LIRR Freight 


lirr1960'sFreightBrochure_BradPhillips.jpg (73812 bytes)
LIRR/PRR TrucTrain Service 1960's 
Archive: Brad Phillips


LIRR-Freight-Stations-map_c.1930.jpg (273451 bytes)
LIRR Freight Stations in Greater New York map c.1930

Brakeman atop a boxcar at Fresh Pond - View W 1929

Johnson Ave. Freight Yard - Jamaica, NY (View of Brake Wheel)
12/30/19-44 (Weber-Keller)
A brakeman's perspective of boxcar views!

Johnson Ave. Freight Yard - Jamaica, NY (View W towards
Dunton Car Shop - 12/30/1944 (Weber-Keller)

Imagine it"s windy with a light rain and starting to freeze while the boxcar is in motion and has some rocking over the trackwork, dangerous work.

LIRR Freight stations/locations map 6/15/1969 Archive: Kevin Wong
Note: A freight station shown may not be an actual depot or terminal, but could simply be a team track or siding usable for pickup or delivery (called a non-agency freight station). Several freight stations were closed or removed from tariff schedules since January 1955 (refer to the PRR A.D. 80 station index), including East Williston, Mill Neck, Hewlett, Woodmere, Baldwin, Wantagh, Seaford, Amityville, Cold Spring Harbor and Stony Brook. Peconic is still included, though removed from service in 1966.

Some staffed freight stations with agents did not have separate facilities and the freight agent was based in the passenger station.

LIRRer Jan 1952 freight LIC_Morrison.jpg (245517 bytes)
Long Island Railroader January 1952 cover
LIRRer Jan 1952 page3.jpg (276853 bytes)
Long Island Railroader Jan. 1952 page 3
LIRRer Jan 1952 page4.jpg (274617 bytes)
Long Island Railroader Jan. 1952 page 4
Engine 403 at LIC_Jan-52-LIRRer_Morrison.jpg (73946 bytes)
Baldwin VO-660 Engine #403 at LI City 

LIRRer no.403 Jan 1952 freight LIC.jpg (83245 bytes)
Engine #403 working the LI City car floats

LIRRer Jan 1952 freight_S2-at-Fairchild.jpg (111381 bytes)
Long Island Railroader January 1952 ALCO S2 at 
Fairchild Engine and Airplane Corp., Farmingdale
LIRRer Jan 1952 freight LIC_5-switchers.jpg (87094 bytes)
Long Island Railroader January 1952 LI City five ALCO S2 switchers
LONG ISLAND RAILROADER  - L.C.L.  January 1954 LONG ISLAND RAILROADER  - Trains on Tape  October 1955
LIRRer_Jan-1954-LCL-Cover_DaveMorrison.jpg (233519 bytes)
Long Island Railroader January 1954 cover
LIRRer Jan 1954 LCL_DaveMorrison.jpg (357513 bytes)
Long Island City L.C.L. 
Station pages 12-13 January 1954
LIRRer-Oct 55-Bayridge_cover.jpg (191341 bytes)
Long Island Railroader October 1955 cover
LIRRer Oct 55 Bayridge.jpg (439586 bytes)
Bay Ridge Yard pages 10-11
October 1955



LIRR - Dashing Dan Freight Train Special Equipment flyer map Archive: Mike Boland


LIRR - Dashing Dan Freight Train Special Equipment flyer Archive: Mike Boland

Trans-O-Rama display - Westbury 5/16/1959

RS3 #1560 Trans-O-Rama Westbury 5/16/1959

lirr113-H10s_water-Hicksville_1954_Huneke.jpg (68598 bytes)
LIRR H10s #113 taking water at Hicksville view W 1954 Photo: Art Huneke

"Main Line to the Mainland" LIRR freight brochure cover - 1 955


H10s 113 ON L56  Mineola '55 Port Jeff bound.jpg (100196 bytes)
LIRR H10s #113 Train #L56 at Mineola 1955, 
Port Jefferson bound Photo: Art Huneke
LIRR-MTA-freight-brochure.jpg (101815 bytes) LIRR-MTA-freight-brochure_reverse.jpg (149448 bytes)
LIRR-MTA Freight Service brochure 1978 
Jay-Tower_LIRR-freight-sign_c.1955.jpg (66149 bytes)
"We'd like your FREIGHT Business too!"
Jay Tower LIRR freight sign c.1955

lirr450-Caboose34-WashingtonStGardenCity07091953GeorgeEVotava.jpg (94871 bytes)
LIRR #450 Caboose #34 at Washington St., Garden City 7/09/1953 
Photo:  George E. Votava Archive: Dave Keller

H10s-113-Freight-L56-Climbing Hill-Cold-Spring-Harbor-1954.jpg (88169 bytes)
LIRR  #113 H10s Freight #L56 "Climbing the Hill" Cold Spring Harbor 1954 
Photo/Archive: Art Huneke

ALCO S1 #419 Fresh Pond Local Freight at Laurel Hill - Phelps Dodge Plant -Private Crossing and Shanty 
05/24/74 view W Photo: Richard Maske  Archive/Info: Dave Keller

RS3 #1556 and #?, coupled, pull a westbound freight over Willis Avenue, passing the old section house east of the Mineola station on September 23, 1973.  The Oyster Bay branch tracks curve off to the left.  The old signal and switch linkage roller assemblies are visible in the foreground.  This linkage, manually operated from "NASSAU" tower at the Main Street crossing, controlled a switch to the passing siding and a position light signal, both of which no longer existed at the time of this photo.  It appears the removed linkage rods/pipes have been tossed haphazardly into a pile at the far right.  (William Rosenberg photo, Dave Keller archive)

 May 2, 1974. Mid morning. The Empire State Building just to the right of center and the fabled Kosciusko Bridge. You're at the private grade crossing into the Phelps Dodge copper refinery. Nichols Siding, named after the Nichols Copper Co In the 50's and 60's, you could go to Nichols Siding at virtually any time and find a train in motion.

The lead to Phelps-Dodge is the track to the left of the train. This landmark industrial site on Newtown Creek, was long the LIRR's best freight customer and was so important as to justify its own private manned crossing, freight clerk, and station designation ("Laurel Hill"), a job that worked in one of the myriad ancient brick buildings of the complex until the early 60's. Phelps-Dodge, a company with ancient roots in NYC and a supply link to copper mines off the SP and the Tucson, Cornelia and Gila Bend in far away Arizona, signaled to the world why the ancient and fragrant colonial waterway of Newtown Creek represented the greatness of New York at the inland port of Maspeth.   If you went to Nichols on a weekday afternoon at 4 PM, it was like going to heaven and dying; deadhead passenger, light engines, local and through freights, and scheduled passenger trains.  Info: Dick Makse

Caboose #56 on stone train westbound at Eastport, NY - c.1989 (Tom Collins photo, Dave Keller archive)

"The Other LIRR" - Newsday, Sunday 02/11/1979
By Paul Ballot  Photos: Don Jacobsen
theotherlirr-cover_02-11-1979.jpg (171672 bytes) theotherlirr1.jpg (310836 bytes)


theotherlirr2.jpg (270024 bytes) theotherlirr3.jpg (300650 bytes) theotherlirr4.jpg (245815 bytes) theotherlirr5.jpg (344378 bytes)

theotherlirr6.jpg (186471 bytes)
lirr3185_wood-side-sheathed-boxcar_1904_ArtHuneke.jpg (95456 bytes)
LIRR #3185 wood side sheathed boxcar 1904 
Archive: Art Huneke
LIRR-hopper_Bay-Ridge_c.1925_ArtHuneke.jpg (118045 bytes)
LIRR hopper Bay Ridge c.1925 Archive: Art Huneke
Freight-Bay-Ridge_c.1925_ArtHuneke.jpg (74368 bytes)
Bay Ridge engine house at Eighth Ave. View N with the Sea Beach line in background. c.1925
Archive: Art Huneke
As late as c.1925 LIRR hopper cars in interchange service were sent to Pennsylvania and  West Virginia coal mining areas and loaded for shipment to Morris Park and Bay Ridge as it was cheaper than paying per diem and at the time the LIRR owned over 3000 freight cars. Most became PRR cars in repayment of debt.
Crossing-Shanty-Osborne Ave-Frt Cars Spotted-Riverhead, NY (view NW) - 06-1933 (Keller).jpg (78688 bytes)
Crossing Shanty - Freight cars spotted at Osborne Ave., Riverhead
View NW 6/1933 Archive: Dave Keller
Station-Riverhead-RH Block Signals-Frt on Siding (View E) - 06-1933 (Keller).jpg (50865 bytes)
Riverhead Station - RH Block Signals- Freight on siding View E  6/1933 Archive: Dave Keller
Frt House-Hoppers in Yard - Riverhead, NY (View NE) - 1936 (Keller).jpg (68487 bytes)
Riverhead Freight House  Covered hoppers in yard 
View NE 1936 Archive: Dave Keller
revenue-freight-equipment-roster_June-1914_Huneke.jpg (69931 bytes)
Revenue Freight Equipment Statement June, 1914 
Archive: Art Huneke

