Islip Freight
Since 1980
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 TCIX 23041 12/16/09 Photo: Mike McDermet
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A special thanks to Mike McDermet, who grew up in Islip, for providing many of the fine photos.

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Islip Sunset View W. Photo: Mike McDermet 10/22/2008

Ore-cars_Islip_viewE_1996.jpg (97020 bytes)
Ore cars Islip view E 1996 on route to Hampton Materials and Handling, Bridgehampton

"...They went kaput a short time after and did not pay the bill to the railroad. Freight job RF7 from LI City went out with the ore jennies. They received Conrail hopper cars of 1/4 inch bluestone also when freight job RF70 went out and did Pulver gas which is just east of there on the DEF....(double end freight)..." Info:  Don Fischer

MOW: at 84 Lumber  north siding View NW  Photo: Fred Lindauer c.1980's 

The 12 signpost was the car marker for a 12 car westbound diesel, stopping at Islip; prior to the bi-levels. Info: Bob Anderson

Conrail #375173 Boxcar: North siding  View SW  Photo: Joe Saullo  05/28/2005

tank_cars-12-8-07.JPG (67654 bytes)
Tank Cars: North siding  View NW  12/08/2007
Photo: Mike McDermet

islip-JoeSaullo052805.jpg (89306 bytes)
Conrail #375173 Boxcar: North siding  View NW  Photo: Joe Saullo  05/28/2005

union_pacific-1-13-08.JPG (69504 bytes)
Union Pacific DBL door Boxcar,  north siding View NW  01/13/2008
Photo: Mike McDermet
Islip siding Dec 1997.jpg (75779 bytes)
GATX #19178  North siding east of  84 Lumber View NE 12/1997
DE30AC_421crossingNassauAvewestboundmikemcdermet01-13-08.jpg (81716 bytes)
CSX Boxcar LIRR Train #8739 westbound 01/13/2008 view NE 
Photo: Mike McDermet
islipbulkheadlumberflat3-80.jpg (58166 bytes)
Bulkhead flatcar: West of  84 Lumber  View NE  Photo: Steve Lynch  3-80
Islip siding Dec 1998.jpg (60872 bytes)
Rock  Boxcar: North siding east of  84 Lumber View S Photo: 12/1998 
csx_-1-13-08.JPG (74040 bytes)
CSX Waffle Side Boxcar North siding east of  84 Lumber 01/13/2008 view NE 
Photo: Mike McDermet
BNSF02-22-08MikeMcDermet.jpg (224296 bytes)
BNSF Double Door  84 Lumber siding  02/22/08  view NW 
Photo: Mike McDermet
southernpacific03-09-08mikemcdermet.jpg (92576 bytes)
 SP #247353 Double Door Rib Side  84 Lumber siding  03/09/08  view NW 
Photo: Mike McDermet
SPIslip03-24-08mikemcdermet.jpg (100567 bytes)
SP Double Door Rib Side  84 Lumber siding  03/24/08  view NW 
Photo: Mike McDermet
NYA_MP15AC-155and159-Islip7-14-06WilliamSkeats.jpg (97275 bytes)
Attached is a shot of Islip Team. NYA MP15AC 155 & 159 switching Velvetop at the team track and 84 Lumber. 
Date 7/14/06 Photo: William Skeats
AtlanticandWestern-8048ribsideboxIslip03-31-08MikeMcDermet.jpg (65551 bytes)
Atlantic & Western (ATW) Rib Side #8048  03/31/08  view NW 
Photo: Mike McDermet
DowChemical-DOWXcalciumchholide-Islip03-31-08MikeMcDermet.jpg (78925 bytes)
Dow Chemical (DOWX) Calcium Chloride Tank car view NW 03/31/08
Team Track for Velvetop
Photo: Mike McDermet
ATW8271-Islip04-20-08MikeMcDermet.JPG (85394 bytes)
Atlantic & Western (ATW) Waffle Box #8271 04/20/08  view NW 
Photo: Mike McDermet
ATW8142Islip05-19-08MikeMcDermet.jpg (73001 bytes)
Atlantic & Western (ATW) Rib Side #8142 05/19/08  view NW 
Photo: Mike McDermet
DOWX5989-Islip05-31-08MikeMcDermet.jpg (83077 bytes)
DOWX #5989 05/31/08
Photo: Mike McDermet

