-TunnelRd-Hltsvlle-1940.jpg (50162 bytes)
Tunnel Rd Holtsville 1940
Collection: Dave Keller
C420%20206%20train%20204%20east%20N%20Ocean%20Ave%201961.jpg (53259 bytes)
Ocean Ave., Holtsville 1961
Collection: Dave Keller

LI City  Yard A - View East
20 Years Apart

boxcars.jpg (24107 bytes)
LI City Yard A c.1946 view east
LICity08-17-1971v1.jpg (45411 bytes)
LI City Yard A  8/17/1971
PD Tower - Patchogue
50 Years Apart

ROW c.1963 view W
Photo: Steve Hoskins
ex-PD-Tower-location-viewW_7-6-13_DaveMorrison.jpg (74450 bytes)
ex-PD Tower location view W 7/06/13 Photo: Dave Morrison

PD Tower C. 2001 view E
Photo: Steve Lynch
Nassau Tower  - View East
80 Years Apart

G5s-OyBayTrain-Nassau-1950.jpg (81176 bytes)
Nassau Tower 1920
Photo: J.P. Sommer    Collection: D. Keller


Tower-NASSAU-from Bridge-1937.jpg (94109 bytes)
Nassau Tower 1937
Collection: Dave Keller+

Nassau Tower 1966
Photo: Dave Keller

Nassau Tower 04/12/01
Photo: Brian Weinberg
"B" Tower - Bethpage
60 Years Apart

H10s #113 at B Tower 1946
Photo: Rod Dirkes  Collection: Art Huenke
FM-CPA24-5-2401-B-Twr-Bethpage-1952-2.jpg (46547 bytes)
FM CPA24-5 #2401 1952
Photo: J. P. Krzenski Collection: Dave Keller

Stone Train 08/30/03
Photo: Joe Tischner