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New York World's Fair 1939-40
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The site of the 1939-40 N.Y. World’s Fair was, for years, swamp land as well as the dumping ground for the Brooklyn Ash Removal Co. and was, for all intents and purposes, a garbage dump. Each day about 110 loads of garbage were dumped into Flushing Meadows.

During the Great Depression, my mother and her siblings, who were born and raised in nearby Corona, used walk to the dump site and crawl through holes in the fence to collect pieces of unburned coal from the dumped ash and clinkers to bring home for the family’s personal use. 

The advent of the Fair and its construction on this vast site, greatly improved the looks of the surrounding neighborhoods, provided much-needed employment for many during the construction and operational period and, I’m sure, improved property values as well.  

Today, after two World’s Fairs, it remains a public park site. (Dave Keller data)

USA Scott #853 April 1, 1939 Trylon and Perisphere

Worlds-Fair-map_1939.jpg (1037949 bytes)
1939 NY World's Fair map 

World-Fair-1939-3D-aerial.jpg (301702 bytes)
1939 NY World's Fair 3D Aerial map drawing

 AA4-403B-Frt-NYWF-Flushing Mdws-1939.jpg (60440 bytes)
AA4 #403B work freight at NY World's Fair Flushing Meadows 1939
Archive: Dave Keller

Note: The lead track to the exhibit (and the exhibit tracks) were indicated on the Emery map (below) as NOT electrified and this photo shows no third rail and it parallels the Port Wash branch.

Emery_Worlds-Fair-temp_ MP6-7_ 1937-40only.jpg (202679 bytes)
Emery World's Fair temporary only MP6-MP7 1937-1940

Emery-Map-WhitestoneMP6-MP7_10-1958.jpg (301085 bytes)
Emery Whitestone MP6-MP7 10/1958

lirr268_0-8-0-   C51s_viewS_temptracks_c.1939.jpg (63349 bytes)
LIRR #268 C51s 0-8-0 temporary construction tracks View S  c.1939

1939-World's Fair_Aerial-ViewE_Bill Mangahas.jpg (175973 bytes)
1939 World's Fair Aerial View E 
Archive: Bill Mangahas

Carnival-Magazine-World's-Fair_11-1939.jpg (81676 bytes)
Carnival Magazine - World's Fair 11/1939


1939 NY World's Fair Transportation Zone 6 map

Worlds-Fair-1939-Tydol-map_Cheryl-Lynn-Blum.jpg (102611 bytes)
World's Fair 1939 Tydol map
Archive: Cheryl Lynn Blum

World's Fair - Souvenir Ticket book
April 30th-October 31st, 1939

Ticket_Woodside_World's-Fair-1939_BradPhillips.jpg (45184 bytes)
Ticket Woodside  - World's Fair 1939/1940 
Archive: Brad Phillips

World's Fair Station 1939 - Archive: Tommy Farrell

Station-NYWorlds Fair-Fairgrounds-1939.jpg (99016 bytes)
LIRR Station building view N 1939 Archive: Dave Keller

GG-1 #4876 SAL "Silver Meteor" Inaugural run to Florida 2/02/1939 Archive: Win A. Boerckel

SEAMENS-Bank_1939-subway-railroad-system-map_World's-Fair.jpg (1241496 bytes)
SEAMEN'S BANK courtesy map of Rapid Transit 
NY City and Rail Lines - 1939 World's Fair

The map (left) is dated 1939 a year before the Board of Transportation came to be and took over the subways, trolleys and busses. The 6th Ave EL is gone, but the other three Manhattan ELs, as well as all the Brooklyn ELs, are still with us. The map also shows the Yonkers Branch of the New York Central and the New York Westchester and Boston. There was a ferry from 39th Street, Brooklyn to Staten Island. 

LaGuardia and Idlewild Airports are in the future and the 6th Ave Subway is under construction. The A Train in Brooklyn only reached to Rockaway Ave. The Battery Tunnel is in the future and the Midtown tunnel is not shown. 

Lastly, the Worlds Fair is shown along with the now gone IND connections from Queens Blvd.

Ticket_NY-Penn_World's-Fair-1939_BradPhillips.jpg (48881 bytes)
Ticket NY Penn Station  - World's Fair 1939/1940
Archive: Brad Phillips

1.  Cabin-FAIR-NY Worlds Fair-5-1940.jpg (66161 bytes)
"FAIR" interlocking cabin, located on the west end of the northernmost platform (low level) of the World's Fair Station - View looking east - May, 1940 (Dave Keller archive and data)

2.  MP41-1056-Station-NYWorld's Fair-1939 (Votava-Keller).jpg (72322 bytes)
MP41 MU electric car #1056 laying up east of the station complex - N. Y. World's Fair - View looking west - 1939 (George E. Votava collection / Dave Keller archive and data)

3.  MU Train at Station-NYWorld's Fair-1939 (Votava-Keller).jpg (70272 bytes)
MU electric train at station - N. Y. World's Fair - View looking west - 1939 (George E. Votava collection / Dave Keller archive and data)
7.  Track and Interlocking Diagram-NYWorld's Fair-ETT No. 13 Eff. 06-23-40.jpg (412101 bytes)
Track and interlocking Diagram of "FAIR" Cabin and the World's Fair station as it appears in employee timetable #13, effective June 23, 1940 (Dave Keller archive and data)

5.  Station and Interlocking Listing-ETT No. 13 Eff. 06-23-40.jpg (79387 bytes)
Station and Interlocking listing for the North Side (Port Washington) branch showing the World's Fair station and "FAIR" interlocking with mileage from "HAROLD" interlocking tower as it appears in employee timetable #13, effective June 23, 1940 (Dave Keller archive and data)

Worlds-Fair_NY-State-License-plates_HankVarrichio.jpg (72835 bytes)
World's Fair - NY State License plates 
Archive: Hank Varrichio

6.  Sample Page of Trains to NYWorld's Fair-ETT No. 13 Eff. 06-23-40.jpg (217136 bytes)
A sample page of employee timetable #13 showing some of the
train service to the Fair.  Archive: Dave Keller

Worlds-Fair-1939-EMD-Train-of-the-Future_Huneke.jpg (52417 bytes)
1939 World's Fair  EMD "Train of the Future" Exhibit  Archive: Art Huneke



