LIRR Freight Stations

Frt-Sta-Sign-Vanderveer Park-1954.jpg (191948 bytes)
Sign for the Vanderveer Park freight station and team yard at street level along Flatbush Avenue - 1954.  Steps led down to the freight facilities.  (Rolf Schneider photo, Dave Keller archive)

Seeking info and photos for the following:

Port Jefferson
Long Beach
Far Rockaway (at grade)

Greenport - Railroad Museum of LI (RMLI)

Westbound tracks usually had the larger platform or facility because more express was shipped westbound from a way station than eastbound. Patchogue is a good example of that. There were exceptions to that rule, though, as there were a number of express houses that had larger facilities for eastbound service: Amityville, Mastic, Speonk, West Hampton, Hampton Bays, Riverhead and Huntington to name a few. It varied on an individual basis, depending upon individual station volume. Info: Dave Keller

amagansett.jpg (38668 bytes)
Amagansett 2000 vacant, built brick 1895 Photo: Bill Kessler
amagansett-MikeMcDermet.jpg (236704 bytes)
Amagansett  03/21/2008
Photo: Mike McDermet
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AmityvilleFreightStation051964BradfordGPhillips.jpg (104692 bytes)
Amityville freight station 05/1964 Photo/Archive: Bradford G. Phillips


BabylonFreightHouse-1stMU-Huneke.jpg (75163 bytes)
First MU train to arrive at Babylon - May, 1925. View is looking west. Boxcars are spotted at the Babylon freight house, roof of which is visible at left. Photo: James V. Osborne, Archive: Art Huneke, Info: Dave Keller
babylonfirstelectrictrainproject.jpg (34689 bytes)
Babylon freight house (rear view) with first MU train – May, 1925 View NW (Dave Keller archive)
REAFreightHouseBabylon1951JoeHagan.jpg (34299 bytes)
Babylon freight house looking northeast – 1951 (Joe Hagan photo, Dave Keller archive)
BayShoreFreightHouse-1958Huneke.jpg (39659 bytes)
Bay Shore Freight House 1958 
Archive: Art Huneke



Frt-Sta-Bayside-West-1-25-1930.jpg (146498 bytes)
Bayside freight station at right,  Hawley Coal silo at left, depressed tracks for grade elimination 1/25/30.  Looking west towards the station facilities, the express house with elevator shaft is visible in the center background.  Note that all the sidings are electrified to allow freight operations with DD1 electric locomotives.   (Dave Keller archive)
Sta-Blissville-Frt-Hse-12-70.jpg (53089 bytes)
Blissville freight house in 12/1970 (D. Keller photo and archive)  
BridgehamptonStationTOS-FreightHouse.jpg (83415 bytes)
Bridgehampton Freight House in background. TOS (train order signal) at Bridgehampton station.
Archive: Art Huneke
BushwickFreightStation-Huneke.jpg (110403 bytes)
Bushwick Freight Station 
Archive: Art Huneke
CampUpton-FrtSta-1918-1.jpg (43238 bytes)
Camp Upton Freight station – rear view – 1918 Note: After the camp closed in April, 1921, this structure was taken down in sections and shipped to Northport where it was reassembled and became the freight house there. (Thos. R. Bayles photo, Dave Keller archive/info) 
CampUpton-FrtSta-1918-2.jpg (48833 bytes)
Camp Upton Freight station – trackside view – 1918  (Thos. R. Bayles photo, Dave Keller archive)  
FreightHouse-FarRight-CollegePoint-Huneke.jpg (55706 bytes)
 College Point Freight House at right c. 1930 Archive: Art Huneke
Cedarhurst-Frt Hse-1939.JPG (284704 bytes)
Cedarhurst Freight House 1939
Archive: Art Huneke
Cedarhurst-Frt-Exp Hse-1939-2 (SSRR ROW at left).JPG (287763 bytes)
Cedarhurst Freight House 1939 (SSRR ROW at left) Archive: Art Huneke
Deer-Park-Station-Freight-House_1920s_Huneke.jpg (75743 bytes)
Deer Park Station and Freight House

Note: The eastbound express platform (no express house), the freight house with a ramp from the "parking lot" for heavier items and a ramp from the station platform for express items.   Bunk House and Section House to the far east. Archive: Art Huneke

