Ticket_8-21-1852.jpg (32574 bytes)

Long Island Rail Road Trip Ticket from Brooklyn to Hempstead Branch 6/4/1862 (Later renamed Mineola as of timetable 8/21/1852)

1890s_LIRR_Sheepshead-Bay_Flatbush-Ave_sample-ticket.jpg (70185 bytes)

1890s LIRR Brooklyn (Flatbush Ave.) to Sheepshead Bay sample ticket No. 1. Samples were printed as they would appear in use and a hole or a star was punched into them so they couldn't be used for passage.  All tickets have the General Passenger Agent's facsimile signature as they were never personally signed.  That was only done in some very early tickets and on special trip passes; again only very early ones.  Info: Dave Keller

lirr-ferries_vehicle-ticket_James-Slip-ferry_NYSRCo._1899.jpg (35666 bytes)

Long Island Railroad Company's Ferries - Vehicle ticket over James Slip Ferry, also good for 34th St. Ferry  NYSR Co. 1899

LIRR-Camp Upton Excursion_10-21-1917_BradPhillips.jpg (54102 bytes)

LIRR-Camp Upton Excursion - 10-21-1917-reverse_BradPhillips.jpg (41542 bytes) Long Island Rail Road Trip Ticket from Penn Station or Brooklyn (Flatbush Ave) to Camp Upton Excursion 10/21/1917 Collection: Brad Phillips

South Side Rail Road - S.S.R.R.
SSRR-pass_7-20-1872.jpg (44181 bytes) SSRR-pass-back_7-20-1872.jpg (42715 bytes)1872 R. H. Johnson and wife account of Erie Railway from Brooklyn to Amityville and return until 7/20/1872
SSRR-pass_11-25-1872.jpg (50001 bytes) 1872 Rufus Johnson and wife account of Erie Railway from Brooklyn to Amityville and return until 11/25/1872

SSRRpass1873.jpg (27921 bytes)

SSRRpass1873back.jpg (18032 bytes) 1873 South Side Railroad of Long Island 
Issued to:  J. M. Belden J. M. Belden, Esq., Sect. (Secretary) Hartford, Providence & F. (Fishkill) Railroad. General Manager is “H. G. Smith"  Research: Dave Keller

1873 South Side Railroad ticket September "9"

1878ssrrblank.jpg (24113 bytes)

South Side Railroad September 1878 Blank Pass
SSRR-Pass-blank_1873.jpg (93147 bytes) 1873 South Side Railroad of Long Island
Superintendent: C. N. Douglas
1874 South Side pass.jpg (26302 bytes) 1874 South Side pass back.jpg (15696 bytes)
Long Island Rail Road

1863 Annual Ticket


1863 Annual Ticket Reverse

1893 Hempstead to LI  City or Flatbush Ave

lirr12-31-1876.jpg (30883 bytes)

1876 Isaac Sherwood - Acct. of Director "F.N.S. & Ct R. R." 

Long Island Rail Road Co., Lessee, F.N.S. & C.R.R. and Southern R.R. of LI. (Flushing, North Shore and Central Railroad) Countersigned by E.B. Hinsdale, Secretary.  (Elizur B. Hinsdale) former President of the Woodside & Flushing Railroad, which was reorganized into the Flushing and North Side Railroad in 1868) and signed by  Conrad Poppenheusen, Vice President.

lirr12-31-1877.jpg (29408 bytes) 1877 Isaac Sherwood - Acct. of Director "F. N.S. & Ct R. R." 

Long Island Rail-Road Co., Lessee, F.N.S. & C.R.R. and Southern R.R. of LI. Countersigned by E.B. Hinsdale, Secretary and D.N. Ropes, President. (David N. Ropes was President of the LIRR for part of the years 1876 - 1877)

lirr12-31-1878.jpg (21500 bytes) 1878 Isaac Sherwood - Acct. of Director "F. N.S. & Ct R. R." 

