LIRR Hooping Orders
Caboose-N52_Train-L56_PJeff-freight_Divide_Conductor-orders-Pete-Lutchksa-block-operator_Summer-1954.jpg (80662 bytes)
Caboose N52, Train #L56 Port Jefferson freight.  Pete Lutchksa, Block Operator at Divide, hooping orders to the Conductor. Summer 1954

Caboose #22 on EB Port Jefferson freight catching orders at "DIVIDE" Tower Hicksville, NY - 1949
(John Krause photo, Dave Keller archive)

FM CPA20-5 #2002 eastbound Port Jefferson train catching orders at "DIVIDE" Tower Hicksville, NY - c. 1955 (John Krause photo, Dave Keller archive)

FM-C-LinerOrdersPortJeffbranchDivideHicksville12-5-54.jpg (57686 bytes)
FM C-liner eastbound on Port Jefferson branch  at "DIVIDE" tower, Hicksville, NY  12/05/54. Byron Rushmore Feed and Coal distant right. ( Kohl -Keller)
lirr113-H10s_Divide-Tower_hicksville_Engineer-Robert-Creighton_hooped-train-orders.jpg (71510 bytes)
Engineer Robert Creighton of LIRR #113 H10s at Divide Tower getting hooped orders Summer 1954 Archive: Art Huneke

FM2006montauktrainorders_maybe.jpg (152283 bytes)
FM #2006 Orders at Montauk

FM H16-44-1507-Orders-DIVIDE-Hicksville-1955 (closeup) (Keller).jpg (107112 bytes)
FM H16-44 #1507 hoping orders at DIVIDE Hicksville 1955 
close-up Archive: Dave Keller

FM-H16-44-1506-Crew-DeerPark-1957.jpg (52457 bytes)
FM  H16-44 #1506 Crew Deer Park 1957 Photo: J. P. Krzenski photo

PD - Condr Orders - 1971.jpg (61312 bytes) 
Conductor Richard Mancini on eastbound Montauk train #4 getting orders from block operator Ed Sorensen at “PD” tower, Patchogue 1971 Photo: Dave Keller

PD - Engr Orders - 1971.jpg (56392 bytes)
Engineer of RS3 #1559 westbound with Patchogue-Babylon “Scoot” getting orders from operator Ed Sorensen at PD tower, Patchogue 8/1971  Photo: Dave Keller

PD_1559_1970.jpg (93055 bytes)
LIRR #1559 at PD Tower 1970
Photo: Dave Keller

PD-EngrOrders-C420_226-1971.jpg (34421 bytes)
Engineer Becker with C420 #226 on eastbound Montauk train #4 getting orders from operator Ed Sorensen at PD tower, Patchogue 1971 Photo: Dave Keller 

lirr164-155_MP15AC's_Hooping-Orders_Ballast-Train_Patchogue_10-22-78.jpg (167802 bytes)
LIRR MP15AC's #164, #155 ballast train hooping orders at PD, Patchogue 10/22/78

RF58orders_ DK1975tad.jpg (23379 bytes)
DK Deer Park Orders 1975
Photo: Tim Darnell

The fellow on the ground in the white shirt and tan pants is Dick Ifferte.
He was the first trick Agent-Operator at DK. I think he remained there until
the job was abolished with the electrification to KO. Info: Jim Gillin

lirr152DeerPark_ Rick Walters_firsttrickAgent-Operator_orderstoRF-61_4-1978JimGillin.jpg (79302 bytes)
MP-15ac  #152 with Rick Walters, first trick Agent-Operator Deer Park, 
giving the orders to train RF-61. 4/1978 Info/Photo: Jim Gillin

JAGillinDeerPark1-78GPLind .jpg (50617 bytes)
J. A. Gillin 2nd trick Agent-Operator Deer Park [DK] handing up orders to RF-59
late afternoon in Jan, 1978.  Photo: by G. P. Lind Archive:  Jim Gillin

PD-hooping_12-1997_BobBender.jpg (56550 bytes)
Montauk bound train receiving Hooping orders at  PD Tower 12/1997 
Photo/Archive:  Bob Bender

orders at Nassau.jpg (66213 bytes)
Nassau Tower Orders 1976
Photo: Tim Darnell

ronk07-75tadhoopingorders.jpg (28338 bytes)
Ronkonkoma Orders 07/1975
Photo: Tim Darnell

orders at KO.jpg (52008 bytes)
Ronkonkoma KO  Orders 1976
Photo: Tim Darnell

B tower_hooping-orders_Bethpage 030676_RichTaylor.jpg (97899 bytes)
Eastbound LIRR #211 at B Tower, Bethpage receiving orders 
3/06/1976 Photo: Rich Taylor