LIRR H10s #108 westbound at Southold c.1950
Photo: John Krause Archive: George H. Lightfoot III


G53 (4-6-0) #143 flying white "extra" flags is pulling an eastbound freight out of Holban Yard between Hillside and Hollis stations c. 1922. 
(Patsy DiMasi photo, Dave Keller archive)

G53sd-146-Hack-c1936.jpg (28869 bytes)
LIRR G53sd #146 with hack coupled to tender and freight car coupled
to locomotive at section shanty  unidentified location c.1936 
Archive: Dave Keller

lirr253_Mineola_1948_Ziel.jpg (104133 bytes)
LIRR #253 C-51s 0-8-0 Mineola 1948 Archive: R. Ziel

 Honeywell St., Yard A Track 1 view W 9/14/1938
Archive: Ron Ziel

H6sb-301-Frt-DD1-East-Union-Hall-St-Jamaica-c1936.jpg (32784 bytes)
LIRR H6sb #301 pulling freight eastbound on #6 freight track, passing DD1 electric locomotive on #5 freight track, approaching station platform - Union Hall Street - Jamaica, NY - c. 1936  (View looking west from west end of eastbound station platform.  Jamaica station general offices visible in background.)  Research/Archive: Dave Keller


Republic-Aviation_aircraft-propellers-offloaded_10-25-1940_Morrison.jpg (123118 bytes)
Republic Aviation - Boxcar offloaded aircraft propellers by Dade Bros. Trucking, Mineola  10/25/1940 Archive: Dave Morrison
Republic-Aviation_crated-aircraft-shipment-employees_10-25-1940_Morrison.jpg (117240 bytes)
Republic Aviation employees with outbound crated aircraft shipment.  10/25/1940 Archive: Dave Morrison
Republic-Aviation_crated-aircraft-shipment_N52_no.35_10-25-1940_Morrison.jpg (79909 bytes)
Republic Aviation Crated aircraft shipment on flat cars - Caboose N52 #35 10/25/1940 Archive: Dave Morrison

*Note: Prior to the United States entry into WW II: 12/07/1941

LIRR #2 on eastbound freight crossing Laurel Hill Blvd., Penny Bridge 8/13/1938 Photo: Percy Loomis Sperr Archive: eBay

DD1-Freight-Corona Yard Lead - Flushing Mdws (View NE) - c. 1949 (Faxon, Jr.-Keller).jpg (83512 bytes)
DD1 #? pulling freight off the Corona Yard lead (former Whitestone branch) at Flushing Meadows, NY - c. 1949 view NE  (William V. Faxon, Jr. photo, Dave Keller archive)

S2-455-Switching Freight-Whitestone Jct-Flushing Meadows-View SE-06-02-51 (Faxon-Keller).jpg (135908 bytes)
ALCO S2 #455 switching freight at Whitestone Jct. Flushing Meadows view SE 06/02/51 (Faxon-Keller)

ALCO S2 #455, in original "as-delivered" black livery, gold letters, small road numbers, and white pilot is switching a boxcar and a pole car at the old Whitestone Junction, on the Port Washington branch just east of the former 1939 NY World's Fair grounds on June 2, 1951.  This view is looking SE from the old pedestrian overpass which was constructed for the fair, so visitors arriving by IRT trains could cross the LIRR tracks and access the entrance.  Directly behind the photographer was the site of the old United Nations station, which was in service at the time this photo was taken.  "JC" tower was once located inside the switch to the former Whitestone branch in the left background.  By 1952, both the overpass and the United Nations station were history. (Will V. Faxon, Jr. photo, Dave Keller archive)  

H10s-104-Freight-WB at Station-Pinelawn-View SE - 10-39 (Keller).jpg (123856 bytes)
H10s #104 pulls a westbound freight past the old Pinelawn station in this October, 1939 view looking southeast.  Note the brakeman riding the top of the first boxcar 10 cars back.  Also note the old pole and wire fence separating the right-of-way from the dirt road on the Pinelawn Cemetery grounds.  The pole on the station platform previously held a Dietz kerosene platform lamp.  The lamp has been removed but the pole still stands in this vintage view.  (Dave Keller archive and data) 

H10s #103 westbound local freight fresh off the Oyster Bay Branch at Mineola c.1939  Archive: Dave Keller

PRR E6s-1600-Freight-Montauk-View E- 1939 (Keller).jpg (127386 bytes)
It's Summer of 1939 and the LIRR's 1927 terminal facilities and yard at Montauk still have about 2-1/2 years before being relocated a short distance south by the U. S. Navy after the LIRR's property was transferred to them for their use on Fort Pond Bay (February, 1942).  Just-arrived on the LIRR and laying up at the end of one of the two engine layup tracks is PRR-leased E6s #1600.  Designed to be used as a passenger engine, it appears that this locomotive has been pressed into freight service.  This view is looking east towards Montauk Manor which sits atop the bluff.  (Dave Keller archive and data)

lirr467-468_Weitzner-Bros-Papper_77th-Ave-Ridgewood_viewW-of-Glendale-Sta_80th-St-overpass.jpg (178977 bytes)
LIRR #467-468 and two additional RS-1 units at Weitzner Brothers & Papper 77th Ave Ridgewood view W of Glendale Station at the 80th St. overpass Archive: Gary Everhart

RS1 Units Dbl Hdg Freight EB on Spfd Br-Laurelton-View NE-08-31-57 (Faxon-Keller) (zoom).jpg (66389 bytes)
Two lashed Alco RS1 units are pulling a freight train eastbound along the Springfield branch at Laurelton, NY on August 31, 1957. This view is looking NE from the LIRR's Atlantic branch Laurelton station platform towards Springfield Junction.  At the left is LIRR electric sub-station #10.  The Springfield branch was the old name for that portion of the Montauk branch where it left the Main Line at Hillside and curved southeastward to Springfield Junction, located west of Rosedale, and which included station  stops at St. Albans and Springfield Gardens.  (Will V. Faxon, Jr. photo, Dave Keller archive and data)

H10s-106-Freight-EB-Covert-Ave._New-Hyde-Parkc.1954-Keller.jpg (101505 bytes)
H10s #106 freight eastbound at Covert Ave., New Hyde Park c.1954 Archive: Dave Keller

Smithtown_H10s-107_freight-L-57_westbound_passing-siding_2-1953_John-Krause.jpg (100326 bytes)
Smithtown - H10s #107 leading freight L-57 westbound onto the passing siding 2/1953 Photo: John Krause

H10-eastbound-freight_Bellaire_1954.jpg (76850 bytes)
Bellaire - H10s eastbound freight 1954

PRIOR Beer  (both a light and dark beer) began as Czech recipes brewed in the US for the beer importer, Atlantis Imports, by Adam Scheidt Brewing Co., Norristown, PA during WWII (when European beer exports weren't possible). Philadelphia's C. Schmidt's & Sons bought Scheidt in the 1950's and continued to brew the super-premium Prior beers into the 1970's.  It was a nice, dark beer! Info: Dave Keller

