Copiague Station - View E c.1905+

Built: 1902. Agency still listed in "L.I.R.R. ticket offices open for sale of tickets" as of 9/12/55 as part time.
Razed: 12/67 with grade crossing elimination.
Temporary station account grade crossing elimination in service: 10/25/68.

Out of service: 8/7/73 and razed. Elevated structure in service: 8/07/1973. Agency closed: ?

Copiague - Great Neck Rd.- View N c.1900 Archive: John Lisi
Emery-Copiague-MP31-32_8-58,jpg.jpg (184568 bytes)
Emery map - Copiague MP31-32 8/1958

ticket_Copiague-Bayshore_10-14-1942_BradPhillips.jpg (62608 bytes)
Ticket Copiague - Bay Shore 10/14/1942 Archive: Brad Phillips
Copiague_viewE_c.1930.jpg (101691 bytes)
Copiague Station - View NE c.1930 Archive: Dave Morrison
Copiague-Station_Great-Neck-Rd.-viewE-c.1948_Morrison.jpg (75533 bytes)
Copiague Station - Great Neck Rd. View E 4/30/1949
Archive: Dave Morrison
Copiague-Station_Great-Neck-Rd.-viewN-c.1948_Morrison.jpg (90011 bytes)
Copiague Station - Great Neck Rd. View N c.1948
Archive: Dave Morrison
Copiague-Station_viewNE-c.1948_Morrison.jpg (69931 bytes)
Copiague Station - Great Neck Rd. View NE c.1948
Archive: Dave Morrison
Amityville-Copiague32_1966.jpg (83394 bytes)
Amityville-Copiague LIRR map
1966 page 32
Copiague-station_viewSW_1960_Huneke.jpg (55266 bytes)
Copiague Station view SW - 1960 Archive: Art Huneke
Station-Copiague-vewSW-1966_Keller-Keller.jpg (120048 bytes)
Copiague Station view SW 1966 Photo/Archive: Dave Keller
sCopiague-Station_viewE_BradPhillips.jpg (137531 bytes)
Copiague Station view E 12/1967
Photo: Brad Phillips
Copiague-Station-Shelter_viewNE_BradPhillips.jpg (148947 bytes)
Copiague Station/Shelter view NE 12/1967
Photo: Brad Phillip
Copiague-Historical-Marker_JohnnyMilano.jpg (79717 bytes)
 Copiague Historical Marker 2017 Photo: Johnny Milano
copiague_ temporary-station_viewW_1971_Keller.jpg (74180 bytes)
Copiague Temporary Station view W 1971 Archive: Dave Keller
Copiague-elevation_viewE_1971_Keller.jpg (59894 bytes)
Copiague grade elimination view E 1971
Archive: Dave Keller