BTowerLIRR-Tr4202eastboundSalValentiBlockOperator1-1979JimGillin.jpg (74561 bytes)\
Eastbound LIRR #4202 at B Tower Bethpage receiving orders from Sal Valenti, Block Operator 1/1979 Photo: Jim Gillin

B Tower hooping orders to the Engineer c.1987
Photo/Archive: Bill Mangahas

B Tower hooping orders to the Conductor c.1987 
Photo/Archive: Bill Mangahas

Train 4202, on its way to Greenport, gets its K-Cards "on two sticks" at B Tower in Bethpage from Operator Bruce Conger. The train's Engineer is snagging his copy off of the first stick as the photo is taken. The train's Conductor, we can just see his right hand in the vestibule, will get his copy off the second stick in Bruce's left hand. When approaching the Tower, train crews would often inform the Block Operator by radio if they wanted their paperwork on two separate sticks, or all together on one. Either delivery scenario was fine, and it was totally the choice of the train crew. May, 1985. Photo/Archive/Info: Jay Bendersky

ordersPD-summer1980JackDeasy.jpg (73821 bytes)
Eastbound train receiving orders at PD Tower, Summer 1980. Photo: Jack Deasy

PDordersJoeSaullo09-98.jpg (71547 bytes)
LIRR #262 PD orders 9/18/1998 
Photo: Joe Saullo



Train2704_4-27-06atPD2.jpg (84158 bytes)
Train 2704 on 4/27/2006 at PD 
Photo: Nick Kudreyko

Train2704_4-27-06atPD.jpg (75246 bytes)
Train 2704 on 4/27/2006 at PD 
Photo: Nick Kudreyko
PD-Chris Soundy Hooping to Engr- 5-04-06.jpeg (128134 bytes)
Chris Soundy hooping orders to the Engineer at PD
Photo: Pat Masterson 5/04/2006

Chris Soundy hooping orders to the conductor at PD 
Photo: Pat Masterson 5/04/2006

Train2716_7-20-06babylon.jpg (68081 bytes)
Train 2716 on 7/20/2006 at Babylon 
Photo: Nick Kudreyko

Train2716_7-20-06babylon2.jpg (56279 bytes)
Train 2716 on 7/20/2006 at Babylon 
Photo: Nick Kudreyko


babylontrainorder07-20-06.jpg (67637 bytes)LIRR Form 19 Train 2716 on 07/20/06 at Babylon Collection: Nick Kudreyko

The Form 19 was a train order given verbally via the dispatcher in Jamaica (Room 204) to every block operator on the system as it pertained to his individual section of track, etc.

The operator would answer the dispatcher's phone (or in the days of telegraph, he would hear his call letter tapping over the line, and sign on: "PD" would have been .....   -..)

He would take a blank From 19 pad, insert carbon paper to get the required amount of copies and a hard backing so as to provide a hard writing surface and copy the order, by hand, from the dispatcher. 

He would then repeat the order back to the dispatcher.  If all was correct, he would put the superintendent of transportation's initials across the bottom of the order, "make the order complete", sign the order and put the time it was made complete.

He would then take the top two copies and put them on the order hoops or "Y"s, holding one up to the engineer and the other up to the conductor.  This procedure was also done to freights. (The office copies were put on a hook on the wall.  At the end of the month, they were bundled up and tossed in the attic of "PD". 

Also included in with the order may have been various forms of clearance cards (ex: "K" card, "C" card, etc.) Research: Dave Keller

Train Order Hoop.jpeg (10388 bytes)
Old Order Hoop  
Train Order Hoop - Order in Clip.jpeg (18440 bytes)
Sample Order affixed to Hoop
Train Order Hoop - Clip Close-up.jpeg (19197 bytes)
Close-up of Hoop Clip

Here's another Form 19 from Patchogue before the days of "PD".  The block station call letters were "PG" and was located in the depot. When "PD" cabin and later "PD" tower opened, the station retained "PG" as their telegraphic call letters for station business and "PD" was put in use for the block business. It reads:

Train Order No. 29                                         Apl 4, 1906

For:  PG              To:  C/E            Of: No. 504

No. 503 five hundred three will meet No. 504 five hundred four at Oakdale.


Rec'd: 1:07 pm     Made:  Complete 1:11 pm     Rec'd by: Webb, Opr.

You'll also notice that the orders show the use of the old train numbers (500 series) prior to the days of Montauk trains having single digits and Speonk trains having double digits (except on weekends and holidays where they became 4 digit numbers). You'll also notice they're written on Long Island Railroad Company stationery. (Railroad as one word!!)   Research: Dave Keller

Form19-PG-Patchogue-1906-2.jpg (76601 bytes)
LIRR Form 19
Dave Keller Collection