The Long Island Railroad Fairbanks Morse H16-44  Engine Roster


LIRR #1501 - 1509
Numbers Built Serial Class
1501 -1503* 10/1951 16L373, 16L407 FGP-16sc
1504 -1509 10/1951 16L408-16L413 FGP-16msc
(F= Fairbanks Morse, GP= General Purpose, 16=1600HP, M= MU, S= Steam Generator, C= Speed Control)

FM-H15-44-Demo-1503-Train-Bethpage-5-14-50.jpg (49355 bytes)

FM H15-44 demonstrator #1503 and LIRR train at Bethpage 5/14/50
Photo: George E. Votava, Archive: Dave Keller

Builders plate of LIRR #1503  H16-44 demonstrator.
Photo: Alfred Jaeger Archive: Richard Glueck

As built it was a 1,500hp H-15-44. Morris Park Shop tweaked the engine to get another 100hp out of it, making it an H-16-44. As a demonstrator, it generated an order for eight more, all of them the newer H-16 model. No. 1503 was unique on the roster, having Type B trucks (like ALCOs) instead of the newer F-M trucks with the downward-curving bolster, and having single large headlights instead of dual headlights. It also had lower-speed gearing for freight service, so it was not used much in passenger service, although it had a steam generator. Finally, 1503 appears not to have been built with MU capability. The other eight units all had WABCO air throttles (like early Baldwins), so they could operate in multiple, but only with each other. Sometimes you might see two of them in tandem on the Cannonball to Montauk in the summer, if a C-Liner wasn't available.  Research: David Levy

*Note: #1503 was originally classed as FS-15A. Rebuilt by LIRR to 1600HP when they updated the prime mover and was re-classed to FGP-16sc, thus classed with the rest of the H16-44s. 

FM H15-44 #1503, built 2/1949 as an FM demonstrator, equipped with AAR Type B trucks (the type normally found under Alco units).  This unit also fuel tank skirting.

Originally had body mounted handrails, later modified with walkway mounted ones.
Early Body/Square Window Cab w/Body Mounted Handrails (Slate Grey/Brunswick Green Underbody/Red pilots)
Early Body/Square Window Cab w/Sill Mounted Handrails (Smoke Gray/Orange)

All have 3 chime Nathan-Air chime M3R1 mounted on hood directly in front of engineer window.  All were equipped FM standard trucks.

LIRR FM H16-44 Changes to Paint Scheme 

The Tichy herald was applied only to the diesels, not the passenger equipment. (November 1949) This herald consisted of a white map of Long Island on a light blue rectangle, offset with a black rectangle giving a shadow effect. Printed over the map was a large black “plus sign” with the letters L, I, R, R in each corner of the “plus”; these represented the four corners of Long Island served by the Railroad. 

Starting in 1955 with the arrival of the new Alco RS-3 diesels to replace the last of the steam locomotives, the “Goodfellow colors” (as they are often referred to) came into use.  These colors were a smoke gray body and orange ends and pilots.  This scheme was applied to all diesels as they went into the shop for maintenance and repainting, and was completed by 1959.

LIRR #1502 FM-H16-44 7/1956 in Tichy Scheme 
FM-H16-44-1505-CentralBr-to-MainLine-B-1957.jpg (98550 bytes)
LIRR #1505 Central Branch to Main Line 1957 in as delivered Tichy paint scheme. Photo/Research: Dave Keller
FM H16-44-1507-Frt-House-Port Jefferson - 10-24-62.jpg (145314 bytes)
LIRR #1507 Port Jefferson 10/24/62 with “Goodfellow colors”, smoke gray body and orange ends and pilots. 

Photo/Research: Dave Keller
lirr1501-H16-44_Morris-Park-1953_Bill-Rugen-Art-Huneke.jpg (85650 bytes)
LIRR #1501 FM H16-44 Morris Park 1953 Tichy Scheme 
(Bill Rugen - Art Huneke)
H16-44 no.1501-eastbound-thru- Forest-Park_c.1960.jpg (152262 bytes)
 LIRR #1501 FM H16-44 eastbound thru Forest Park c.1960
Goodfellow Scheme  (John Krause photo, Dave Keller archive)



FM H16-44-1502-DUNTON Tower-Dunton, NY-View NE - 11-55 (Keller).jpg (109945 bytes)
 LIRR #1502 DUNTON Tower view NE 11/1955 Tichy Scheme
Archive: Dave Keller
lirr1502-H16-44_repaint-Morris-Park_1963_Huneke.jpg (77421 bytes)
 LIRR #1502 H16-44 'Dashing Dan' repaint at Morris Park Shops 
1963 Archive: Art Huneke
FM-H15-44-Demo-1503-Train-Bethpage-5-14-50-Cab z(Votava-Keller).jpg (102894 bytes)
 LIRR #1503 Class H15-44 Demonstrator Cab Bethpage 05/14/50 
Rebuilt by LIRR to 1600HP and classed with the rest of the H16-44s
FM H16-44-1503-MP Shops-1953 (Keller).jpg (103433 bytes)
 LIRR #1503 H16-44  Morris Park Shops 1953 Archive: Dave Keller

lirr1503-H16-44_Mineola-Willis-Ave._viewE_1963.jpg (111627 bytes)
LIRR #1503 H16-44 Mineola crossing 
Willis Ave. westbound 1963

lirr1504_FM-H16-44_Oyster-Bay-turntable_1957_Keller.jpg (153262 bytes)
LIRR  #1504 FM H16-44 Oyster Bay turntable 1957 Archive: Dave Keller

LIRR #1504 H16-44-1504 Queens Village 3/18/1962
Photo: Richard Adams Archive: Tim Darnell
FM-H16-44-1505-Frt-Ronk-1957.jpg (31242 bytes)
 LIRR #1505 FM H16-44  freight Ronkonkoma 1957
Archive: Dave Keller
FM-H16-44-1506-1504-Train-Montauk-c1958 (Keller).jpg (98123 bytes)
 LIRR #1506-1504 Montauk c.1958 Archive: Dave Keller
FM H16-44-1507-Orders-DIVIDE-Hicksville-1955 (Keller).jpg (98043 bytes)
 LIRR #1507 Orders at DIVIDE, Hicksville 1955 Archive: Dave Keller
FM H16-44-1507-Frt-House-Port Jefferson - 10-24-62 George E. Votava photo, Dave Keller archive.jpg (95864 bytes)
 LIRR #1507 Port Jefferson Freight House 10/24/62 George E. Votava photo, Dave Keller archive

LIRR #1509 Oyster Bay turntable 5/1964 Photo/Archive: Gene Collora

LIRR #1508 FM H16-44 10/1951 Archive: Jeff Erlitz
FM-H16-44-1508-Frt-DeerPark-1957 (Krzenski-Keller).jpg (61979 bytes)
 LIRR #1508 Deer Park 1957 (Krzenski-Keller)

LIRR #1508 eastbound at NASSAU Tower  c.1963
Archive: George Forero
H16-44-1509-CISHSta-Carlton Ave-View SE-1952 (Edwards-Keller).jpg (50283 bytes)
 LIRR #1509 C.I. State Hospital Station, Carlton Ave view SE
1952 delivered scheme (Edwards-Keller)
FM-H16-44-1509-Trn-DeerPark-1957 (Krzenski-Keller).jpg (57258 bytes)
LIRR #1509 Deer Park 1957 Tichy Scheme (Krzenski-Keller)

LIRR #1509 Oyster Bay turntable 5/1964 Photo/Archive: Gene Collora