LIRR-L152-BuildersPlate-070482-FarmingdaleAlCastelli.jpg (39797 bytes)
LIRR #152 Builder Plate


The LIRR MP15-AC Engine Roster


Photo: LIRR MP15-AC cab #157 - 9/2023 Photo/Archive: Jerry Carmine

By the early 1970's , the LIRR was looking to replace the first L1's (C420's), RS1's, Rs3's, and S1's. ALCO was not building engines in the US and the carrier was not buying MLW engines from Canada . The serious option considered was GE and the UB18's . However, when the new Master Mechanic came from the Milwaukee Road (which just ordered MP 15's), the order was placed for MP15's and the GP38's.

The class "E15's" were mostly used on the Oyster Bay branch. Rarely were they used as power to KO ( Ronkonkoma ), but were used on the weekday scoot to Greenport (GY). There were times they were used as a second unit to Pt. Jeff and Montauk on heavier trains, but this was not the norm as the heavier Montauk trains rated two E20's (GP38's)

In the later years, the LIRR used them as HEP units (600 VDC HEP, another LIRR oddity). OB trains would have one at one end running HEP, the other pulling the train, or a GP-38-2 at the other end. The HEP unit would idle at notch 3 or so I think, and not supply traction power. This lasted until the bi-levels came on. Bizzare but it worked and IIRC, the LIRR saved good amount of $ doing it...

The Chief Mechanical Officer at the time selected them. He felt, as most Long Island railroaders at the time believed, that a small road switcher would be the best choice for our operation. The short-haul-quick-turnaround type of scheduling was ideal for a road switcher. The unit would accelerate quickly and had a top speed that could keep our schedules.

They were also very low cost and inexpensive to operate, which was quite important at the time they were purchased. The Milwaukee Road had lots favorable experience with EMD products and the CMO had been a former Milwaukee Road employee.  History would show that they were a good selection for the job and an excellent replacement for the RS-3's.

As stated above, the LIRR had a long history with ALCO products, but they were unfortunately no longer available. Had they been, then the LI would have most likely remained an ALCO customer.  LI Tool

LIRR #150-172 Class: E-15, Builder: GM EMD Order #766043 23 units, Serial Numbers: #766043-1 to 23, Model: MP15-AC,  HP: 1,500, Trucks:  2-2  Effort:  65,750  Weight: 263,000 
Delivery Date: 3/04/1977  30 years in service.
lirr150_jamaica-1997_davidpirmann.jpg (63908 bytes)
LIRR #150  Jamaica 1997 
Photo: David Pirmann
  lirrr150_Obay.jpg (123210 bytes)
LIRR #150 Oyster Bay
lirr151obay03-83johnvolpi.jpg (64250 bytes)
LIRR #151 Oyster Bay 3/1983 
Photo: John Volpi
151-156pPineAiresiding12-2001johnvolpi.jpg (59865 bytes)    
#151 and #156 Pine Aire Siding 12/2001
Photo: John Volpi

151maspeth07-12-2006johnmccluskey.jpg (265301 bytes)
Maspeth 7/12/2006 
Photo: John McCluskey
151Riverhead01-29-07AlCastelli.jpg (69687 bytes)
Riverhead 1/29/2007
Photo: Al Castelli

nya151-155pineaire03-30-07williamskeats.jpg (66412 bytes)
NYA #151, #155 Pine Aire 3/30/2007
Photo: William Skeats
lirr151_fpond_06-20-2007_joegregory.jpg (177862 bytes)
Fresh Pond 6/20/2007 
Photo: Joe Gregory
152Obay09-14-86AlCastelli.jpg (68562 bytes)
LIRR #152 Oyster Bay 9/14/1986 
Photo: Al Castelli


lirr152-150_westislip-05-03-2005_KevinKatta.jpg (246977 bytes)
LIRR #152-150 West Islip 5/03/2005 
Photo: Kevin Katta

LIRR #152 9/22/2003
Photo/Archive: Joe Tischner
lirr153ashtrainMikeKoehler.jpg (113695 bytes)
LIRR #153 Smithtown Ash Train Westbound 
Photo: Mike Koehler c.1985