Frt-Sta-Eastport-1958.jpg (73974 bytes)
Eastport - former passenger station in use as freight station 1958  This view shows the ticket bay after conversion to a freight bay when ridership dwindled to nothing.  The last year or two that the station was listed on the timetable it was indicated as a freight station and was so noted on the Hagstrom Street atlas at the time.  (Irving Solomon photo for the Public Svc. Commission, Dave Keller archive)
Station Area-Exp Hse-Baggage Car-Eastbound-Farmingdale, NY - 10-6-48.jpg (93886 bytes)
Farmingdale Station Area view E 10/06/1948 Photo: F. Weber, Archive: Dave Morrison

There is an express car spotted in front of the freight house and an open express house is clearly visible in front of it along the westbound track.  Sign on the end of the freight house at the left begins to spell "Railway Express Agency" and  further down on the same track, a boxcar is spotted.  It  would appear that the REA occupied the west end of the structure and the freight department utilized the remainder of the building. Info: Dave Keller

RS3 #1553 Train #204 eastbound at Farmingdale passing freight house 1963 Archive: Dave Keller


Freight Station-Flatbush and Atlantic Aves-Bklyn - 05-11-1929 (Sperr-Keller).jpg (55335 bytes)
Flatbush Freight Station - Flatbush & Atlantic Aves. Brooklyn - 5/11/1929 
Photo: Percy Loomis Sperr 
Archive: Dave Keller

View is looking west.  Flatbush Ave. Station is in the background alongside the EL and the Williamsburgh Savings Bank tower beyond.
FreightHouse-FloralPark-Huneke.jpg (23028 bytes)
Floral Park Freight House c. 1935
Archive: Art Huneke
FloralPk-frthse-RS1-465-2-12-52.jpg (75633 bytes)
Floral Park freight house 2/12/52 Terrific action shot of LIRR RS1 #465  (Craig Zeni archive)
FloralParkFreightHouseHuneke.jpg (82298 bytes)
Floral Park  freight house elevated view from  "PARK" tower  c. 1960
Archive: Art Huneke