450 with westbound local freight working Garden-Mitchel Secondary (Mitchel Field) at Washington St., Garden City, NY on July 29, 1953_George. E. Votava_MikeBoland.jpg (105285 bytes)
 Baldwin DS4-4-1000 #450 with a westbound local freight working Garden Secondary Mitchel Field at Washington St., Garden City 7/29/1953 (George E. Votava-Mike Boland)
456 with westbound 4-car local freight working from Mineola to Jamaica, also the Creedmoor Branch at New Hyde Park, NY 11_2654_George. E. Votava_MikeBoland.jpg (81238 bytes)
ALCO S2 #456 westbound with a four car local working from  Mineola to Jamaica, and the Creedmoor Branch.  New Hyde  Park 11/26/1954  (George E. Votava-Mike Boland)
455 with 10-car westbound freight to Holban yard. at New Hyde Park, NY 8_4_72_George. E. Votava_MikeBoland.jpg (88575 bytes)
ALCO S2 #455 with ten car westbound freight to Holban Yard at New Hyde Park 8/04/1972 (George E. Votava-Mike Boland)
459 and 9-car westbound freight to Jamaica at New Hyde Park, NY 5_23_72_George. E. Votava_MikeBoland.jpg (83409 bytes)
ALCO S2 #459 with a nine car westbound freight to Jamaica at New Hyde Park 5/23/1972 (George E. Votava-Mike Boland)
LI 1557, 206, 216,  Precision National 1707, and BAR 60_Merillon-Ave-New-Hyde-Park_ deadheading west to Jamaica on a Saturday AM 7_6_74_George. E. Votava_MikeBoland.jpg (106061 bytes)
LIRR #1557, #206, #216, Precision National #1707, and BAR #60 at Merillon Ave, New Hyde Park deadheading west to Jamaica on a Saturday morning. 7/06/1974(George E. Votava-Mike Boland)
1559 and 210 with westbound, 36-car freight Ronkonkoma to Holban Yd., hllis at New Hyde Park on June 26, 1976_George. E. Votava_MikeBoland.jpg (95796 bytes)
LIRR #1559 and #210 with westbound thirty-six car freight Ronkonkoma to Holban Yard. New Hyde Park 6/26/1976 (George E. Votava-Mike Boland)
FM-H16-44-1505-BoxCar-Ronk-1957.jpg (57385 bytes)
FM H16-44 #1505 CN boxcar Ronkonkoma 1957 J. P. Krzenski photo, Dave Keller archive
FM-H16-44-1508-Frt-DeerPark-1957.jpg (61979 bytes)
FM H16-44 #1508 Deer Park 1957
J. P. Krzenski photo, Dave Keller archive
FM-H16-44-1505-Frt-Ronk-1957.jpg (58115 bytes)
FM H16-44 #1505 Ronkonkoma 1957
J. P. Krzenski photo, Dave Keller archive
H10s- no.108-eastbound_west-of-Hicksville_ summer1954 _Art-Huneke.jpg (85324 bytes)
H10s #108 eastbound approaching Hicksville summer 1954  Photo/Archive: Art Huneke
C65-View-Along-Top-Ronkonkoma-1968.jpg (138341 bytes)
LIRR C65 roof view E Ronkonkoma 1968 
Photo/Archive: Dave Keller
McCauley-Potato-Co-Warehouse_Vanderbilt-Ave-Yard_06-1959-ArtHuneke.jpg (81015 bytes)
McCauley Potato Co Warehouse Vanderbilt Ave Yard 06/1959 Photo/Archive: Art Huneke
LIRR119-H10nearGlenHead12-26-39JimGillin.jpg (1205687 bytes)
LIRR #119 H10 near Glen Head 12/26/1939 Photo/Archive: Jim Gillin

Tower-Nassau_Baldwin- Frt_onHempsteadSpur-Mineola-3-20-54(Keller).jpg (116112 bytes)
Nassau Tower - Baldwin freight on Hempstead Spur at Mineola view W 3/20/1954 Archive: Dave Keller

H6sb-313_c.1935.jpg (63501 bytes)
H6sb  (2-8-0) #313 c.1935
Collection: Dave Keller

H10s-109-Freight-Laurelton-Rosedale-1936.jpg (127530 bytes)
H10s #109 pulling a long string of freight cars on the newly-constructed embankment between Laurelton and Rosedale in 1936.  
Collection: Dave Keller  

C51sa-262-Glendale-3-371.jpeg (130283 bytes)
C51sa 262 Glendale 3/1937
Collection: Dave Keller

H10s-113-Frt-BackingontoHospitalSidingbehindSta-KingsPark-8-25-55.jpg (85064 bytes)
H10s #113 Backing onto Hospital Siding behind Kings Park Station 08/25/1955 Collection: Dave Keller

lirr314_2-8-0-H6sb_mineola_1936.jpg (91719 bytes)
LIRR #314 H6sb Mineola view W 1936
lirr314_2-8-0-H6sb_Mineola_Country-Life-Press-1936.jpg (85985 bytes)
LIRR #314 H6sb Country Life Press,  Mineola 1936
lirr105_freight-L-80_Lynbrook_viewW_3-3-46_RodDirkes.jpg (102681 bytes)
By March 3, 1946, the world was finally at peace and Long Islanders resumed their lives out from under the shadow of war. It was also on this day that Rod Dirkes was out recording the passing freight symbol L-80 as it cruised eastward through Lynbrook powered by H10s, No. 105 with twenty-five loads for awaiting consignees.
LIST Calendar June 2005
lirr117_1940babylon.jpg (46424 bytes)
LIRR H10s # 117 on westbound freight approaching Babylon Station c. 1940
Photo: Art Huneke
H10s-104-Frt-OyBay-1940.jpg (39314 bytes)
H10s #104 Oyster Bay 1940
Collection: Dave Keller
olivet.jpg (143049 bytes)
H10s (4-6-0) #113 pulling eastbound freight upgrade past "OLIVET" Tower, Flushing Ave, Maspeth, NY 8/30/46 Collection: Dave Keller
LIRR452.jpg (228400 bytes)
LIRR 452 Floral Park 2/27/1951
Photo: J. Catlin
Collection: Craig Zeni
H10s-Freight-Westbury-12-2-53.jpeg (169906 bytes)
H10s Westbury 12/02/1953
lirr55Hicksville.jpg (41557 bytes)
LIRR caboose #55 at Hicksville in Summer of 1957. Engine is an Alco S-2  The job had just completed some work at Hicksville and was headed out to Holban.
1945coalbyroad.gif (16744 bytes)
Coal by Road 1945
coal1945loads.gif (9453 bytes)
1945 Coal Loads
equip1945.gif (66340 bytes)
Equipment 1945
freightintchng1941.gif (127668 bytes)
LIRR Freight Interchange 1941
freightops1941.gif (184614 bytes)
LIRR Freight Traffic 1941
lirrfreighttype.gif (47668 bytes)
LIRR Freight Types 1941
trackmilage1945.gif (105630 bytes)
 LIRR Track Mileage 1945
freightloads1945.gif (133078 bytes)
LIRR Freight Loads 1945

DS4-4-1000-450-freight-Passingthroughstation-MerillonAveNewHydePark-c.1953.JPG (46305 bytes)
DS4-4-1000 #450 Passing through Merillon Ave Station, New Hyde Park c.1953  Collection: Dave Keller

RockvilleCentreDD1.jpg (82531 bytes)
ex-PRR DD1 works Rockville Centre 
c. mid-1950's. Flatcar  has 3rd rail pick-up shoes to prevent stalls in 3rd rail gaps during switching
Photo: John Krause Collection: Dave Keller

H10s  113 B Tower 1946 Rod Dirkes.jpg (49901 bytes)
H10s #113 at B Tower 1946
Photo: Rod Dirkes  Collection: Art Huenke

H10s #111 "Three Aces" with freight rain at Floral Park 1950 (Frank Zahn - Mike Boland)
Greenport freight_viewW_c.1950_FrankZahn-Morrison.jpg (95173 bytes)
Greenport freight - View W c.1950 
(Frank Zahn - Dave Morrison)
Riverhead1950.jpg (106719 bytes)
Riverhead 1950 Emery Collection
Photo: Dave Morrison
S2-Frt E on Central Br-W of Carll Ave-Babylon-View W-05-17-52 (Faxon-Keller).jpg (117290 bytes)
ALCO S2 is eastbound along the Central branch west of Carll Avenue in Babylon, NY in this May 17th, 1952 westward view.  The tracks in the center are the Montauk branch and the spur curving off to the far left with the freight train and caboose is the lead track into the old freight yard.  Argyle Creek is at the far right.  (Will V. Faxon photo, Dave Keller archive, Art Huneke data)
H10s-108-Freight-West-Past-Southold-12-1954.jpg (92929 bytes)
Southold LIRR H10s #108 late afternoon freight westbound through station 12/1954
(R. M. Emery photo, Dave Keller archive)