 LIRR-L153-011886-HicksvilleAlCastelli.jpg (73224 bytes)
Hicksville 1/18/1986
Photo: Al Castelli

lirr153.jpg (57137 bytes)
LIRR #153 Photo: Mike Koehler
LIRR-L153-151-111486-SouthamptonAlCastelli.jpg (74309 bytes)
Southampton 11/14/1986
Photo: Al Castelli

lirr153railtrain-speonk05-19-05williamskeats.jpg (92127 bytes)
Speonk 5/19/2005 rail train
Photo William Skeats


lirr153_mitchelfield_3-2007_joegregory.jpg (153086 bytes)
LIRR #153 Mitchel Field 3/2007 
Photo: Joe Gregory

lirr153Smithtown6-07-2006.jpg (95389 bytes)
LIRR #153 Smithtown 6/07/2006
lirr154.jpg (37315 bytes)
LIRR #154

lirr154Smithtown.jpg (63049 bytes)
LIRR #154 Smithtown 
Photo: Mike Koehler

LI154b.jpg (58770 bytes)
LIRR #154 Morris Park  c.1990's
Photo: Bobby Kasza

LIRR-L154-152-032192-FarmingdaleAlCastelli.jpg (181812 bytes)
Farmingdale 3/21/1992
Photo: Al Castelli

154Wellwood01-05-06AlCastelli.jpg (73499 bytes)
Wellwood Ave 1/05/2006
Photo: Al Castelli

lirr154_licity_03-20-2006_johnmccluskey.jpg (221288 bytes)  
LI City 3/20/2006 
Photo: John McCluskey

lirr154_licity_03-20-2006_johnmccluskey2.jpg (146090 bytes) 
LI City 3/20/2006 
Photo: John McCluskey

MP15AC-154_new-paint_Fresh-Pond-Yard_10-22-2017_GregGrice.jpg (126453 bytes)
Fresh Pond Yard #154 in new paint 
10/22/2017 Photo:  Greg Grice

LIRR new GM#155 - Engineer Dennis P. Demitry Photo: Ziel house in Water Mill 4/29/1977
Archive: Queens Public Library
lirr155pondtowerMikeKoehler.jpg (66199 bytes)
LIRR #155  Fresh Pond light 
move westbound 1984
Photo: Mike Koehler
Transferred to NYA in the late 90's wearing blue and white.  See #156 LIRR #155 was painted in NYA green almost immediately after take over.
Info: John Volpi 
lirr155_fpond_06-20-2007_joegregory.jpg (243435 bytes)
Fresh Pond 6/20/2007 
Photo: Joe Gregory
LIRR-L156-120885-FarmingdaleAlCastelli.jpg (62564 bytes)
LIRR #156 Farmingdale 12/08/1985 
Photo: Al Castelli


156Smithtown02-03-03JohnVolpi.jpg (87342 bytes)
LIRR #156 Smithtown 2/03/2003 
with NYA logo. Photo: John Volpi 

156Pine-Airesiding12-2001JohnVolpi.jpg (85353 bytes)
LIRR #156 Pine Aire siding 12/2001 NYA logo.  Out of Service about 2 years.  Photo/Info: John Volpi

Transferred to NYA in the late 90's wearing blue and white with NYA logo applied. Perhaps first unit with new logo.  Info: John Volpi

NYARLogo-090607AlCastelli.jpg (45389 bytes)

156maspeth03-13-2006johnmccluskey.jpg (135471 bytes)
Maspeth 3/13/2006
Photo: John McCluskey

lirr156_fpond_06-20-2007_joegregory.jpg (206305 bytes)
Fresh Pond 6/20/2007 
Photo: Joe Gregory

157Hicksville04-05-86AlCastelli.jpg (53577 bytes)
LIRR #157  Hicksville 4/05/1986
Photo: Al Castelli

LI157.jpg (57990 bytes)
LIRR #157 Morris Park  c.1990's
Photo: Bobby Kasza

lirr157Hicksville-04-05-86AlCastelli.jpg (83943 bytes)
Hicksville # 157 4/05/1986
Photo: Al Castelli

