LIRR Trackside Business Photos

Glen Cove Depot - Stroppel's Depot Hotel View N 1878
Photo: George B. Brainerd Archive: Brooklyn Public Library

"Fred Stroppel 's Depot Hotel" - An addition to the original structure offering meals and selling milk per the signage.  Archive:  Joe Stroppel

Stroppel's Bar Sign c.1980's  Archive:  Joe Stroppel

Fred Stroppel 's Depot Hotel located just a short walk north of the Glen Cove Depot at 304 Glen Street, Glen Cove.  A true family owned business dating back for several generations. My Great Great Grandfather, Fred Stroppel, opened the bar. He passed it onto his son, Fred Stroppel, Jr., who in turn passed it to my Grandfather, Jack Stroppel. My Dad, FRed Stroppel didn't want to assume ownership of the bar, so he and my Grandfather closed it July 12, 1997. The location was a hotel, but only until around the 1940's then after the family called it Stroppel's Tavern. The designer of the sign didn't check with my Dad before painting it (putting "BAR" instead), but we decided to go with anyway. It was  around 4 ft by 6 ft., as we recall. However, the town didn't like it, as they indicated it was too "garish" - apparently the bar never actually got a permit for it either, so it eventually had to be taken down in the mid-80s. This was the only time the bar had a large sign, as there was a small door sign, as most folks in town knew the location of our establishment. Thus, the family never bothered to try further signage again. Info: Joe Stroppel 

Flatbush Ave  "Club Car Bar" 4/1979 Photo/Archive: Bill Mangahas

Freeport - Spic ’n’ Span Diner 1940 Archive: Freeport Library
Emery Note: “Moved here by L.I.R.R. about 1926.”

Richard's Bar & Restaurant - Glendale Station 3/19/1968
Photo/Archive: Richard Makse

Flatbush Ave Station facade "Camelot Bake Shop 4/1979
Photo/Archive: Bill Mangahas

Right Track Inn, Freeport 1981 - Photo: Stephen Schier
Archive: Freeport Historical Society

Katie's of Smithtown - 2024
isliphtl03-80.jpg (38963 bytes)
Monzet's Hotel built c. 1890s view NE 3/1980 
Photo/Collection: Steven Lynch

LIRR RS3 #1554 "Scoot" at Islip westbound 1969 passing Monzet's Hotel   Photo: Jules P. Krzenski Archive: Dave Keller
Station-Whitestone-View NE at 15th Ave_Taxi-zoom_03-05-32 (Sperr-Keller).jpg (136729 bytes)
Taxi Stand abandoned at Whitestone station looking NE at 15th Ave. - 03/05/32 shortly after branch abandonment.   (Percy Loomis Sperr photo/Dave Keller archive)
1880s_viewNE Mineola-Hotel.jpg (116457 bytes)
Mineola Hotel 1880's across from Mineola Station view NE
WhistleStopMarket-LittleNeckPkwy-LNeck05-96viewNW.jpg (74435 bytes)
Whistle Stop Market Little Neck Pkwy, Little Neck  5/1996 View NW
Photo:  CAPT. William Gilligan US Navy, Retired
crossingWestendLittleNeckstationBobAnderson.jpg (85396 bytes)
 Little Neck Station crossing at west end Photo: Bob Anderson
tommystaxiBayShore080108MikeMcDermet.jpg (117457 bytes)
Tommy's Taxi Bay Shore 8/01/2008 
Photo: Mike McDermet
bshorepapajohnsmikemcdermet.jpg (810936 bytes)
"Papa John's"  and Electronic Store, once was Bay Shore Hotel
c. 2008 Photo: Mike McDermet
East side of Station Rd in Bellport02-13-08mikeMcdermet.jpg (422265 bytes)
"Bellport Quick Stop" east side of Station Rd in Bellport
2/16/08 Photo: Mike McDermet

Earle'sAutoTransBroadwayBethpageSept87.jpg (56383 bytes)
Earle's Auto Transmission Broadway Bethpage Sept 87
Photo:  CAPT. William Gilligan US Navy

bshorequinns-mikemcdermet.jpg (922883 bytes)
"Declans Quinns", prior "The Big East", previously  "Grand Central Station" Bay Shore c. 2008 Photo: Mike McDermet

Sta-Central-Islip-FishersHotel-c1920.jpg (32399 bytes)
Fisher’s Hotel trackside at Central Islip for ages until it
burned in the 1970s Archive: Dave Keller

Farmingdale1940.jpg (56326 bytes)
"Farmingdale Feed Co.". c.1940
sidecarcafeFarmingdaleMainStSept92viewN.jpg (52740 bytes)
Side Car Cafe , Farmingdale,  Main St.,  Sept, 1992 View  N
Photo:  CAPT. William Gilligan US Navy
01-23-08Hicksville Station, just south on Jerusalem Ave-ernie.jpg (47992 bytes)
"Station Deli" Hicksville Station, just south on Jerusalem Ave east side 1/23/2008  Photo: Ernie Murphy

02-03-08ernie-hicksville.jpg (73616 bytes)
"Dunkin Donuts" that replaced the commuter tavern at Hicksville Station, just south on Jerusalem Ave west side 2/03/2008  Photo: Ernie Murphy

2000027481705848697_rs.jpg (46481 bytes)
Multi tenant office building, Hicksville Station, one block
further south on Jerusalem Ave west side 

