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LIRR Diagrams Update: 1/15/2023
Locos 1964
Locos and Pass Cars 1977
Pass Cars 09/1982
Archives: Allen Stanley

Equipment Diagrams 1980
Archive: Mario Craig

MP72c_builderphoto07-20-55.jpg (70602 bytes) 
MP72c Builder  Photo 07/20/1955



PRR LIRR Monogram Logo 78153-A

Paint Schemes: They matched the station buildings.

In the early 1950s, a lot of the depots were white body with dark green trim. The shelter sheds were painted to match.

Bellmore's was red and white at the end before elimination because the depot was red and white.

Great River's was white with green trim.

Sta-GrtRiver-1971.jpg (56608 bytes)
Photo/Archive: Dave Keller 1971

PRR-LIRR pass shelter.jpg (103130 bytes)
PRR-LIRR pass shelter 11/1906


Sta-Penny-Bridge-Mtk-Trn-1954.jpg (45496 bytes)
Penny Bridge 1954

LIRR Eng 208 lite Penny Bridge NY 5_74.jpg (75787 bytes)
Penny Bridge 5/1974

L225-Penny Bridge.jpg (197624 bytes)
LIRR C420 #225Penny Bridge

shelter islip 2_600x400.jpg (59592 bytes)
Islip Shelter view east c.1935
MP70, T70 - MU trailer_side.gif (50659 bytes)
MP70, T70  MU Trailer Side
MP70, T70 - MU trailer_interior.gif (44175 bytes)
MP70, T70  MU Trailer Interior
MP-72.jpg (235230 bytes)
MP-54.jpg (441055 bytes)

Some diagrams courtesy of 
Robert Schoenberg's PRR website

MP-75.jpg (222150 bytes)


PRRpositionlightsignalplans.gif (202387 bytes)
PRR-LIRR Position Light Signal Plans