Long Island Rail Road Workers

D53b-55_crew-White-Hats_Long Beach-c.1890_Huneke.jpg (90937 bytes)
LIRR #55 D53bWhite Hats  crew  - Long Beach c.1890 Archive: Art Huneke

The White cap was worn by all train crew members (conductor, trainman, brakeman, collector, guard) from c. 1908 to c. 1915.  It was the summer issue cap used by both the LIRR and the parent PRR. 
Info: Dave Keller  

LIRR-195-crew-c.1910_CharlesAAlthof.jpg (57247 bytes)
LIRR #195 MOW crane and crew c.1910 
Archive:  Charles A. Althof
LIRR no.8-crew_c.1910.jpg (164363 bytes)
LIRR #8 and crew c.1910
LIRR no.3-Camelback-crew_Patchogue_View-NE-from-Depot_c.1912_Keller.jpg (161638 bytes)
LIRR #3 Camelback and crew Patchogue View NE from Depot c.1912 Archive: Dave Keller
ROTARY_193-PATCHOGUE-1921.jpg (63620 bytes)
Rotary Snow #193 
Patchogue Yard 1921
MU-Babylon-1stElecTrain-1925-3.jpg (31170 bytes)
MU Babylon 1st Electric Train 1925
Archive: Dave Keller
MU Train Crew-Hussey, Rosenow, Anderson, Keating - Hempstead-c.1938-2.jpg (110179 bytes)
Hempstead MU Train Crew: Hussey, Rosenow,  Anderson, Keating c.1938
LIRR-29-G5s_last-train-crew_Wading-River_10-9-1938_DaveMorrison.jpg (137800 bytes)
LIRR G5s #29 Last train and crew to Wading River 10/09/1938 Archive: Dave Morrison
G5s-28-Workers-MPShops-4-8-46.jpg (35725 bytes)
G5s #28  Morris Park Shops
Photo: 4/08/1946 Archive: D. Keller
DD1-358-Frt-Brkman_walkingXing-WHempBranch_9-28-47.jpg (110255 bytes)
DD1 #358 pulling freight northbound of West Hempstead station headed for Country Life Press where it joined the Hempstead branch when the line connected between Valley Stream and Mineola. The freight brakeman had to flag each crossing and he appears to be ready to hop on the steps for a ride to the next grade crossing. 9/28/47 Archive: Dave Keller
H10s-117-Frt-TakingWater-Hicksville-7-25-52.jpg (41565 bytes)
H10s #117 Taking Water Hicksville 07-25-52
Archive: Dave Keller
FM-H16-44-1506-Crew-DeerPark-1957Krzenski.jpg (52457 bytes)
FM H16-44 #1506
Crew at Deer Park 1957 View west just east of Deer Park Ave.  Westbound train on main track receiving orders.  Eastbound train on passing siding waiting for the meet to occur.  DK block signals at right on north side of tracks.  Info/Archive: Dave Keller
Photo: J. Krzenski Archive: Dave Keller
Watchman-Broadway-St.-HIcksville_1959-MTA.jpg (74708 bytes)
Watchman  lowering gates at Broadway, Hicksville 1959 Archive: MTA
2006montauk.jpg (152283 bytes)
FM CPA 20-5 #2006 at Montauk
Emp-TrackCrew-PD-1968.jpg (73388 bytes)
Track Crew at PD 1968
Archive: Dave Keller
1975 LIRR booklet called Facts and Figures with Joseph C. Farrington listed as photographer.jpg (190313 bytes)
1975 LIRR booklet " Facts and Figures"
Photo: Joseph C. Farrington
lirr100FreshPond.jpg (223019 bytes)
LIRR  SW1001 #100  Fresh Pond
lirr415westboundHempsteadAve-WestHempstead.jpg (100597 bytes)
LIRR Alco S1 #415 westbound at Hempstead Ave-West Hempstead  late 1950's Archive: Jim Gillin
Givin' thehighball_AJDaly.jpg (43300 bytes)

"Givin' the Highball" Overhead structure is walkway from Metropolitan Ave. Likely, this is 4:52 from LIC, that did local stops on lower Montauk. 6/89  Photo: A. J. Daly

HALL Tower, Jamaica Operator Arthur Huneke 9/1971

Block Operator Art Huneke works at his desk at "HALL" tower, Jamaica, on a hot afternoon in September, 1971.  Art held the 2nd trick (2nd shift) at "HALL" tower for many years until his retirement in the mid-1980s.  (Dave Keller photo and archive)


G5s-35-Engine-Wipers-MPShops-1942.jpg (59186 bytes)
LIRR #35 G5s Engine Wipers at 
Morris Park Shops10/1942+ 
Archive: Ron Zinn

G5s-49-Engine-Wipers-MPShops-1942.jpg (80111 bytes)
LIRR #49 G5s  Engine Wipers at 
Morris Park Shops 10/1942+  Archive: Ron Zinn

Morris Park-Engine-Wipers-1943.jpg (57854 bytes)
PRR #5387 leased K4s 4-6-2   Engine Wipers at 
Morris Park Shops 1943
Archive: Ron Zinn

Engine-wipers_10-1942+_MorrisPark_Pinney-Zinn.jpg (62734 bytes)
Morris Park Shops 10/1942
Photo: Roy Pinney  Archive: Ron Zinn

Emp-GDePiazzy-SG-1972.jpg (55134 bytes)
Employee G. DePiazzy at SG 1972
Archive: Dave Keller
 Babylon-Station-crews_3-05-15.jpg (48738 bytes)
Babylon Station crews 3/05/2015
Mr.-Met_4-13-15.jpg (61447 bytes)
Mr. Met 4/13/2015
Gas Car-1134-Crew-Sag Hrbr-4-1939.jpg (51009 bytes)
Gas Car  #1134 Crew Sag Harbor 4/1939
Archive: Dave Keller
Hillside-track-gang-zoom_viewE_4-30-31_Keller.jpg (102897 bytes)
Hillside track gang close-up view E 4/30/1931
 Archive: Dave Keller
Penn-Station_LIRR-mini-maids_c.1968_HankBoerner.jpg (71410 bytes)
Penn Station LIRR "Mini Maids"  c.1968
Photo: Hank  Boerner

The LIRR Mini-Maid program was alive and well for several years. Women in the employ of the railroad could volunteer to be fitted with a yellow mini-dress and work at public affair functions from time to time. Hank and Lou (Big Dumb Lou; see photo above) along with Don Malone of the Public Affairs department, all great enthusiasts of both trains, women and mini-skirts in general came up with the idea in 1968. Since most women on the railroad at the time were in the clerical ranks, most of the Mini-Maids were clerks in their 20's.

In later years, long after the program ended some of the women moved on to management jobs. One became the Secretary to the President, another a planner, while yet another became a Trainmaster. At least one supervisor recalled the Mini-Maid roster and would tease the women from time to time about that rung in their ladder of success.

From the late 1940's through the early 1970's. the LIRR supported an award-winning Public Affairs department which was quite the envy of corporations across the country which would send their publicists to the Railroad for ideas and training. 

MOW-vegetation-control_2016.jpg (81946 bytes)
MOW vegetation control 2016 MTA
MOW-vegetation-control_wood-chipper_2016.jpg (91020 bytes)
MOW vegetation control wood chipping 2016 MTA