"Long Island Railroad and Leased Lines" and it is printed on white paper stock. Pass is signed by T.M. Sharp (Receiver). In the fall of 1877 due to large fixed charges and rising debt, the Long Island Railroad passed into the hands of Thomas M. Sharp, Receiver. It remained in Receivership for the years 1877 to 1881.

1878 3rd Quarter All Stations from LI City 1895pass.jpg (24904 bytes) 1895 Pass signed by President Corbin
LIRR_American-Railway_Accounting-Officers_pass-1896.jpg (85447 bytes) 1896 American Railway Accounting Officers
1903 Agent between LI City and Manhattan Beach 1905 Asst. Sec. PRR
1904FerryPass.jpg (41951 bytes) 1904 Clerk, Secretary's Office Fred C. Scudder 1904FerryPassReverse.jpg (45384 bytes) Stamped "GOOD OVER FERRY" 
Script: Good on Annex Boat
1905FerryPass.jpg (31530 bytes) 1905 Clerk, Secretary's Office Fred C. Scudder 1905FerryPassback.jpg (35359 bytes) Stamped "GOOD OVER FERRY" 
Script: Good on Annex Boat

The endorsement reads "Good on Annex Boat". The Annex Boats were operated by the PRR from Exchange Place in Jersey City to Downtown Brooklyn. This was one way Long Islanders connected with Pennsylvania RR Trains.

After the opening of Pennsylvania Station in 1910, the ferry service was replaced with two railroad shuttles using MU cars. One operated hourly by the PRR from Exchange Place to Penn Station, and the other operated by the LIRR from Penn Station to Brooklyn via the Glendale Cut-off and Woodhaven Junction. The fare was 30 cents.

The LIRR portion was the first line from Penn Station to be discontinued on August 31, 1911.

It should also be noted that Fred Scudder became President Baldwin's secretary, and as such had a huge number of passes from other railroads which would exchange with the LIRR President's Office.  In his position he would serve as an officer to the LIRR's affiliated companies for his 30+ year tenure. His name can be found in the annual reporting of many of the LIRR's trolley and ferry operations as Secretary of those companies during the Baldwin era. Fred Scudder lived in Babylon and was not related to a retired recently LIRR Transportation Secretary with the same surname.

li1.jpg (29310 bytes)

1907 Gen. Pass Agt. for N&W LIRR steamboat operation.jpg (20072 bytes) LIRR steamboat operation
lirrexpresspass1909.jpg (18542 bytes)

lirrexpresspass1909back.jpg (11697 bytes)

1909 Long Island Express Co. Chief Clerk to Pres. & Gen. Mgr. allows free transport of an employee's goods for the entire year.!

pass1910.jpg (9891 bytes) 1910 Asst. Sec. PRR

1914  Sister of  Signal Inspector, MOW Dept.
LIRR Pass with Keystone Logo - 1914 (Keller).JPG (123907 bytes) 1914 with Keystone Logo (Keller) Gen. Mgr. - Champlain Trans. Co. 

LIpass1914sm.jpg (43506 bytes)

1914 Solicitor, Western Union Telegraph Co. Coll: Art Huneke
Pere-Marquette-RR_Receiver_1916_LIRR-pass.jpg (24158 bytes) 1916 Pere Marquette RR Receiver  1916pass-stenographer.jpg (26242 bytes) 1916 Stenographer to the President

1917 Wife of Chief Clerk
Pas15233LIR.jpg (32130 bytes) 1921 R. C. Burns Asst Engr Office of Mech. Engr. LIpass1924sm.jpg (41185 bytes) 1924 Engineman 01/01/1924 Archive: Art Huneke 
LIRR_1st-Electric-Train-to-Babylon_5-20-25_BradPhillips.jpg (58228 bytes)

LIRR_1st-Electric-Train-to-Babylon_5-20-25_back_BradPhillips.jpg (36956 bytes)