The yard is the one on West John St, west of the Hicksville station and across from Nassau County's Cantiague Park.
NYAR has it now & it's where the Twin Forks ex-PRR LIRR steel hack is. Behind the loco is the mainline, west is to the right. The track I'm standing on and the one to the right lead into the yard behind me. The loco is on a siding that runs east. Info: Al Castelli 

lirr157MikeKoehler.jpg (70497 bytes)
Farmingdale(?) Central branch #157
drilling freight Photo: Mike Koehler
lirr157MikeKoehler2.jpg (35654 bytes)

lirr157_licity_03-20-2006_johnmccluskey.jpg (235841 bytes)
LI City 3/20/2006 
Photo: John McCluskey  

lirr157_wellwoodave_8-11-2007_joegregory.jpg (227128 bytes)
Wellwood Ave 8/11/2007 
Photo: Joe Gregory
New #158 with EMD visible on the knuckle
Morris Park 3/1977

158-160Farmingdale03-02-86AlCastelli.jpg (60714 bytes)
Farmingdale #158 3/02/1986 
Photo: Al Castelli

lirr158.jpg (63287 bytes)
LIRR #158 Smithtown
Photo: Mike Koehler
158Smithtown07-21-2006johnvolpi.jpg (173883 bytes)
Smithtown #158 7/21/2006 
Photo: John Volpi 
lirr158,157,166ronk-ballast-train05-09-07williamskeats.jpg (62123 bytes)|
Ronkonkoma #158, #157 and #166
Ballast Train 5/09/2007
Photo: William Skeats
159-082486-FarmingdaleAlCastelli.jpg (78495 bytes)
LIRR #159  Farmingdale 8/24/1986
Photo: Al Castelli

lirr159salttrainMikeKoehler.jpg (71758 bytes)
Smithtown Salt Train eastbound
Photo: Mike Koehler
lirr159 -226_eastofsmithtown_5-29-85_johnvolpi.jpg (115395 bytes)
East of Smithtown 5/29/1985 
Photo: John Volpi

159Smithtown5-11-2001JohnVolpi.jpg (89632 bytes)
NYA #159 Smithtown 5/11/2001 
Photo: John Volpi

159NYAPrimaAsphalt11-13-04JohnVolpi.jpg (138114 bytes)
NYA #159 Prima Asphalt 11/13/2004
 Photo: John Volpi

159bayridgebranch06-02-07joetischner.jpg (66892 bytes)
NYA #159 Bay Ridge Branch 6/02/2007
Photo: Joe Tischner

Transferred to NYA in the late 90's wearing blue and white. Info: John Volpi

159jamaica08-03-2007adammoreira.jpg (84580 bytes)
NYA #159 Jamaica Station 8/03/2007
Photo: Adam Moreira


lirr160-Holban_c1970s_stevehoskins.jpg (69171 bytes)
LIRR #160  Holban c.1970's
Photo: Steve Hoskins
lirr160FPond.jpg (59699 bytes)
Fresh Pond
Photo: Mike Koehler
lirr160_licity_03-20-2006_johnmccluskey.jpg (91182 bytes)
LI City 3/20/2006 
Photo: John McCluskey
160FarewelltotheM1Fantrip11-04-06.jpg (79691 bytes)
Farewell to the M1Fantrip
lirr161_morrispark.jpg (60540 bytes)
LIRR #161 Morris Park switching Sunrise Fleet parlor #2021 c.1970's Photo/Info: Tim Darnell
lirr161ronk10-22-84johnvolpi.jpg (62544 bytes)
Ronkonkoma 10/22/1984
Photo: John Volpi
LI161.jpg (66003 bytes)
LIRR #161 Morris Park  c.1990s
Photo: Bobby Kasza
lirr161_licity_03-20-2006_johnmccluskey.jpg (239773 bytes)
LI City 3/20/2006 
Photo: John McCluskey
LI162.jpg (55340 bytes)
LIRR #161 Morris Park  c.1990s
Photo: Bobby Kasza
162PortJeffPresidentsDay02-22-01johnvolpi.jpg (73330 bytes)|
LIRR #162 Port Jefferson
President's Day 2/22/2001 
Photo: John Volpi
MP15AC-162_BoneYard_MPark_BobbyKasza.jpg (60001 bytes)
LIRR #162 at Bone Yard Morris Park
9/2006 Not in service on the dead line.
Info/Photo: Bobby Kasza
LI163.jpg (76555 bytes)
LIRR #163 Morris Park  c.1990's
Photo: Bobby Kasza