DD1-344-Pinstripes-Flushing Mdws-5-15-39.jpg (105238 bytes)
DD1 electric locomotives were repainted, pinstriped and had the keystone logo added on the end doors in time for the inauguration of train service to the N. Y. World’s Fair at Flushing Meadows.  This image shows freshly-painted A-B unit #344 at the Fair site on May 15, 1939 (George E. Votava photo / Dave Keller archive and data)

worlds-fair-1939_Trylon-Perisphere-diorama.jpg (73501 bytes)
1939 World's Fair 1939 Trylon Perisphere Diorama

World's Fair - 1938 NYC Hudson - Henry Dreyfuss design 
Archive: Steve Rothaug


1939_Worlds-Fair_RPO-cover_Morrison.jpg (72863 bytes)
"Railroads at the NY World's Fair 1939"
Collection: Dave Morrison

RPOcarlastday10-27-40WorldsFairNY.jpg (101493 bytes)
New York Central RPO exhibit car
Last day 10/27/1940 cancellation. Collection: Dave Keller

New York World's Fair RPO to Plainfield NJ, 1939.jpg (56854 bytes)
RPO and World's Fair cancellation 
First day for Washington Inauguration 04/30/1939 

New York World's Fair RPO to New York City, 1939.JPG (54469 bytes)
RPO cancellation

As part of the 1939-40 N. Y. World's Fair "Railroads on Parade" exhibit, we see the restored NYC&HRRR (New York Central & Hudson River Railroad) 4-4-0 #999 "Empire State Express." Built in 1893 by the N. Y. Central's West Albany shops, the locomotive was intended to haul the road's Empire State Express train service.  Originally built with 86" drivers, it broke a world speed record on its run to the Columbian Exposition in Chicago the same year. As a point of trivia, the engineer on that famous run was Charlie Hogan and Ben Baptist his fireman.  Ben later became an engineer on the Long Island Rail Road, making his career there.  He lived into his 90s.

The #999 proved impractical in normal service as the large diameter wheels slipped and the locomotive needed a push to get started.  Around 1898 the tall driving wheels were replaced with the then-standard 70" drivers used with American class (4-4-0) locomotives.  Around 1920, the engine was given a new, stronger boiler and a new tender. Relegated to short line service and "milk runs" it was retired from service in 1924 and restored, keeping the 70" drivers, newer boiler, tender, and was displayed at various exhibitions between 1927 and 1952.  It was eventually donated by the New York Central RR to the Chicago  Museum of Science and Industry where it was cosmetically restored and is presently displayed indoors. Archive/Info: Dave Keller


B&O 2-6-0 # 600 "J. C. Davis" is on display on October 15, 1939.  The locomotive appears to be missing its stack. Beyond it is NYC&HRRR #999 and DL&W camelback #952.  (Dave Keller archive and data)



LIRR conductor George Christopher photographed DL&W 4-4-0 camelback #952 as it was in the process of being prepped for display in early 1939.  (Dave Keller archive and data)



GN 4-4-0 #1 is in the process of being prepped for display along with a couple of vintage railroad cars.  A tender is loaded atop a flat car at the right.  (George Christopher photo, Dave Keller archive and data)



Here's a grouped view of locomotives on display on May 12, 1940.  From left to right are GN 0-4-0 "Minnetonka,", NYC streamlined J3 (4-6-4) #5454, NYC&HRR 4-4-0 #999 "Empire State Express," and B&O 4-6-0 #117 "Thatcher Perkins." (George E. Votava photo, Dave Keller archive and data)


PRR S1 (6-4-4-6) #6100 is being placed on a dynamometer car to allow a moving display of the driver wheels.  This mechanical display was held at set times throughout the day between the hours of 12:00 noon to 8:00 pm daily.  At the far right is SAL diesel #1939. (George Christopher photo, Dave Keller archive)

1940_Worlds-Fair_RPO-cover_Morrison.jpg (149915 bytes)"Railroads at the NY World's Fair 1940"
Collection: Dave Morrison

PRR S1 #6100 - World's Fair Dynamometer Car -1940

SAL diesel #1939 is being prepared for display.  It was positioned outside the site of the General Motors building and the building was built behind it. Shortly after being on display, the Seaboard required the use of their locomotive for train operation, and this unit was replaced with a similar-looking diesel for 1940. (George Christopher photo, Dave Keller archive)


The V&T's little 2-4-0 #21 "J. W. Bowker" is being prepared for display in this 1939 view.  This little locomotive was used in the Hollywood motion Picture "Union Pacific" starring Joel McCrea and Barbara Stanwyck, which aired on May 5, 1939. (George Christopher photo, Dave Keller archive)
Station-NYWorlds Fair with Display Cars-Flush.Mdws-1939.jpg (94239 bytes) Freshly painted freight cars for display at the “Railroads on Parade” exhibit are being delivered to the World’s Fair site.  This view is at the newly-built World’s Fair station, June, 1939  (Dave Keller archive and data)
Worlds-Fair-Rotary-Snow-blower-193_Wooden-Tender-On-display_06-03-40_Votava-Keller.jpg (98221 bytes) LIRR Rotary Snow blower #193 with wooden tender on display 6/30/1940 (Votava-Keller)

1938 blueprint scans of the "proposed" enlargement of 
Corona Meadows Yard for the 1939 World's Fair

LICMYd1938bpDescr.jpg (56426 bytes)

LICMYd1938bpSouth.jpg (202048 bytes)LICMYd1938bpNorth.jpg (278059 bytes)

Corona Meadows Yard blueprints 7/30/1938 view NW  Collection: Art Huneke
DD1s 344, 351 Dbl Hdg Psgr Train-NY World's Fair-Flushing Mdws, NY - 1939.jpg (53651 bytes)

This view looking north shows DD1 units #344 and #351 double-headed and laying up with an extremely long Fair train in the expanded Corona Meadows Yard.  Many World's Fair trains were double-headed in the A-B/A-B combination of DD1 head-end power due to the increased length of the trains run.