H10s #111 freight westbound at Mineola c.1952
Photo: Herb George Archive: Dave Keller
lirr108-H10s-2-8-0_westbound-Greenport-freight-L-63_Willis-Ave-passing-old-ice-house_automatic-speed-control-cut-out-sign_mid1955_ArtHuneke.jpg (111496 bytes)
LIRR #108 H10s (2-8-0) on westward  Greenport Freight L-63 approaching NASSAU Tower, Mineola crossing  Willis Avenue, passing old Knickerbocker Ice House and  automatic speed control cutout sign, mid-1955  Photo/Archive: Art Huneke

Maine Central boxcar #5419 spotted at Hills Supermarket Warehouse, Farmingdale 9/07/1955 Archive: Dave Keller
Caboose-46-Frt-DeerPk-1957.jpg (53371 bytes)
Caboose 46 Deer Park 1957 Archive: Dave Keller

RS1 # 466 pulls an eastbound freight past the station at Fresh Pond.
10/05/1958   Archive: Dave Keller
Cold-Spring-Harbor_east-of-station_W.Rogues-Path_c.1958_LIRR-Emery-SUNY-Stony-Brook.jpg (123652 bytes)
Cold Spring Harbor - FM H16-44 1505 east of station W. Rogues Path
c.1958 (LIRR Emery-SUNY Stony Brook)
lirr1560ForestParkwestboundMA-9.jpg (87413 bytes)
LIRR #1560 Union Tpke, Forest Park westbound MA-9  3/27/1972
Photo/Archive: Richard  Makse
The MA-9, a transfer run from Holban to Yard A, crosses Union Turnpike in Forest Hills. Just east of the bridge is "Goldberg's crossover", a physical characteristic that was always part of your rules and physical characteristics periodical. Goldberg's crossover helped access industries on the former connecting track between the Montauk and the Rockaway Beach branches in the northeast quadrant of Glendale Junction.  Richard  Makse

Named for Goldberg’s Farm near the Parkside Station on the Rockaway Branch. West of it was Vanderveer ‘s Dairy Farm on the corner of Woodhaven Blvd.   Edward Ryan
1519 and coal hoppers 10_10_63_Zahn-Boland.jpeg (133928 bytes)
LIRR #1519 and coal hoppers 10/10/1963 
(Frank Zahn - Mike Boland)

Southampton westbound local freight 1963
Archive: John Scala

Freight at Cold Spring Hill - 1963
Archive: John Scala
L466-Ronkonkoma.jpg (46367 bytes)
LIRR  RS-1 #466 Ronkonkoma c.1960's
Photo: Steve Hoskins
NYCRR_ BLW-141_FREMONT_winter63-64_Art-Huneke.jpg (71152 bytes)
NYCRR at FREMONT Winter 1963-64
Photo/Archive: Art Huneke
newsday2.jpg (64131 bytes)
LIRR 449 Newsday 4/21/1965

Wilson Co. plug door insulated boxcar #5133
Wilson & Co., Mineola 1965  Archive: Dave Keller
LIRR1520_Jamaica_viewW_7-1964.jpg (118984 bytes)
LIRR #1520 (ex-D&H) Jamaica view W 7/1964

RS3 #1552 eastbound freight passing Ronkonkoma Station
5/24/1972 Archive: Dave Keller

LIRR RS1#468 overtakes #467 freights east of Queens Village 2/1968 Photo/Archive: James Mardiguian

LIRR RS2 #1519 freight east of Queens Village 2/1968
Photo/Archive: James Mardiguian

Iced reefers (with bunkers) were phased out in 1957 with the advent of mechanical reefer introduction. The plug door car types (c.1955) reefer with the 'insulation’ was an innovation for a non-mechanical (less expensive 3-7 day transport version). Thus, it is a boxcar, but used in a reefer capacity. (above left) This car was used to ship product from the main Wilson Co. plant in New Jersey.

In the mid-1950’s, the flush "plug" style sliding door was introduced as an option that provides a larger door to ease loading and unloading of certain commodities. The tight-fitting doors are better insulated and allow a car's interior to be maintained at a more even temperature.

Plug door box cars and plug door 'bunkerless' reefers look very similar. The difference is the 'insulation' in the walls/roof. The reefer version (RBL type) provide 3-7 days of constant temp storage while in transit. These cars many times are 'pre-cooled' before loading, and canned goods or even flash-frozen foods are loaded.

Plug door boxcars provide a smooth wall surface (when the door is closed) for stacking the load against. There are many example of combination plug/sliding door cars that are dual service, in that they have a large opening (forklift accessible), and the plug doors can be closed to provide more 'cubes' of 'load' area. The area across from the sliding door usually does not have any cargo placed there. 'Dunnage' keeps the load from shifting. The exceptions to no cargo by the sliding doors are items like grain or lumber.

449 and MP54 at J 8_22_68_Zahn-Boland.jpeg (105548 bytes)
LIRR #449 and MP54 at JAY 8/22/1968 
(Frank Zahn - Mike Boland)
S2 457 1968.jpg (102601 bytes)
S2 #457 Westbound  Montauk Hwy Overpass East of Great River 1968 Jules P. Krzenski Collection
Archive: Dave Keller
lirr448UnionHallSt-Jamaica-9-68.jpg (62928 bytes)
S2 #448 Union Hall St. Jamaica 09/1968
Archive: Dave Keller
Syosset just west of the station switching Georgia Pacific_c.1968_RGlueck.jpg (61883 bytes)
Syosset just west of the station switching  Georgia Pacific c.1968 Photo/Archive: Richard Glueck
Huntington_viewNE_1968_RGlueck.jpg (61596 bytes)
LIRR #453 switching Huntington view NE 1968
Photo/Archive: Richard Glueck
RS2 1519 1969.jpg (72067 bytes)
RS2 #1519  Westbound  Great River 1969 Jules P. Krzenski Collection Archive: Dave Keller
lirr453_S2_B-Tower_ 4-68.jpg (198954 bytes)
LIRR  S2 #453  "B" Tower 4/1968

RS2 #1520-1519 Glendale 10/13/1968
 (Frank Zahn - Mike Boland)

RS3 #1554 Garden City secondary c.1978
Photo/Archive: Dan Marra
Freight train L68 with S2 451 at Jamaica on November 22, 1968. Frank Zahn.jpeg (114587 bytes)
S2 #451 freight train L68  at Jamaica 
11/22/1968 (Frank Zahn - Mike Boland)
Freight train L68 with S2460 at Jamaica on March 31, 1969. Frank Zahn.jpeg (104086 bytes)
S2 #460 freight train L68 at Jamaica 3/31/1969
 (Frank Zahn - Mike Boland)

Westbound freight passing B Tower, Bethpage 1971
465, 466, 469 at Fremont 5_16_69_Zahn-Boland.jpeg (82880 bytes)
#465, 466, 469 at FREMONT 5/16/1969 
(Frank Zahn - Mike Boland)
RS2-1519-1520-FreightTrain-Approaching_Holbrook-6-1969-Jim Gillin.jpg (106040 bytes)
LIRR RS2 #1519, 1520 eastbound approaching Holbrook
6/1969 Photo: Jim Gillin
LIRRRS1_tripleheader_KPSH1970_037.jpg (85418 bytes)
LIRR RS1 #468 Tripleheader
Smithtown Viaduct  1970 Photo: Richard Glueck

RS2 #1520-1519 reefers at Mill Creek, Southold 
4/16/1970 Archive: Mike Boland
442, 441, 440 at J 3_23_70_Zahn-Boland.jpeg (103334 bytes)
LIRR #442, 441, 440 at JAY 3/23/1970
 (Frank Zahn - Mike Boland)
C66_Hicksville_viewE_4-1970_JimParker.jpg (108379 bytes)
C66 Hicksville View E 4/1970 
Photo/Archive: Jim Parker
C51_ViewE_4-1970_JimParker.jpg (111126 bytes)
C51 Hicksville west of DIVIDE View E 4/1970 
Photo/Archive: Jim Parker
469, 465, 468 at Glendale7_25_71_Zahn-Boland.jpeg (197772 bytes)
LIRR #469, 465, 468 at Weitzner Brothers Papper at 77th Ave East of Glendale Station view W at 80th St. overpass  7/25/1971 (Frank Zahn - Mike Boland)
GATX-tank-car-98222_Holban-Yard_7-1971_Huneke.jpg (81135 bytes)
GATX tank car #98222 Holban Yard 7/1971
 Photo: Art Huneke