Frt-Sta-Broadway-Flushing-11-4-1918.jpg (125821 bytes)
 LIRR valuation photo of the freight station  at Broadway, Flushing 11/4/1918. An interesting note is that this freight station is not indicated on Robert Emery's first-draft map of Broadway, Flushing.  (Dave Keller archive)
H10s-Frt-east-past-Frt-Hse-Freeport-from-PORT Twr-c.1940.jpg (67568 bytes)
Freeport H10s #? and freight eastbound on a cold and dreary winter's day, passing the freight house  c. 1940.  View W from "PORT" interlocking tower. (Dave Keller archive)  
New Freight House and Team Tracks - Freeport - 1959.jpg (73008 bytes)
Freeport new freight house and team yard 1959 Archive: Dave Keller
FreightHouseGreenport-06051955.jpg (74892 bytes)
The brick freight house at Greenport photographed on 6/5/55 during a railfan extra. While there are numerous photos of this structure as the RMLI museum building, this view shows the freight house as it looked while it was in active freight service. (Roy W. Schnoor photo, Dave Keller archive and info.)
GPortFHouse04-88viewNW.jpg (62471 bytes)
Greenport Freight House 04/1988
View NW Photo: CAPT. William Gilligan, US Navy
Frt-Sta-G Tower-Great Neck--West-10-28-1931.jpg (99659 bytes)
Great Neck freight station and "G" interlocking tower and semaphore block signal - looking west at  - 10/28/31.  Again, note that all sidings, including the team track with box car at far left are electrified.  (Dave Keller archive)
Frt-Sta-Huntington-NE-1969.jpg (99215 bytes)
Huntington freight station west of New York Avenue  - 1969.  the high-level platforms and ramp have recently been removed.  View is looking northeast.  (Dave Keller photo and archive)
HuntingtonFreightHouse-ViewW-GLFinback1962.jpg (94801 bytes)
Huntington freight station west of New York Avenue  View NW Archive: Brad Phillips
Freight Offices - LIC - 1919.jpeg (102374 bytes)
 LI City building housing Freight Offices 07/14/1919 Archive: Dave Keller  
LCL-Frt-Platform-Arch St. Yard-LICity-c. 1940.jpg (102724 bytes)
LI City Arch St. Yard LCL freight platform located along the LIRR's North Shore Freight branch.  View is c. 1940 but could be earlier or later for that matter.  Note the boxcars lined up on both sides of the platform making for a very dreary working environment.  No need to "Watch the Gap" here!  Those cars are real close to the platform and metal plates are in place to allow the easy movement of hand trucks on and off the cars.  (Dave Keller archive)
Frt-Sta-Lynbrook-East-c. 1930.jpg (100709 bytes)
 Lynbrook MU 2-car train westbound passing freight station east of  Lynbrook 1935.  View looking east.  Note the multi-silos of  Dependable Fuel in the background as well as the spire of St. Agnes R.C. Cathedral across from the Rockville Centre station.  
Dave Keller archive and info)
montaukfreighthouse-Private Site-.jpg (36935 bytes)
Montauk 1942 freight house moved from its original location to Industrial Rd. c. late 1960's
montaukfreighthouseindustrialrd1994-J. Fusto.jpg (61391 bytes)
Montauk freight house on Industrial Rd. 1994 Photo: John Fusto
Oakdale-FreightHouse-PRR 732viewE-1941.jpg (192629 bytes)
Oakdale freight house PRR #732 view E 1941 Archive: Dave Keller
Sta-Frt-Oakdale-1971.jpg (73345 bytes)
Oakdale old brick freight house minus platform 1971 Archive: Dave Keller
oakdalefreighthouse_06-28-07MikeMcDermet.jpg (108850 bytes)
Oakdale 06/28/2007
Oakdale-Bohemia Rd. Built c.1890 Vacant  Photo: Mike McDermet
G5s-21-E6s-1680-OBay-1938.jpg (82813 bytes)
A birds-eye view of the freight house at Oyster Bay taken from the top of the nearby commercial coal silo in 1938 by block operator Ted Sommer. View is looking northwest. G5s #21 and PRR E6s #1680 are laying up with the westbound trains in the yard. From this perspective one can see the extent of the original brick freight house and where a much larger, wooden structure was added to its east side. (T. Sommer photo, Dave Keller archive and info)
Freight-House-Oyster-Bay-5-61.jpg (54006 bytes)
Old brick freight house at Oyster Bay in 1964. View is looking east. Judging by the condition of the building and the broken side window it appears the end may be very near for this unique structure. (Dave Keller archive and info)
Frt-Ofc-RDC-Railfan-Extra-Evergreen Branch-Palmetto St.-Ridgewood-9-9-56.jpg (89222 bytes)
Ridgewood  BUDD RDC on railfan extra along the Evergreen branch, stopped for a photo shoot at the LIRR Freight Office at Palmetto St. 9/9/56  (Rolf Schneider photo, Dave Keller archive)
Frt-Ofc-RDC-Railfan-Extra-Evergreen Branch-Palmetto St.-Ridgewood-9-9-56-Elev. View.jpg (125299 bytes)
Same fan trip as viewed from the Myrtle Ave. EL.  The train is preparing to cross Palmetto St. - 9/9/56  (Rolf Schneider photo, Dave Keller archive)
Frt-Ofc-RDC-Railfan-Extra-Evergreen Branch-Palmetto St.-Ridgewood-9-9-56-Zoom.jpg (171834 bytes)
Same view only zoomed in close.  You can make out the LIRR Freight Office and sign as well as the brakeman flagging the crossing, a boxcar spotted on the team track in the background and lots and lots of laundry hanging out to dry - 9/9/56 (Rolf Schneider photo, Dave Keller archive)
H10sNo.111atWaterSpout- ExpressHse-Riverhead-c.1952.jpg (64879 bytes)
H10s #111 westbound at water spout - Riverhead  - c. 1952.  Eastbound express house at right, freight house with boxcar spotted, at left across tracks.
Archive: Dave Keller
SeaCliff-FreightStation-G5s-30-Approach-8-20-49.jpg (36597 bytes)
Sea Cliff freight station LIRR 
G5s #30 westbound  08/20/1949
Archive: Dave Keller
Patchogue-OpenFrtPlatform-5-43.jpg (182099 bytes)