This yard was enlarged in 1938, and platforms, water and power added, for the purpose of accommodating the laying-up of increased numbers of scheduled trains providing service to the Fair.  (George E. Votava collection / Dave Keller archive / Bob Emery, Art Huneke and Dave Keller data)  

Station-NYWorldsFair-2-39.jpg (44403 bytes)
Workers are putting the finishing touches on the wooden-slat platforms at the newly-completed World’s Fair station in February of 1939 in preparation for the Fair’s imminent grand opening.  This view of the large and “futuristic” facility is looking east from in front of “FAIR” interlocking cabin.  The Fairgrounds are to the right and the IRT’s Corona yard and shops are to the left.  (Dave Keller archive and data)

 4.  MU Trains-DD1 Elecs-at Station-NYWorld's Fair-(10-06-40 (Keller).jpg (46700 bytes)
MU electric trains and DD1 electric locomotives at the NY World's Fair station the next to last day of Fair operation - View looking southwest - October 6, 1940 (Dave Keller archive and data)

Station-United-Nations_MU-Flushing-Mdws-1952.jpg (101425 bytes)
The United Nations, commencing operation in 1946 after the end of World War II, was first headquartered at the site of the 1939-40 N. Y. World’s Fair.  The large, futuristic, Fair station had been demolished after the Fair closed in 1940 and was replaced by this much smaller and less elaborate station facility on the site of the previous station.  This view, looking west from the pedestrian overpass (which is indicated in Bob Emery’s post-Fair map shown at the top of this page) shows an MU train leaving the station and heading into Manhattan in 1952, the last year of the UN at Flushing Meadows and the last year of service to this short-lived station, which, along with the overpass, was demolished the same year.  This area remained without a LIRR station until construction began once again for the 1964-65 N. Y. World’s Fair. (George E. Votava photo / Dave Keller archive and data)


1939 WF timetable.jpg (86680 bytes)
World's Fair Timetable -  9/17/1939
 1939 WF timetable map.JPG (390413 bytes)


Worlds-Fair-1939_Railroads-at-Work_layout-map.jpg (315751 bytes)
"Railroads at Work" Track Diagram

worlds-fair-1939_train-layout.jpg (236622 bytes)
"Railroads at Work" Artists Rendering


World's Fair Monorail - 1964

World's Fair Adult Monorail Ticket 1965

NY World's Fair Station - View W 5/29/1964 Archive: Dave Keller

Worlds-Fair-Stamp_FDC_4-22-1964.jpg (160444 bytes)
World's Fair Stamp First Day Cover 4/22/64 

World's Fair 5¢ stamp Scott #1244 issued 
4/22/64 Mall Unisphere and Rocket Thrower 
Design: Donald De Lue

WorldsFair1964Unisphere.jpg (118623 bytes)


LIRR-Worlds-Fair-Dater-Die.jpg (167916 bytes)
LIRR World's Fair - Dater Die 


ticket-half-fare_World's-Fair-Jamaica_BradPhillips.jpg (27489 bytes)
Ticket half fare between World's Fair and Jamaica (via Woodside)
Form ½H Archive: Brad Phillips

Worlds-Fair-Ticket_Bayside-opening-day-front_stamped-dater-die-4_BradPhillips.jpg (52010 bytes)
Opening Day April 22, 1964 - 1/2 Fare Ticket World's Fair - Bayside
Worlds-Fair-Tickets_stamped-dater-die-4_BradPhillips.jpg (55971 bytes)
World's Fair tickets back stamped with dater die #4 Archive: Brad Phillips


NY-Worlds-Fair-1964_Grand-Central- Parkway_Flushing-Meadows_1964_ScottGenghisWong.jpg (123362 bytes)
NY World's Fair 1964 - Grand Central Parkway, Flushing Meadows, NY 1964
Archive: Scott Genghis Wong

Ticket-NY-Penn-World's-Fair_Form-1and-half-BHS_BradPhillips.jpg (41697 bytes)
Ticket half fare between  NY Penn and World's Fair - Form 1½-BHS Archive: Brad Phillips
Ticket-NY-Penn-World's-Fair_Form-1-BHS_BradPhillips.jpg (56926 bytes)
Ticket between NY Penn and World's Fair - Form 1-BHS
Archive: Brad Phillips


  ticket_World's-Fair-Broadway_7-29-1963_BradPhillips.jpg (55504 bytes)
Ticket "Worlds Fair" and Broadway 7/29/1963 
Form 1H Archive: Brad Phillips

  ticket_World's-Fair-Elmhurst_BradPhillips.jpg (24669 bytes)
Ticket "World's Fair" and Elmhurst
Form 1H Archive: Brad Phillips
ticket_World's-Fair-Broadway-back_7-29-1963_BradPhillips.jpg (32720 bytes)
Note: Sold prior to the Fair Opening
ticket_World's-Fair-Elmhurst_half-fare-Form-LH-262_BradPhillips.jpg (60335 bytes)
Ticket half fare between World's Fair and Elmhurst
9/18/1965  Form-LH-262
Archive: Brad Phillips
ticket_World's-Fair-Elmhurst_half-fare-Form-LH-262_reverse_BradPhillips.jpg (43615 bytes)
Ticket half fare between World's Fair and Elmhurst
9/18/1965 reverse  Form-LH-262 Archive: Brad Phillips

NY World's Fair Station token booths  - Flushing Meadows, NY view N
9/26/1965 Archive: Dave Keller

Ticket one day round-trip with exchange coupon for World's Fair admission

Worlds-Fair_Off-to-the-Fair_ViewW_Summer-1965.jpg (80014 bytes)
"Off to the Fair" View W Summer, 1965
NYCTA Subway line is at the right.  Note the "Subway" sign.  Passengers could 
walk through the station across the LIRR tracks and take the EL. Info: Dave Keller


MU 2525-NYWFJamaica08-23-63.jpg (112450 bytes)
LIRR MU #2525 in New York World's Fair livery Jamaica 08/23/1963 Archive: Dave Keller


1963 LIRR corporate press photo of the new MP75s with MP75C 2529 leading an eastbound on the Main Line near Woodside.  Location info: This scene is in Woodside (Queens), just east of Harold Interlocking and facing west from the LIRR overpass at Woodside Avenue. The electrical poles for the New York Connecting (New Haven-PRR joint service) Railroad to New England and Boston via Hell Gate Bridge can be seen at the third car. Signal bridge at far left is at 48 Avenue overpass.  Photo: LIRR Archive: Kevin Wong

1964 World's Fair multiple MU Unit Paint Schemes

Before the fair, the LIRR painted three MU cars and most likely at least one P72 diesel car in experimental paint schemes.  The MU train shown has blue-striped T72 #2840 in blue stripe, numbers and lettering.  It is alongside an MP72T in an orange stripe.  One motorized trailer, MP72T #2648 was given an orange stripe, lettering and numbers with "Ride the LONG ISLAND Travel Easy" slogan above the letter board and windows and placed before the LONG ISLAND lettering.  I don't believe it got the full slogan that the Zip cars and one train of earlier MP72-class  Pullman-Standard cars of earlier manufacture (1955) received.  

