LIRR Central Branch Extension


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View east from west of Carman Ave, behind Meadowbrook Hospital. Construction materials for the building of Levittown were delivered here at this siding known from 1948 C.R.4 as "C 24 Newbridge".  Photo: Vincent F. Seyfried 1952
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Central Railroad of Long Island Extension 1873 Archive: Steve Lynch
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North Nassau Closeup - Central Railroad of Long Island Extension 1873 - Farmingdale Area Archive: Steve Lynch
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LIRR Central Branch Info: Roger Ramsdale

C.R.4 October 1, 1948 Station "C 24 Newbridge" apparently siding installed for delivery of construction materials for Levittown
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Employee Timetable (ETT) No.2, June 21, 1942 showing track still ran 7.5 miles to Plain Edge and Pass Service to Salisbury (Plains)
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Henry Wilhelm visited the area in 1942, 1948, and later. In 1945 the track ended behind Meadowbrook Hospital. In 1948, he noted the sidings for the Levittown constructions materials. 
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Employee Timetable No.3, September 20, 1942.
Branch cut back to Meadowbrook Hospital, Service cut back to Mitchell Field
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In 1951 there were occasional deliveries for Levittown.
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View looking west toward Salisbury Plains Station in left background. Photo: Vincent F. Seyfried 1952
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Salisbury Plains Station 8/09/64 
  Right after WWII, a young couple lived in the building.  When photographed, it appears that some commercial enterprise had occupied it and really messed up the looks of the building. Info: Dave Keller
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View looking east toward Levittown Water Tower in distance from east of Carman Ave. Photo: Vincent F. Seyfried 1952
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Ex-LIRR ROW Jersuleum Ave. to Hiucksville Rd., Levittown
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Ex-LIRR ROW at Wantagh Ave., Levittown
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"Ruckus over old rail site"  8/18/2016 (NEWSDAY-Morrison)
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