The LIRR East Side Access Project:
MTA LIRR ESA Project Information

LIRR Yard A Removal,  Sunnyside Yard - 2003

LATEST UPDATE: In Yard A looking west (left photo) and east from the #7 train. Photos/commentary: Bernie Ente 11-23-03

In the first two pictures here, I took a shot of Amtrak's Sunnyside Yard while riding overhead on a #7 train, just before the start of rush hour.

Over half of the trains that you can see in this picture are NJT trains awaiting the call to Penn. 
Photo/commentary: Alan Burden

Next up are two pictures of what used to be the multiple unit classification yards.  This area is on the west side of the buildings that separate the Amtrak yard from the classification yard.
You will notice in both pictures, that while most of the tracks have been ripped up, they are currently pre-assembling new track sections for what will become the LIRR's Grand Central holding yard.  The first picture is the birdís eye view from the same #7 train.

The second picture was shot from the Queens Blvd. bridge over the Sunnyside yards. The color is better in this shot, since there was no glass door pane in my way, unlike the prior shot.   Photo/commentary: Alan Burden
Now we'll move over to what used to be the eastbound & westbound classification yards. This is an area that can be seen from the Citibank building.
A small freight yard still exists here and to my knowledge will continue to remain here. However, the rest of the classification yards are completely gone.  It would also appear that all access to what's left of the car floats has now been permanently cut off.
What's being built here is a new maintenance building called the Arch Street Shops.  This building will provide maintenance and repairs to the LIRR cars serving Grand Central as part of the Eastside Access project.
The first shot here shows part of the freight yard, with the steel skeleton of the new Arch St. shops in the background.  
Photo/commentary: Alan Burden
The next shot of the Arch St. shop was taken from the railfan window of a #7 redbird as the train decends the ramp into the Steinway tunnel to Manhattan.
All of the area to the right used to be the classification yards.  One can just make out the piles of lumber sitting in the still used freight yard on the far right. The grade timing signal has just changed to yellow or caution from stop. 
Photo/commentary: Alan Burden
A closer shot of the new Arch St. building going up, from that same redbird train. Note the grab handle in the right side of the frame.

The green bridge just barely visible in the background is carrying 21st Street in Queens.
 Photo/commentary: Alan Burden
Next is a side view of the new Arch St. building. This was shot from the staircase leading down from 49th Avenue to the LIRR's Hunterspoint Station.

One of the new (newer at least to the #7 line) silver R62 trains decends in front of the building on it.
 Photo/commentary: Alan Burden
Finally a just for fun shot.  After all how often is it that one can get a shot with an Amtrak train, a commuter train, a subway train, and a work train in one shot.
On the far right one of the LIRR's new diesel powered double deck trains sits at the Hunterspoint station awaiting it's departure time.  Moving left towards the center, Amtrak train headed by AEM-7 #922 heads down into the tunnel leading to Penn Station.
Continuing to move left an engineless Amtrak work train sits on a siding waiting to go back to work on the weekend.  Further left a #7 redbird heads up the incline from the underground Hunters Point station on its way to the Court House Square station.
On the far left sits the steel skeleton of the new Arch St shop and in the upper left corner is the green Citibank building in Queens. 
 Photo/commentary: Alan Burden


Sunnyside Yard  - An Engineers View

Yard A Hump removed looking west toward Honeywell St. 6/03
Photo: Steve Kay

View east toward
Honeywell St.  6/03

Photo: Steve Kay

View north from
 Sunnyside Yard   6/03

Photo: Steve Kay

Yard A removed west toward Queens Blvd    6/03
Photo: Steve Kay

Some of the buildings north of Yard A
Photos: Steve Kay

The bridge that goes between the two "Walther's" buildings is Honeywell Avenue which also bisects the yard.

Connecting track Q Tower and Harold 5-08-02

Photo: Steve Kay Eng.

New Harold Tower

Harold Interlocking

Photo: Steve Kay Eng.

Photo: Steve Kay Eng.
"R" Tower  

Photo: Steve Kay Eng
"Q" Tower  
Photo: Steve Kay  Eng.
The doubledecked bridge in the photo is Queens Blvd. It runs over the west end of Sunnyside yard almost over the top of "Q" Tower. This tower controls the west end of the yard and "R" tower controls the east end of the yard. The subway line above Queens Blvd. is the Seventh Ave. Line that goes to Shea Stadium.
Arriving at F Tower next to Metroliner equipment Sunnyside Y.jpg (92835 bytes)Arriving at F Tower next to Metroliner equipment 5-10-02
Photo: Steve Kay Eng.

The bridge by the old "F" Tower I believe is Thompson Ave.

West of F Tower
Photo: Steve Kay Eng.

This photo was taken while I was following an "Acela Regional" (that is AEM-7 and Amfleet cars) out of Sunnyside Yard. The location is the old "F" tower which you can see to the right of the last car. "F" Tower's functions have been taken over by PSCC (Penn Station Control Center). Both trains are sitting on Sub 2. My train has just come under the Line 2 and Line 4 overhead bridge. We are waiting for PSCC to give us the signal to enter Penn Station through Line 2 under the East River. My train makes this move five days a week. Photo: Steve Kay Eng.

intoeastrivertunnel_hjw3001_11-2006.jpg (72659 bytes)LIRR Tunnel approach 11-2006
Portal A -Line 4
tunnelentrance_hjw3001_11-2006.jpg (33268 bytes)LIRR Tunnel  11-2006
Portal A -Line 4

Sunnyside Yard  - 2007

yardA03-30-07licity-newthirdrail_amtrack2006acela_johnmccluskey.jpg (106172 bytes)
Yard A 03/30/2007 new third rail installed Amtrak Acela #2006 Photo: John McCluskey
yardA03-30-07licity_johnmccluskey.jpg (131294 bytes)
Yard A 03/30/07
Photo: John McCluskey
yardA11-04-07licity_johnmccluskey.jpg (89609 bytes)
Yard A 11/04/2007
Photo: John McCluskey

Sunnyside Yard - 2010

exLIRRYardA03-25-10BEnte3.jpg (101118 bytes)
Yard A 03/25/2010 
Photo: Bernie Ente
exLIRRYardA03-25-10BEnte2.jpg (102593 bytes)
View from the 7 train of Yard A. The PRR service buildings are long gone. 03/25/10 
Photo: Bernie Ente
exLIRRYardA03-25-10BEnte1.jpg (86851 bytes)
Amtrak/ex-PRR Pass Yard 03/25/2010 
Photo: Bernie Ente