This photo shows both cars #2840 and #2648 and the car to the left (not shown) may very well be the red striped #2502 since all three cars ran together."

There was also  a control motor with red stripe, lettering and numbers with orange ends and it was numbered #2502.  

The red, blue and orange striped cars ran together in the same train for a short period of time on several different electric branches as a test  to see what scheme was most popular and to no apparent surprise, the orange won out.  One steam or diesel car, P72 #2920, wore a blue stripe for  a time but it had the normal white standard condensed gothic lettering with a white number board with red numbers. I know of no other diesel car painted experimentally but of course, there were the two cars with what I call the full "World's Fair with slogan" paint scheme.  

And as I mentioned, there was a 10-car train of the earlier MP72 cars that got the full WF with slogan paint job to augment the new fleet of Zip cars or MP75s which also wore this scheme; all were used in World's Fair service.  

This train--no one seems to be quite sure what its makeup was--most likely  was a control motor at the end, then three motorized trailers, and one trailer and then a second consist of the same cars, which adds up to10 cars but this is only a guess.  Since the LIRR ran trailers (unpowered or unmotorized cars) in a 3:1 ratio, each of the two trailers in this train would probably be placed between the motorized trailer cars, making this consist a 2500 car, 2600 car, 2800 car, 2600 car, 2600 car, 2600 car, 2800 car, 2600 car, 2600 car and a  2500 series cars. But I can only guess on this and we have no information on what cars wore this scheme.  While I'm not sure of the exact timetable,  the LIRR dumped the red version, but in the spring of 1962 the railroad used the blue stripe on its parlor cars purchased from the PRR; I  think it was around the  same time that the two other blue cars (2920 and 2840) were also running in LIRR trains.  

All the cars painted in  experimental colors (not orange) were eventually repainted.  Just about all the cars with slogans were hastily repainted beneath the window with two large Dashing Dan heralds placed at each corner; remember, the car number was in gray letters in the orange stripe between the vestibule and window.  As far as I know, only one Zip car, control motor #2536, was totally repainted in the simplified World's Fair scheme (now with no slogan) but it was not given Dashing Dan heralds.  The new, larger heralds were much larger than the narrow orange window stripe applied to these cars and later, an edict came down from the MTA to discontinue the use of Dashing Dan on all cars as well as The Weekend Chief heralds on parlor cars.  This was in the mid to late-1960's, but I'm not sure exactly when.  The MTA did not like the Dashing Dan herald at all.  This certainly was quite a colorful era on the LIRR.  Info: Mike Boland

64worldfair.jpg (20186 bytes)


lirr2536-MP-75C_Jamaica-1969.jpg (55643 bytes)

lirr2534-MP-75C_Hempstead-01-20-68_Votava-Keller.jpg (98456 bytes)

P1304-Babylon Yard.jpg (194432 bytes)


Pullman Standard car ad for the 1964
World's Fair LIRR MP75 delivery

P72-2919-WF_Port-Jefferson_11-28-63_NormanEKohl.jpg (117474 bytes) 
P72 #2919 Port Jefferson 11/28/1963
Photo: Norman E. Kohl

MP75_2536_WF_c.1966.jpg (106837 bytes)
MP75 #2536 c.1966
Archive: Mike Boland
MP75T_new-cars_Dunton_1963_GeneCollora.jpg (146377 bytes)
MP75T new cars Dunton 1963
View SW Photo: Gene Collora
MP75T_new-cars_Dunton_1963_GeneCollora-2.jpg (109075 bytes)
MP75T new cars Dunton 1963
Dunton Electric Car Shop inspection building at far right 
Photo: Gene Collora
P72-2831-WF_Hempstead_2-27-66_GeorgeEVotava.jpg (103805 bytes)
P72 #2831 Hempstead 2/27/1966 
Photo: George E. Votava
P72-2932-WF.jpg (138520 bytes)
P72 #2932
Archive: Mike Boland 
MP75C-2527_WF_c.1966_west-of-Woodside_GeneCollora.jpg (103539 bytes)
MP75C #2527 c.1966 west of Woodside Photo: Gene Collora 
Archive: Mike Boland
 2814_WF_Port-Washington_11-26-65.jpg (94287 bytes)
P72 #2814 Port Washington 11/26/1965
Archive: Mike Boland
 MP75C-2535-WF_Hempstead_2-27-66_GeorgeEVotava.jpg (109000 bytes)
MP75C #2535 Hempstead 2/27/1966 Photo: George E. Votava Archive: Mike Boland
P72-2937-WF_Port-Jefferson_8-8-65_NormanEKohl.jpg (74534 bytes)
P72 #2937 Port Jefferson 8/8/1965
Photo: Norman E. Kohl
Archive: Mike Boland

After the World's Fair was over, the "Your Thruway to the Fair Gateway" was painted out but the "Travel Easy . . . " was left in place above the windows for many years afterwards. 
If the car has that portion above the windows, then it held that the lower portion was stenciled on during the Fair Years.

LIRR2648_Babylon_grade-crossing-elimation_viewSW_1-07-69_JamesGillin.jpg (147226 bytes)Some cars had both portions painted out afterwards and maintained only a small memory of the former fair:  an orange band through the windows.