AAR Class: T, tank car means any car which is used only for the transportation of liquids, liquefied gases, compressed gases, or solids that are liquefied prior to unloading.
ATW8155_06-11-08MikeMcDermet.jpg (65080 bytes)
Atlantic & Western (ATW) Rib Side #8155 06/11/08  view NW 
Photo: Mike McDermet
ATW8199_ ATW8142MikeMcDermet6_25_08.jpg (92550 bytes)
Atlantic & Western (ATW) Rib Side #8199 and (near car) #8142  06/25/08  
view NW Photo: Mike McDermet
KWT3671_063008Mike McDermet.JPG (103537 bytes)
KWT #3671 06/30/2008
Photo: Mike McDermet
dowx72366_07-03-08.jpg (83610 bytes)
DOWX  #72366 07/03/08
Photo: Mike McDermet
sp_246338_07-10-08.jpg (77358 bytes)
SP  #06338  0710/08
Photo: Mike McDermet
crle_10539_07-10-08.JPG (86249 bytes)
CRLE  #10539 07/10/08
Photo: Mike McDermet
kwt4202_08-09-08MikeMcDermet.jpg (90178 bytes)
KWT #42021 08/09/2008
Photo: Mike McDermet
atw8155_08-09-08MikeMcDermet.jpg (91679 bytes)
ATW #8155 08/09/2008
Photo: Mike McDermet
bnsf_712649_082108MikeMcDermet.JPG (78974 bytes)
BNSF  #712649 08/21/2008
Photo: Mike McDermet
bnsf722619_08-18-08MikeMcDermet.jpg (93935 bytes)
BNSF  #722619 08/18/2008
Photo: Mike McDermet
offloading_velvetop2_MikeMcDermet.JPG (86611 bytes)
ATW #8155 & KWT #42021
Velvetop freight loaded onto flatbed for delivery 08/09/2008
Photo: Mike McDermet
offloading_velvetop_MikeMcDermet.JPG (59820 bytes)
ATW #8155 & KWT #42021 view SW
off loading for Velvetop on pallets 08/09/2008
Photo: Mike McDermet
SellickSD80Forklift84lumberIslip-c.2006.jpg (72494 bytes)
Sellick SD80 Photo: Matthew Liegey 

Hyster H80-120FT 
Photo: Matthew Liegey 

Velvetop uses these pure clay bags in their blacktop products. I used to work at that 84 Lumber, and occasionally we would help them out unloading the car if they had poor car positioning or if they were having issues with their forklifts.

These bags were dangerously heavy for using those smaller lifts especially at that height, so I think one or 2 times we helped them out using our Sellick SD80 Forklift (example pictured left). It has an 8000 pound rating, but we used it for all sorts of stuff from moving our trucks around the yard to moving railcars! 

The Sellick SD80  no issues with this due to its wide wheelbase and overkill size, but a more normal fork truck such as the Hyster H80-120FT which was our other fork it was a bit more troublesome.  Same weight rating as the Sellick at 8000 lbs, but the wheelbase was more narrow and tricky with a heavy load so high up. I would guess they were under 5000lbs. 

Those bags by the way are HEAAAVY! They have nylon loops at the top to put the forks through for lifting.

There were five 84's on the Island: Riverhead, Islip, Patchogue, Port Jefferson, Smithtown. (Only one left is Patchogue)

The only store with rail access was Islip.  We would receive precut 2x4x92" studs on our cars.  We were the prime source of precuts which were at much better pricing compared to trucking them in on 18 wheelers.  One car was more than 2-3 18 wheelers.  We would get a car in and distribute it to the other stores that didnt have rail connections.  It is part of what made us so successful at Islip for that time - track builders eat 2x4's for breakfast, and we had a CHEAP supply of them compared to other locations on the island, including competition.

Contribution thanks to: Matthew Liegey 

gatx_1.JPG (60389 bytes)

gatx_2.JPG (101920 bytes)

gatx19180_08-18-08MikeMcDermet.jpg (69290 bytes)
GATX #19180 08/18/2008 CaCl2  for
 Velvetop Photos: Mike McDermet

Liquid calcium chloride (CaCl2) is an
odorless, slightly alkaline, colorless fluid.