P&LE #14658 gondola at Oyster Bay 1972
Photo/Archive: Richard Glueck
lirr-S2-449_Jamaica_ViewE_9-2-1972_RCraigRutherford.jpg (150008 bytes)
LIRR S2 #449 Jamaica View E 9/02/1972 
Photo/Archive: Craig Rutherford
lirr1555westboundYaphank8-1971JimGillin.jpg (194628 bytes)
LIRR RS-3 #1555 westbound  near Yaphank 08/1972 
Photo/Archive: Jim Gillin
ALCO S2 439-Frt-East-Haberman_5-29-73 (Makse-Keller).jpg (105053 bytes)
Alco S2 #439 eastbound freight Haberman 5/29/1973
Photo: Richard Maske Archive: Dave Keller

The road is 49th Street (in the old days it was referred to
as Haberman's Factory Crossing).

Before the holding yard at Maspeth was built in 1942, Haberman had a low level platform east of 49th Street on #2 (eastbound) track. With the reconfiguration of the area with the construction of the new yard, passenger trains stopped WEST of the crossing even though there was no “official” platform.  The area there was paved over the sidetrack and Haberman passengers knew to board west of the crossing. It was sort of oral tradition. That’s where the train stopped. Info: Richard Maske

lirr452-S2_Meadowbrook_Parkway__view SE_1973_Huneke.jpg (56050 bytes)
LIRR S-2 #452 Meadowbrook Parkway crossing 1973
View SE Photo/Archive: Art Huneke
lirr463_A&P-warehouse_viewE_1973_Huneke.jpg (87030 bytes)
LIRR #463 A&P warehouse Garden City view E 1973
Photo: Art Huneke
RS1- 463_ A&P_Garden_City_Central-Extension_ViewE_11-73-zoom_Huneke.jpg (87469 bytes)
RS1 #463 A&P Garden City Central Extension
View E 11/1973 - Photo/Archive: Art Huneke
lirr467_Harold-Tower_LICity_8-2-74.jpg (136074 bytes)
LIRR #467 freight at Harold Tower LI City
8/02/1974 View NE
BAR 69, PN 1706 at Mt. Olivet 8_8_74_Zahn-Boland.jpeg (165698 bytes)
BAR #69, PN #1706 at Mt. Olive 8/08/1974
 (Frank Zahn - Mike Boland)
LICity_Stinktrack_WestChemical-spot13a-b_1-08-74_richmakse.jpg (109842 bytes)
LI City Yard A "Stink" track West Chemical - Emery map spot13a-b 1/08/1974 Photo: Richard Makse

LIRR #54 freight view west of Deer Park Station
Ex-AIL water tower in background 1974

Feldman Lumber, Mineola - Railbox 3/1978+
Photo/Archive: Steve Torborg
lirr106_Maspeth-Yard_6-09-1978.jpg (112532 bytes)
LIRR  #106 freight at 
Maspeth Yard 6/09/1978

LIRR #160 working Pinelawn 1/1980
Photo/Archive: Paul DeLuca

LIRR #151 Pinelawn - 1980
Photo/Archive: Paul DeLuca

A westbound freight, with the LIRR #154 being its lone power, waits for an eastbound work extra to clear before departing Ronkonkoma. Snowplow W-83, better known as "Jaws III", is awaiting its next winter in the background. November, 1984 Jay Bendersky
Midland-Plastics-Hicksville_1988_JohnVolpi.jpg (100496 bytes)
Midland Plastics - Hicksville 
1988 Photo: John Volpi

LIRR #1520 working the Pinelawn Wye in 1976
Photo/Archive: Dan Marra

YFD #301 RBOX, SCL, CNW and SOO Line
northbound to Fresh Pond   3/14/1978.
Photo: Fred Wilczewski  Archive: Dietrich Ryan

A westbound M1 train on Montauk branch track #1 is passing a short, eastbound freight on Montauk branch track #2 on the west side of Valley Stream station on 7/27/71.  The track curving off to the left accesses the south side of the station platform, the capacity of which is 10 M1's as indicated by the sign at the bottom right of the image.   These tracks are considered the Atlantic branch until they curve off to Far Rockaway on the east side of the station.  The tracks which continue further east are then considered Long Beach tracks #1 and #2 and curve off to that branch at the Lynbrook station.  The concrete abutments support girder bridges which carry the tracks over Mill Pond creek.  (Dave Keller archive and caption).
elboxcarPJ78.jpg (52190 bytes)
EL boxcar Port Jefferson Photo: Steven Lynch  1978

islipbulkheadlumberflat3-80.jpg (58166 bytes)
North siding 84 Lumber bulkhead flatcar  
Photo: Steven Lynch  3/1980

c94 Pinelawn 1-29-74 Richard Dunnet v2 .jpg (72105 bytes)
Caboose 94 Pinelawn 1/29/1974
Photo: Richard Dunnet
BARGP7-69-RF42freight-viewE-Mineola-TimDarnell.jpg (147985 bytes)
BAR GP7 #69 Train RF-42 going back to Holban view E at Mineola
8/1976 Photo: Tim Darnell
freightsch06-05-74.jpg (192255 bytes)
LIRR Freight Schedule 
6/05/1974 Archive: Tim Darnell
161remz4aug79en4.jpg (49850 bytes)
LIRR #161 8/04/1979
ronkjohnvolpijuly1983.jpg (47224 bytes)
Ronkonkoma 7/1983
Photo: John Volpi
sayvillebennett_thrall3-80.jpg (54554 bytes)
Sayville Bennett Thrall 3/1980
Photo: Steven Lynch
sayvillelumberflat78.jpg (48118 bytes)
Sayville lumber flatcar
Photo: Steven Lynch 1978
LIRR RS1 Triple header008b1.jpg (46711 bytes)
LIRR RS1 #468 Tripleheader
1970 Photo: Richard Glueck
LIRRL227henrymaywald.jpg (55640 bytes)
 C420 L227 Photo: Henry Maywald
Collection: Albert Castelli
LIRR 211 GLF elevators west of Riverhead 19701.jpg (55437 bytes)
LIRR 211 GLF elevators west of Riverhead 1970
LIRRRS1Tripleheader010b1.jpg (103924 bytes)
RS1 triple lash-up c.1970. Not in MTA scheme. Westbound Port Jeff Branch
Photo: Richard Glueck
LI451OBfrtMnla11-755-9timdarnell.jpg (119174 bytes)
Lirr 451 OBay bound at Mineola 11/75 
Photo: Tim Darnell
Eastport1975tad.jpg (72821 bytes)
Freight 1975 Eastport westbound
Photo: Tim Darnell
SW1001 107 LI City 12-26-78 Scala v2.jpg (93096 bytes)
SW1001 107 LI City 12/26/1978
Photo: John Scala
LIRR RS1 Triple header007b1.jpg (49042 bytes)
LIRR RS1 #468 Tripleheader
Photo: Richard Glueck
BAR74-PN1506-LIRR-Frt-westbound-Holban-Yd-10-16-76.jpg (49177 bytes)
BAR #74 and PN #1506, double heading a westbound LIRR freight at Holban Yard Hollis , NY 10/16/1976  Photo: George E. Votava  Archive: Dave Keller

MP15ac-153-Hack-C-54-Frt-RF69-DIVIDE-Hicksville-2-20-78.jpg (104595 bytes)
MP15ac #153 pulling freight RF-69 with 
Hack C54 westbound at "DIVIDE" tower - Hicksville - 2/20/1978 (Madden-Keller)

 lirrC420-4unitlashup-LICity08-12-81.jpg (128641 bytes)
C420 #229 lead on 4 Unit LI City 08/12/1981
Archive: Dave Keller

Bay Shore team yard, 3rd Ave - RF64 #151, C62 View W 7/1987
Photo/Archive: Jay Bendersky
medford 8-18-1985.jpg (61686 bytes)
Medford  08/18/1985

Sea Cliff c.1978

LIRR #159, #155 MOW welded rail  at Wellwood, North Lindenhurst
8/1987 Photo/Archive: Jay Bendersky

n the Central Branch, the 159 and 155 are tied down for the weekend with an Amtrak welded rail train. Seen on the east end of Wellwood Double-End Freight siding in North Lindenhurst, the train will go to work following Monday morning's commission hour.