I never saw a blue band on the windows of any cars back then except the heavy duty parlor car fleet.  This one is new to me.  That photo, just for information sake, was shot at Babylon during the grade crossing elimination project.  View is looking southwest towards the LIRR's electric substation and shot from the pedestrian crossover. Info: Dave Keller

LIRR #2648 Babylon grade crossing elimination view SW 1/07/1969 Photo: James Gillin

1.  MU Train at Temporary Station-NYWorld's Fair-1962 (Edwards-Keller).jpg (40053 bytes)
MU REA car pulling electric train past the temporary World's Fair station which was in service during the start of construction - 1962 (W. J. Edwards photo / Dave Keller archive and data)

MU-East-Worlds-Fair-Sta-Under-Constr-Flush-Mdws-5-30-63.jpg (59756 bytes)
LIRR MU eastbound World's Fair Station under construction Flushing Meadows 05/30/1963 Archive: Dave Keller

6.  FAIR Interlocking In Svc-04-16-64 (Keller).jpg (239051 bytes)
General order #1027 placing "FAIR" interlocking in service effective April 16, 1964. This general order appears in employee timetable #10. (Dave Keller archive and data)

5.  Track and Interlocking Diagram-NYWorld's Fair-ETT No. 10 Eff. 05-19-63 (Keller).jpg (108722 bytes)
Track and interlocking diagram of the 1964-65 "FAIR" interlocking cabin and World's Fair station as it appears in employee timetable #10 effective May 19, 1963. (Dave Keller archive and data)


7.  World's Fair W Stops Added to Trains-04-21-65 (Keller).jpg (64901 bytes)
 General order #1127 adding "W" stops to World's Fair trains effective April 21, 1965.  This general order appears in employee timetable #10. (Dave Keller archive and data)

8.  ETT No. 11 Eff. 05-17-64 - World's Fair Colors and Motto (Keller).jpg (92235 bytes)
Employee timetable #11 effective May 17, 1964.  All LIRR employee timetables historically up until this point were printed with manila-colored covers.  Special for the Fair, these timetables were printed in World's Fair colors of orange and blue with the motto "The Steel Thruway to the Fair Gateway" at the top. (Dave Keller archive and data)

11.  ETT No. 12 Eff. 05-16-65-World's Fair Colors in Reverse and Motto (Keller).jpg (80223 bytes)
Employee timetable #12 effective May 16, 1965.  Note that the World's Fair colors are still being used, only have been reversed.  Where the previous cover was orange with blue lettering, this timetable has a blue cover with orange lettering.  New York State license plates for motor vehicles used similar Fair colors during the Fair years. (Dave Keller archive and data)

9.  Sample Train Service to NYWorld's Fair - ETT No. 11 Eff 05-17-64 (Keller).jpg (140009 bytes)
A sample page from employee timetable #11 May 17, 1964 showing train service to the Fair. (Dave Keller archive and data)

10.  Station and Interlocking Listing - NY World's Fair - EFF No. 11 Eff 05-17-64 (Keller).jpg (78582 bytes)
Station and interlocking listing for the Port Washington branch showing "FAIR" interlocking 5/17/64 and the World's Fair station, as it appears in employee timetable #11. (Dave Keller archive and data)

Dashing-Dan-Diary_4-1964_Morrison.jpg (115480 bytes)
Dashing Dan Diary 4/1964 
Collection: Dave Morrison

12.  FAIR Interlocking Info-05-21-64 (Keller).jpg (100680 bytes)
General order #1104, effective May 21, 1964, as it appears in employee timetable #12 indicating procedures to be followed when "FAIR" interlocking is closed. (Dave Keller archive and data)

 4.  MU Trains at Station-NYWorld's Fair - 09-25-65 (Votava-Keller).jpg (71909 bytes)
MU trains at the World's Fair station.  View is looking east.  The track curving off to the left in the center of the image is the former LIRR Whitestone branch, which at the time of this photo - September 25, 1965 - accessed the LIRR's Corona Yard.  (George E. Votava photo / Dave Keller archive and data)  


1964 World's Fair MU Double Deck Special
MU-DBL-Deck-1318_Worlds-Fair-Special-Sign-W.F. Station - 1964_keller.jpg (53847 bytes)
MU Double Deck #1318 World's Fair Special at World's Fair Station 1964 Archive: Dave Keller
MU DBL Deck 1318 World's Fair Special with Sign-W.F. Station - 1964_Frank-Griffin-archive.jpg (76001 bytes)
MU Double Deck #1318 World's Fair Special Banner at World's Fair Station 1964 Archive: Frank Griffin
lirr1318MU-DblDk-NYWorldsFair1964.jpg (49780 bytes)
LIRR # 1318 MU Double Decker - World's Fair, NY 1964  Archive: Dave Keller

There's a picture in Scott Hartley's New Haven book of that train (the General and a passenger car) on the approach  to the Hell Gate Bridge on May 30, 1964. It was moving under its own  power to the 1964-65 NY World's Fair. Info: Wayne Koch

I remember the move to get this engine and car to the fair grounds. The car arrived on its own wheels in a freight train at Oak Point while the engine arrived on a flat car with the tender on a separate car. Both were unloaded whether by crane or ramp I do not know. The engine was steamed up at Oak Point and towed the car from Oak Point to Fremont on track 5. 

At Fremont, a LIRR engine and crew tied on to the passenger car and pulled the outfit on to the LIRR tracks and where it went from there, I am not sure. I followed the move in my automobile from Oak Point and got some movies of the move as well.  Info: Noel Weaver

This is the locomotive “General”, originally of the Western & Atlantic RR, which was stolen by the Andrew's Raiders in the Civil War. For many years, it was on static display in the waiting room of a station (Chattanooga?). The road became part of the Louisville & Nashville. L&N moved the engine out one night and put it in running condition, which, among other things, involved converting to oil burning and adding air brakes. The oil tank and an engine driven compressor were hidden under the wood pile on the tender.

