LIRR Shelters  PRR-LIRR pass shelter.jpg (103130 bytes)
PRR Standard Passenger Shelter for Branch Roads 
Revised 1906 - LIRR Standard



LIRR Eng 208 lite Penny Bridge NY 5_74.jpg (75787 bytes)
LIRR Eng 208 light Penny Bridge, NY 5/74
Collection/Info/Photo: Richard F. Makse

AMITYVILLE L.I. NY LIRR RR STA C-1911 postcardwaynekoch.jpg (92717 bytes)
Amityville Station and Shelter c.1911 Archive: Wayne Koch
Woodsheltershed.jpg (165089 bytes)
Wood shelter shed 08/26/1916 Valuation Archive: Dave Morrision
Westbury shelter pc.jpg (78660 bytes)
Westbury Station and Shelter
Archive: Dave Morrision
Baldwin shelter.jpg (76177 bytes)
Baldwin Station and Shelter
Archive: Dave Morrision
islipdepot1910.jpg (33374 bytes)
Islip Depot 1910

shelter islip 2_600x400.jpg (59592 bytes)
Islip c. 1940's
Collection: Dave Morrison  Photo: Fred Weber


massapequa09-07-1905johnfusto.jpg (24392 bytes)
Massapequa Post Card with shelter 
Collection: John Fusto

massapequashelter.jpg (12261 bytes)
Massapequa shelter from above Post Card
Collection: John Fusto

greenvaleshelter1937.jpg (39684 bytes)
Greenvale 1937 
Collection: Robert Andersen

calverton shed.jpg (75957 bytes)
Calverton 08/17/2007


Sta-Penny-Bridge-Mtk-Trn-1954.jpg (45496 bytes)
Penny Bridge 1954
Collection: Dave Keller

MU-Trn-AtSta-HigbieAve-Laurltn-1954.jpg (40971 bytes)
Higbie Ave Laurelton 1954 Collection: Dave Keller


freeportstationshelterFreeportpostcard08-10-1907JohnFusto.jpg (47134 bytes)
Freeport Station postcard 08-10-1907 
Collection: John Fusto
stewartmanorpostcard08-19-1957JohnFusto.jpg (59735 bytes)
Stewart Manor postcard 08-19-1957 
Collection: John Fusto
pappy4.jpg (38416 bytes)
RS-1 #464 is pulling into Hicksville summer of 1957 eastbound
Photo: "Pappy" Joe Hagan
L225-Penny Bridge.jpg (197624 bytes)
LIRR 225 Penny Bridge
Photo: Steve Hoskins c. 1960's
Station-Amityville-1907.jpeg (41751 bytes)
Amityville 09/22/1907
Amityville c. prior 1975.jpg (31017 bytes)
Amityville c. 1964 
Photo: Art Huneke
StationTempAmityville1968.jpg (82714 bytes)
 Temp Amityville 1968
Archive: Dave Keller

bellstbarn_Bellmore_02-06.jpg (454467 bytes)
Bellmore 02/06

great_riv2.jpg (75805 bytes)
Great River 11/18/06
Photo: Pat Masterson
greatriverpatmasterson69 Camaro .jpg (64778 bytes)
Great River 11/18/06
Photo: Pat Masterson

great_riv3.jpg (75254 bytes)
Great River 11/18/06
Photo: Pat Masterson
greatriverpatmasterson11-18-06.jpg (62549 bytes)
Great River 11/18/06
Photo: Pat Masterson

Great-River-Shelter_viewN_12-23-16_PatMasterson.jpg (122298 bytes)
Great River 12/23/16 View N
Photo: Pat Masterson

great_riv5.jpg (68721 bytes)
Great River 11/18/06
Photo: Pat Masterson

Great-River-Shelter_12-23-16_PatMasterson.jpg (119560 bytes)
Great River 12/23/16 View NW
Photo: Pat Masterson

sofarmingdalespril1963MRmagarticle.jpg (164592 bytes)
S. Farmingdale's shed/station stop in service 6/1936 - 1974
Info: Dave Keller


April1963SouthFarmindaleShed.jpg (971905 bytes)
Modeling this Shelter
Station-Shelter-Shed-Greenvale-6-87.jpg (130784 bytes)
Greenvale station shelter shed and low-level platforms – June, 1987.  Notice telephone booths on each platform and a New York Post newspaper vending machine near the wooden shelter. U. S. Mail box behind the far corner of the shelter.  The between-track fence with pedestrian grade crossing mid-platform!  The structure was razed in 1991 and high-level platforms installed.  (Dave Keller photo and archive)  
MP15ac 153-Push-Pull-Train-Greenvale-9-16-80.jpg (106615 bytes)
MP15ac #153 on push-pull train at station, Greenvale - 9-16-80  (Dave Keller archive)


HempsteadGardens-ShelterShed_MU-DoubleDecker1330_1-1-72_Keller.jpg (97484 bytes)
Hempstead Gardens shelter View NE 01/01/2 Archive: Dave Keller


MU Double Decker #1330 lays up on the West Hempstead "Long Siding" in front of the shelter shed at the low-level platform at Hempstead Gardens 01/01/1972. This siding extended from just east of the West Hempstead station west to Hempstead Gardens and was used for layups of MU trains. This was the last year or two of the old MU cars, and the West Hempstead branch eventually ran only a two-car shuttle between the terminal at West Hempstead to Valley Stream, until high level platforms were installed along the branch and the new M1 cars run. This view NE towards West Hempstead (Dave Keller archive)