lirr163ashtrainMikeKoehler.jpg (89556 bytes)
LIRR #163 Smithtown Ash Train WB
Photo: Mike Koehler

lirr163-06-11-07joegregory.jpg (77978 bytes)
LIRR #163 6/11/2007 
Photo: Joe Gregory
lirr163_regopark_03-13-2006_johnmccluskey.jpg (237937 bytes)
Rego Park 3/20/2006 
Photo: John McCluskey

165regopark03-13-2006johnmccluskey.jpg (273342 bytes)
Rego Park 3/20/2006
Photo: John McCluskey

lirr163_licity_03-20-2006_johnmccluskey.jpg (209762 bytes)  
LI City 3/20/2006
Photo: John McCluskey

lirr164MikeKoehler.jpg (63240 bytes)
LIRR #164 Ash Train 
Photo: Mike Koehler
lirr164viewwestbordenave_joegregory09-07.jpg (73345 bytes)
LIRR #164 view west Borden Ave, LI City 9/2007
Photo: Joe Gregory
lirr165-Mineola_c1970s_stevehoskins.jpg (61274 bytes)
LIRR #165 Mineola c.1970's
Photo: Steve Hoskins
lirr165_regopark_03-13-2006_johnmccluskey.jpg (273342 bytes)
Rego Park 3/13/2006 
Photo: John McCluskey
LIRR-L166-082486-FarmingdaleAlCastelli.jpg (68521 bytes)
LIRR #166 Farmingdale 8/24/1986
Photo: Al Castelli
lirr166_licity_listtrip1993.jpg (84149 bytes)
LI City LIST Trip 1993
lirr166stjames05-84johnvolpi.jpg (48505 bytes)
St. James 5/1984
Photo: John Volpi
166Ronkonkoma12-14-03JohnVolpi.jpg (61750 bytes)
LIRR #166 Ronkonkoma 12/14/2003
Photo: John Volpi
lirr167MTAbobbykasza.JPG (103610 bytes)
LIRR #167 Morris Park 9/2002
Photo: Bobby J. Kasza

lirr167smithtownMikeKoehler.jpg (76594 bytes)
Smithtown work train c.1983
Photo: Mike Koehler

lirr167bobbykasza.jpg (67364 bytes)
Morris Park 10/2002
Photo: Bobby J. Kasza

lirr167bobbykasza2.jpg (65644 bytes)
Morris Park 10/2002
Photo: Bobby J. Kasza

Experimental Scheme Info: John Volpi
167WellwoodSiding12-20-03JohnVolpi.jpg (107447 bytes)
LIRR #167 Wellwood Siding 12/20/2003
Photo: John Volpi  Latest scheme

lirr168greenport1980.jpg (36123 bytes)
LIRR #168 Greenport 7/1980. Consist is the Sunday evening train from Greenport to Jamaica. Parlor observation LIRR 2082 ASHAROKEN is immediately behind the locomotive. 
Photo/Info: Jack Deasy
lirr168_ronk_c1979_lentorney2.jpg (22778 bytes) 
Ronkonkoma c.1979
Photo: Len Torney 

lirr168_ronk_c1979_lentorney.jpg (13270 bytes)
Ronkonkoma c.1979
Photo: Len Torney
lirr168_Huntington_8-19-1984_johnvolpi.jpg (112422 bytes)
Huntington 8/19/1984 
Photo: John Volpi
lirr168.jpg (65918 bytes)
Morris Park 4/07/2007
Photo: Dietrich Ryan

lirr168lesterzmudzinski.jpg (110655 bytes)
Heading out of the siding, MP15AC #168 leads a ballast train eastbound. Lindenhurst,  Wellwood Ave. siding 11/11/2004 Photo: Lester Zmudzinski

lirr169-hillside.jpg (61190 bytes)
LIRR #169 Hillside c1970's
Photo: Steve Hoskins

lirr169-new.jpg (74426 bytes)
As newly delivered, no M on the nose...

