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Stanley's Bakery, Islip Manor*, NY 11751
Motto: "...Be it the simple pleasure of our fresh baked bread or the richness of our cakes and deserts. 
There is no doubt that our selection of freshly baked goods will have you returning time and again..."  

 bakery.jpg (47352 bytes)
Stanley's Bakery mid1950's, view NW
Archive: East Islip Historical Society

pathwaycleaners080608v2.jpg (40803 bytes)
Pathway Cleaners looking NW 08/06/08



stanleybakeryinteriorHidaChristiansen-c.1958-59.jpg (80835 bytes)
The saleslady behind the counter in the photo was Hilda Christiansen. She was an immigrant from Schleswig-Holstein Germany. The picture is probably from 1958 or 1959 as the store was remodeled and the fixtures are new.
stanleybakerycalendar1963.jpg (143224 bytes)
Jan 1963 Complimentary Calendar

The bakery was established in 1948 by Heinrich Pieper who lived a couple of  blocks north of Sunrise Highway east of Islip Avenue. He was also the landlord as well. Stanley's Bakery has been family owned and run since 1948 when it was established by the Sadowski family. My parents bought the bakery in June of 1953. As you can see from the awning, the name of the place was already Stanley's Bakery. The sign on the building said Pieper's Home Bakery for several years because my father did not have the money yet for new signs. I can also tell that it was mid-1950's because my father had not yet remodeled the storefront. 

He moved the front door over to the left side and removed the showcase front window with straight glass and an aluminum front. The illuminated Stanley's Bakery sign on the front of the building came after this picture as well as an illuminated Bakery sign on the railroad side of the building. Those sign boxes are still in use today at the East Islip location as a front sign and a street sign. The actual face plates have been replaced with shatterproof plastic due to vandalism. 

As you can see in the picture, the rail siding was still there with the dirt backstop showing in the picture. The freight siding was used by the lumber yard behind the bakery which is currently a plumbing supply company. The freight siding was removed sometime after 1960 when the town redid the Islip Railroad station. They tore down the old station and replaced it with the current one. They did the parking lot as well which necessitated removing the freight siding as well as adding gates on both railroad crossings. 

I remember a man used to close the pedestrian gate between both sides of the station from a booth down by the old hotel. The WPAC radio station clock that used to hang from the railroad side of the building still hangs in the back of the present bakery. You can still see it from the store. In 2006 Stanley Sadowski decided to retire after 58 years at which time he transferred ownership to one of his employees. Stanley's remains a family owned business today.    Thanks to: Stanley Sadowski, Jr.  2009         Stanley's Bakery -  68E Main Street, East Islip, NY 11730 Phone:   (631) 581-1230

Past & Present Business & Industries Along Moffitt Blvd, Islip Manor*, NY 11751

William H. Moffitt

William H. Moffitt, a real estate developer, familiarized himself with the Bay Shore area as a member of the Olympic Club.  The previous South Side Rail Road, Islip Centre Depot location (12/1868-6/1889), one mile west of Islip depot, may have served the Olympic Boat Club members at the foot of Saxon Ave. as the property of the Olympic Club. (1) His company, W. H. Moffitt Realty Corp., located in New York City began purchasing large properties along the south shore of Long Island in the early 1900’s with the intention of selling it off as subdivided plots. 

Unlike Daniel D. Conover, who developed much of the shore areas in the towns of Islip and Bay Shore, Moffitt purchased properties further inland from the Great South Bay.  One of his first purchases in 1901 was known as Bay Shore Manor and included 55 acres of land located between Clinton Avenue and Park Avenue and north of Bay Shore Avenue (now Sunrise Highway).  Each plot had a 25-foot “frontage” on roads built by Moffitt, was 100-feet deep and less than one-tenth of an acre.  It is believed that not many homes were built on the land at that time.  However, some of the side streets exist to this day.