LIRR 1st MU  Electric Train to Babylon 5/20/1925
LI1925passhuneke.jpg (41834 bytes) 1925 Wife of Ass't Sec PRR 
LIRR logo change Coll: Art Huneke
1930 PRR Chief of Motive Power entire system
LIpass1932sm.jpg (40916 bytes) 1932 Wife of Track Supervisor
Archive: Art Huneke
1935freightagent.jpg (21195 bytes) 1935 Traveling  Freight Agent from Georgia Central RR 
MKT-GeneralPassAgent-pass-1936.jpg (33922 bytes) 1936 MKT General Passenger Agent 
1937  PRR Sup. Draftsman  PRR 1939 NOT valid on LIRR
westernunionsup1939.jpg (29848 bytes) 1939 General Sup't Western Union & Telegraph 1940 Wife of Clerk
1940 Wife of Movement Dir. 1943 Wife of Clerk
asst_trainmasterpass41.jpg (17778 bytes) 1941 Asst. Trainmaster Pass lirr-yardconductor.jpg (27774 bytes)

wpe27.jpg (10810 bytes)

1944 Yard Conductor Pass front/back

1944 Brakeman 1944 Conductor
clerk1945.jpg (36635 bytes) 1945 Clerk
1949 laborer 1953-54 School Pass
lirrstrikepass.jpg (7152 bytes) LIRR Strike Pass  1955-56 entire system blank
lirrpasschiefofpolice1955.jpg (25708 bytes) Chief of Police 1955  1955-56 entire system blank
lirrpass1955gangforeman.jpg (36939 bytes) 1955-56 Gang Foreman 1959 Long Island Rail Road Co Fireman Pass Between All Stations front.JPG (31577 bytes) 1959 Long Island Rail Road Co Fireman Pass Between All Stations.JPG (43888 bytes)

1959 Fireman Pass

Floral Park Grade Crossing Elimination pass_6-28-1962.jpg (49749 bytes) Floral Park Grade Crossing Elimination 6/28/1962
Douglaston Station "Three-D Society" 07/26/62 
Archive: Big John

1964 system blank IslipNewStationDedicationPass-BradPhillips.jpg (36949 bytes) Islip New Station Dedication Pass 12/07/63 Archive: Brad Phillips
1964 system blank lirrpassharrisoneng.jpg (15508 bytes)

1964 Harrison Engineer Pass

BabylonNewStationSouvenirPass_09091964BradPhillips.jpg (60933 bytes) Babylon New Station Souvenir Pass
09/09/1964 Archive: Brad Phillips
lirrhighlevelhipsterpassHicksville09-12-64.jpg (21811 bytes) 9/12/64 Hicksville "High-Level Hipster" Dedication
Archive: Big John
Dashin Dan Lifetime lirrurbonautpass1966.jpg (72579 bytes)
10/09/ 1966  "Turbonaut" Garret Turbo train, GT1 Gas turbine car that was stored on the tail of the wye at Ronkonkoma Collection: Al Castelli 
Historical Data:  Dave Keller
LIpass1970sm.jpg (31526 bytes) 1970 Asst. to Train Director
Coll: Art Huneke
LIpass1976sm.jpg (47628 bytes) 1976 Asst. to Train Director Coll: Art Huneke

lirrLittleLegionCard-Front_BradPhillips.jpg (44066 bytes)
lirrLittleLegionCard-Back_BradPhillips.jpg (45495 bytes)

Little Legion Card front/back  Info/Archive: Brad Phillips - Legion of Influential Rail Riders

817c_1.jpg (14245 bytes)
J. C. Valick:  Captain of  Police LIRR late 
50s and 60s,  Jamaica, NY

lirr1915pass.jpg (58224 bytes)

Earliest known use, thus far, of the Keystone on an OFFICIAL LIRR item. The “LIRR” isn’t intertwined and the word “LONG ISLAND” is spelled out, it is the Keystone, nonetheless, and in use in 1915. Research: Dave Keller
Confirmed by: Art Huneke as his 1914 pass in not Keystone. (See above)