LIRR Featured Photos

LIRR-Sunrise Special-National-Railway-Museum-David Tutwiler_Christmas Card_2018.jpg (80243 bytes)
Christmas Card 2018 Artist: David Tutwiler
nynjrail06-17-2000bradmcclellandv1.jpg (121963 bytes)
NYNJ Rail 6/17/2000 
Photo: Brad McClelland TRAINS Magazine
Phelps-Dodge_no.457_ViewSW_6-1973_RichardMakse.jpg (75410 bytes)
Phelps Dodge - LIRR #457 view SW 6/1973 
Photo/Archive: Richard Makse 
LIRR-C420-229-4-Unit-Lash-up-Sunnyside-LIC-8-12-81.jpg (127595 bytes)
C420 #229 lead on 4 Unit LI City 08/12/1981
Archive: Dave Keller
Woodside 01-04-2018_Angel- Benitez .jpg (101866 bytes)
Woodside 1/04/2018 Photo: Angel Benitez 
M7-7521_Forest -Hills-Station_rainbow-viewE_10-24-2016_MTA.jpg (74017 bytes)
M7 #7521 at Forest Hills Station - Rainbow view E 
  10/24/2016 Photo: MTA
H10s-113_train- L56-toPortJeff_Mineola-1955_Huneke.jpg (100196 bytes)
H10s #113 train L56 at Mineola eastbound to Port Jefferson 1955 Photo: Art Huneke
Wreck-Lead-Bridge_9-05-14_JordanTorregrosa.jpg (63093 bytes)
Wreck Lead bascule bridge 9/05/2014 View W Sunset Photo: Jordan Torregrosa 
Hunters-Point-LI-City_New-Empire-State-Bldg_lighting_viewW_B.E.Koch.jpg (134354 bytes)
 New spire lighting Empire State Bldg., view W Hunters Point, LI City 10/2014  Photo: B.E. Koch
xmas2014.jpg (72399 bytes)
Christmas 2014 Westbound steam at St. James 1953 Photo: John Krauss
Grand-Ave_84thSt_viewW7-21-2001_SLynch.jpg (128742 bytes)
Grand Ave 84th St. view W 721/2001 Photo: Steve Lynch
World's-Fair_LIRR-platforms-dusk_viewN_c.10-65_BradPhillips.jpg (57771 bytes)
World's Fair c.10/1965 
LIRR platforms at dusk 
Photo/Archive: Brad Phillips
patchEdLangartwork.jpg (259333 bytes)
SSRR Train Shed c. 1870+
Painting: Edward Lang 
Collection: Queensborough Public Library

reynoldschannel.jpg (170010 bytes)
Reynolds Channel

lirr610-11-72MillNeck.jpg (123766 bytes)
LIRR FA2 #610 between Mill Neck and Locust Valley on the Oyster Bay Branch 11/72
 Collection: Brian Woodruff

LIRRFA602_1970rglueck.jpg (146288 bytes)
LIRR FA #602 1970 Photo: Richard Glueck
lirrsafetybookcovermikekoehler.jpg (232936 bytes)
LIRR Safety School Book Cover c. 1970's
Collection: Mike Kubiak
sfarmlirrwreck.jpg (61461 bytes)
LIRR derail 08/22/07


wyemontauk.jpg (58104 bytes)
Wye at Montauk
452pmlocalFPJ-parlorcar.jpg (20104 bytes)
4:52pm local from LI City, Eastbound on Montauk Branch at Fresh Pond Junction 03/1989   Archive/Photo: A. Joseph Daly 
FA2_610CarWashHntrsptAveLIC08-10-83.jpg (75959 bytes)
LIRR #610 Car Washer Hunter's Point Ave View E 08/10/1983 Archive: Dave Keller
lirr201Hicksville12-27-69ArtSingle.jpg (44520 bytes)
LIRR #201 C420 at Hicksville Friday 10:03am Eastbound 12/27/1963 
"Dashing Dan" yet to be applied.
Photo: Art Single

 Elimination Project in background. As C420 units 200-207 were built 12/63-02/64 this photo of LIRR  #201 is just after delivery. 