In 1906, realizing that in order to be more successful he would need to remain closer to the shore, Moffitt purchased what he called Willow Brook Park, Saxon Park and Olympic Park.  Willow Brook, located north of the railroad tracks in Islip was 160 acres and home to the Islip Driving Park which Moffitt later renovated into a race track, known as the Willow Brook Driving Park.  Photo: Olympic Club, Bay Shore c.1905 Archive: Richard Eikov

Willowbrook-Racetrack-Islip_1904_IslipHistoricalSociety.jpg (1320206 bytes)
Willow Brook Racetrack Map Islip 1904 Archive/Courtesy: Gregory Klein Librarian- Islip Public Library

Willow Brook Marker - Moffitt Blvd. east of
Roosevelt Ave. Islip Historical Society

Sanborn map - Islip 1/1909 Willow Brook Racetrack

A advertising post card for Willow Brook Raceway, once located along Moffitt Blvd, west of Roosevelt Ave. This popular Islip attraction, built by William Moffitt, opened in 1906.  Archive: Islip Historical Society

Spectators in the Grandstand of the Willow Brook Racetrack, built 1906  
by William H. Moffitt. Archive: Islip Historical Society


William H. Moffitt properties - Hyde map 1915 zoom Archive: SUNY-Stony Brook

Orowoc Creek, Islip - View N from south of Main St.
(South Country Road) c.1905
ex_Inn_Willow-Brook-Raceway.jpg (62317 bytes)
Ex-Inn/Tavern built by Carmelo Consiglio for the Raceway c. 1906 - Now an apartment complex Google Earth 2018 Info: Great Granddaughter, Linda Consiglio Sutorius Ryan

Saxon Park, located to the east of Willow Brook, along the south side of the railroad tracks to Saxon Avenue was purchased from Conover’s estate for $40,000 which at the time had been the largest amount paid for property in the town of Islip.  The worthiest property, Olympic Park, was located south of South Country road between Orowoc Creek and Saxon Avenue and was the only one with access to the Great South Bay.  Moffitt purchased it for $65,000.  Moffitt also built five new roads through this property, Kempster, Wenman, Green, Mallar and Boyd, that ran from Saxon Avenue to Orowoc Creek.  Over 900 acres of land along the Great South Bay had been purchased by Moffitt’s company at that time, however, very little had been sold.

Moffitt also bought himself property around Orowoc Pond, in the area north of South Country Road between Saxon Avenue and Grant Avenue on which to build for himself.
Above excerpted from - "Along the Great South Bay - From Oakdale to Babylon - The Story of a Summer Spa 1840-1940" - Harry W. Havemeyer, 1996.  
Note 1: Research: Dave Keller

Islip-WilliamMoffitt-1906-purchases.jpg (121606 bytes)
William Moffitt 1906 land purchases in Islip

Islip-1915_Hyde-map.jpg (831382 bytes)
Islip 1915 Hyde map 


Islip 1950-1965 Homeowner map of the ex-Willow Brook Racetrack area (c.1900) Complied/Researched: Wayne Martin

Islip2008.jpg (109644 bytes)
Pictorial view north of both past and present day business and current rail industry locations in Islip  01/2009 Info: Mike McDermet/Steven Lynch, Diagram: Steven Lynch

View looking south of Islip Manor  01/2009 Islip Ave to Grant Ave. 

On the southside of the railroad tracks was the medical lab building, and then the gas station at the fork in Nassau Avenue. Betty Mayer sold Christmas trees from her house on Nassau Avenue in the 1950,s close to that gas station. On the west side of Nassau Ave. was Islip Coal & Feed with their own rail siding.

Proceeding to Moffitt Blvd. there was Kubek's Concrete Block Kiln, a used lumber yard which is now Panzner's Demo Co. and moving east there was Cerny's Nursery. Further east there was Tursellinos's Beer & Ice and the Dzus Fasteners factory. At the corner of Nassau Ave. there was the Station Hotel followed by a fuel and tar business with piles of gravel on the property. Next to that was a gas station which was next to the lumber yard which is now Sigfried Plumbing. Then there was the Manor Inn and the bakery building. These all had the rail siding behind them until approximately 1960.

