Manorville Branch

E51sa-4-Cannonball-MnrvlBr-Eastport-192E51sa-4-Cannonball-MnrvlBr-Eastport-1923.jpg (51612 bytes)
LIRR E51sa-4 Cannonball 
Manorville Branch at Eastport 1923 Photo: James V. Osborne  Archive: Dave Keller   

Ticket from Bellport to Jamesport - 9/19/1896  Collection: Richard Makse

The rider, from Bellport (Montauk Branch), takes the eastbound Montauk, Amagansett or Speonk train and gets off at Eastport. At Eastport, the rider waits for the "Greenport Scoot" heading westbound back up to Manorville via the Manorville branch, then eastbound as the "Scoot" takes the east leg of the wye to the Main Line and out to Greenport, making the stop at Jamesport. 

Bob Emery Maps of the Manorville Branch - 1949
Robert M. Emery maps courtesy of Dave Keller archive

Emery Maps-Manorville Br-1.jpg (110840 bytes)
MP65-66 03/1949

Emery Maps-Manorville Br-2.jpg (23142 bytes)
MP66-67 03/1949

Emery Maps-Manorville Br-3.jpg (36183 bytes)
MP67-68 03/1949

Emery Maps-Manorville Br-4.jpg (31531 bytes)
MP68-69 03/1949

Emery Maps-Manorville Br-5.jpg (24247 bytes)
MP69-70 03/1949

EmeryMapsManorvilleBranch.jpg (410305 bytes)
MP65-70 03/1949
Composite Map
Created by: Steve Lynch 06/27/07

Eastport  Junction

EASTPORT, Montauk Branch: Built: 3/1870 as “MORICHES” Station on original Sag Harbor Branch., moved to Eastport site: 10/18/1881
New stop in service: 10/19/1881. Remodeled: 19_?
Agency still listed in "LIRR Ticket Offices open for sale of tickets" of 9/12/1955
Agency closed: 19_? Discontinued as station stop: 10/6/58. Moved to private location after 1963  Research: Dave Keller 

Tower-PT-Close-up-Eastport-View NW-1923 (Osborne-Keller).jpg (89923 bytes)Elevated exterior view from semaphore block signal showing connecting Manorville Branch. PT  cabin viewed from signal mast looking west up the Manorville Branch (straight ahead) with Montauk Branch curving off to the left. 
Info: Dave Keller 

PT Cabin  Eastport 1923 Photo: James V. Osborne Archive: Dave Keller

Manorville Junction

Ticket_1895_LIC-Manor.jpg (92057 bytes)MANORVILLE, LIRR MAINLINE:  APPEARS ON TIMETABLE OF 6/14/1845 AS “ST. GEORGE’S MANOR” AND IN 1852, SHORTENED TO “MANOR.” RAZED: 9/1869 (Per local history, the first station agent, Seth Raynor, a patriot of the American Revolution, painted out the “St. George’s,” leaving “Manor.”). 



1895 roundtrip ticket f
rom Long Island City to Manor.

Early-years_Manorville_ThomasBayles_1969.jpg (201646 bytes)
The Early Years of the Long Island Railroad 
 by Thomas Bayles 1969LIRR Early days_page2-3_1969_TBayles.jpg (405471 bytes)
Manorville 4/24/1847 Summer "Arrangement" timetable.
A stop here to load wood in the tender for the engines on their trip to Greenport.

Emery-Map-Manorville-Lanes-Rd-East-Leg-wye.jpg (484912 bytes)
Emery map 1929 Manorville - Lanes Rd. to east leg of wye Archive: Dave Keller

Emery-Map-Manorville-map-key.jpg (201648 bytes)
1929 Manorville map key  Archive: Dave Keller

Station-Manorville-Water-Tank-Jct-East-9-27-06.jpg (81496 bytes)
Manorville Jct. Station view 9/27/1906
  Archive: Dave Keller 

Station-Manorville_Manor_Water-Tank-Jct-East-9-27-06_zoom.jpg (78957 bytes)
Zoom view of 9/27/06 photo showing the station sign says "Manor".  It wasn't changed to Manorville until 1907. 
Research: Dave Keller  

Emery-Map-Manorville-west-MP65-Lanes-Rd.jpg (182094 bytes)
Emery map 1934 Manorville - MP65 to Lanes Rd. 
Archive: Dave Keller

Water-Tower-Pump-House_Manorville-6-1904_Keller.jpg (97427 bytes)
Water Tower - Pump House Manorville as seen from the upstairs of the trackside hotel 6/1904 Archive: Dave Keller

Express-House_Manorville_c.1921.jpg (100444 bytes)
Manorville Jct. Station LIRR valuation photo view NW c.1921 with the added express house, which led to Raynor Rd. being diverted. Archive: Dave Keller

Tower-MR-JVO-Manorville-1921.jpg (52197 bytes)
MR cabin and block operator James V. Osborne -  Manorville 1921
Photo collection of: James V. Osborne  Archive: Dave Keller

Station-Manorville-Rear-West-6-34.jpg (99163 bytes)
Manorville Station rear view W 6/1934
Photo: Fred Weber Archive: Dave Keller

Station-Manorville-G5s-39-Railfan-Xtra-Eastbound-6-5-55.jpg (98745 bytes)
Manorville Station G5s #39 Railfan Extra eastbound 6/05/1955 Archive: Dave Keller

   Station-Manorville- 1968.jpg (42990 bytes)
Manorville Station 1968 Photo/Archive: Dave Keller

Manorville's dwindling ticket sales, if any at all by the mid-1930s, caused this to be one of the earlier stations to lose its ticket agency (Shinnecock Hills closed its agency in 1932.)

manorvilledemolished06-1941emerydata.jpg (63996 bytes)By the time it was demolished in June, 1941, (above right) the ticket agency would have been closed for some time. Traditionally, when the LIRR closed an agency, it left the depot remaining for a period of time, for passengers to wait inside. (Yaphank's agency closed in 1958 and the depot remained standing until razed in 1961.) The train crew leaving the station in the evening would be responsible to turn on the platform and station lights and the train crew arriving in the morning would be responsible to turn them off.    


