Long Island Rail Road
Cab Shots

Prototype photos from the Cab

Dunton-viewEastfromCab-EMD MP15AC-Train163_03-2005BobAnderson.jpg (79609 bytes)
EMD MP15AC Train #163 at Dunton view East 03/2005 Photo/Engineer: Bob Anderson


1) Throttle-idle position
2) Dynamic Brake handle-locked out not used
3) Automatic Brake valve-train brake
4) Independent Brake valve-full applied position
5) Head Light switch-rear
6) Head Light switch-front
7) Bell valve
8) Console Light
9) Manual sander valve
10) Console Light
11) Emergency fuel cut off switch
12)  Switches-Control-battery-generator field-fuel pump
13) Reverser
14) Air brake gauge-Main Res/Equalizing res
15) Air Brake gauge-Brake pipe/Brake cylinder
16) Air Brake gauge-Supression air
17) Air Brake gauge-Timing Air
18) Amp gauge-Traction
19) Two Horn chains encased in rubber hose-city/country(1)
20) Brake pipe regulating valve
21) ABVCOC (Automatic Brake Valve Cut-Out Cock)
22) Independent brake regulating valve
23) MU2a valve-multiple unit/lead-dead


ALCO C420 control stand c.1968 
(Jay Bendersky-Robert Anderson)

C420-205-Stenciled Large Fuel Tank-Port Jefferson-06-14-64 (Arnoux-Keller).jpg (82195 bytes)
LIRR #205 C420 stenciled larger capacity fuel tank Port Jefferson 6/14/64 (Arnoux-Keller)

Note (1): There were two ropes with a length of rubber hose (about 18" each) on them where you would pull them down to sound the horn. One was for the "City" tone, which was lower in volume than the other, "Country" tone which was louder. Both ropes led to separate valves on the cab ceiling. If you grabbed them both together, you could make even more noise.

Further trivia: Because of clearance issues at various locations, the horns were mounted on the engineers side of the car body, on the side (not the top) of the engine, just ahead of the smoke deflectors. 

266 KP Cab.jpg (50085 bytes)
LIRR #266 KP Cab
02-13_018_19743jtischner.jpg (48156 bytes)
Photo: Joe Tischner
613 cab.jpg (45328 bytes)
 LIRR FA #613 Cab View
cabwindowvlicity.jpg (28536 bytes)
LI City Photo: Steve Kay
FA Cab Ronkonkoma.jpg (57602 bytes)
FA Cab Ronkonkoma
View from GP-38 cab.jpg (47389 bytes)
GP38-2 cab view Photo: Steve Rothaug
RS3controlunitPaulStrubeck.jpg (54232 bytes)
RS3 Control Unit 
Photo: Paul Strubeck
EMD CONTROL STAND.jpg (78618 bytes)
EMD Control Stand

KP F unit snow.jpg (40634 bytes)
F unit at KP

LI601cab9-23-06tadd.jpg (59635 bytes)
LIRR #601 09-23-06
Photo: Tim Darnell
KP Coal Trestle.jpg (39670 bytes)
KP Coal Trestle

Montauk branch through Forest Park.jpg (91847 bytes)
Montauk branch through Forest Park
Photo: Bob Andersen


nassautower5-14-88cabF7621johnfusto.jpg (69077 bytes)
Approaching Nassau Tower from Oyster Bay Branch Cab of F7 #621 05-14-1988  Photo: John Fusto 

03-2005eastofMparklirr168.jpg (94198 bytes)
East of Morris Park MP15AC #168
 03-2005 Photo: Bob Andersen

GP38-2-FA2-605-Train-From-Cab-Montauk-1-1990.jpg (50528 bytes)
LIRR GP38-2 #?, Alco FA2 #605, coupled on train westbound at Montauk, NY.  View from locomotive cab window.  01/1990
Thomas Collins photo, Dave Keller archive
duntontower_LirrConductor.jpg (71214 bytes)
LIRR #167  Morris Park 03-2005 
Dunton Tower Photo: Bob Andersen

FPond03-2005_takingM-7stolicityarchstreet-bobanderson.jpg (52091 bytes)
Fresh Pond 03-2005 Taking M-7s to Arch Street, LI City Photo: Bob Andersen

F-7_Cabride_through_Smithtown.jpg (43106 bytes)
LIRR F7 Smithtown
Photo: Len Torney

ROW-Tracks-Trains-Approaching-Speonk-7-1990.jpg (58613 bytes)
ROW Approaching  Speonk 07/1990
Thomas Collins photo, Dave Keller archive

ROW-Atlantic Avenue El.jpg (65586 bytes)
ROW-Atlantic Avenue EL
Cab-View-Near-Montauk-c.1989.jpg (46462 bytes)
LIRR GP38-2 #? near Montauk,  c.1989
Thomas Collins photo, Dave Keller archive
Engr-GP38-Engr-Art-Sanwald-c1989.jpg (56423 bytes)
Engineer Arthur J. Sanwald in the cab of a GP38-2 c.1989
Thomas Collins photo, Dave Keller archive

GP38-2-269-Control Panel-4-91.jpg (55468 bytes)
GP38-2 #269 04/1991
Thomas Collins photo, Dave Keller archive

602cab4-24-04tad.jpg (50208 bytes)
LIRR #602 04-24-04
Photo: Tim Darnell

GP38-272_cab_7-08-88_EdwardHand.jpg (73969 bytes)
GP38-2  #272 cab 7/08/88 Photo: Edward Hand

lirr417_0307092PJeffBranch.jpg (16644 bytes)
LIRR DE30AC #417 03/07/1992
Port Jefferson Branch

lirr417_030792crewphoto.jpg (12096 bytes)
LIRR  DE30AC #417 crew photo 03/07/1992
KOviewwest2homesignals-wash-Ronkstation.jpg (83234 bytes)
KO view west two Home Signals, Wash Rack, Ronkonkoma Station Cab View 04/2008
GE-44-tonner-cab.jpg (71623 bytes)
LIRR #400 GE 44 tonner cab
GE-44-tonner-cab-controls.jpg (97643 bytes)
LIRR #400 GE 44 tonner cab controls