Change-at-Jamaica_c.1950.jpg (94268 bytes)
                                      "Change at Jamaica"  c.1950

Jamaica Area DOD Aerial 2/23/1966

WESTBRIDGE STATION: Shelter shed opened: 6/28/16, with ticker office at street level. Out of service 1/01/39 and discontinued as station stop.

Station-Westbridge-Construction of BRT Trestle-View W-12-11-16 (Keller).jpg (93447 bytes)
Station - Construction of BRT trestle. View W showing the girder trestle of the Jamaica Ave. BRT EL under construction on 12/11/1916.

The station platforms and covered stairways of the Westbridge station are visible at the far left and far right.  The station opened less than 6 months earlier on 6/28/16.  You can see how fresh white the high-level concrete platforms appear. Info/Archive: Dave Keller

Westbridge-LIRR-valuation_5-24-18_Keller.jpg (87060 bytes)
Westbridge LIRR valuation street-level view of the substantial brick ticket office with the shelter shed on the embankment above. View SW 5/24/1918   The valuation Archive/Research: Dave Keller

Westbridge-Station_Jamaica-Ave_ViewNE_c.1925_JamesVOsborne-Keller.jpg (70588 bytes)
Westbridge Station Jamaica Ave View NE c.1925 
(James V. Osborne-Keller)

Station-Westbridge-130th St.-Jamaica Ave.-Jamaica - 05-07-34 (Sperr-Keller).jpg (89965 bytes)
Westbridge Station at 130th St. and Jamaica Ave., Jamaica 
View SE 5/07/1934 (Sperr-Keller)
Union-Hall-St.-Bridge_viewN_1928_SRothaug.jpg (81308 bytes)
Union Hall St. Bridge View N 1928  Archive: Steve Rothaug

The iron bridge at Union Hall St. had stair access to the station 
in the cut below grade.  
Info: Dave Keller

Union-Hall-St.-Station_viewNE_1928_SRothaug.jpg (83257 bytes)
Union Hall St. Station View NE 1928 Archive: Steve Rothaug

The view of the Union Hall St. station platform is looking down from that same iron bridge.  The tracks were elevated in 1930-31 with the Jamaica East Elimination project. Info: Dave Keller


G5s-Train-East-Union-Hall-St-Jamaica-1952.jpg (67903 bytes)
G5s (4-6-0) numbered in the 20’s-series pulls a string of 11 cars eastbound in the Summer’s early evening light in 1952 through Union Hall Street station, Jamaica.  Notice the old PRR keystone-style station sign still in place on the station’s covered platforms and in the far distance can be seen the overhead concourse at Jamaica station, accessing the various platforms.  W. J. Broschart photo, Dave Keller archive

JamaicaStationSutphinBlvd-postcard.jpg (158143 bytes)
Jamaica Station c.1925

Jamaica-Station_07-2007.jpg (50010 bytes)
Jamaica Station 07/2007

Jamaica-Station-Track8_ViewE_c.1952_BillMangahas.jpg (190632 bytes)
Jamaica Station-Track 8 View E 1952+ Archive: Bill Mangahas

The G5's 39-50, delivered in 1929-30, came with these Lines West tenders. The rear truck front axle has roller bearings for ASC. The passenger car and  MU car at the left is in the Tichy scheme (11/01/49) with ASC installed below engineer cab window.

Jamaica-station-interior_ticket kiosk_Morrison.jpg (149572 bytes)
Jamaica Station interior When the station was first constructed in 1913, the ticket office was an island kiosk in the middle of the waiting room. Archive: Dave Morrison
LIRRer_Jamaica-Station_8-18-1960_Morrison.jpg (257339 bytes)
Jamaica Station waiting room - LI Railroader 8/18/1960
Archive: Dave Morrison
Jamaica-station_floor-plan-1913_viewN_Sutphin-Blvd-right_Morrison.jpg (126359 bytes)
Rare 1913
floor plan of Jamaica Station. The north side of the station is facing up, with the Sutphin Blvd. entrance at the right. Archive: Dave Morrison



Jamaica-Station-restored_viewSW_8-9-13_DaveMorrison.jpg (125846 bytes)
Jamaica Station restoration View SW 8/8/2013 
Archive: Dave Morrison

Happy-Birthday_Jamaica-Station_100years_03-09-2013.jpg (133783 bytes)
Centennial Jamaica Station 100 years 03/9/2013 
Archive: Dave Morrison

