Feb. 27, 1930 LIRR places ad in papers stating its intent to order new cars and

increase train length to 11 and 12 cars; has equipped five cars with

3-2 seating as an experiment. (NYT)


Feb. 28, 1930 VP George LeBoutillier testifies to New York PSC and Transit

Commission hearing that LIRR would rather stand to lose

passengers than expend capital to provide facilities to eliminate

overcrowding. (NYT)


Mar. 27, 1930 ICC refuses to approve $1.5 million annual rent increase for

LIRR's use of Penn Station. (NYT)


Apr. 9, 1930 LIRR announces that it has surpassed the PRR as a passenger

carrier in 1929; carried 118,888,128 passengers vs. 113,713,797 on

PRR; however, average revenue per passenger on LIRR is 23.4

cents vs. $1.18 on PRR. (NYT)


Apr. 1930 New York PSC and Transit Commission rule that LIRR must

operate 15-car trains to provide all riders with seats by June 15,

1931; also lengthen platforms at Penn Station and increase number

of morning rush hour trains into Penn Station by Sep. 1, 1930.



May 22, 1930 Dinner celebrating 25th anniversary of LIRR electrification held in

Savarin Restaurant of Penn Staiton. (NYT)


June 24, 1930 LIRR wins E.H. Harriman Medal for railroad safety. (NYT)


July 16, 1930 LIRR announces it has placed in service 40 ex-PRR P54 trailers

converted to MU cars. (NYT)


Aug. 29, 1930 LIRR appeals to courts to block ruling of Transit Commission and

Public Service Commission re operating 15-car trains and

lengthening platforms at Penn Station. (NYT)


Dec. 27, 1930 PRR files with ICC to increase LIRR's rent for Penn Station by $1

million or $90,000 less than last application, allowing for a 5.75%

return. (NYT)




June 13, 19 31 New Shinnecock Canal drawbridge opens on LIRR, permitting

K4s's to operate to Montauk.


Sep. 8, 19 31 Summer weekend-only Washington-Montauk parlor cars make

last run; last run of Montauk- New York Montauk Special. (tt,



Oct. 25, 19 31 George Washington Bridge opens between New York and Fort Lee,

N.J.; then longest suspension span in world.


Dec. 14, 19 31 11,000 volt a.c. electrification between Manhattan Transfer and

Sunnyside Yard energized. (CE)




Jan. 13, 19 32 PRR Board consents to sale of LIRR Rockaway Branches from

White Pot Jct. and Far Rockaway to Rockaway Park to New York

City for transit line; plan is eventually carried out in 1955. (MB)


Jan. 15, 19 32 Cab signals placed in service between "HAROLD"

Tower/Sunnyside Yard and Penn Station. (CE)


Jan. 23, 19 32 AC electrification placed in service between Sunnyside Yard and

Manhattan Transfer. (Westing - verify)


Feb. 15, 19 32 Last run of passenger trains on Whitestone Branch of LIRR and

line abandoned.


Feb. 15, 19 32 Reveal that two committees of Port of New York Authority, PRR

and Long Island Ten-Year Plan Committee will study Greenville-

Bay Ridge freight tunnel. (NYT)



Aug. 13, 19 32 First, experimental double-decker MU trailer enters revenue

service on LIRR; built at Altoona . (Mutual)



1932 LIRR hauls 91,713,868 passengers, down 18,569,569 from 1931.





Mar. 15, 19 33 LIRR temporarily suspends passenger service between Port

Jefferson and Wading River and substitutes bus connection

through May 15. (A-sheet)


May 1, 19 33 LIRR establishes lower fares as an experiment to retain



May 14, 19 33 LIRR renames Steeplechase Station at Beach 99th Street

"Playland". (A-sheet)


May 15, 19 33 LIRR restores passenger service between Port Jefferson and

Wading River. (A-sheet)


May 20, 19 33 ICC order permits LIRR to substitute automatic cab signals for

automatic train stop between "HAROLD" Tower and Port

Washington and between Jamaica and Babylon .


Aug. 23, 19 33 Ernie Adamson, a lawyer and LIRR commuter writes to

Coordinator Eastman urging that LIRR be made a division of the

PRR to save money. (NYT)


Sep. 3, 19 33 Federal Coordinator Eastman forwards suggestion for merger of

LIRR into PRR to Pres. Atterbury for comment. (NYT)


Sep. 26, 19 33 Pres. Atterbury replies to Federal Coordinator Eastman that PRR

will eventually absorb LIRR under consolidation plan, but "time is

not ripe"; no economies to be gained through duplicate salaries,

and Penn Station would have to be paid for in any event; also

questions Eastman's authority for force any merger. (NYT)


Oct. 3, 19 33 Federal Coordinator Eastman refuses Ernie Adamson's request for

merger of LIRR into PRR. (NYT)


Dec. 3, 19 33 LIRR establishes station at Massapequa Park . (A-sheet)


1933 LIRR discontinues trolley service between Garden City and

Salisbury Plain; (also MU service between Salisbury Plain and

Mitchell Field??)


1933 LIRR completes track elevation and new station at Valley Stream .


1933 LIRR pays last dividend.




Jan. 26, 19 34 Mayor LaGuardia returns proposed agreement for purchase of

LIRR Rockaway Beach lines to Board of Estimate.


Mar. 23, 19 34 Port Washington & New York RPO discontinued. (Kay)


Spring 1934 LIRR assigns air conditioned cars to east end resort trains.


1934 LIRR abandons Laurelton-Cedarhurst Cutoff for third time and

removes rails.