LIRR Bicentennial Heritage Cars

There were two (2) sets of Bicentennial Heritage Cars:
1. Nassau County Heritage Train, ex-MU cars #1632, 1391
2. Suffolk County Heritage Train, ex-MU cars # 921, 1900
LI1632OB8-76tad.jpg (46947 bytes) Car 1632 was built in 1913 as an MP54A MU motor but I canít locate on my roster that it was renumbered. Possibly it retained its original number. It does indicate, though, that it had been preserved (for the heritage train, obviously).

Collection: Tim Darnell

LI1391OB8-76tad.jpg (82884 bytes) Car 1391 was built in 1914 as an MPB54 MU Motor/passenger/baggage and, during the re-modernization beginning 12/54, was renumbered 4391.

Collection: Tim Darnell

lirr921_1976bicentennial.jpg (51769 bytes) Car 921 was built in 1917 as a class T54A MU trailer. In December, 1954, when the car modernization program began, 921 was rebuilt into a steam car, re-classed P54D and renumbered 7921, spending the rest of its days being pulled behind steam and diesel units. When it was repainted for the heritage train, it was given its original road number back, as was done to all the other cars.   

From the Bob Emery roster: #7921 saved for preservation and stored until 04-1976. Repainted tuscan red with black roof and gold leaf lettering and renumbered back to 921 for use on Heritage Train from 5-1976 to 8-1976. Stored on Track 1, Flatbush, NY

LI1900Hemp8-76tad.jpg (100721 bytes) Car 1900 was built in 1927 as an MP54C MU motor and, during the re-modernization beginning 12/54, was renumbered #4900.

Collection: Tim Darnell

lirr1398_W6mikearnold02-25-06.jpg (110873 bytes) LIRR #1398/W6 Port Jefferson Station - Terryville Chamber of Commerce- Route 112 Photo: Mike Arnold 02/25/06   
12-07-07joetischnerportjeff.jpg (40546 bytes) LIRR #1398/W6 Port Jefferson Station - Terryville Chamber of Commerce - Route 112 Photo: Joe Tischner 12/07/07
visitorcenterLIEping.jpg (61296 bytes) Visitor Center LI Expressway, Deer Park

Cars #1900 and #921, non-electrified, made up the "Suffolk County Bicentennial Heritage Train" and were pulled out east by diesel. Cars #1632 and #1391, electrified, made up the "Nassau County Heritage Train." I have shots of both trains taken in 1976. 

Afterwards, #1632 went on display at one of the platforms at Flatbush Avenue Station. I have a shot of it there in 1978. 

After the bicentennial celebration wound down, one of the cars went to the LIE rest area in Brentwood. I believe the combine wound up at the corner of Rt. 112 and Nesconset Hwy in Port Jefferson. Research: Dave keller 06/28/2007