Station Laundromat (with Divide in the background). ernie02-03-08.jpg (49330 bytes)
"Station Laundromat" Hicksville (with Divide in the background)  2/03/2008 Photo: Ernie Murphy
MaisonPoshII-LocustValley09-87viewN.jpg (75232 bytes)
Maison Posh II, Locust Valley 9/1987 View N
Photo:  CAPT. William Gilligan US Navy
Tower-Locust-Locust%20Valley-8-70.jpg (80321 bytes)
Givenchy Shop and Willy's Garage view east at Locust Valley , NY   
8/1970 J. P. Sommer photo, Dave Keller archive
DD1-339-Trn19-SnrseSpecial-Sunnyside-8-37.jpg (37705 bytes)
DD1 #339 pulling train #19, the “Sunrise Special” westbound past Knickerbocker Laundry trackside,  Sunnyside, L I. City , NY 8/1937 George E. Votava photo, Dave Keller archive
The Maples 9-5-06manorville.jpg (265069 bytes)
"The Maples" 09/05/06 Manorville
MassParkdepot-tempTicketOffice1966.jpg (62867 bytes)
 Gannon’s Station Cafe, Massapequa Park 1966 Archive: Dave Keller
BrokenDownValise08-02-08mattituckMikeMcDermet.jpg (80901 bytes)
The Broken Down Valise Mattituck 8/02/2008 
Photo: Mike McDermet
Sta-Medford-4-19-40.jpg (51957 bytes)
The Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company market trackside at Medford until moved in 1940  for the grade elimination View W, Patchogue-Port Jefferson Road a.k.a. Rt. 112 cross street Info/Archive: Dave Keller
northeastwindowco-MerrickFeb08viewNE.jpg (59811 bytes)
Northeast Window Co. Merrick, 2/2002 View NE
Previously Midmer-Losh Organ Company, makers of the largest pipe
organ in the world. Info: George H. Lightfoot III
Photo:  CAPT. William Gilligan, Ret. US Navy
2-Merrick-Rear.jpg (42169 bytes)
Northeast Metal Products trackside at  
station 1966 
Photo/Archive: Dave Keller
FeldmamWoodProd-Mineola05-96NWHerricksRdelimination.jpg (60669 bytes)
Feldman Wood Products Mineola 5/1996 NW Herrick's Rd Elimination
Photo:  CAPT. William Gilligan US Navy
covertelecrmotorcompressorco-covertave-NewHydeParkFeb08viewNWgates stuckLIRR_PDonscene.jpg (68636 bytes)
Covert Electric Motor Compressor Co.  Covert Ave, New Hyde Park Feb 2008 View NW: gates stuck LIRR Police Dep't on scene Photo:  CAPT. William Gilligan US Navy, Retired
Ozone-Park_Quartin-Paper-Boxes_1930_Huneke.jpg (23817 bytes)
 Quartin Artistic Paper Boxes water tower, Ozone Park 1930 
Archive: Art Huneke
01-24-08sayvilleSWMike Dermet.jpg (85861 bytes)
 "Gas Station/Store" Sayville Railroad Ave view SW 1/24/2008
Photo: Mike McDermet
flatbush_pub_sayville_0215081.JPG (86226 bytes)
Flatbush Pub, Railroad Ave. Sayville
2/15/08 Photo: Mike McDermet
strip_stores_sayville_0215081.JPG (78312 bytes)
Strip store view SE Railroad Ave. Sayville
2/15/2008 Photo: Mike McDermet
Patchogue - Rider Ave. Xing - North - 5-43.jpg (58567 bytes)
Swezey Coal and Feed and St. Paul ’s Episcopal Church  trackside at Rider Ave Patchogue  5/1943 Archive: Dave Keller
Patchogue - PD Tower - S. Ocean Ave. Xing - North - 5-43.jpg (48238 bytes)
Fine Furs and Holzer’s Delicatessen trackside at PD, Patchogue  5/1943
Archive: Dave Keller
Patchogue-Bay-Ave-Xing-East-4-46.jpg (55622 bytes)
W. A. Case &  Sons, Plumbing & Heating, trackside at
Bay Ave, Patchogue  5/1943 
Archive: Dave Keller
WestAveShanty-Patchogue-1968.jpg (24824 bytes)
Grossman’s Lumber Company trackside at Patchogue 1968 Archive: Dave Keller
PD2.jpg (93632 bytes)
"Super Market" at  SW corner Ocean Ave at PD Tower c. 04/2006
IMAincOceanAvePat09-87viewNE.jpg (61458 bytes)
IMA Inc. Ocean Ave Patchogue 
9/1987 View NE
Photo:  CAPT. William Gilligan US Navy, Retired
LIRR-SpeonkStation-071808AlCAstelli.JPG (54128 bytes)
"Track Side Cafe" 07/18/08  
LIRR ex-Speonk Station closed 1958  
Photo: Al Castelli
Speonk_Track-Side-Cafe_7-06-13_DaveMorrison.jpg (92818 bytes)
"Track Side Cafe" 07/06/13  
Photo: Dave Morrison
ALCO-RS1s-freight-eastbound_White-Castle-Lynbrook_09-28-63_Smith-Keller.jpg (87139 bytes)
"White Castle"  Lynbrook 9/28/1963 (Smith-Keller)
Choo-Choo-Auto-Repair_Islip_2-02-2008.jpg (90528 bytes)
Choo Choo Auto Repair, Islip 2/02/2008
Photo/Archive: Steven Lynch 
Choo-Choo-Auto- Repair-Sign_Islip_2-02-2008.jpg (42606 bytes)
Choo Choo Auto Repair Sign, Islip 2/02/2008
Photo/Archive: Steven Lynch 

Susan's Pub - 8 Railroad Ave., Bethpage 3/012020
Photo/Archive: Bill Mangahas
Donovan's Pub, Woodside - 5/04/2024  Archive: Mike Greenhill