 The coach is obviously later than 1860 vintage. This combination toured the country for several years. I got a picture of it on display at Richmond, VA in 1960.  This picture was taken on the eastbound LIRR track at Woodside. Several fans also got pictures of the General on the Hell Gate Bridge! Info: Henry Raudenbush

HellgateGeneralLoco.jpg (93835 bytes)
"General" ex-Western & Atlantic RR, with Coach south of  Hell Gate Bridge enroute to 1964-65 NY World's Fair 05/30/1964
Photo/Archive: Walter Zulig

General-Coach-Woodside-eastboundtoworldsfairMay30-1964.jpg (68534 bytes)
"General" ex-Western & Atlantic RR, with Coach at Woodside Station, Eastbound to 1964-65 NY World's Fair 05/30/1964
Archive: Dave Keller

The Fare Token came inserted in the cover of a twenty-two page booklet entitled "Through the Years With The Long Island Railroad Company (1834)". The booklet had a hard cover and the token was under a plastic wrap and inserted in a hole in the hard cover and it was possible to view both sides of the token. I purchased mine through the mail and never used the token and don't know what fare the token was good for. I suspect the LIRR was expecting folks to keep the token and not actually use them much like a commemorative stamp in a stamp collection. I still have the original envelope it came with these items as contents:

1. "Through the Years With the Long Island Rail Road Company (1834)"
2. "Travel Easy" Map of the Long Island Rail Road
3. Promotional brochure claiming the LIRR was the best way to get to the Fair; a twelve minute air conditioned ride from   Penn Station
4. Brochure about attractions at the Fair
5. Booklet entitled "The Long Island Rail Road at a Glance"
6. Four photos of LIRR equipment including a photo of a 1903 Brooks Camelback ten wheeler
7. Six small "The Route of the Dashing Commuter" decals
   Courtesy: Bill O'Connell

worlds-fair-map.jpg (251826 bytes)
1964-65 World's Fair map view NE

worlds-fair-map_3D.jpg (331291 bytes)
1964-65 World's Fair 3D map LIRR Pavilion location 72 bottom above Gate #2

World's Fair Adult 1964-64 $2.00 admission ticket




LIRR-Worlds-Fair-PTT_7-22-1964.jpg (114376 bytes)
LIRR Worlds Fair Timetable Jamaica to World's Fair 7/22/1964


FULL DAY at the FAIR Flyer

World's Fair daily pass -  Tour Guide 8/18/1965
Archive: Richard Glueck
book-covers_c.1964.jpg (122449 bytes)
Worlds Fair student book covers 1964

LIRR - World's Fair Commemorative Book_BradPhillips.jpg (101306 bytes)
World's Fair Commemorative Booklet Inside

LIRR-form-CW126_tickets_BradPhillips.jpg (250681 bytes)   LIRR-form-CW127_tickets_BradPhillips.jpg (132238 bytes)
LIRR Ticket from 1964

LIRR-form-CW126a_tickets_BradPhillips.jpg (239312 bytes)   LIRR-form-CW127a_tickets_BradPhillips.jpg (229762 bytes)
LIRR Ticket from 1965

LIRR-token-receipt_NY-WF-1964.jpg (28646 bytes)
LIRR Receipt for World's Fair token between Penn Station and Fair - 1964

LIRR Promo pin button: "I Traveled Easy to the Fair"

Worlds-Fair_timetable_5-16-65_KevinWong.jpg (173405 bytes)
World's Fair timetable 5/16/1965 Archive: Kevin Wong

May service note Archive: Kevin Wong 1965 Worlds Fair LIRR Official Guide Of The Railways

Guy Lombardo 1964 Worlds Fair Brochure.jpg (30362 bytes)
GUY LOMBARDO SAYS: "Travel easy to the Fair"

Worlds-Fair-Guy-Lombardo-Ad_Morrison.jpg (171723 bytes)
World's Fair- Guy Lombardo Ad
Archive: Dave Morrison

VIPlirrpintsizepass.jpg (20702 bytes)
LIRR Pass: Director PINT-SIZE LIRR 1965

LIRR Pass: Director PINT-SIZE LIRR 1965
Archive: Bill Mangahas

The Coca Cola Pavilion NY World's Fair 1964-65

64worldfaircokecaps.jpg (20973 bytes)
LIRR NY World's Fair Coke "Dashing Dan"
Commemorative Bottle caps


All the information extracted from the Official Timetable (above) and converted into a file unabridged with no omissions. The frequent schedules are very clear: some trains running less than 10 minutes apart, showing the southern tracks/platforms at the Willets Point Station (unused since the closeout of the World's Fair in 1965) were used for frequent shuttle service between Manhattan and Flushing Meadows.  This is among the last editions prior to the establishment of the MTA (originally MCTA) as a quasi-independent state agency and public takeover of LIRR in late 1965. At press time (May 1, 1965) the World's Fair had been open as of Wednesday, April 21, but the 1965 World's Fair schedule (and summer 1965 schedules) appeared on Sunday, May 16. The schedules here are those in effect as of May 1, 1965 (winter/spring 1965 schedules effective September 1964 or December 15, 1964). Research: Kevin Wong

8x8sign.jpg (33814 bytes)
8" x  8" Sign

64token.jpg (40217 bytes)     64token2.jpg (28350 bytes)
LIRR Fare Token

  Worlds-Fair-1964_Flintstones-comic-book.jpg (158344 bytes)  

  Worlds-Fair-1964_Flintstones-comic-book-back.jpg (123837 bytes)
World's Fair Souvenir Flintstones Comic Book 1964

LIRR - World's Fair Commemorative Book-cover_BradPhillips.jpg (86085 bytes)  
World's Fair Comme
morative Booklet cover

LIRR World's Fair souvenirs - Model Railroader ad 1/1964

R36World'sFairCars_delivered_St.LouisCar1964_for_no.7service.jpg (61534 bytes)
St. Louis Car Company's R36 World's Fair cars were delivered in 1964 for #7 train service along the NYCTA's Flushing Line.  They are shown here at the TA's Willets Point station which was the transit's stop for the New York World's Fair.  In the background is visible Shea Stadium, home of the New York Mets. 
13.  M1 Railfan Extra at Station-Shea Stadium - 04-20-69 (Edwards-Keller).jpg (58902 bytes)
M1 MU electric train pulling a railfan extra at Shea Stadium station on April 20, 1969.  
After the fair closed, the railroad station was renamed and put into use for train 
service for New York Met's games at Shea Stadium.  
(W. J. Edwards photo / Dave Keller archive and data)
speaking-of-fairs_brochure_back_BradPhillips.jpg (206206 bytes)
"Speaking of Fairs" brochure
LIRR-PRR_Worlds-Fair_brochure_front_BradPhillips.jpg (123712 bytes)

Worlds-Fair_PRR-brochure_back_BradPhillips.jpg (229331 bytes)
World's Fair  PRR brochure "Take the Pennsy to the Fair" 

12-minutes_WorldsFair-Ad.jpg (168331 bytes)

Worlds-Fair_12-minutes_BradPhillips.jpg (414114 bytes)
"12 Relaxing Minutes and You're there...at the Fair" and at only 50¢

Worldd-Fair-LIRR exhibit_front_BradPhillips.jpg (188203 bytes)

Worldd-Fair-LIRR exhibit_back_BradPhillips.jpg (182253 bytes)
Long Island Exhibit by the 


Worlds-Fair_PRR-brochure_front_BradPhillips.jpg (271308 bytes)

Worlds-Fair_12-minutes_back_BradPhillips.jpg (214041 bytes)
PRR "You'll never forget the thrill..." 

