The Long  Island Rail Road C Liners:
Fairbanks-Morse CPA-20-5, CPA-24-5
FM_CPA-20-5_phase1_LIRR2008_WillAnderson.jpg (40812 bytes)
LIRR #2008 FM CPA-20-5 "Tichy" scheme
licpa-20-5c.jpg (41130 bytes)
LIRR #2001 FM CPA-20-5 "Goodfellow" scheme

Graphics by: Will Anderson's Train Art 

FM-C-Liner-Close-up of Cab-Logo-Engr - c. 1954.jpg (56231 bytes)
FM C Liner close-up of cab, LIRR logo, 
Engineer c. 1954  Archive: Dave Keller

FM-CPA20-5-2003-Morris Park Shops-09-27-55 (Keller).jpg (144914 bytes)
LIRR #2003 at Morris Park Shops 9/27/55
Archive: Dave Keller

The Fairbanks-Morse C-Liners CPA20-5 2000hp units #2001-2008 arrived in Jan., 1950 with the factory applied "Tichy" scheme note 1.  Future C-liner paint schemes were applied in-house at the Morris Park Paint Shops. 

The scheme was later applied to further C-liners were on the CPA24-5 models. (2400 hp units). The passenger units, in addition to having different gearing than the freight versions, featured an unusual B-A1A note 2 wheel configuration, as the rear truck required an extra un-powered axle to help distribute the weight of the steam generator required for passenger use. 

In Dec., 1954 the LI Circle "Goodfellow" scheme note 3 appeared on C-Liner #2002 with a dark smoke gray body, orange pilot, and black or dark green roof."

The pilot only was orange.  (See #2003 photo, above right) The body of the locomotive was dark; very dark when compared to the post 1962 paint scheme. This scheme was applied to all diesels as they went into the shop for maintenance and repainting, and was completed by 1961. 

The first timetable to have indicated Dashing Dan was in September 1959, although he was introduced in the April 1957 Long Island Railroader. 

FM_CPA-20-5_phase2_LIRR2008_WillAnderson.jpg (38365 bytes)
LIRR #2008 FM CPA-20-5 "Dashing Dan"

Thus, the Dashing Dan logo/scheme appears after 10/1959 as these FM units arrived in the shop.  These units sported colors of a lighter charcoal gray (which has been nicknamed: "Goodfellow gray"), orange nose ends, and pilots.  This scheme was also applied to all diesels as they went into the shop for maintenance and repainting. This practice continued until 1964 when the C-liners were removed from service and replaced by the ALCO C-420 road units. Research: Dave Keller

Note 1: Lester C. Tichy, Architect 1905 1981 Employed by the PRR and influenced by the renowned PRR designer Raymond Fernand Loewy

Note 2: "B-A1A" means there are two trucks. The "B" truck is under the front of the unit, and has two powered axles. The "A1A" truck is under the back of the unit, and has one powered axle, one idler axle, and one more powered axle. 

Note 3: Thomas M. Goodfellow, President LIRR: 1955-1967  

Fairbanks-Morse CPA-20-5
Numbers   Built      Serial               Heritage  Class
2001-2008 6/8-1950 21L331-21L338 New          FP-20SC
(F=Fairbanks Morse, P= Passenger, 20=2000HP, S= Steam Generator, C= Speed Control)
All had 5 axles. A-A, A-1-A configuration 3 chime Nathan-Air chime M3R1 on top of cab.
lirr2001_eastbound-passing-B-tower_Bethpage_8-27-50_GaryEverhart.jpg (99699 bytes)
LIRR #2001 eastbound passing "B" Tower Bethpage 8-27-50 Archive: Gary Everhart 
lirr2002_Orders-eastbound_Port-Jeff-branch_DIVIDE_c.1950's _JohnKrause-GaryEverhart.jpg (87747 bytes)
LIRR #2002 receiving orders eastbound on Port Jefferson Branch at DIVIDE Tower c.1957 
(John Krause-Gary Everhart)
lirr2007-CPA20-5_MorrisPark_1960.jpg (108233 bytes) 
LIRR #2007 FM-CPA20-5 Morris Park 
shops turntable c.1963
lirr2006_FM-CPA20-5.jpg (67388 bytes)
LIRR #2006 FM-CPA20-5 westbound at 
Port Jefferson Station view NE c.1963
lirr2006_steel-trestle_Port-Jeff-branch_c.1950's _JohnKrause-GaryEverhart.jpg (95921 bytes)
LIRR #2006 on steel trestle Port Jefferson branch c.1950+ (John Krause-Gary Everhart)
lirr2008_Montauk_c.1950's _GaryEverhart.jpg (56331 bytes)
LIRR #2008 at Montauk c.1950+ 
Archive: Gary Everhart
lirr2008_westbound-approaching-station-platform_Jamaica_c.1962_JohnKrause-GaryEverhart.jpg (83219 bytes)
LIRR #2008 westbound approaching station platform Jamaica c.1962 (John Krause-Gary Everhart)
lirr2008_eastbound-passing-West-Yard_Port-Jefferson_c.1950's _GaryEverhart.jpg (90146 bytes)
LIRR #2008 eastbound passing West Yard, 
Port Jefferson c.1950+ Archive: Gary Everhart
lirr2008_FM-CPA20-5_Train-in-reverse_Jamaica-06-24-55_Faxon-Keller.jpg (101409 bytes)
CPA20-5 #2008 backing up a train past Jamaica Station view W 6/24/55 (Will Faxon-Dave Keller)
lirr2008-CPA-20-5.jpg (101933 bytes)
LIRR #2008 FM-CPA20-5 c.1962

