Jan. 1927 Express business moved from LIRR facility at Long Island City to new one at Sunnyside Yard. (see 1926)


Feb. 10, 1927 VP George LeBoutillier testifies to New York PSC asking for 20% increase in LIRR commuter fares, with promise of $57 million improvement program, including grade crossing eliminations. (NYT)


Mar. 1927 Electric catenary for New Haven placed in service between Fresh Pond and New Lots on LIRR.


Apr. 20, 1927 VP George LeBoutillier hosts demonstration run of LIRR's new diesel tugboat Meitowax. (NYT)


June 1, 1927 Automatic train stop and cab signals placed in service between "HAROLD" tower and Port Washington and Whitestone on LIRR.


June 1, 1927 Through, summer-only sleeping car line inaugurated between Pittsburgh and Montauk; first run-through from PRR points to LIRR.


June 1, 1927 Montauk Beach Development Corporation formally opens Montauk Manor, a 178-room hotel; resort is to include golf course and polo field; LIRR special train brings guests including Pres. W.W. Atterbury and Pres. P.E. Crowley of NYC. (NYT)


June 1927 Electric catenary for New Haven placed in service between New Lots and Second Ave, Bay Ridge, on LIRR.


July 1, 1927 LIRR places electrification and automatic train control in service on Port Washington and Whitestone Branches.


July 8, 1927 LIRR completes 11,000-volt A.C. electrification on freight line between Fresh Pond Jct. and Bay Ridge; electric freight service with New Haven locomotives begins between Bay Ridge and Port Morris via Hell Gate Bridge. (AR says open to 2nd Ave in 6/1927; Bay Ridge yard in 8/1927)


Sep. 17, 1927 PRR operates special race train from Washington and Philadelphia direct to Belmont Park on LIRR for Futurity Stakes. (NYT)


Nov. 23, 1927 George LeBoutillier named to new post of Resident VP at New York in addition to current post as VP of LIRR; Col. S.H. Church elected VP. (NYT


Dec. 31, 1927 LIRR places automatic train control in service between Jamaica and Babylon.


1927 LIRR sells Montauk Steamboat Company boats.


1927 LIRR retires last wooden passenger car; first U.S. railroad to operate only steel passenger cars.


1927 LIRR closes model farm at Medford.