LIRR - Glendale


Glendale: Montauk Branch - South Side Rail Road depot first appears on timetable of 5/1870.
2nd depot (?) Built: 1876, burned: 1/7/27, discontinued as Station stop: 9/15/1927, replaced by Glendale Station on Rockaway Beach Branch. Reopened as station stop after c.1942 as platform only.
Discontinued again: 3/16/1998

Glendale: Rockaway Beach Branch -  In service eff: 9/15/27 per General Notice #118. Replaced Glendale Station on Montauk Branch. Renamed "Parkside".

Parkside: Rockaway Beach Branch - Opened: 9/15/1927 as replacement for Glendale Station on Montauk Branch called “Glendale” on General Order #118 and ETT’s when placed in service.
Out of service: 10/29/1958. Low platform in service: 10/29/1958. Discontinued as station stop: 6/8/1962. Branch abandoned: 6/9/62. 

I'm assuming that Glendale on the Montauk branch didn't have much ridership and was abandoned early on (1927).

There was much more ridership along the Rockaway Beach branch so a station was opened at Metropolitan Avenue and this station was built as the replacement for the Montauk branch Glendale station stop.  When it opened it was listed on ETTs as "Glendale" but sometime later was renamed "Parkside."

Glendale reopened some years later, with a station stop and shelter shed on the opposite side of the tracks from the original depot location.  My copy slide of the shelter shed says c. 1941 and the data I have below says the station was reopened after c. 1942, so as they are both circa dates, I'm assuming that 1941-42 was the date of reopening.  Research: Dave Keller

Glendale-Junction_viewS_1932_ArtHuneke.jpg (344424 bytes)
Glendale Junction view S 1932
Archive: Art Huneke

lirr467-468_Weitzner-Bros-Papper_77th-Ave_east-of-Glendale-Station_viewW-80th-St-overpass.jpg (178977 bytes)
LIRR #467-468 at Weitzner Brothers-Papper
77th Ave East of Glendale Station
View W at 80th St. overpass.

Glendale-Junction_Glendale-Ribbon-Mills_viewS_1932_Huneke.jpg (99037 bytes)
Glendale Ribbon Mills water tower view S
1932 Archive: Art Huneke
Emery-Glendale_MP5-80th-Street_10-58.jpg (401384 bytes)
Emery map Glendale MP5 to 80th St.
10/1958 Dave Keller archive

Emery-Map-Glendale-Jct.jpg (568476 bytes)
Emery map Glendale Jct. 
10/1958 Dave Keller archive

Station-Glendale-Tower 9 (GW)-View East-1906.jpg (90348 bytes)
Glendale Station Tower 9 - (GW) view E 1906
Dave Keller archive

Station-Glendale-E-73rd St. Xing-View E-02-20-76 (Madden-Keller).jpg (65093 bytes)
Glendale Station 73rd St. crossing view E 
2/20/1976 (Madden-Keller)

Trotting Course Lane Xing-E of Glendale Jct-Rock Br. Ext Under Constr. at L-12-01-10 (North) (LIRR-Keller).jpg (138311 bytes)
Trotting Course Lane crossing east of Glendale Jct.,
 Rockaway Branch extension under construction at left
12/01/1910 view N Archive: Dave Keller
Wyckoff Ave. Xing-(73rd St.)-Glendale-7-25-1911 (North) (LIRR-Keller).jpg (154038 bytes)
Glendale Wyckoff Ave.
crossing 73rd St. view N 7/25/1911
Archive: Dave Keller
Station-Glendale-Shelter Shed-View E-c. 1941 (Keller).jpg (74082 bytes)
Glendale Station Shelter Shed 
view E  c.1941 Archive: Dave Keller
PRR-H9s-910-Light EB at MP 6-Woodhaven Blvd.-Glendale-01-31-48 (Hermanns-Keller).jpg (64722 bytes)
PRR H9s #910 running light eastbound MP6 at Woodhaven Blvd.
1/31/1948 (Hermanns-Keller)
H10s-106-Pulling Frt in Reverse WB under Rock Bch Br -Glendale Jct-View E-01-31-48 (Hermanns-Keller).jpg (73062 bytes)
H10s #106 pulling freight in reverse westbound under Rockaway Beach Branch view E
1/31/1948 (Hermanns-Keller)
Crossing-73rd St-Signal S51-Glendale-View NW-10-16-55 (Faxon, Jr.-Keller).jpg (80987 bytes)
Crossing 73rd St. Signal S51 Glendale view NW 10/16/1955 (Faxon, Jr.-Keller)
Station-Glendale-Sign-10-16-55 (Faxon, Jr.-Keller).jpg (64253 bytes)
Glendale Station Sign 10/16/1955 
(Faxon, Jr.-Keller)

Glendale freight house 4/1964
Photo/Archive: Richard Makse

In April, 1964, the Glendale freight house (above right) had one of the last surviving pre-Goodfellow circle LI logos. Glendale's agent primarily spent his day handling shipments at Atlas Terminal. Today, the Shops at Atlas Park occupy the Hemmerdinger Estates property and the freight house still stands, largely unchanged.  As with many locations on the west end of the Montauk Branch, Glendale represented extraordinary freight business. Atlas had its own stable of switchers to handle the sharp curves in the terminal. In later years, the late Dale Hemmerdinger, grandson of the founder of Atlas, one of the first industrial parks in New York City, became MTA Chairman.  Photo/Archive/Info: Richard Makse

Rock Bch Br-ROW-Trestle at Glendale Jct-Mtk Br-East-12-70 (Keller-Keller).jpg (149753 bytes)
Rockaway Branch ROW trestle at Glendale Jct. view E 12/1970 (Keller-Keller)

Trestle was burned sometime between end of service in 1962 and my 1970 photo; perhaps around 1965.  Info: Dave Keller


ALCO RS# #1550 RF-7 crossing 88th Street, Glendale on the Montauk Branch on a warm Summer day, 8/31/1976. The crew has just completed drilling the White Pine Sash, General Electric or US Plywood sidings on the old connection to the Rockaway Beach Branch and is heading back to Holban Yard.
Info: Jeff Erlitz

RS3 #1553 RF-7 at 88th Str., Glendale 8/31/1976
Photo/Archive: Jeff Erlitz
lirr1556_Glendale_5-1977_viewN_DennisDeAngelis.jpg (94356 bytes)
LIRR #1556 Glendale view N 5/1977 Photo/Archive: Dennis DeAngelis

Montauk Branch - Glendale to Jamaica
Track profile map 1994
Glendale Closing Poster 1998.jpg (127858 bytes)
Glendale Closing Poster 1998
Archive: Dave Keller
Glendale_M7-7555_12-17-2005.jpg (167399 bytes)
Glendale M7 #7555 delivery 12/17/2005

Glendale freight station 1/27/2019
 Photo/Archive: Kevin Wong

Glendale aerial 2/18/2021
Photo/Archive: John Dooley