Newsday_Jamaica 100th_10-23-2013.jpg (439433 bytes)
Newsday Jamaica 100th 10/23/2013

Jamaica Grade Crossing Elimination - Railway Age Magazine: May 5, 1931
Jamaica-Elimination_Railway-Age-Magazine-page-865_5-02-1931.jpg (466524 bytes)        Jamaica-Elimination_Railway-Age-Magazine-page-866_5-02-1931.jpg (619245 bytes)       Jamaica-Elimination_Railway-Age-Magazine-page-867_5-02-1931.jpg (640449 bytes)

Jamaica-Elimination_Railway-Age-Magazine-page-867-map-composite_5-02-1931.jpg (113455 bytes)

Jay-Interlocking_8-01-96_JeffErlitz.jpg (458661 bytes)
JAY Interlocking 8/01/1996 Archive: Jeff Erlitz 
20-Jamaica-Grade Elimination view E from W of Van Wyck Ave.-3-10-13.jpg (133862 bytes)
View east from the west side of Van Wyck Avenue 3/10/13 towards “J” Tower: 2  brick tower north side of tracks and west of new station location at Sutphin Blvd., after grade elimination 1913.  Renamed “JAY”: 4/16/37 LIRR valuation photo - Dave Keller archive
Jamaica-Jay-Tower_viewE_c.1960s_SteveHoskins.jpg (143514 bytes)
Jamaica - Jay Tower Interlocking view E  c.1964 
Photo: Steve Hoskins
Jamaica Station NY 1976.jpg (57777 bytes)
Jamaica - Jay Tower Interlocking view E  1976

Oldest known photo of the LIRR’s original depot at Jamaica- view looking west from the Beaver St. overpass - 1878.  In 1877, the SSRR’s 1871-era depot in place south of this location at Beaver Street was  moved to a spot adjacent to the west side of this structure and both were utilized by the LIRR. Archive: Dave Keller

RIGHT: 5:30pm on September 5, 1950 finds Main Line train No. 242, from Hunterspoint Avenue, already on the model board in Jay Tower as it enters the matrix of switches on the west end of Jamaica Station. F. Rodney Dirkes photographed a westbound MU from the window of his train while it eased over the top of the flyover to both the Atlantic Branch line to Brooklyn and the leads to the receiving yard in Richmond Hill. No. 20, the Long Island R.R.'s class G5s, does the honors on the eastbound. Ron Ziel collection. View SE Archive: LIST Calendar May 2015

Hall-Tower_Jamaica_c.1970_Glueck.jpg (144362 bytes)
Hall Tower Jamaica view E  c.1970 
Photo: Richard Glueck

MU-train-westbound_flyover-Jamaica-Station_9-5-50_Dirkes-Ziel.jpg (88675 bytes)

Jamaica032754.jpg (118396 bytes)
View east at Hall Tower 03/27/1954 of a string of Tichy-schemed cars with orange end doors for better visibility at grade-crossings. 
Archive: Jim Gillin

HallTower-viewE-renovation.jpg (60480 bytes)
Hall Tower view E after renovation

The "tank" in the photo (above center) was more properly termed a "holder" by its owner, the Brooklyn Union Gas Co.  Built around 1947, its purpose was to serve as a reservoir/pressure regulator for the burgeoning market for natural gas in southeastern Queens.  In keeping with the times, pressure in the holder was only 6" water gauge.  After Brooklyn Union Gas began to switch over to a higher pressure in the street mains, the holder became somewhat redundant and no longer served its original purpose. The tank was razed in July 1976. Info: Robert Strum

JAY-Tower_Jamaica_viewW_1969.jpg (101869 bytes)JAY Tower view W in 1969. A brand-new C420 at the far left in original yellow and pale blue MTA colors (delivered the summer of 1968)!

I walked along that elevated structure you see in the background behind the tower numerous times on my jaunts from Jamaica to the Richmond Hill storage yard to pick up my parlor or bar car.  It was safer to walk from the end of track 8 and up over that viaduct than up Archer Ave. to Jamaica Ave. and west to the yard. At the rear of that train on the overpass, you can make out the roof of the old Mail dock. Info: Dave Keller

Notes: The black canisters with the yellow numbers are for the switch machines. The yellow numbers are to identify the various switch numbers. The canisters themselves are the exterior covers for the electropneumatic components that operate the switch. 