DHNY-50063_I-Love-NY_Fresh-Pond_9-10-82_Huneke.jpg (70006 bytes)
DHNY #50063 50' Cushioned box built:  3/66 Rebuilt: 4/82 "I Love NY" at Fresh Pond 9/10/1982 : Photo: Art Huneke Note: 200 cars from the D&H 29000 series were rebuilt and renumbered to DHNY 50000-50199, in 1982.

MOW Storage Holban Yard, St. Albans 1983
Photo/Archive: John Krattinger

MP15ac #171, #155 Freight westbound Farmingdale 2/1979 Archive: Dave Keller

Riverhead freight 1984 Archive: Frank Fiore

SW1001 #104 is on the YFD-104 out of Yard A. Here it's working Allied Extruders, ex-Carbona site Spot #1, just east of Greenpoint Avenue and Bliss Tower. View W 12/23/1979 Photo/Archive: Jeff Erlitz
LI-City_4-truck-heavy-duty-flat_transformer-to_CON_ED_c.1963_Huneke.jpg (65857 bytes)
LI City Transformer load to Con Ed (Consolidated Edison) c.1963 Photo: Art Huneke
WECX #201E990 Westinghouse Electric - Transformer Car - Wellwood Siding 1968+ Photo: Art Huneke
WECX201E990 WESTINGHOUSE   ELECTRIC   TRANSFORMER   CAR   WECX201   AT   WELLWOOD   SIDING-end-view-huneke.jpg (90339 bytes)
WECX #201E990 Westinghouse Electric -Transformer Car - end view at Wellwood Siding  "DO NOT HUMP - EMPTY OR LOADED" placard Photo: Art Huneke
Westinghouse-Electric_Schnabel-Car_WECX200_Pinelawn_3-1973_Huneke.jpg (89847 bytes)
Westinghouse Electric WECX200 - Schnabel Car Pinelawn 3/1973 Photo: Art Huneke
C-59 _Ideal-Toy_Holban-Yard_viewNW_8-75.jpg (108794 bytes)
Holban Yard, Hollis C-59 Ideal Toy in 
background  View NW 8/1975
Extra-159_WEST at CLINTON ROAD GARDEN CITY 12-8-1977 JOHN SCALA_Huneke.jpg (108709 bytes)
Extra #159 westbound at Clinton Rd., Garden City 2/08/1977 Photo: John Scala Archive: Art Huneke

Note the 138kv oil circuit breaker load on the depressed center flatcar. (above left)  LILCO  is the only plausible customer for this item at the southwest corner of Islip Ave/Suffolk Ave (Five Corners) intersection in Brentwood.  See map location #6:

It appears to be an Allis-Chalmers type BZO HV Oil Circuit Breaker

1. The tank is divided into three sections. You wouldn't see that on a 3 phase transformer.
2. Too small to be a transformer of any real capacity.
3.  No cooling fins. Transformers of that size have them due to heat.
4. The fourth clue is that transformers change voltage so the insulating bushings on each side are different  lengths, circuit breakers have the same size on each side.

The depressed flat is to allow enough height to ship the breaker fully assembled from Milwaukee. Installing bushings later is not a big deal on transformers but on circuit breakers the contacts and their linkages are hung from the bushings so field assembly would be excessive. Thus overheight shipping methods are preferred. The weight would not be an issue as it would be shipped empty of insulating oil to simplify the crane requirements during installation (in older days something like this would be skidded into place on rollers over a timber path). Info: Bill West

MP15ac-171-Freight-Eastbound Thru Bethpage - 09-23-79 (Keller).jpg (102494 bytes)
MP15ac #171 freight eastbound Bethpage 09/23/79
Archive: Dave Keller
MP15ac-171-155-Freight West Thru Farmingdale - 02-1979(Keller).jpg (143374 bytes)
MP15ac #171, #155 freight west Farmingdale 02/1979 
Archive: Dave Keller

MP-15-163-Ronkonkoma_11-1984_Huneke.jpg (84266 bytes)
MP15ac  #163 Ronkonkoma westbound 
View NE 11/1984 Photo: Art Huneke

6-21-85lirr223-228johnvolpi.jpg (102007 bytes)
LIRR 223-228  Setauket 6-21-85
Photo: John Volpi
lirr229-155_cabC55KingsPark06-10-85.jpg (248141 bytes)
LIRR  #229-155 CabC55
PJ Branch West Kings Park 06/10/1985 Photo: John Volpi
PJworktrainMikeKoehler.jpg (81557 bytes)
PJ work train action from early 80's 
PJworktrainMikeKoehler2.jpg (68404 bytes)
PJ work train action from early 80's 
Photo: Mike Koehler
224 local freight at Mineola.jpg (143691 bytes)
RF-49 local LI 224 local at Mineola Westbound 7/1979
Photo: Tim Darnell
PJworktrainMikeKoehler3.jpg (84918 bytes)
PJ work train action from early 80's 
Photo: Mike Koehler
WB-BethpageCentral BranchEastofBTower10.22.1985KevinGulau.jpg (94059 bytes)
LIRR #152 westbound on Bethpage Central Branch East of B Tower 10/22/1985 
Photo: Kevin Gulau
lirr-S2_453-454_Patchogue_6-17-1972_Marty-Bernard.jpg (102135 bytes)
LIRR S2 #453 #454 Patchogue maintenance yard 6/017/72 
Photo: Marty Bernard
lirr155eastSmithtown6-10-85johnvolpi.jpg (69598 bytes)
LIRR # 155 east Smithtown 6/10/1985
Photo: John Volpi
MP-15AC_lirr156-xxx_FPJ_12-30-88_AJosephDaly.jpeg (102998 bytes)
MP-15AC pair LIRR #155-156 approaching abandoned Fremont Tower 12/30/1988 view SE  Photo/Archive: A. Joseph Daly
lirr155_crew-trouble-freight-coupler_Fremont-Tower_12-30-1988_viewN_AJosephDaly.jpg (437782 bytes)
MP-15AC pair LIRR #155-156 crew fixing trouble coupler at Fremont Tower 12/30/1988 view N  Photo/Archive: A. Joseph Daly
MP-15ACpair_lirr156-xxx_ conductor-on-steps-job-done_wye-FPJ_12-30-88_AJosephDaly.jpeg (125342 bytes)
MP-15AC pair LIRR #155-156 Conductor on the steps as the setout is complete on the wye at Fresh Pond Jct. View S at abandoned Fremont Tower 12/30/1988 Photo/Archive: A. Joseph Daly 
family.jpg (76378 bytes)
Islip 3/1980 - 84 Lumber
Photo: Steve Lynch
lirrMP15_159,157trainRF70FairchildRepublic-scrap_05-1997WilliamSkeats.jpg (70576 bytes)
LIRR MP15ac's #159, 157 train RF70 picking up scrap metal from demolition of Fairchild Republic at PW Farmingdale. May 1997
Photo: William Skeats
6-00 fresh pond.jpg (273468 bytes)
Fresh Pond 6/2000
Photo: Steve Lynch
snow.jpg (166909 bytes)
NY&A RS-60 eastbound through Holtsville
(near the East switch of Prima siding)  Photo: Joe Tischner
02-11035.jpg (286694 bytes)
Work Train #1 with engines 153 and 161 on the Garden Mitchell Secondary  2/11/2005 Photo: Joe Tischner
Conrail_Islip_05-08-2005_long_island_joe.jpg (97831 bytes)
Conrail Islip 05/08/2005  
Photo: longislandjoe
RF60 with C420 218 at YA 5-76 TAD.jpg (60980 bytes)
RF60 with C420 218 at YA 5/1976 
Photo: Tim Darnell
05-06joetischner.jpg (79693 bytes)
West end curve into Yaphank 
5/2006 Photo: Joe Ttischner
KPviewwestsiding.jpg (48602 bytes)
Kings Park Siding
Photo: Mike Koehler
RS-31Farmingdale09-28-06JTischner.jpg (90289 bytes)
Freight RS-31 Farmingdale 9/28/2006 
Photo: Joe Tischner
07-26-06BethInterlocking.jpg (171986 bytes)
RS-30 through Beth Interlocking Two boxcars bracketing a
tank with 261 as power. Photo: Joe Tischner 7/26/2006
BAR74-GP7_ LIRR1520-Rs2_C68_08-01-74.jpg (57482 bytes)
BAR #74 GP7  LIRR #1520 RS2  C68
Photo: 8/01/1974
lic-69_03-01-72Huntington.jpg (66394 bytes)
3/01/1972 Huntington
lirr-156-freight_eastbound_Queens-Village_6-1979_TerryGuy.jpg (115545 bytes)
LIRR #156 eastbound freight past Queens Village 
6/1979 Photo/Archive: Terry Guy
LIRR-169_westbound-Locust-Ave_Glen-Head_6-5-1979_TerryGuy.jpg (164492 bytes)
LIRR #169 westbound freight at Locust Ave, Glen Head 6/05/1979 Photo/Archive: Terry Guy

