PRR  K4s 4-6-2 #5432 on Greenport turntable # K135, LIRR H10s # 106 - 3/20/1949 (Rugen-Huneke)
Station-Greenport-Yardview-c.1906.jpg (125891 bytes)

Greenport yard view E, c.1910 Camelback on the turntable, a D16b (4-4-0) (prior to superheating) coming off the engine house track, and an 0-4-6T Forney engine on the track beyond the D16b.
The Forney is most probably the loco to pull the “Scoot” from Greenport “around the horn” to Bridgehampton and on to Sag Harbor. This type locomotive was removed from LIRR service by 1912.  

The D16 appears to be numbered #22_(?) (LIRR D16 locomotives were numbered from 201 to 231 and the 220 numbers were built in 1906).  Between a D16b build-date of 1906 and a Forney retirement date of 1912, we've got a window as to when this image was photographed.

There is a 5-car train and a 2-car train laying up at the platform and another 2-car train laying up on the siding south of the platform, all appearing to be awaiting their engines and the Forney appears to maybe be backing onto its train already on the siding. 

And . . . .as everybody appears to be facing west, it’s very likely that these 3 engines are ready to take their respective trains and head west.
Archive/Research: Dave Keller

greenport1909postcard.jpg (61184 bytes)
Greenport Postcard  view E c.1909
greenport c.1910.jpg (98121 bytes)
Greenport Dock and Station view NW c.1910
 Greenport-Station_Roof-Dormers-No-Bay-Window_viewNW_postmarked-1915.jpg (156489 bytes)
Greenport Station with roof dormers and no bay window view NW c. 1915

1.  Depot constructed with the two story bay window, single dormer on the west side of the bay window and decorative, wrought-iron roof tree. (1892)
2. Depot renovated, removing the two story bay window and single dormer, and adding double front dormers.  Roof tree left in place. (c.1909 - c.1915)
3. Depot again renovated, removing all the dormers and the roof tree. (c. 1921-25)

Visiting Greenport by Don Fisher

Greenport-Ferry_viewW_2-2008_HenryFSommers.jpg (124202 bytes)Greenport - View W from the dock c. 2/2008 Photo: Henry F. Sommers

The thrifty traveler will opt for a trip on the LIRR main line from Penn Station to Ronkonkoma - (on an electric train) - then transfer to diesel service to Greenport - (this train will have the double decker cars). Once at Greenport you can easily walk to EVERYTHING you are looking for. No taxis!

To get the most out of your visit, come out on a Saturday or Sunday. You will leave Penn Station at 9:16 AM, change in Ronkonkoma at 10:40 and arrive at Greenport at 12:05. Returning, leave Greenport at 6:11 PM, change at Ronkonkoma at 7:40 and arrive back at Penn Station at 8:59 PM. Weekday trains are not as convenient for sight seeing, the weekend trains give you a great ride with six hours to explore the historic port of Greenport.

greenportfreighthousesouth exterior7-31-08.jpg (44961 bytes)What to do and see: First and foremost, visit the Railroad Museum of Long Island  It's just off the train platform to the west and is open only on weekends from 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM.  7/31/08 Photo: Don Fisher 


greenporttable2006.jpg (121566 bytes)Also view the locomotive turntable still in the pit alongside 4th Street.



greenportpassstationsouthwestexterior7-31-08.jpg (53295 bytes)The East End Seaport and Maritime Museum is housed in the old Greenport passenger station at the east end of the platform. Many nautical exhibits dealing with Greenport's maritime history are within. 7/31/08 Photo: Don Fisher         


Just beyond the Seaport Museum is the terminal for the Shelter Island North Ferry. For $4.00 round trip you get an 8 minute ride through the harbor to Shelter Island Heights, a historic district. A short 5 minute walk up the hill puts you in the center of "The Heights" with some of the most beautiful Victorian architecture you will find in America.

Back in Greenport you can visit Mitchell Park with its boardwalk and sheltered carousel.  The town is full of shops and excellent restaurants. All within WALKING distance of the train station.

On Sundays from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM the Peconic County Miniature Railroad operates. It's a brisk 15 minute walk up Third Street from the train station but if you love trains it's well worth it. Weather permitting, the 16" gauge trainset takes riders of all ages through a large (really big!) backyard layout. The equipment is beautiful and sometimes, if enough volunteers are working, two complete trainsets are run at the same time. All operations are by block signals, run like the real thing!

The history of Greenport, the Long Island Railroad and marine operations is long and deep. I could go on for hours. It's best to come to town and experience it.