The white 'pothead' covers, made of cast cement adjacent to the third rails, cover the terminals for the third rail cable connections. The ones semi center, not near the third rail, are for a sectionalizing switch.  

M1-9754_Jay-Tower_viewW_1998.jpg (111113 bytes)JAY Tower view W in 1998. LIRR M1 #9754 westbound on its journey to LI City.

Jamaica Station Area Map - circa 1950

Schematic Jamaica - 1970 
jamaicatrackmap.jpg (456969 bytes)
LIRR Jamaica map c. 1982 Collection: John Fusto 

All images following are courtesy of the Dave Keller Archive unless noted otherwise. All captions are by Dave Keller. 

Emery-Map-Jamaica-Rockaway Rd to Union Hall St-1870s.jpg (165305 bytes)
Emery Jamaica-Rockaway Rd to Union Hall St-1870
Emery-Map-Jamaica-Rockaway Rd to Union Hall St-1890s.jpg (213761 bytes)
Emery Jamaica-Rockaway Rd to Union Hall St-1890
Emery-Map-Jamaica-Rockaway Rd to Union Hall St-1903-08.jpg (268881 bytes)
Emery Jamaica-Rockaway Rd to Union Hall St-1903-08


Emery-Map-Jamaica-Van Wyck Ave to Rockaway Rd-1904-07.jpg (295647 bytes)
Emery Jamaica-Van Wyck Ave to Rockaway Rd-1904-07
Jamaica-East_11-1912-3-1913_ERA-Bulletin-4-2019-GeorgeChiasson.jpg (47325 bytes)
Old Jamaica - East 8/1912  - 3/1913 
ERA Bulletin April, 2019 Map: George Chiasson
Jamaica-Station_11-1912-3-1913_ERA-Bulletin-4-2019-GeorgeChiasson.jpg (112799 bytes)
Jamaica Station 11/1912 - 3/1913 
ERA Bulletin April, 2019 Map: George Chiasson
2-Jamaica-SSRR depot relocated adj to LIRR depot-view east-1875.jpg (73207 bytes)
The SSRR’s larger depot in place on the west side of the LIRR’s depot at Jamaica .  View looking east towards the Beaver St. overpass – 1878.  The eastern portion of this structure, at this time, was utilized as the ticket office /waiting room and the western portion used as a lunch counter and bar.  It remained in use as the LIRR’s main depot building until the grade elimination of 1913.  It is not evident whether the original depot survived and was enlarged or it was demolished and replaced.   The c. 1905 image (posted further below) looking west from the street overpass shows a much larger building on the east side of the former SSRR depot.  Al so evident in that shot is that the Beaver Street overpass was removed altogether in 1903 (per Emery’s map notes).  The 1874 image was shot FROM that bridge and this 1878 image shows the little A-frame bridge very close to the station area. (Original photo by George Brainerd, Dave Keller archive)
3-Jamaica-SSRR depot relocated to LIRR site-view NE-c. 1880.jpg (90248 bytes)
The SSRR’s larger Jamaica depot in use on LIRR property.  View looking northeast c. 1880.  This shows better the demarcation between ticket office/waiting room and lunch counter/bar.  There are a number of LIRR crewmen relaxing in front of the building, noticeably the bar portion!

4-Jamaica - 4-4-0 No. 86 and trains W. at old station -c. 1890.jpg (93400 bytes)
4-4-0 #86, 4-4-0 #? and trains laying up westbound at old station – Jamaica, NY – c. 1890

5-Twin Water Towers and Camelback -  Jamaica - 3-1903.jpg (82475 bytes)
4-6-0 camelback and train westbound past twin water tanks – east of old Jamaica station – 3/1903

6-Jamaica-Water tanks and tracks-E from platform roof-1903.jpg (86261 bytes)
Water tanks, water spout and trains and equipment looking east from Jamaica station platform roof – 1903

JamaicaSubStation4-dmorrison-valuation_6-10-1902.jpg (114626 bytes)
Sub Station #4 valuation photo 6/10/1902 Archive: Dave Morrision

Jamaica-Station-facilities_post-card_viewW_c.1903-1906.jpg (84748 bytes)
Jamaica Station facilities post card view W c.1903-1906

Jamaica_ViewW-dated1908.jpg (132700 bytes)

Both photos ()left and below) were taken from the Prospect St. overpass (old street name), looking west. The tracks were in a cut from here eastward. The ROW was crossed by a number of iron bridges.