Starting at the railroad tracks on the east side of Islip Ave. was B&B Deli, a German Butcher shop and then Finky's which was owned by Mr. & Mrs. Finkelstein and Mr. & Mrs. Schiff. They were nice people and one of them lived on Moffitt Blvd I think. They sold out to Lou Mascola from East Islip around 1960 or so. The next store was Frank Tessitore Insurance, the shoemaker and then Reilly's Luncheonette. Around the corner was the barber shop and the Newsday drop off store for the kids with their routes.

Going down Islip Ave. towards Sunrise Hwy. was the Triple M roofing building with the Superette across the street. There was a pharmacy which became the Manor liquor store and two gas stations one of which was a Texaco station. There was the little barber shop on the corner of Spruce with the owner living in the house behind it. After that there was Vic Gremli's auto body shop and the Milk Depot by Sunrise.

I cannot remember where Charlotte and Hans Winter had their Chalet Deli before they built the present shopping center. Was it on the present site and they knocked the old buildings down? I think that the liquor store was next to them in that old building before they moved to the old pharmacy building. The little shopping center next to the roofer was built around 1960 or so. It seems that a lot of changes took place in the Manor around 1960. I hope that some of this information may prove useful to your website documenting the history of the manor. Thanks to: Stanley Sadowski, Jr.  2010


Bay Shore Physical Medicine was Flush Door Distributors
BayShorePhysicalMedicineSWofSaxontracks.jpg (55251 bytes)
Bay Shore Physical Medicine ViewNintoPanzneryard.jpg (85126 bytes)
View N into Panzner yardSaxonAvePanzerViewNW.jpg (68336 bytes)
Saxon Ave Panzer View NW
PanznerDemolitionArtistCoveRealty.jpg (65932 bytes)
Panzner Demolition Artist Cove RealtyBayviewAnimal Hospital.jpg (86994 bytes)
Bayview Animal HospitalConcrete-Impressions_Islip_2012_viewE.jpg (81831 bytes)
Concrete Impressions 2012 View E

This location was once served by a siding for the South Side Rail Road - Islip Centre (sic) depot (12/1868-6/1869), one mile west of Islip Station, and later served the Olympic Boat Club members at the foot of Saxon Ave. as the property of the Olympic Club, c.1900. This depot was picked up and moved after its short 6 month history. William H. Moffitt, the developer of Willow Brook Park, Saxon Park and Olympic Park utilized this siding, c.1900 and later served Bailey's Lumber and coal Elevator (SE corner of Saxon and Moffitt Blvd) in the late 19th Century into the 20th Century. The siding was removed in 1957 as Panzer received no rail traffic. The photos are c. 2008. 

SuffolkBusviewN.jpg (78581 bytes)
Suffolk Bus view N
ex-Doxsee Bus Company
lirrMP42Islip02-24-08MikeMcDermet.jpg (65518 bytes)
LIRR MP42 Islip 02/24/08
Lawrence-junkyard-ViewSW.jpg (94049 bytes)
Ex-Lawrence Junk Yard
 View SW
LawrencejunkyardviewSWhouseonlot.jpg (72433 bytes)
Ex-Johnny Lawrence Auto Wreckers
Office/Home  View S