RS2 #1520 eastbound at South 12th-St. New Hyde Park 7/15/1968 Photo/Archive: James Mardiguian
C420_ 223KingsPark.jpg (54842 bytes)
C420 #223 Kings Park
Photo: Mike Koehler c.1983
lirrRF60Hollis11-75tad.jpg (51461 bytes)
LIRR RF60 at Hollis 11/1975 
Photo: Tim Darnell
C420_223KingsPark.jpg (75703 bytes)
C420 #223 "Smoking It Up" Kings Park
Photo: Mike Koehler c.1983
KingsParkfreight.jpg (47033 bytes)
Kings Park Photo: Mike Koehler c.1983
C420-227KingsParkMike Koehler2.jpg (77698 bytes)
C420 #223 Kings Park
Photo: Mike Koehler c.1983

NASSAU Tower View W 1967 - Photo/Archive: John Scala

YFD-301 at the east end of Pond just down from the
 interchange with John Cosman Engineer c.1995
Photo/Archive: George H. Lightfoot III

RF40, I believe, waiting for the YFD-301 to clear on the way
upstairs at Fresh Pond. They had 1 car for Yard A c.1995
Photo/Archive: George H. Lightfoot III

LIRR S2 #452 West Hempstead  - View NE c.1975
Photo/Archive: Tim Darnell

lirr160_train-RF61_Hicksville_4-8-78.jpg (99531 bytes)
LIRR #160 Train RF-61 Hicksville 4/08/1978

RockLoadoutMaspethorejennies1997.jpg (66206 bytes)
Rock load out at Maspeth
of ore jennies, 1997

PrimaAsphaltHoltsvilleorejennies1997.jpg (82686 bytes)
Prima Asphalt, Holtsville ore jennies 1997

LIRR #229 train RF-48 westbound east of Stewart Manor Station
1/1985  - Photo/Archive: Jay Bendersky

nya_stone_01_8.30.03.jpg (232554 bytes)
Stone Train 08/30/2003  Photo: Joe Tischner

MP15AC #156 Train RF15 -  Elmhurst view E 1/18/1978
Photo/Archive: Jeff  Erlitz

MP15AC #169 Train RF13 - Corona Lead Team Yard
Flushing 3/13/1978 - Photo/Archive: Jeff  Erlitz

ALCO C420s #228,226 - CR SW1500 #9540 Fremont
View N  4/08/1981  Photo/Archive: Fred  Wilczewski

Freemont  12/12/1981  - Photo: Jay Bendersky

MP15ac #172 pulls a 3-car freight with caboose westbound on the Garden City Secondary at Franklin Ave., Garden City on 11/27/1982.
The Hempstead branch curves to the right.
(Wm. Madden photo, Dave Keller archive)

Garden City 8/29/1984 - Photo: Jay Bendersky

RF-65 LIRR MP15-AC #160 westbound Cold Spring Harbor 1/1985

Farmingdale 1/1988  - Photo/Archive: William Mangahas
GardenCitySec022507.jpg (50765 bytes)
LIRR MP15-AC #153, Caboose N-5B #1 Garden City Secondary 2/25/2007
stonetrain09-10-08.jpg (44518 bytes)
Stone Train Prima Asphalt, Holtsville
9/10/2008 Photo: Joseph M.
rs40pinelawneastboundRun8.jpg (84787 bytes)
NYA RS40 #261 Pinelawn east at MP33 10/23/08 Photo: Joseph M.
RF-62 has just departed Ronkonkoma heading east, with the 154 in the lead, 4 cars and a hack. Nowadays, we would be looking directly into the "new" Ronkonkoma Yard. Seen just west of Knickerbocker Avenue in November of 1984. Photo/Archive: Jay Bendersky
Newsday051911NYARfreight-Lindenhurst.jpg (297896 bytes)
Newsday 05/19/2011 NYA Lindenhurst freight siding nuisance.
MP15ac-154-Freight-LI City_Montauk-Cutoff_04-16-91 (Szachacz-Keller).jpg (125481 bytes)
MP15ac #154 freight LI City Montauk  Cutoff view N 4/16/1991

BridgehamptonPlatform-PulverSiding_viewE-03-21-08MikeMcDermet.jpg (85738 bytes)
Pulver Siding view E  from Bridgehampton Platform
3/21/2008 Photo: Mike McDermet

MP15ac-155-159-Ore Cars-LI City - 04-29-97 (Szachacz-Keller).jpg (138479 bytes)
MP15ac #155, #159 Ore Cars LI City  4/29/1997 
MP15ac-153-158-Stone Train Westbound past Hillside Facility - 03-1998 (Keller).jpg (100672 bytes)
MP15ac #153, #158 Stone Train westbound past 
Hillside Facility  3/1998 Archive: Dave Keller
MP15ac-172-Work Train-Laurelton - 03-1999 (Keller).jpg (118726 bytes)
MP15ac #172 Work train Laurelton  3/1999
Archive: Dave Keller
Kasgro-Rail-Lines_Depressed-Deck-Car_AAR-KRL-25960-25964_Load-Capacity-244,000_Fresh-Pond.jpg (96532 bytes)
Kasgro Rail Lines Depressed Deck Car KRL # 25960 Fresh Pond 
c. 1995 for Freeport Electric 

QUEENS Tower  MP15AC #163 YFD #203 eastbound  3/01/1978 
Photo/Archive: Jeff Erlitz

PC #229255 - Maspeth 1988

SpottingSherwoodlumberHoltsville11-17-08.jpg (43510 bytes)
NYA GP38-2 #261 spotting Sherwood Lumber, Holtsville 11/17/2008

BCOL #52805 Center Stake Car - Edwards Ave., Southold  12/28/2003 Photo/Archive: John Volpi

MP15AC #158 (#163 below)  LI City Wheelspur Yard

8/06/2018 Photos/Archive: Greg Grice

CR #229273 - Fresh Pond 1988

LIRR #172-165 westbound stone train on the Lower Montauk
at Morris Park - 8/24/2022  Photo/Archive: Joe Vila

Main St., Holbrook  - View W 4/08/2023 Photo/Archive: Evan Gerace

Note: S2 Distant Switch Signal for Prima.
These protect facing point switches only.