Patchogue  west side open freight platform
view North  03/1946
Photo: F. Weber, Archive: Dave Keller
Patchogue-FrtHse-3-46_v2.jpg (54401 bytes)
Patchogue freight station photo composite 
view SW 03/1946 Built c. <1900
Photo: F. Weber, Archive: Dave Keller
 Composite: Steve Lynch
Patchogue-FrtPlatform-3-46.jpg (42755 bytes)
Patchogue freight station east side platform
view S 03/1946 Built c. <1900
Photo: F. Weber, Archive: Dave Keller
 Composite: Steve Lynch
LIRR 4-4-0-Train-House-Track-Port Jefferson-1878.jpg (76932 bytes)
4-4-0 locomotive and passenger train with combine car on house track and spotted at the combination freight/express house behind the 2nd (1875) depot at Port Jefferson - 1878. (Original 1873 depot burned in 1874 and was replaced in 1875.)  View is looking east.  This depot was replaced in 1903 and the structure became the freight house at Port Jefferson until it was razed in the early-mid 1960s.  (Copy of a George Brainerd photo, Dave Keller archive)
RS3-1554-Frt-House-PortJefferson-1957.jpg (133606 bytes)
ALCO RS3 #1554 laying up in West Yard across from the freight house/former 1875 depot - Port Jefferson - 1957.  View is looking east.   (Jules P. Krzenski photo, Dave Keller archive)
FM H16-44-1507-Frt-House-Port Jefferson-10-24-62.jpg (80661 bytes)
FM H16044 #1507 westbound in front of freight house/former 1875 depot - Port Jefferson - 10/24/62  (George V. Arnoux photo, Dave Keller archive)
Frt-Sta-MU Trains-Port Washington-East-c. 1944.jpg (79657 bytes)
Port Washington MU trains westbound at station platform with freight house at right c. 1944.  View looking east towards end of track.  The express house is blocked from view by the train at the right.  The express track is visible between the passenger track and the house track.  All tracks have third rail. (W. J. Broschart photo, Dave Keller archive)
SagHarborFreight House1930Huneke.jpg (52980 bytes)
Sag Harbor Freight House   1930 
Archive: Art Huneke
SagHarborFreightHouse1930closeupHuneke.jpg (40979 bytes)
Sag Harbor Freight House close-up 1930 Archive: Art Huneke
Freight House -  Greeley Ave.-Sayville-11-19-47.jpg (103033 bytes)
Sayville freight house at Greeley Ave., view W of the house track and the passing siding at MP49 11/19/47
Tower-SN-BlockLimitSignal-SHampton-1970.jpg (32504 bytes)
Southampton freight house (left side of image) – 1970  before it fell into near collapse.  I believe it’s no longer standing
Southampton Willow Lane.jpg (56866 bytes)
Southampton freight house at Willow Street. View  NW  Razed 1/24/2006 due to its deteriorated condition.
Photo: Doug Watson 2000
SouthamptonFreightHouse11-15-86.jpg (82970 bytes)
Southampton freight house View E 11/15/1986
ValleyStreamFreightHouse1932Huneke.jpg (121464 bytes)
Valley Stream Freight House 1932 
Archive: Art Huneke
Frt-Sta-Vanderveer Park-South-1954.jpg (108294 bytes)
Vanderveer Park former passenger station in use as freight station along the Bay Ridge branch.  Originally a stop on the Manhattan Beach branch, it became a freight station when passenger service ended in 1924.  A team yard was added, and is visible directly behind the old wooden structure.  This view is looking south from the  Flatbush Avenue overpass.  (Rolf Schneider photo, Dave Keller archive)
ValleyStreamFreightHouse-inbkgd-Huneke.jpg (78870 bytes)
 "VA" tower and Valley Stream freight house in background 1932
Archive: Art Huneke
StonyBrookDepot-Frt-Hse-c.1930.jpg (61641 bytes)
Stony Brook station with bare, uncovered, elevated westbound express platform and freight house in background - View looking west, c. 1930 (James V. Osborne photo, Dave Keller archive and info)
WaterTower-ExpHse-FrHse-Ronkonkoma1915.jpg (38282 bytes)
Ronkonkoma looking east from the Ronkonkoma Ave. overpass.  The water tank is at the right, the eastbound express house is at the left and in the left background, beyond the express house, is the freight house. - 1915 (Thomas R. Bayles photo/Dave Keller archive and info)
LIRR-L222-C50-101285-Hicksville Frt. Hse- AlCastelli.jpg (70254 bytes)
Hicksville freight house 10/12/1985 view N West John St. is in the background behind the jet snow blower. Now the NYAR yard. Photo: Al Castelli photo
EastNewYorkFreightHouse.jpg (81280 bytes)
East New York Freight House
Archive: Art Huneke
EastNewYorkFreightHouse2.jpg (95963 bytes)
East New York Freight House 2
Archive: Art Huneke
Station-Shoreham-D56 Eastbound-1912.jpg (72794 bytes)
Shoreham station looking west with eastbound train approaching.  Elevated, uncovered westbound express platform at end of station platform and freight house in background, west of North Country Road crossing - 1912 (Thomas R. Bayles photo/ Dave Keller archive and info)  
SheepsheadBayFreightHouse.jpg (95081 bytes)
Sheepshead Bay Freight House
Archive: Art Huneke
lirr111HicksvilleFreightHouse.jpg (171071 bytes)
Hicksville Freight House
Archive: Art Huneke
WestHamptonFreightHouse.jpg (92611 bytes)
Westhampton Freight House
Archive: Art Huneke
ValleyStreamFreightHouse.jpg (85539 bytes)
Valley Stream Freight House 06/1933 Freight house view SE until 1955, then used as Express House. Note: Rockaway Branch far left. 
ValleyStreamFreightHouse2.jpg (118896 bytes)
Valley Stream Freight House -LIRR gondola far right #2727?  06/28/1933
Archive: Art Huneke
ValleyStreamVAviewW81933arthuenke.jpg (77678 bytes)
Valley Stream Freight House 08/1933 Freight house view west. "VA" built  E of station and junction. In service: 06/27/1933 Renamed: "Valley" 4/30/1937 Info: Dave Keller Archive: Art Huneke

