Long Island Rail Road Water Tanks

 Water Tower - Pump House-Manorville-6-1904.jpg (97427 bytes)
Water tower and pump house, Manorville junction - View looking northwest from the
trackside hotel roof.  Tracks visible at far right are the spur to Eastport.
06/1904 Archive: Dave Keller

Station-Manorville-Water-Tank-Jct-East-9-27-06 (1).jpg (81496 bytes)
 Manorville Jct. Station Water Tank East 9/27/1906
Archive: Dave Keller


BabylonWaterTank_c.mid1940KennethE.jpg (148042 bytes) 
Babylon mid-1940's at MP36 view NE
Photo: Kenneth E. White Archive: Jim Gillin


MU Train passing Water Tower-Babylon Yard-3-8-47.jpg (100871 bytes)
MU Train laying up on lead track at Babylon yard, across from water tower and double spouts 3/8/1947
(George E. Votava photo, Dave Keller archive)

LI City 1955 two tracks of Montauk branch in foreground.  View looking West.
(Art Huneke archive)

LIRR_oct21-1913 Old Flushing Old Queens, NY by Seyfried and Asadorian.jpg (1080137 bytes)
Old Flushing Old Queens, NY 10/21/1913 
by V. Seyfried and Asadorian

Water Tank Deer Park Ave. crossing Babylon
View W - 1907 (Dave Keller archive)
Bridgehampton undated.jpg (52846 bytes)
Collection: Dave Morrison
Cold Spring Harbor.jpg (97799 bytes)
Cold Spring Harbor - 1870
Collection: Dave Morrison
Far Rockaway undated.jpg (75703 bytes)
Far Rockaway
Collection: Dave Morrison
Garden City 27Jan1919.jpg (122084 bytes)
Garden City - 01-27-19
Collection: Dave Morrison
Water Tower - Greenport - 1952.jpg (140327 bytes)
Greenport - 1952
Collection: Dave Keller
Hicksville plug undated.jpg (80019 bytes)
Hicksville Plug
Collection: Dave Morrison
Hicksville 1939.jpg (99830 bytes)
Hicksville 1939
Collection: Dave Morrison
Station-Hicksville-Water Tower-1910.jpg (71258 bytes)
 New Hicksville Station Water Tower 1910 
view E Archive: Dave Keller
Huntington 1January1935.jpg (88055 bytes)
Huntington 1/01/1935 (Dave Keller archive)
Huntington 4March1942.jpg (83403 bytes)
Huntington 03/04/42
Collection: Dave Morrison
Jamaica daytime postcard.jpg (86266 bytes)
Jamaica - Day
Collection: Dave Morrison
Jamaica night time postcard.jpg (91909 bytes)
Jamaica -  Night
Collection: Dave Morrison
Twin Water Towers and Camelback -  Jamaica - 1899.jpg (51260 bytes)
Twin Water Towers and Camelback 1899
Jamaica - (Hal Fullerton photo, Dave Keller archive)

Jamaica Water tanks and tracks View E from platform roof -1903  Archive: Dave Keller

Turntable-Water Tank-Coaling Facilities-Wheelspur Yd.-LI City - 07-07-1919 (Dave Keller archive)

S1 #405 switching PRR coach past water tank
LI City - 1954 Archive: Dave Keller

LI City water tank - 1954 Archive: Dave Keller

Long Beach water tower - View  NW 1892
Archive: Dave Keller

Maspeth water tank 8/01/1944
Water Tower - Closeup - Mattituck - c. 1905.jpg (25193 bytes)
Mattituck c. 1905
Collection: Dave Keller
Water Tower and Station Facilities - Mattituck - c. 1905.jpg (76662 bytes)
Mattituck - c. 1905
Collection: Dave Keller
WaterTowerMontauk-c.1955.jpg (89139 bytes)
Montauk c.1955 View SE

H10s at Oyster Bay 1940
T. Sommer photo, Dave Keller archive

Oyster Bay water tank 1938
(T. Sommer-D. Keller)

It's 1950 and a time of transition.  ALCO RS1 #469 in the Tichy color scheme has just come off the turntable and is passing the old water tank in the Oyster Bay yard. Visible under the water plug are G5s #s 21 and 24.  These two locomotives will remain in service until the end of steam on the LIRR in October, 1955 when they'll be sent to the scrapper.  Archive: Dave Keller

G5s #28 Oyster Bay yard  - View E 1951
Photo: Norman Kohl  Archive: SUNY Stony Brook

Patchogue view W  5/1943
(Frederick Weber photo, Dave Keller archive)

Patchogue Railroad Ave - View S  7/1943
(Frederick Weber photo, Dave Keller archive)

Riverhead Emery collection July1942.jpg (52720 bytes)
Riverhead 1942 Emery Collection
Photo: Dave Morrison
Riverhead Emery collection 1950.jpg (107876 bytes)
H10s #108 westbound freight Riverhead c.1951


Riverhead water tank/turntable c.1948

Rockaway Park - BRT 0-4-4T Forney #71 1901 Photo: Harold B. Fullerton
Archive: Queens Library


Ronkonkoma postcard udated.jpg (49747 bytes)
Collection: Dave Morrison
Water Tower - Closeup - Ronkonkoma - 1915.jpg (42675 bytes)
 Ronkonkoma  1915
Collection: Dave Keller

Ronkonkoma water tank, pump house and water plug
View N  7/05/1954 Archive: Dave Keller

Ronkonkoma water tank and pump house - View NW
4/03/1962  Archive: Dave Keller
Smithtown circa 1878.jpg (59806 bytes)
Smithtown c. 1878 (George Brainerd photo, Dave Morrison archive)
Smithtown postcard 1907.jpg (59861 bytes)
Smithtown 1907
Collection: Dave Morrison
Smithtown LIRR 107 1952.jpg (123888 bytes)
Smithtown LIRR 107- 1952
Collection: Dave Morrison
Smithtown Feb 1953.jpg (129749 bytes)
Smithtown 02/53
Collection: Dave Morrison
Smithtown plug 25March1953.jpg (70027 bytes)
Smithtown plug 03/25/53
Collection: Dave Morrison
Water Tower and Pump House - Speonk - 1971.jpg (140657 bytes)
Water Tower and Pump House 
Speonk 1971 (Dave Keller photo and archive)
Wading River circa 1919.jpg (247676 bytes)
Wading River c.1919
Collection: Dave Morrison
Water Tower, Pump House, Station Facilities - Wyandanch - 1903.jpg (65958 bytes)
Water Tower, Pump House, Station Facilities Wyandanch 1903 Collection: Dave Keller

Upton Jct. LIRR #1556 RS-3 
Fan Trip 4/21/1968
(Dave Keller archive)
Water Tower - Upton Jct - 1968.jpg (58746 bytes)
Upton Jct. 1968  (Dave Keller photo and archive)
Water Tank Outside Engine House - Bay Ridge, NY - c. 1937 (Dave Keller archive)