SeaCliff-shelter8-20-49.jpg (53869 bytes)
Sea Cliff shelter 8/20/1949
Archive: Dave Keller
Train 205-Shelter Isl Exp-Loading Psgrs-K BLS-Mattituck-08-10-70 (Makse-Keller).jpg (92171 bytes)
Train #205 the "Shelter Island Express" westbound behind ALCO RS3 #1558 loading passengers at shelter shed - Mattituck, NY -8/10/1970  "K" block limit signal is in the foreground. (R. F. Makse photo, Dave Keller archive)

Amityville1937.jpg (108084 bytes)
Amityville 1937
EastWilliston10-27-46.jpg (63487 bytes)
East Williston 10/27/1946
GreatRiver_c.1925.jpg (47134 bytes)
Great River c.1925
GreatRiver1943.jpg (67066 bytes)
Great River 1943
GreatRiverSept1944.jpg (75193 bytes)
Great River Sept 1944
GreatRiverSept1944closeup.jpg (40428 bytes)
Great River Sept 1944 closeup
Merrick1937.jpg (72403 bytes)
Merrick 1937
Merrick1937closeup.jpg (74487 bytes)
Merrick 1937 closeup
Archive: Queensborough Public Library LIRR Collection
Huntington Shelter
Huntingtonshelter3drawing.jpg (126719 bytes)
Rehab Project 10/16/1995
Huntingtonshelter1.jpg (82116 bytes)
c. 1940's Photo: Fred Weber
Huntingtonshelter2.jpg (91512 bytes)
 c. 1940's Photo: Fred Weber
Huntingtonshelter4drawing.jpg (76450 bytes)
Huntingtonshelter5drawing.jpg (73564 bytes)

I take quite a bit of pride in this shelter.  It is a gorgeous structure made of stone, heavy wood support columns and a slate roof.

In the late 1990s, Huntington Station underwent a huge Capital Programs rehabilitation.  Capital had planned to demolish the shelter because it was showing signs of significant decay.

When I found out about that, I spoke with the Project Manager Boris Gutman.  I told Boris that the shelter was historic and it was a beautiful structure in its own right.  I told Boris that if he restored the shelter, it would enhance the beauty of the entire station area and his entire project would come out looking better as a result. To my pleasant surprise, Boris listened to me and not only saved the shelter, but he had it completely restored.  Dave Morrision

The shelter survives today due to the efforts of Dave Morrision; else it would have joined the ranks of the East Williston Station building and Patchogue PD Tower.

Sayvillevaluationphoto.jpg (52223 bytes)
Sayville Valuation photo
Westbridgevaluationphoto.jpg (87060 bytes)
Westbridge Valuation photo
Woodmerevaluationphoto1.jpg (63135 bytes)
Woodmere Valuation photo
Woodmerevaluationphoto2.jpg (98383 bytes)
Woodmere Valuation photo
BroadwayFlushingvaluationphoto.jpg (61795 bytes)
Broadway Flushing Valuation photo
GreatNeck1933.jpg (79152 bytes)
Great Neck 1933
Douglaston1937.jpg (87964 bytes)
Douglaston 1937

All  information in the section above compliments of: Dave Morrision
MU-West-Locust-Manor-Jamaica-Racetrack-c1936-2.jpg (75071 bytes)
MU West Locust Manor/Jamaica Racetrack c.1936 Archive: Dave Keller
Inwood Station-DoughtyBlvdXing1939.jpg (80887 bytes)
Inwood Doughty Blvd 1939
Photo: Art Huneke
StationMatawok-c.1925.jpg (44287 bytes)
Matawok c.1925
Photo: James V. Osborne
Archive: Dave Keller
Sta-GrtRiver-1971.jpg (58924 bytes)
Great River view east 1971
Photo: Dave Keller
StationHamiltonBch-MU-End of Line-c.1953.jpg (81573 bytes)
Hamilton Beach MU End of Line c.1953 Photo: W. J Edwards Archive: Dave Keller
republiceast1970keller.jpg (30858 bytes)
Republic East View 1970
Collection: Dave Keller
Station-Shelter-Shed-Rear View-Westwood-9-27-73.jpg (74187 bytes)
Westwood Rear View 
(W. Hempstead branch)  9/27/1973
George Povall collection, Dave Keller archive
Station-Shelter-Shed-Track View-Westwood-9-27-73.jpg (71129 bytes)
Westwood Shelter Track View
High-level platforms under construction 9/27/1973
 George Povall collection, Dave Keller archive
Station-Hamilton Beach-Shelter Shed-view south-5-1954.jpg (109863 bytes)
Hamilton Beach Shelter Shed-May, 1954 
Archive: Dave Keller
Station-Hamilton Beach-Beach Tower-Severed Tracks-view south-Jamaica Bay-May-1954.jpg (104615 bytes)
Hamilton Beach station looking south in May, 1954.
Archive: Dave Keller
Tower-Beach-Hamilton Beach-Severed Tracks-Jamaica Bay-view south-5-1954.jpg (111270 bytes)
“Beach” tower in background, and Jamaica bay in distance.
Note express tracks removed and outside local tracks have been severed just south of the station platforms at the signal bridge. Archive: Dave Keller


  Ex-Ocean Electric Car 15 Eastbound-New Sta Under Constr-Salisbury Plains-View NW-1923 (Keller).jpg (115492 bytes)
Salisbury Plains Shelter Ex-Ocean Electric Car 15 eastbound, new Salisbury Plains station under construction -View NW 1923 Archive: Dave Keller

Roslyn shelter shed - Lincoln Avenue taxi stand 10/06/1986 Photo: Ray Jacobs Archive: Roslyn Preservation Society

mattituckshelter.jpg (68088 bytes)
Photo: Mike McDermet
portjeffersonshelter.jpg (142500 bytes)
Port Jefferson
 Photo: Mike McDermet