World-Fair-Travel-Easy_1964_BradPhillips.jpg (177274 bytes)

World-Fair-Travel-Easy_back_1964_BradPhillips.jpg (304193 bytes)
Travel Easy brochure 1964

Worlds-Fair-Group-Travel-flyer_Morrison.jpg (105989 bytes)
Group Travel Flyer 
Archive: Dave Morrison

Olmsted Center World's Fair Administrative Offices

Olmstead Center west of Shea Stadium Station satellite view

Olmsted Center World's Fair Administrative Offices, View N c.1961 Archive: Dave Keller

Olmsted Center - NYC Dept. of Parks & Recreation

Here is what I have found, and I think I can identify the location.  Looking at the satellite view, Note the building with a white-bordered black roof, close beside the LIRR tracks.  That is a LIRR substation (put in in 1960-61, not one of the classic ones),  I think that the camera location was on the LIRR roadbed, west of the substation, and about in line with the head end of the eastbound train in the first attachment.   In the distance, two levels of el tracks are visible.  The higher one is the structure on Roosevelt Ave.  Below it, just in line with the lamppost is the structure for the ramp from the IRT main line down to the yard.  That sort of ties down the location.  The buildings in the foreground must be the Olmsted Center.  Attached is a Park Dept description of the history of that center.  Evidently, at some time after your picture was taken, more temporary buildings were added to the center.  About 2016, there was to be a reconstruction of this center, but a NY News article notes that that project has stalled.  I have added a picture looking in along the driveway from Shea Road toward the substation.  My guess as to lamppost is that it was put up at an entrance from the driveway into the Center to help LIRR access to the substation, but it seems to be gone now.   
(Data courtesy of Hank Raudenbush)

The Official World's Fair Coloring Books
coloring book.JPG (104127 bytes)
coloring book monorail.JPG (77709 bytes)
coloring book 2.JPG (90348 bytes)


Long Island Exhibit by the Long Island Rail Road
Photos/Archive: Brad Phillips except as noted

LIRR-scale-model-Pavilion_World'sFair_9-25-65_Votava-Collora-Boland.jpeg (99734 bytes)
LIRR HO Scale Model Pavilion 1964 World's Fair 9/25/65 Photo: George Votava Print: Gene Collora 
Archive: Mike Boland

LIRR-Information-center_World'sFair_9-25-65_Votava-Collora-Boland.jpeg (134805 bytes)
LIRR Information Center 1964 World's Fair 9/25/65 Photo: George Votava Print: Gene Collora 
Archive: Mike Boland
LIRR - World's Fair - LIRR Exhibit With Sign - 9-18-65.JPG (155478 bytes)
World's Fair LIRR Exhibit sign 9/18/65

Worlds-Fair_LIRR-exhibit-map_BradPhillips.jpg (240881 bytes)
Long Island Exhibit by the LONG ISLAND RAIL ROAD 
zoom map from the Travel Easy brochure (above center)

Worlds-Fair-Souvenir-ticket-front_Morrison.jpg (70419 bytes)
1964 Worlds Fair Souvenir ticket
World's Fair Division of the LIRR 
Honorary Commuter 1964
Collection: Dave Morrison

Worlds-Fair-Souvenir-ticket-back_Morrison.jpg (50764 bytes)

worlds-fair_honorary-commuter-ticket-fromt_1965_BradPhillips.jpg (53591 bytes)

1964 Worlds Fair Souvenir ticket
World's Fair Division of the LIRR
Honorary Commuter 1965

worlds-fair_honorary-commuter-ticket-1965_BradPhillips.jpg (33865 bytes)
LIRR - World's Fair - LIRR Miniature Train Ride Depot - 9-18-65.JPG (181835 bytes)
 World's Fair LIRR Miniature Train Ride Depot 9/18/65

LIRR - World's Fair - LIRR Miniature Train Ride.2_6-24-64.jpg (108162 bytes)
World's Fair LIRR Miniature Train Ride 6/24/64

LIRR - World's Fair - LIRR Miniature Train Ride at FAIR Tower - 9-18-65.JPG (188079 bytes)
World's Fair LIRR Miniature Train 
Ride at FAIR Tower  9/18/65
lirr-worldsfairexhibit-ad_1965_KevinWong.jpg (91511 bytes)
LIRR  World's Fair  Exhibit Ad 1965  Archive: Kevin Wong

LIRR-WF-mini-train-ride_discount-ticket.jpg (45077 bytes)
LIRR 1964 World's Fair mini-train 
ride discount ticket - Save 15¢
LIRR-WF-mini-train-ride_discount-ticket-reverse.jpg (73410 bytes) 


LIRR-WF-mini-train-ride_ticket.jpg (94955 bytes)


LIRR - World's Fair - LIRR Miniature Train Ride - 6-24-64.JPG (170824 bytes)
World's Fair LIRR Miniature Train Ride 6/24/64 
LIRR issued 25¢ admission ticket to the 1964-65 World's Fair mini-train ride (left)

Worlds-Fair_train_Ron ZielMike Boland .jpeg (103208 bytes)
World's Fair LIRR Miniature Train  Ride  (Ron Ziel - Mike Boland)

LIRR - World's Fair - LIRR Dashing Dan on Tower - 9-18-65.JPG (238218 bytes)
World's Fair LIRR Dashing Dan  on Tower 9/18/65

1964-world's-fair-lirr-exhibit-entrance.jpg (138756 bytes)
World's Fair LIRR Exhibit Entrance

LIRR - World's Fair - LIRR Exhibit Equipment Mockups - 6-24-64.JPG (155686 bytes)
World's Fair LIRR Exhibit Equipment Mockups 6/24/64