TBOX #661307 "Breast Cancer Awareness" 9/21/2022
Photo: Jason Saberhagen Epler


PC #281585 - Queens Village yard  5/1974
Photo/Archive: John Ciesla

ALCO S2 #457 Train RF13 - Corona Lead Team Yard Whitestone Branch
6/18/1975 Photo/Archive: Jeff  Erlitz

YFD-201 was a weekday morning (7:59am?) yard crew that did
the local switching in and around Holban Yard and Richmond Hill.
On this day, MP15AC 164 (EMD, 4/1977, s/n 766043-15) was in use.
12/26/1978  Info/Photo/Archive: Jeff Erlitz

 RF-69 arrives at Holban in late morning from Garden City where it spent the morning switching the Garden-Mitchel Field Secondary. MP15AC 158 (EMD, 3/1977, s/n 766043-9) was in charge.  12/26/1978  Info/Photo/Archive: Jeff Erlitz

Looking nothing like it does today, this is looking SE from the west end of Holban Yard towards what was then the Maintenance of Way section. In order to clear this s
pace for the west end of the future Hillside Support Facility, this was moved south to the St. Albans section of the yard. 12/26/1978  Info/Photo/Archive: Jeff Erlitz

LIRR MP15-AC #165 MOW rail reclaim westbound passing
RMLI Riverhead - 3/28/2024   Photo/Archive: Daniel Foran

Maspeth was a busy piece of railroad.  Nearly round the clock, there were locals switching Welbilt, the team yard, Maspeth Yard, the Navy Yard Lead or Phelps-Dodge.  Nearly every hour there was a movement to or from Yard A plus the four passenger trains and the afternoon crew riders and the AM and PM light engines moving to and from Morris Park for fueling.

Maspeth Avenue was one of my favorite spots with manual gates and the remnants of the center of old Maspeth.  The Maurice "mansion" stood adjacent to St. Saviour's Church.  At one time, Maspeth had its own LIRR station across Rust Street from the church and mansion.

An afternoon transfer run from Holban, the MA-9, crosses Maspeth Avenue led byex-D&H RS-3's 1519-1520.
A great place to be on April 4, 1965.  Info/Photo/Archive: Richard Makse

Hart Fuel Co., New Hyde Park Oil Terminal  (former Plaza Fuel Co.*) 
Emery-Map-NewHydeParkMP16-MP17.jpg (333865 bytes)  
1958 Emery map New Hyde Park  MP16 - MP17  Plaza Fuel Co. Spot 10  new 1947.  New Hyde Park Oil Terminal presently at Spot 14; site of former Northwestern Oil Co. 1926 and later Royal Petroleum Co.
newhydeparkrd-PlazaFuel.jpg (40100 bytes) 
Plaza Fuel Co. New Hyde Park Rd view NE 
Archive: Daniel Marra, Sr.
newhydeparkPlazaFuelsiding.jpg (40758 bytes)
Plaza Fuel Co. siding New Hyde Park 
view east  Archive: Daniel Marra, Sr.
NewHydePark-Oil Terminal-3.jpg (74290 bytes)
New Hyde Park Oil Terminal fuel oil delivery truck rack system.
Photos: Ray Hart, Jr. 
NHPk-Oil-Terminal-1st-Soybean-oil-cars_10-22-08_IMG_0141.jpg (51433 bytes) NHPk-Oil-Terminal-1st-Soybean-oil-cars_10-22-08_IMG_0142.jpg (53253 bytes)
New Hyde Park Oil Terminal First delivery of  soybean
oil tank cars 10/22/2008  Photos: Ray Hart, Jr. 
NHPk-Oil-Terminal-1st-Soybean-oil-cars_10-22-08_IMG_0134.jpg (43373 bytes)
NHPk-Oil-Terminal-1st-Soybean-oil-cars_10-22-08_IMG_0144.jpg (59672 bytes)
"Breaking the Seal" on the first tank car delivered by NY&A 10/22/2008
Photo: Ray Hart, Jr.
 NewHydeParkOilTerminalview.jpg (67155 bytes)|
NHPk Oil Terminal with the NYA Siding in yellow and the oil terminal siding in white.
Info: Daniel Marra, Sr.
NHP_Oil_Terminal_Trucks.jpg (77920 bytes)
NHP Oil Terminal Fuel Oil Trucks

NHP_Oil_Terminal_Siding_M7.jpg (103125 bytes)
NHP Oil Terminal Siding  view SW 
eastbound M7

NY&A-271_West@NHPk06-22-2010.jpg (139834 bytes)
NYA #271 westbound 200 yards east of New Hyde Park Rd from a utility pole at the NHPk Oil Terminal 6/22/2010 Photo: Daniel Marra, Jr.
NHP_Oil_Terminal_M7.jpg (78552 bytes)

NHP_Oil_Terminal_Switch2.jpg (75809 bytes)
NHP Oil Terminal Switch #2

NHP_Oil_Terminal_Tank_Car.jpg (86650 bytes)

NHP_Oil_Terminal_Tank_Car2.jpg (78695 bytes)
TILX #251824 Ethanol tank car
Photos: Henry Wagner 2008-09

        The location of New Hyde Park Oil Terminal (prior Plaza Coal & Oil)  is about 200 yards east of the New Hyde Park LIRR station and the New Hyde Park Rd. crossing on the north side of the LIRR Main Line. 

        It is served every 2 to 3 days by westbound NY&A local freights. The cars are picked up in Brooklyn, hauled up the Bay Ridge Branch, then out the main line to Hicksville, where they are picked up by the westbound local.

        New Hyde Park Oil Terminal, opened in 1998, supplies heating oil to several local oil companies in Nassau, Suffolk, and Queens Counties. In early 2008, Ray Hart began his venture into Biofuel for a cleaner burning oil with minimal omissions. 

        The type of rail cars used to deliver Soy Bean Oil are 50 ft Tank Cars. Loads in, empties out. Prior to Hart's new rail siding, Ray Hart, a former tank truck owner/driver was himself an oil delivery and repair man. His trucking company, Hart Transportation picked up daily loads of oil from the refineries in NJ.   Info: Daniel Marra, Sr.

* Plaza Fuel Co. 1420 Plaza Ave. New Hyde Park. PI 6-6272 and FL 4-7911 Source: NY Telephone Nassau County white pages 1961-1962

Coal Trains to Kings Park State Hospital
kingparkhospital.jpg (45064 bytes)
Coal dock at the KP Hospital 
Photo: John Volpi
coaldragKingsParkHospital07-19-84AlCastelli.jpg (41337 bytes)
Coal drag Kings Park Hospital 07/19/84 Photo: Al Castelli 
lirr228kingsparkpcspur_c.1985DaveFlynn.jpg (45619 bytes)
LIRR  #228 Kings Parks State Hospital spur
View taken from the hill south of Old Dock Road, looking north toward Patiky Street
 c. 1985  Photo: Dave Flynn
229loadplatform.jpg (60829 bytes)
LIRR #229 switching the coal dock 
Photo: John Volpi
kingparkcoaldock.jpg (59581 bytes)

KingsParkTrain-011.jpg (87848 bytes)
Coal dock at the KP Hospital 
Photo: John Volpi
KingsParkTrain-010.jpg (133030 bytes)
Hazardous Fumes DANGER sign at the 
coal dock at the KP Hospital 
Photo: John Volpi
LI City Yard A

LI City Yard A c.1946 view east

lirr%20gn%20milw.jpg (67008 bytes)
LIRR's Class GR (PRR) gondola # 494908 1947 Archive: Ted Culotta

LICitystinktrackWestChemical13a-b_1-08-74richmakse.jpg (69440 bytes)
LI City "Stink Track" West Chemical 01/08/1974 Photo: Richard F. Makse

Caboose-C60_On-Frt-Yard-A-LIC_04-20-77_Keller.jpg (117786 bytes)
LI City LIRR C60 4/20/77 
Archive: Dave Keller

LICity08-17-1971v1.jpg (45411 bytes)
LI City 08/17/1971 view east

LICity08-17-1971.jpg (54173 bytes)
LI City 08/17/1971 view east

lirrC67_Crew-LICity_5-1981.jpg (114033 bytes)
LIRR C67 Crew LI City 5/1981

St. James Feed
St.James_Rosilia Feed_viewW_c.1972.jpg (46441 bytes)
 Ex-Western Suffolk Potato location then leased by Rosilia Feed
at least by 1957+.  c.1972 View W.
StJamesFeedDoubleheader.jpg (54191 bytes)
St. James Feed on the Port Jefferson branch  burnt down in the late 70's c.1977  The MOW siding at St. James used to be a small run around siding that served the feed store. View east. c.1976  Photo/Archive/Info: Len Torney

StJamesEx-FeedLocation.jpg (65062 bytes)
View west from where the structure used to stand. Upon adding the platform on the west side of the station, they've removed the switch closest to the station.   The switch that was removed is where the platform is today. c.1978 Info/Photo: Len Torney