Fairbanks-Morse CPA-24-5
Numbers   Built     Serial               Heritage Class
2401-2404  10-1951 24L497-24L500 New        FP-24SC
(F=Fairbanks Morse, P= Passenger, 24=2400HP, S= Steam Generator, C= Speed Control)
All had 5 axles. A-A, A-1-A configuration 3 chime Nathan-Air chime M3R1 mounted on top of cab.

CPA24-5-2402 on Turntable-Oyster Bay - 03-14-53 (Faxon-Keller) Seq 1.jpg (115394 bytes)
LIRR #2402 FM CPA24-5 approaching turntable Oyster Bay 03/14/53 (Faxon-Keller)
CPA24-5-2402 on Turntable-Oyster Bay - 03-14-53 (Faxon-Keller) Seq 3.jpg (102099 bytes)
LIRR #2402 FM CPA24-5 on turntable 
Oyster Bay 03/14/53 (Faxon-Keller)
lirr2402_FM-CPA24-5_Greenlawn_11-23-61.jpg (59159 bytes)
LIRR  #2402 FM-CPA24-5 Greenlawn c.1963
 lirr2402_westbound-Stony-Brook_BK-semaphore-block-signals-behind-train_Pedestrian-crossing-SUNY-campus_c.1950's_JohnKrause-GaryEverhart.jpg (85638 bytes)
LIRR #2402 westbound at Stony Brook "BK" semaphore block signals behind train, Pedestrian crossing for SUNY-campus in foreground c.1950+ 
(John Krause-Gary Everhart)
FM-CPA24-5-2403-Tichy-Black Roof-M.P. Shops-12-3-57.jpg (59289 bytes)
LIRR #2403 FM-CPA24-5 Tichy Black Roof, Morris Park  Shops 12/03/1957 (Dave Keller archive)
LISTcalander1996MorrisPark03-1959.jpg (126848 bytes)
LIRR FM #2403 Tichy Black Roof (right)
FM H16-44 #1504, Alco RS3 #1556
Morris Park 03/1959 
lirr2404_orders-eastbound-Port-Jeff-branch_DIVIDE-Tower_c.1950's_GaryEverhart.jpg (88191 bytes)
LIRR #2404 receiving orders eastbound on Port Jefferson Branch at  DIVIDE Tower c.1950+ 
Archive: Gary Everhart
lirr2404_West-Yard_Port-Jefferson_viewE-Remz Feeds._c.1950's_GaryEverhart.jpg (73704 bytes)
LIRR #2404 at West Yard - Port Jefferson view E towards Remz Feeds. c.1950+ 
Archive: Gary Everhart 
lirr2404.jpg (155124 bytes)
LIRR  #2404 FM-CPA24-5 c.1950+
  lirr2404-lirr1554WestYardPortJefferson1957.jpg (34150 bytes)
FM #2404, and FM #?, ALCO RS3 #1554 laying
up in West Yard west of station - Port Jefferson 1957  
(J. P. Krzenski - Dave Keller)
lirr2404westboundSheepPastureRoadoverpass-westofPJeff.jpg (73902 bytes)
FM #2404 and train westbound under Sheep Pasture Road overpass west of Port Jefferson 1957 (J. P. Krzenski photo, Dave Keller archive)

FM-CPA24-5-2404-Train 621-Westbound-Flowerfield-8-26-55.jpg (128668 bytes) 
LIRR #2404 FM-CPA24-5 train #621 
westbound Flowerfield 08/26/1955 
(W. A. Higginbotham - Dave Keller)