As for food, GOOD, reasonable food is available at many fine restaurants. A favorite of mine is the "Chowder Pot Pub" overlooking the train station and the harbor (most excellent chowders in town). For salad and sandwich fair, my two favorites are the "Sterlington Deli" near the train station and the "Harborfront" on Front Street. And while you are in town try some of our local wines, they are excellent - the North Fork is Long Island Wine Country! Have a great vacation day.   Don Fisher  5/14/10

Freight Station-Greenport - 6-5-55.jpg (76155 bytes)
Freight station – Greenport, NY – 6/05/55 (shot during Railfan extra pulled by G5s #39)  (Roy W. Schnoor photo, Dave Keller archive)
G5s-39-Spun-On-Turntable-Greenport-6-5-55 (broadside view).jpg (91434 bytes)
G5s #39 and tender on turntable – Railfan extra – (broadside view) Greenport, NY – 6/5/55  (Roy W. Schnoor photo, Dave Keller archive)
G5s-39-Railfan Extra-Taking-on-Coal-Greenport_06-05-55_Keller.jpg (117863 bytes)
G5s #39 on Railfan extra taking on coal at Greenport June 5, 1955.

Notes: The Reading Company leased passenger cars at the station platform. These weren't the cars used on the Railfan extra (those were an entire train of clerestory-roofed P-54 coaches), so this was another train laying up at the station. 

4 months left of LIRR steam, the trust plate is still affixed to the top of the tender! Archive: Dave Keller

G5s-39-Spun-On-Turntable-Greenport-6-5-55 (front view).jpg (142945 bytes)
G5s #39 and tender on turntable – Railfan extra – preparing to come off turntable (front view) 6/05/55  (Roy W. Schnoor photo, Dave Keller archive)

Note how the turntable is air powered, so the locomotive's brake line is attached.

EmeryGreenport1873.jpg (21843 bytes)
 Greenport 1873 Robert Emery Map
EmeryGreenportMP93-94.jpg (64247 bytes)
Greenport MP93-94 
Robert Emery Map 10/1957
EmeryGreenportMP94-EndofTrack.jpg (180781 bytes)
Emery Greenport MP94 to End of Track Robert Emery Map 10/1957

greenport_roundhouse.jpg (25993 bytes)
Yard Roundhouse view East c.1906

PsgrCars376-149-etc_onRaiDock-Greenport-7-22-53.jpg (60646 bytes)
LIRR passenger cars #376, 149 and ? on Railroad Dock 07/22/53
Shelter Island ferry ramp in foreground Photo: George E. Votava  Archive: Dave Keller

ticket-Greenport-Southold_8-02-61_BradPhillips.jpg (63655 bytes)
Ticket Greenport to Southold 8/02/1961 
Archive: Brad Phillips

Greenport _154 with Train 6200 _viewW_8-7-99.jpg (128215 bytes)
LIRR #154 with Train 6200 view W  8/07/99

Yard-View-Greenport-East-3-1949.jpg (78303 bytes)
Yard View East 3/1949
Photo: Art Huneke

Richard- F.-Makse_Special-Services-Attendant_Train-4213_Greenport-06-09-68_Makse.jpg (70421 bytes)
Richard F. Makse Special Services Attendant Train #4213 Greenport 6/09/68 Archive: Richard Makse

Greenport-Station_viewNW_1968.jpg (59352 bytes)
Greenport Station view NW 1968. The whitewash paint was removed c.1996 during the installation of the East End Seaport and Maritime Museum in the building.

G5s-39_FMH16-44_1506Railfan Extra-Greenport-06-1955.JPG (101407 bytes)
G5s- #39 FMH16-44 #1506 Railfan Extra Greenport 06/1955
Archive: Dave Keller

 Railfan Extra Greenport 06/1955 
view NE at turntable

lirr-train217-deadhead-equipment_Shelter-Island-Express_6-7-68_RichardMakse.jpg (43906 bytes)
In the 1960's, The Shelter Island Express routinely ran with a single parlor car in June, increasing to two cars in the high season of July and August. After a 40 minute layover, enough time to cut off the engine and turn it on the turntable, train #217 was created for what was usually an express run to Jamaica. Here #217 awaits its departure from Greenport with two pings and the parlor Quogue. 6/07/68 Archive: Richard Makse

Amagansett-Greenport_9-01-74_EdFrye.jpg (43057 bytes)
"Amagansett" at Greenport 9/01/1974 Photo/Archive: Ed  Frye