WorldFair64_LIRR-pavilion_train-ride.jpg (110194 bytes)
World's Fair LIRR Miniature Train  Ride 
Photo: George Votava Archive: Mike Boland

2.  FAIR Interlocking Cabin - NYWorld's Fair-05-16-65 (Makse-Keller).jpg (83515 bytes)
FAIR Interlocking Cabin - NY World's Fair 5/16/1965 (Makse-Keller)
This interlocking cabin was designed as a "fishbowl" for Fair visitors to look in the wide windows as the block operator did his job.  The sign above the windows reads  "Come See How We Run Our Railroad." Dashing Dan on the men's room door and Dashing Dottie on the women's room door.  (Dick Makse photo / Dave Keller archive and data)


LIRR - World's Fair - FAIR Tower area- 6-24-64.jpg (71852 bytes)          LIRR - World's Fair - FAIR Tower - 6-24-64.JPG (126731 bytes)
World's Fair LIRR - FAIR Tower 6/24/64


3.  FAIR Cabin Restrooms-Dashing Dan and Dotty - 05-16-65 (Makse-Keller).jpg (35620 bytes)
The public restroom doors at "FAIR" interlocking cabin showing "Dashing Dan" for the men's room (left) and "Dashing Dotty" for the women's room. 05/16/1965 (Makse-Keller)
LIRR - World's Fair Platforms Looking East_no.2 - 9-18-65.JPG (130110 bytes)        LIRR - World's Fair Platforms Looking East - 9-18-65.JPG (136724 bytes)
World's Fair LIRR platforms views east 9/18/65


LIRR - World's Fair Employee Quarters - 9-18-65.JPG (153472 bytes)
World's Fair LIRR employee quarters 9/18/1965
LIRR - World's Fair Platforms Looking West - 9-18-65.JPG (146043 bytes)
World's Fair LIRR platforms view west 9/18/1965

MU trains at NY World's Fair Station Flushing Meadows View E 6/1964 Archive: Dave Keller
Worlds-Fair-Station_8-64_JimGillin.jpg (118855 bytes)
World's Fair Station 8/1964
Photo: Jim Gillin
LIRR - World's Fair Station Looking South - 9-18-65.JPG (101429 bytes)
World's Fair LIRR station 
view south 9/18/1965

LIRR - World's Fair Ticket Office - 9-18-65.JPG (129786 bytes)
World's Fair LIRR ticket office 9/18/1965

LIRR - World's Fair Railroad Gates - 9-18-65.JPG (113094 bytes)
World's Fair LIRR gates 9/18/1965

As the day is done, and the Sun ends its daily journey, so too does the Fair come to end; October 17, 1965.
Note: When the 2nd World's Fair closed in 1965, the station this time was left standing, and renamed "Shea Stadium" as the LIRR's station stop for the NY Mets games at Shea.


M1-Railfan-Extra_Station-Shea Stadium_4-20-69_(Edwards-Keller).jpg (80808 bytes)
M1 Railfan-Extra Shea Stadium Station 4/20/1969 (Edwards-Keller)
Ticket-NY-Penn-Shea-Stadium_Form 1-B H_BradPhillips.jpg (88265 bytes)
Ticket between NY Penn and Shea Stadium - Form 1-B H
Archive: Brad Phillips

WORLD'S FAIR 1964 LIRR PAVILION 2014 50th Year Celebration - Modeled 

From the Oyster Bay Railroad Museum (OBRM):

Saturday, June 7th 2014, OBRM hosted their 50th anniversary celebration of the 1964 NY Worlds Fair. On display was a huge treasure trove of LIRR memorabilia from the Fair, as well as various select pieces from the collection of Jerry & Susan Jacobs. Their collection is very eclectic. Revealed was our new display of the actual LIRR Pavilion in 1/4 inch scale which included the operating G16 model train. For those of you who remembered the fair, this surely made you misty eyed.

The World's Fair Alco FA-1 diesel cab was also open for visiting. This artifact from the actual pavilion has a built in sound system.

Oyster-Bay-Guardian_OBRM-page1_GaryFarkash.jpg (177864 bytes)
"Remembering the 1964 World's Fair at the Railroad Museum"
  OBRM Oyster Bay Guardian - page 1
Archive: Gary Farkash

Oyster-Bay-Guardian_OBRM-page8-photo_GaryFarkash.jpg (125531 bytes)
"Remembering the 1964 World's Fair at the Railroad Museum"
  OBRM Oyster Bay Guardian - page 8 


Oyster-Bay-Guardian_OBRM-page8_GaryFarkash.jpg (254849 bytes)
"Remembering the 1964 World's Fair at the Railroad Museum"  OBRM Oyster Bay Guardian
Model recreation of 1964 World's Fair LIRR exhibit_GaryFarkash.jpg (131190 bytes)
Model recreation of 1964
World's Fair LIRR exhibit

overview of the quarter-inch model display.jpg (138235 bytes)
Overview of the 1/4" scale
model display
model of Fair Tower rest rooms.jpg (131098 bytes)
Fair Tower rest rooms featuring
Dashing Dan/Dashing Dottie
model of the mini train at the station.jpg (129788 bytes)
LIRR model of mini-train ride at the station
View-Info-Center_Mini-LIRR-train-ride-ticket-booth_far-left.jpg (156966 bytes)
View Info Center mini-LIRR train ride
ticket booth at far left

 Models from the 1964 World's Fair LIRR HO Model Exhibit
World's Fair modeling photos/collection: Courtesy of Gary Farkash

Custom painted Athearn Passenger Car

Motorized unit and Passenger Car
Motorized unit chassis.jpg (50303 bytes)
Motorized unit chassis
world's-fair-lirr-HO-model-motor unit-2233.jpg (70767 bytes)
HO LIRR #2233 model motor 
world's-fair-lirr-HO-model-motor-2233.jpg (55941 bytes)
HO LIRR #2233 model motor chassis and shell 

Athearn side of ho car-8900.jpg (28351 bytes)
Athearn undecorated model viewing the non-painted/unseen backside
world's-fair-lirr-HO-model-trailer_8900.jpg (60463 bytes)
HO LIRR #8900 model
HO LIRR cars lineup.jpg (44451 bytes)
HO LIRR cars lineup