 lirr169-yardA_c1970s_stevehoskins.jpg (84041 bytes)
LI City Yard A c1970's
Photo: Steve Hoskins


MP15ac-169-158-Freight-East-Patchogue-1-7-90.jpg (45541 bytes)
LIRR #169, #158 Patchogue 1/07/1990
Alan Tillotson photo, Dave Keller archive
MP15AC-169_BoneYard_MPark_BobbyKasza.jpg (56220 bytes)
LIRR #169 Bone Yard Morris Park 
9/2006 Photo: Bobby Kasza




lirr170PsmithtownMikeKoehler.jpg (60561 bytes)
LIRR #170 Smithtown
Photo: Mike Koehler
lirr170ronkonkoma05-85johnvolpi.jpg (86067 bytes)
Ronkonkoma 5/1985 
Photo: John Volpi

lirr170PMikeKoehler.jpg (54353 bytes)
LIRR #170P **
Photo: Mike Koehler
lirr170_riverdaleIL-05-01-1977_Kim Piersol.jpg (195046 bytes)
Riverdale, IL delivery 5/01/1977
Photo: Kim Piersol

170StJames10-08-03JohnVolpi.jpg (85962 bytes)
#170 at St. James10/08/2003
Photo: John Volpi

lirr171SmithtownMike Koehler.jpg (77536 bytes)
LIRR #171 Smithtown
Photo:  Mike Koehler

lirr171PronkonkomaMikeKoehler.jpg (65298 bytes)
171P Ronkonkoma c.1985
Photo: Mike Koehler

lirr171obay07-82johnvolpi.jpg (95367 bytes)
Oyster Bay 7/1982
Photo: John Volpi


lirr171greenport11-13-97williamskeats.jpg (49077 bytes)
Greenport 11/13/1997
 Photo: William Skeats
lirr171smithtown8-28-2003.jpg (99979 bytes)
Smithtown 8/28/2003
Photo: John Volpi

lirr171MTAbobbykasza.jpg (121027 bytes)
Morris Park c. mid-1990's
Photo: Bobby J. Kasza
LI172.jpg (49382 bytes)
LIRR #172 Morris Park  c.1990's
Photo: Bobby Kasza
LI172-106.jpg (50817 bytes)
LIRR #172-#106  Morris Park  c.1990's
Photo: Bobby Kasza
LIRR-L172P-111486-AmagansettAlCastelli.jpg (60705 bytes)
LIRR #172P Amagansett  11/14/1986
Photo: Al Castelli
lirr172-156_Obay_10-94-johnvolpi.jpg (198940 bytes)
#172-#156 Oyster Bay 10/1994 
Photo: John Volpi
lirr172_licity_03-20-2006_johnmccluskey.jpg (218693 bytes)
LI City 3/20/2006
Photo: John McCluskey
lirr172_haroldprotectengine09-12-06bBobbykasza.jpg (119885 bytes)
Harold Pprotect Engine
9/12/2006 Photo: Bobby Kasza

**Notes on the MP15s with "P" numbers:
Some MP15ac's were converted to a power cab option and numbered with a "P" before or after the road number. This option allowed the throttle to be set to an equivalent of notch 6 to turn the generator at a steady speed. Energy was channeled to a 4-point jumper to the train. These conversions allowed these engines to supplement the Alco &  EMD cab unit power cabs which had problems in cold weather. These operated in push-pull service with another MP15ac or a GP38-2 as the motive power.
Dates of the conversions:
#171 was first unit, converted to full power cab configuration on 1/19/82, then to the option in 2/82
#170 in 1/82
#169, #172 in 2/82
These four units were surplus power from freight service.
The following are in number order:
#161 in 4/84
#162 in 2/84
#163 in 11/83
#164 in 10/83
#165 in 10/83
#166 in 10/83
#167 in 9/83
#168 in 8/83 
#167 had "hump" (creeper) control, but it was removed when given the power cab option and put into #150.
#168 had Microphor L.T.P. (Low Temperature Protection) unit installed in 3/83.

Source: Diesels of the Sunrise Trail by: John Scala
Notes thanks to: Al Castelli