L1560-Greenport.jpg (66826 bytes)
LIRR RS-3 #1560
view N 11-05-61
Photo: Steve Hoskins
FM-2002-Turntable-Greenport-2-22-64.jpg (77852 bytes)
LIRR FM #2002 02/22/1964
Photo: Robert B. Dunnet 
Archive: Dave Keller
greenport-table.jpg (59335 bytes)
LIRR #224 Greenport Fan Trip c.1969


parlorsetauketonturntabra3.jpg (30483 bytes)
Railfan Extra on "Setauket" 
turntable  4/68
Archive: Dave Keller

lirrC420-219_Greenport-Scoot-1973_BradPhillips.jpg (139041 bytes)
LIRR C420 #219 Greenport "Scoot" 1973 LIRR Road 'n Rail bus, which operated between Huntington and Greenport, is visible to the left of the locomotive.  Photo: Brad Phillips

 greenport1970s.jpg (55261 bytes)
North Dock Track View East 
 PNC #1702 in 1975 
Photo: Tim Darnell

 greenporttable05-07-78CSXMike.jpg (71950 bytes)
Photos: 05/07/1978 CSX Mike
Composite: Steve Lynch

RS3-1552-Car-2959-Scoot-Greenport_4-77.jpg (101490 bytes)
LIRR RS3 #1552 coach #2959 "Scoot" Greenport 4/1977 Archive: Dave Keller

GPortFHouse04-88viewNW.jpg (62471 bytes)
Freight House 04-88 view NW
Archive: William Galligan

"... I saw an article at one time on the last Greenport Scoot, and it was early March, 2000 to which it used the old equipment. It used LIRR GP38-2 #259*, and LIRR FA #167 HEP, with 2 coaches  After as late as December 20th. 1999 Port Jefferson I  never saw the old equipment again, as when I rode LIRR train 2023 from Ronkonkoma on December 19th, train 611 (The Express Highball to Hunter's Point from Port Jefferson) had LIRR FA #167, 5 cars, and a Geep. That was supposedly the last run from Port Jeff using the old equipment...." *LIRR #259 only GP38-2  equipped with Canadian 5 chime horn Info: Don Fischer

LIRR #W83  11-2003

 TC80Greenport1976.jpg (24940 bytes)
LIRR TC80 Track Geometry Vehicle 
 Greenport 1976 Photo/Archive: Dave Keller

It was housed in the ex-GT1 and GT2 sheet-metal shelter at the end of the wye at Ronkonkoma and was never left outdoors for photographing.

I believe it was nicknamed the “moon rover” or “lunar rover” or some such moniker due to its modernistic “look” at the time. Info: Dave Keller

SW1001-102-104-Harold Protect Engines-C61-Fan Trip-Greenport-10-92.jpg (53194 bytes)
LIRR C61, LIRR SW1001 #102 and #104 
(Harold Protect Engines) Greenport Fan Trip 10/1992

SW1001-102-104-Harold Protect Engines-C61-P72-Cars-Fan Trip-Greenport-10-92.jpg (53317 bytes)
 LIRR SW1001 #102 and #104, C61. MOW gondola, and P72s
Greenport Fan Trip 10/1992

SW1001-102-104-Harold Protect Engines-Fan Trip-Laying-up-Greenport-10-92.jpg (52908 bytes)
LIRR SW1001 #102 and #104 
(Harold Protect Engines) Greenport Fan Trip 10/1992