Note: Grinnell Lithographic merged into Arkay Packaging Corp 1990s c.1993+
Previously used team track north siding for deliveries. Nassau Ave. was Railroad Ave 05/1958
84lumber-viewS-4212012McDermet.JPG (100922 bytes)
84 lumber view S 4/21/201284lumber-viewNW-4212012McDermet.JPG (128277 bytes)
84 lumber view NW 4/21/201284lumber-viewNWzoom-4212012McDermet.JPG (128572 bytes)
84 lumber view NW zoom 4/21/2012
MaherVanLines-MikeMcDermet.JPG (172929 bytes)
Maher Van Lines
 beer_distributor_080608.jpg (40487 bytes)
B/B Beer Islip Cold Beer Distributor  
ex-Islip Cold Beer Distributor A. Tursellino
beer_dist_sign_080608.JPG (19346 bytes)
B/B Beer Islip Cold Beer Distributor Sign
StorageCity_080608MikeMcDermet.jpg (64716 bytes)
Storage City, next to 84 Lumber

ISLIP STATION: S. S. R. R. South Side R. R. Depot Built: 1868 (LIRR Montauk Branch) 2nd Depot Built: 1881, Razed: 1963
3rd Depot Built: 1963. Agency Closed:? Remodeled: 1997 Research: Dave Keller
VelvetopgrantaveViewNE.jpg (93877 bytes)
Velvetop Grant Ave View NE

velvetopsign.jpg (81514 bytes)
VelveTop Sign Watson Place Gate

 IslipAveviewSE04-30-08MikeMcDermet.jpg (77494 bytes)
Full Martini, ex-Anderson's, previous ex-Manor Inn.  04/30/2008

SiegfriedPlumbing_080608MikeMcDermet.jpg (54897 bytes)
Siegfried Plumbing,  ex-Bayslip Plumbing 
c. 1950's  Photo:  08/06/08
siegfreidplumbing5-23-10.jpg (51242 bytes)
Siegfried Plumbing 05/23/2010 
Photo:  Steven A. Lynch
ex-machineshop5-23-10.jpg (61987 bytes)
Ex-machine shop? 05/23/2010 
Photo:  Steven A. Lynch
glengarry5-23-10.jpg (91385 bytes)
Glengarry Building, now New Ulster Linen 
Company view NE 05/23/2010 
johns_auto_body_101908.JPG (57675 bytes)
John's Auto Repair 10/19/08
velvetop1_080608.jpg (60834 bytes)
Velvetop - 366 Moffitt Blvd, Islip/Huntington 
Pavement materials, chemicals 
velvetop2-080608MikeMcDermet.jpg (86476 bytes)
Velvetop  ex-John H. C. Haff Asphalt c.1959
BillBoucher_080608MikeMcDermet.jpg (69884 bytes)
Bill Boucher's Auto Body
monzets_view_sw_0202081.JPG (57792 bytes)
ex-Monzet's Hotel site built c. 1890s view SW  02/02/08
monzets_hotel_site_101908.JPG (67690 bytes)
ex-Monzet's Hotel site view NE 10/19/08
Islip2-27-2010.jpg (54263 bytes)
ex-Monzet's Hotel site view NE 2/27/2010
monzets_view_e_0202081.JPG (58871 bytes)
ex-Monzet's Hotel site view E 02/02/08
84lumber_080608viewS-MikeMcDermet.jpg (78576 bytes)
84 Lumber, Nassau Ave crossing View S
choo_choo_sign.JPG (42606 bytes) choo_choo_020208.JPG (90528 bytes)
Choo Choo Auto Repair 02/02/08
pathwaycleaners080608.jpg (89996 bytes)
Pathway Cleaners looking NW 08/06/08 from in front  of where the old LILCO substation was. 
Previous location Stanley's Bakery

islipmanorcolor.jpg (64175 bytes)
Islip Manor Shop view SE c. 1928
colorized post card photo

Islip Manor Historical Marker

islipmanor080608viewNEMikeMcDermet.jpg (72429 bytes)
Islip Manor Shops 08/06/08 view NE

*Note: Islip Manor: the area around the railroad station, is not a postal entity. Created after much of the area was built north of Moffitt Blvd. after WWI in the 1920's. 
All photos above: Mike McDermet unless otherwise noted.