The Beaver Street crossing is not evident between the overpass and the station. Emery's map indicates that the Beaver St. crossing was taken out after 1903. So . . we know both images were photographed AFTER 1903.

This was photographed sometime between 1903 and the "in-service" date of 1906 of Tower 41 (2nd).
Research: Dave Keller




The colorized post card showing a night view produced in 1908. Info: Dave Keller

Jamaica-Station facilities_viewW_c.1906-1913.jpg (110139 bytes)
Jamaica Station facilities post card view W c.1906-1913
Archive: Dave Keller

The interlocking tower in this photo is "JE" tower which was originally numbered Tower 41 (2nd), placed in service 06/29/1906 and renamed with call letters in 1907. The tower remained in service until it was demolished in the 1913 grade elimination/Jamaica Station elevation project.
Research: Dave Keller
7-4-4-0 No. 524 being turned on turntable-Washington St., Jamaica- View W-1904.jpg (97096 bytes)
4-4-0 #524 being turned on turntable -  Washington St., Jamaica – View looking west – 1904

9-Jamaica-JS tower, station platforms looking east-12-19-08.jpg (101951 bytes)
“JS” tower looking east from west end of old Jamaica station platform towards station area – 12/19/08
10-Jamaica-JS tower-Division Ave. xing-W end of sta. platform-12-29-08.jpg (96627 bytes)
“JS” tower at west end of old Jamaica station platform now controlling the Division Avenue crossing.  View looking north – 12/29/08
11-Tower-JA-(Jamaica Block)-Van Wyck Ave-Dunton-3-1909.jpg (79414 bytes)
“JA” tower (“Jamaica Block” on ETTs) looking east at Van Wyck Ave., Dunton, NY – 3-1909
12-Jamaica-Steam-Elec- trains E at old station - c. 1910.jpg (85329 bytes)
Steam and early MP54 electric trains eastbound at old station – Jamaica, NY – c. 1910
13-Jamaica-JS tower, station,Twombly Pl-Division Ave.-East-10-4-10.jpg (106978 bytes)
“JS” tower looking east from  Division Avenue along Twombly Place towards old Jamaica station – 10/4/10
14-Jamaica-Platform mock-up-E towards Dunton Car Shop-2-1-11.jpg (76818 bytes)
New Jamaica station platform mock-up to test clearances of equipment and rolling stock.  View looking east towards the Dunton Electric Car Shop – 2/1/11
15-Jamaica-W approach to station-Van Wyck Ave. superstructure at R-4-23-11.jpg (123608 bytes)
West approach to new station construction looking east towards Van Wyck Ave. , Jamaica, NY.  Steel superstructure for new tracks over avenue at far right – 4/23/11
16-Jamaica-G53-135 with frt east past new tunnels for Old Southern Rd-1913.jpg (138124 bytes)
G53 (4-6-0) #135 pulling freight east through the grade elimination construction near the site of the old station facilities.  View looking northwest – 1913.  The tunnels are for the Old Southern Road tracks to head southeast.  Note the brakeman riding the top of the lead car.  Track gauge spacer is in place in the foreground.  The 3rd, inner rail on the curve was to keep derailments at a minimum.  At the left foreground are the old hand-drawn concrete wagons.  The laborers on this project didn’t have it easy by any means!
17-Jamaica - New station under constr-View NE from platform roof - 1913.jpg (113399 bytes)
New Jamaica station general offices nearing completion.  View NE from platform roof – 1913.  Note the barren-ness of Jamaica in the background.  Also note the folding fabric awnings over many of the office windows.
18-Jamaica-New station-View NW from tracks-1913.jpg (112116 bytes)
New Jamaica station general offices nearing completion.  View NW from tracks – 1913.  Note the folding fabric awnings over many of the office windows in this view as well.
19-Jamaica-New station and platforms-Signal bridge at tracks 6-7-View NW from JE tower-1913.jpg (93542 bytes)
New Jamaica station and platforms at track level as viewed from the new “JE” (later “HALL”) tower.  Note the signal bridge over tracks 6 and 7, which was removed some years later.  View is NW – 1913.  This MAY be a photo on or in preparation of opening day, judging by the U.S. Flag flying from the roof of the general offices.  Note the tell-tales in the center of the image on the westbound tracks, to protect men riding on top of cars/equipment making reverse moves eastbound with the new tunnels in such close proximity.  