LIRR #607 National Railway Historical Society Special Greenport 07/28/1988
Collection: R. McEnery
lirr414_175thAnniversaySpecial_GreenportwestboundAlCastelli.jpg (52178 bytes)
The 175th Anniversary Special LIRR #414 on its way home.  7/25/2009 Photo: Al Castelli
175thfantrip7-25-09AlCastelliTurntable.jpg (60172 bytes)
The 175th Anniversary Special  turntable view.  7/25/2009 
Photo: Al Castelli
greenportpassstationviewfromRRdock7-31-08.jpg (45114 bytes)
Passenger station view form the dock. 7/3/2008  Photo: Don Fisher
lirr410-DE30AC-01242011WilliamJSkeats.jpg (124523 bytes)
Greenport Scoot after arrival. Train 200 with DE30AC #410 two bi-levels. 01/24/2011 Photo: William J. Skeats
lirr422-DE30AC-01242011WilliamJSkeats.jpg (130122 bytes)
DE30AC #422 on east end. 01/24/2011 Photo: William J. Skeats
Greenport-Freight-Station_viewE_c.7-2012_DonFisher.jpg (61297 bytes)
Greenport Freight Station view E 
c.7/2012 Photo: Don Fisher
Greenport-Freight-Station_viewNE_c.7-2012_DonFisher.jpg (54315 bytes)
Greenport Freight Station view NE 
c.7/2012 Photo: Don Fisher
Greenport-Freight-Station_viewSW_c.7-2012_DonFisher.jpg (59374 bytes)
Greenport Freight Station view SW 
c.7/2012 Photo: Don Fisher
Greenport-Freight-Station_viewW_c.7-2012_DonFisher.jpg (75555 bytes)
Greenport Freight Station view W 
c.7/2012 Photo: Don Fisher
Greenport-Station_viewNW_c.7-2012_DonFisher.jpg (57320 bytes)
Greenport Station view NW 
c.7/2012 Photo: Don Fisher
Greenport-Station_viewS_c.7-2012_DonFisher.jpg (54151 bytes)
Greenport Station view S 
c.7/2012 Photo: Don Fisher
American-Colloid_Panther.jpg (87271 bytes)
American Colloid Panther 
PRR-759_viewN_11-06-15.jpg (99415 bytes)
PRR #759 view N 11/06/15
Trustee plate.jpg (125444 bytes)
Continental Illinois National Bank
and Trust Company of Chicago.
Trustee owner and Lessor
North American Car Corporation
Equipment Trust Second 1960 Series
An "American Colloid Company" insulated boxcar, built in 1960 at the Pacific car and Foundry Co., Seattle Washington.  Note the original banker's plate fastened to the body, RMLI is maintaining the PRR car number # 759, for now. Info: Don Fischer
Railroad Museum of Long Island (RMLI)

Greenport Freight House: Dashing Dan Logo Vignette, see below.

RMLIGreenportfreighthousedashingdan.jpg (49307 bytes)

The View from Greenport 
by Don Fisher written August 2003 for the Winter Edition of the RMLI PostBoy

Once in awhile lightning will strike twice in the same place! 

Last August, while I was working around your Greenport Museum, a young man approached me and asked if the Museum was open. It wasn’t, being a Monday, but I was ready for a soda break and you never know when you can make a friend for the Museum. I offered to let him have a look around while I went in for a cold drink. 

Once inside, Mark, from Delaware, spoke about the Dashing Dan sign we have displayed on the north wall. He told me a story about his dad being the model for the now famous LIRR logo. I found it interesting that the railroad used their employees as models. After viewing the Museum, Mark left a donation and told me he’d tell his dad about our Museum and Dashing Dan on the wall.

This year on May 19th, I had the opportunity to chaperone my daughter Evelyn’s fourth grade class on a field trip to the Museum. Dressed as a railroad engineer, I walked from the school to the Southold train station with the class and rode to Greenport on the “Scoot”, telling them stories and answering their questions about the railroad. Once in Greenport, the class went first aboard a “tall ship” tour and I repaired to the Museum to open up and get ready for their return. 

While setting out the signs alongside JAWS and the #14 Caboose, a man and woman approached me and asked if the Museum was open. I explained that we were preparing for a closed tour, “but come on in and look around if you like.” As soon as they entered the building, the gentleman, Eugene, headed for the Dashing Dan logo hanging on the north wall! Sure enough, he is THE “Dashing Dan!” We talked of his son Mark’s visit and how he and his wife were up to Long Island from Florida and had to stop by and see the display. We spent time looking at the Parlor Car exhibit, Gene identified many of the men and women seated in the public relations photo shown within the display. All of the models were LIRR employees! Using employees of the railroad was a cost effective way to populate the photos.

Gene began his career as a Ticket Agent for the Long Island. He reminisced about his relief work at the Greenport passenger station, covering vacation and sick days for the regular Agent. He was working in marketing and public relations when he was selected from the office staff to pose for the “new” Dashing Dan logo. He had no idea how ubiquitous Dashing Dan would become, morphing into the “Weekend Chief” for the Montauk bound “Cannonball” train-set and leading to the creation of the Dashing Dottie logo. 

As I said, lightning does, (and remarkable meetings do), strike twice. What are the odds of one Museum volunteer, being in the same place twice, almost a year apart, meeting two men, on days when your Museum is normally closed, to learn the historic story of Dashing Dan and then meet the “Real McCoy?” You, gentle reader, be the judge of that question!