Calcium Chloride is used in various applications to retard cold weather hazards, including snow and ice control on roadways 

It is also used as an accelerator for ready-mix concrete curing, and as an anti-freeze for coal storage and transportation. Calcium Chloride also can be used as a roadbed stabilizer.

wellwood1MikeMcDermet-wellwoodAve08-19-2008.jpg (71044 bytes) wellwood2MikeMcDermet-wellwoodAve08-19-2008.jpg.jpg (75118 bytes)

Wellwood Ave. N. Lindenhurst  08/19/2008 
BNSF  #722619 and GATX #19180 CaCl2 switched out from Islip next day
Photos: Mike McDermet

atw_8148_082208MikeMcDermet.jpg (89420 bytes)
ATW #8148 08/22/2008
Photo: Mike McDermet
gatx11615_08-30-08.jpg (70349 bytes)
GATX #11615  08/30/2008 CaCl2  for
 Velvetop Photos: Mike McDermet
DSC_0511_1.jpg (49697 bytes)
DSC_0508_1.jpg (35560 bytes) DSC_0514_1.jpg (29113 bytes) atw8095_08-30-08.jpg (78308 bytes)
ATW #8095 08/30/2008
Photo: Mike McDermet
crle10490_090508.JPG (89347 bytes)
CRLE #10490 09/05/08
Photo: Mike McDermet
kwt4125_090508.JPG (73012 bytes)
KWT  #4125 09/05/08
Photo: Mike McDermet
railbox51381_090508.JPG (84916 bytes)
RBOX  #51381 09/05/08
Photo: Mike McDermet
SRR587018_CRLE10461_CRLE1049_09-11-08MikeMcDermet.jpg (86635 bytes)
SRR #587018 CRLE #10461 CRLE #1049 Photo: Mike McDermet 09/11/08
atw8261_southern587018_crle104611.JPG (85007 bytes)
ATW #8261 switched in and CRLE #1049 out  (photo left),  SRR #587018 CRLE #104611
Photo: Mike McDermet 09/18/08
atw8103_dowx6238.JPG (80607 bytes)
ATW #8103 DOWX #6238
Photo: Mike McDermet 09/18/08
bn_223934_093008.JPG (89442 bytes)
BN #223934  
Photo: Mike McDermet 09/30/08

gatx_11615_093008.JPG (70394 bytes)
GATX #11615  
Photo: Mike McDermet 09/30/08

Graphic Design and Layout: Mile McDermet 10/10/08
isp_nyar_nassau_ave_100208.JPG (93946 bytes)
Nassau Ave,  switching out the BN box view NW  Photo: Mike McDermet 10/02/08
Switching (1)
grant_ave_east_100208.JPG (90856 bytes)
NYA #156 view E from Grant Ave.  
Photo: Mike McDermet 10/02/08
Note: Switchstand flag set to white for
 main route. Switching (2)
grant_ave_east_isp_10208.JPG (82080 bytes)
NYA #156 east of Grant Ave on
 84 Lumber/Team track siding view E 
Photo: Mike McDermet 10/02/08
Note: Switchstand flag set to red as 
switch set for siding. Switching (3)
nassay_ave_nw_100208.JPG (97422 bytes)
Nassau Ave,  view NW  switching in the RBOX car Photo: Mike McDermet 10/02/08 Switching (3)
isp_railbox_50615_100208.JPG (80689 bytes)
RBOX #50615 at 84 Lumber  
Photo: Mike McDermet 10/02/08
Switching (4)
isp_nyar_grant_ave_100208.JPG (93846 bytes)
NYA #156 westbound Grant Ave,  
view N  Photo: Mike McDermet 10/02/08
Switching (5)
hoppers_grant_ave_100208.jpg (55557 bytes)
NYA #156 westbound crossing Grant Ave,  view NE. The last two are TCX 570063 and ROIX 58152. Photo: Mike McDermet 10/02/08 (6)
sp247523_111208.jpg (86665 bytes)
SP #247523 MDW #7129 
Photo: Mike McDermet 11/12/08
mdw7129_111208.jpg (89250 bytes)
MDW #7129 at Velvetop Team Track  
Photo: Mike McDermet 10/02/08


SP253038Islip02-27-10stevelynch.jpg (59587 bytes)
SP #253038 02/27/10 Photo: Steve Lynch
TCIX4314Islip02-27-10stevelynch.jpg (64385 bytes)
TCIX #4314 02/27/10
Photo: Steve Lynch