20-Jamaica-Grade Elimination view E from W of Van Wyck Ave.-3-10-13.jpg (133862 bytes)
Grade elimination west of the new depot, looking east from the west side of Van Wyck Avenue – 3-10-13.  The superstructure over the avenue is in place in the right background and in the right background can be seen the Dunton Electric Car Shop, which 1906 building was located on the east side of Van Wyck Ave., south of the LIRR’s tracks.  It’s quite evident this was a very LONG structure.  

21-Jamaica-View E from new sta to old sta-3-12-13.jpg (153557 bytes)
Grade elimination in progress at Jamaica, NY.  View looking east from upper level of the new Jamaica station general offices towards old Jamaica station across from gas tanks – 3/12/13

Jamaica-Station-from-roof_ViewE_9-1913_DaveMorrison.jpg (95682 bytes)
Six months later;  the Grade elimination in progress at Jamaica, NY.  View E from upper level of the new Jamaica station general offices towards old Jamaica station.  9/1913
Archive: Dave Morrison

Jamaica-Station_from-roof_viewE_3-30-2017_DaveMorrison.jpg (133760 bytes)
View E from upper level of Jamaica Station. 3/30/2017 Photo/Archive: Dave Morrison

22-Jamaica-New station during constr-View W-Archer Ave-9-11-13.jpg (104672 bytes)
New Jamaica station, general offices and platforms nearing completion.  View west along Archer Ave.  Temporary supply spur still in place. – 9/11/13
23-MP41 1006 and train past J tower-Jamaica-c.1913.jpg (96141 bytes)
MP41 1006 and train westbound past “J” tower-Jamaica-c.1913
24-Jamaica-Post-grade elimination work at site of old statioin-View W-7-14-14.jpg (123772 bytes)
Post grade elimination work at site of old Jamaica station.
Completing Breaker House. Old meat market structure at right.  New station visible in distance.  Tracks to Old Southern Road in foreground and at left in tunnel.  View looking west:  7/14/14.
25-Jamaica-New sta-platforms-W - 9-6-16.jpg (120641 bytes)
New station general offices and covered platforms – Jamaica, NY – view looking west – 9/6/16
26-Jamaica-New station and platforms-M&Q trolley 117-View W along Archer Ave-9-6-16.jpg (84133 bytes)
New station, general offices and platforms with Manhattan & Queens trolley car #117 in front of waiting room.  View looking west along Archer Ave. – Supply spur still in place in foreground. - 9/6/16.
27-Jamaica-View W from site of old sta to new sta - 11-27-16.jpg (122405 bytes)
View looking west from site of old Jamaica station towards new station facilities – 11/27/16
28-J Tower-Jamaica-Valuation Photo - 4-2-1921.jpg (117406 bytes)
“J” (later “JAY”) tower west of new Jamaica station.  View looking west.  Appears windows are being washed . . . perhaps for the first and last time!  4/2/21
29-Jamaica-Terminal facilities-Elev view W from near 150th St-c.1938.jpg (99915 bytes)
Elevated view of Jamaica terminal facilities as viewed westward along Archer Ave. from near 150th St. – c. 1938.  Note the signal bridge over tracks 6 and 7 as viewed in the 1913 image from “JE” tower is no longer in place at this time.
G5s-43-Lay-upTrackEastofHALL-Jamaica-3-6-37.jpg (40841 bytes)
G5s #43 on lay-up track east of “JE” tower (renamed “HALL” the following month) waiting to back down and couple onto a train brought from Penn Station behind a DD1 electric.  G5s #50 is visible in the right background – Jamaica , NY – 3/6/37 
Dave Keller archive  

31-CISH-A3-03-Passing-JE-Twr-Jamaica-10-12-33.jpg (82713 bytes)
Central Islip State Hospital A3 (0-4-0) #03 eastbound passing “JE” tower on its way back from Morris Park Shops after having its annual inspection – 10/12/33.  The little engine switched freight and express between the Central Islip station, the CI team tracks and the State Hospital grounds, connection and spur of which was located east of the station.  (Richie Harrison photo, Dave Keller archive)