As for design . . . I don't know that there were any "set" designs for small freight and/or express houses. Larger depots had both express houses and a freight depot. Patchogue for example. I've seen many larger freight houses on the LIRR that were of similar construction, so there may have been set plans for them.  These were long, rectangular buildings with hip roofs, and high-level platforms on 3 sides with the back open to allow trucks a loading or unloading dock.  

This style was used at Patchogue, Babylon, Northport, Camp Upton, Huntington, Floral Park, etc. to name but a few.  They were really all over the LIRR. A similar style was used at Greenport, Oyster Bay and Oakdale but were of brick construction.  (See above)

As for smaller stations:  Many of their freight houses were simply the former depot building.  When the depot was replaced by a "newer" structure, the earlier depot was moved down the track a ways, or the new depot relocated slightly east or west of the former location and the old depot structure became the freight/express house. Examples of this would be Hampton Bays, Springfield, Port Jefferson, to name but a few.

Amityville's freight house was an ancient brick structure dating from SSRR ownership!  

Very few people photographed the freight houses.  Express houses got included in photos shot of the depot or of trains at the depots, but very few people actually walked the distance to specifically get a photo of the not-so-adjacent freight houses.  Research: Dave Keller

Freight houses were usually much larger than express houses, with some exceptions.  Patchogue was an exception as was Westhampton, for example.

If there was no enclosed express house at either end of the platform, just an open air, high level platform with access ramp, then the depot building had its own storage bay for baggage and express.

By looking at a depot photo where this occurred, you’ll see a single-wide door leading into the passenger waiting room and a double-wide door leading into the express/baggage room.

For example: The trainmen’s room at the old Ronkonkoma station was originally the express/baggage room.  It used to have the old double-wide, wooden doors visible from the platform.

Rocky Point station with built-in express house – c. 1930 (Dave Keller archive)

This structure is similar to the one sent you previously at Miller’s Place.  If you saw double doors trackside and at the rear of a depot, that was the express portion of the depot. Many smaller, line stations were constructed in that manner.