RS3-1552-Car-2959-Scoot-Greenport_4-77.jpg (101490 bytes)
LIRR RS3 #1552 coach #2959 
"Scoot" Greenport 4/1977
Archive: Dave Keller
lirrDE30AC-412,413-C3cars-Train651SmithtownNeilFeldman.jpg (180973 bytes)
LIRR  DE30AC-412, 413 with C3 cars Train #651 Smithtown
Photo: Neil Feldman


LI City Hunters Point yard - View W
12/27/2018 Photo/Archive: William Skeats

Christmas Card 2020 Photo/Archive: George Forero

DE30ac-Shuttle-LEAD-Drawbridge-Long-Beach_after-Hurricane-Sandy_11-2012_Povall-Keller.jpg (70554 bytes)A LIRR DE30ac locomotive is pulling a special, daily shuttle westbound between Long Beach and Lynbrook across the bascule bridge at "LEAD" tower, Reynold's Channel, east of Island Park in November, 2012 in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. The Long Beach branch is normally a third-rail-powered line, but the diesel shuttle service was put into place as the power had to be cut off to the third rail since so much of the line was under water.  (George Povall photo, Dave Keller archive)

The Bascule Bridge is from Florida and was barged up. The Tower is called Lead Tower or simply "Lead", and it controls the tracks between east of Island Park RR Station and into and out of Long Beach yard and also, in conjunction with the Coast Guard and marine band radio, raises and lowers the bridge for marine traffic in Reynold's Channel...the LIRR's LEAD Tower Block Operator controls everything and has a liaison with the CG when necessary.

Due to the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, an all-day shuttle service was put into effect. 

The train was double ended and had two 400 series diesels, or "DE"s with 4 cars (held about 120 people each) and the track in Long Beach yard was lined and spiked for Station Track No. 6 as the entire train cleared the overhead canopies on the north side of the train.

The shuttle train would originate in Jamaica Storage Yard, go to Lynbrook RR Station, pick everyone up, make all local stops to Long Beach, go into Station Track No. 6 (the only track used all day long) and basically when one train left Lynbrook, another left Long Beach and so on...special train numbers were used (9,000 series numbers) for the electrics and their connecting diesels for both eastbound and westbound service.

In Valley Yard the shuttle would change direction and then go back into the Lynbrook RR Station, pick everyone up and head back to Long Beach. 

Both sets of diesels were virtually identical...two 400's and four cars...back and forth all day, with an approximate layover of 30 minutes on either end, with constant MU's feeding the two shuttles every hour. The Long Beach commuters were extremely grateful to have anything at all running to their terminal and we got plenty of good press.

I rode the first day of the shuttle (the second trick portion of course) and rode every shuttle back and forth from 2pm - 10 pm or thereabouts. Very interesting operation and good crews.

They had two Engineers that never "changed ends" and each performed a brake test at each location and were in place and ready to go, so no delays or engine problems...great idea. Info courtesy: Robert L. Myers, LIRR Transportation Manager

Shu Swamp Preserve, Oyster Bay View W 1/04/2021 Photo/Archive: Joe Stroppel

RDC1-Scoot_ Babylon-Deer-Park-Ave_eastbound-winter_c.1958.jpg (96282 bytes)RDC1 #3101 Deer Park Ave. eastbound c.1958

The next street is Depot Pl. and it's Dependable Fuel Co. silos on the north side further back. This image was shot from "BABYLON" tower when it was on the south side of the track and east of Deer Park Ave. Train is is the Patchogue-Babylon "Scoot." eastbound. Early winter morning.

The orange end door looks BADLY weathered/faded, so the paint is no longer new, so not 1955 or 1956. The trainman/conductor is wearing the blue uniform, so this was shot prior to the Postman Gray uniforms that were worn beginning sometime in 1959.
RDC1, #3101, (passengers only) was built by Budd in 8/55 and given LIRR modernization #49.  Info: Dave Keller

Fresh Pond, Glendale aerial view S - 2/18/2021
Photo/Archive: John Dooley

M3s Mid-Suffolk Yard 3/30/2021
Photo/Archive: Jason Baxter

S curve at Glen St., Glen Cove - LIRR #520 3/25/2022 Photo/Archive: Joe Stroppel

A quiet, gloomy evening in Richmond Hill as several engines wait for their periodic inspections. 6/2022 Photo/Archive: Jason Baxter

DIVIDE at Night 8/02/2022
Photo/Archive: Jason Baxter

Sperry #130 YA, Yaphank - View NE 2/1992
Photo by Paul H. Espersen, LIST NRHS

Ronkonkoma (KO) 5/13/2009
Photo/Archive: Paul Strubeck

Fresh Pond East Yard Track 8 
GATX #2127 and LIRR #101  4/06/2023
Photo/Archive: Benjamin Lederer
"Foggy Mornings at Pond"
After finishing up the run to Bay Ridge to pick up 30 cars from Cross Harbor and spot some cars at Resource, we tie the 2127 and 101 up on Track 8 in the East Yard so the engines can be fueled in the following hours. Benjamin Lederer
LI City - Archive: Apple Bank 2024 Calendar

Jamaica - JAY Tower view W 2024
Photo/Archive: NYC Subway Life