30-H6sb-Frt-East Past JE-Tower-Jamaica-c.1932.jpg (56990 bytes)
H6sb (2-8-0) pulling freight eastbound through the station past “JE” (later “HALL”) tower – Jamaica – c. 1932
32-G5s-37-Train-E past JE Tower-Jamaica-1935.jpg (87751 bytes)
G5s (4-6-0) #37 and train eastbound at speed leaving station and “JE” tower Jamaica, NY 1935
Note: Photo from the rear of a moving train eastbound on the Atlantic branch

DD1-354-Train-Eastbound-Track8-Jamaica-4-17-38.jpg (83398 bytes)
DD1 #354 with eastbound passenger train at track 8, Jamaica, NY - 4/17/38 Archive: Dave Keller

Jamaica Yard at Hall Tower view SE c. 1950-51 Photo: Henry Barsky

This photo was shot by Henry Barsky from one of the station office building upper floors of the Jamaica station general offices. We see a train of mixed Tuscan Red and Tichy cars in the foreground. By HALL tower is a set of DD1 electric locomotives. In the center background are two MU cars; one Tuscan Red and one Tichy. At the far left is a K4s steam locomotive heading eastbound in front of the gas tanks with a C-Liner to the left of the K4 loco.

The exact spot where the DD1s are sitting still exists a two car pocket track (MY pocket) protected both east and west by low home signals. DD1s last appeared June 22, 1951. These are in older paint. The light K4s indicates a train power switch. Info: Ron Zinn

That gas holder belonged to the Brooklyn Union Gas Company. It was built somewhere around 1945-6, on a piece of land which had been the site for a gas works back around 1910 and earlier. Some LIRR pictures from that era show a much smaller holder on that site, but that disappeared by the 1920’s.

Interesting shot – in the period of change from PRR Tuscan Red to the Tichy light gray scheme. Note the DD-1. It has probably brought a train bound for the East End from Penn Station and cut off in the station. The steam engine is probably on the little engine pocket just east of Hall tower, and will back on to the train, make the brake test and head east. The DD-1 will go east almost to Union Hall St. and reverse back over the Montauk Freight tracks to Morris Park. Info: Henry Raudenbush

Map Info: Joe Tischner 2014


#219 with ex-NYC “Silver Streak” coaches (Jack Deasy info) eastbound through Union Hall  Street.  St. Monica’s church at the right background. Photo: Joe Saullo
lirr211Union HallStreet o KO as he pass by new set of M1s going West.jpg (64512 bytes)
 LIRR #211 eastbound through Union Hall  Street on to KO. The pass by is a new set of M1s going west. Photo: Joe Saullo

C420-212_Oyster-Bay-Train-Westbound_Jamaica-04-1971_Kutta-Keller.jpg (125545 bytes)
LIRR C420 #212 Oyster Bay train westbound at Jamaica 04/1971 Photo: Kutta Archive: Dave Keller

130th St. coach yard and turntable

Hollis-Station-IS Tower_valuation-photo_11-9-1916_ArtHuneke.jpg (107542 bytes)
Hollis Station - IS Tower  11/08/1916 
LIRR valuation photo  Archive: Art Huneke

Jamaica_c.1971RGlueck.jpg (22779 bytes)
Jamaica Station c.1971 Photo: Richard Glueck

Robert-Valonis_public-announcement-console_LIRR-Movement-Bureau-Jamaica_2-02-1987_(Newsday-Alan-Raia).jpg (75782 bytes)
Robert Valonis -  Public announcement console LIRR Movement Bureau, Jamaica 2/02/87 (Newsday-Alan Raia)

jamaicarrc-pre10-1945.jpg (57438 bytes)
Jamaica Station c.1945

Jamaica_Sutphin-Blvd_viewN-fromLIRRoverpass_c.1970_RGlueck.jpg (128881 bytes)
Jamaica Sutphin Blvd view N from LIRR overpass c.1970  Photo: Richard Glueck


jamaica-ticketoffice_7-27-07_KevinWong.jpg (92228 bytes)
LIRR ticket office Jamaica station 7/27/07 Photo/Archive: Kevin Wong

LIRR7139_M-7_Jamaica_12-27-13_RonYee.jpg (109793 bytes)
LIRR #7139 M-7 Jamaica Station 12/27/13 Photo: Ron Yee

Jamaica Station between Tracks 7 & 8, looking down from 
the walkway to the Air Train Terminal 
8:40 pm  8/17/08 Photo: Mike McDermet