Manorville demolished 6/1941 Collection:  Robert Emery, SUNY  Stony Brook, NY

It has been rumored that the railroad station was then moved to inside the nearby hotel. As there was no longer any ticket agency (and freight agency and Railway Express agency) at that location, there would have been no need for the hotel to house the station as there were no ticket sales, no agent and no clerk.

As you can see from the images (above center, right), one from 1955 and the other from 1968, the replacement depot was a quickly-put-up cement block structure. I can't see it taking very long to construct. 

Now . . it's highly possible that the hotel, being so very close to the tracks, served as a temporary WAITING ROOM for the station stop, but ONLY for as long as it took the LIRR to clean up the wooden depot's debris and construct this replacement shelter shed. So . . if that WERE the case, then the hotel could have served as a waiting room, but only for a very short period of time. And, of course, legends do tend to grow with the telling as time passes. Info: Dave Keller

Note: The 1968 image above was photographed by me a month or so before the shelter shed was torn down. Platform and shelter lights are still present in this view. The station stop last appeared in the ETT effective May, 1979. It was no longer listed in the May, 1980 ETT. 4

NWview_manorville1927.jpg (24926 bytes)
Photo: James V. Osborne 1927
Collection: Dave Keller

SEview_manorville1927.jpg (30163 bytes)
Photo: James V. Osborne 1927
Collection: Dave Keller

These shots (above left/center) are of the Manorville-Eastport branch. The only signal on the branch was installed on the north side of the Bauer St. crossing at MP66, one mile south of MP65 where MR cabin was located.

View NW towards MR and Manorville. The signal cable running along the side of the tracks connected with MR cabin one mile away and was controlled from there. Way in the distance you can just about make out the white cross buck post for the crossing diamond for the Eastport-Manor Road crossing. 

The signal was installed in 1927 and block operator James V. Osborne climbed to the top right after installation to get some nice elevated views of the branch.

He wound up getting the only known views of the branch and, by being elevated, some of the best views of the ROW and rural LI in the process.

The 2nd shot posted is looking SE  into the early morning sun. ROW and tracks straight as an arrow in each direction.  Info: Dave Keller

Cabin-PT-H10s-108_Freight-East-Mtk-Branch_Jct-Eastport-c.1943_Keller.jpg (101570 bytes)H10s #108 is pulling an eastbound freight along the Montauk branch at the junction of the Montauk and Manorville branches at Eastport c. 1943 in this view looking northwest directly up the Manorville branch. An indication that this was a wartime shot (and wartime photos were very rare because of the security policy that was strongly enforced) is the color of the smoke box.  Smoke boxes of the locomotives during the war years were painted a dull, dark grey.  They were painted a lighter grey/graphite after the war was over.  

The locomotive is passing the "PT" unattended block limit signals.  The old signal masts are still standing but have had their semaphore blades removed.  In the foreground is the out-of-service "PT" cabin.  

Per the G.O. dates I have, the cabin was taken out of full-time service on January 19, 1933 and was open for summers only beginning on June 25 of that same year and was last placed out of service on September 9, 1942. It WOULD have been necessary  for the cabin to have been  in service during the summers due to the number of trains running past this junction on their way to the Hamptons and Montauk however, beach and Hamptons traffic was probably significantly reduced during the war years so the cabin was most probably no longer needed after 1942 and by the time the war ended, the railroad probably had a notion to eliminate this junction which they did within a few years. 

Only unattended block limit signals were used after that 1942 date. Train #12 the "Shinnecock Express" was the last train to operate along this branch in 1946 and the unattended block limit signals were removed on June 25, 1948 The Junction was taken out of service on December 27, 1949 and the track swiftly torn up and sold for scrap. Why there was a 3-year delay between the last train to run along that branch until it was officially taken out of service by General Order #1710 remains a mystery to me.   (Dave Keller archive and  data)

These are the semaphore signals when very much in use back around 1921, only looking from the opposite direction:

Tower-PT-Eastpt-MnrvilleJct-1921-1.jpg (39066 bytes)
 PT Cabin Eastport - Manorville Jct.1921 View from between Montauk branch at right and Manorville  branch at left  (James V. Osborne photo / Dave Keller archive)

Tower-PT-Eastpt-MnrvilleJct-1921-3.jpg (34231 bytes)
 PT Cabin Eastport - Manorville Jct. 1921 Alternate view from Montauk branch (James V. Osborne photo /  Dave Keller archive)

Tower-PT-BlockLimitsignal-Eastport-1970.jpg (26004 bytes)
 PT Cabin Block Limit Signal (BLS) put into service on 4/25/49 (replacing the ones on the old semaphore signal masts) and taken out of service permanently on 5/6/2006 In the distance, the tracks make the sharp curve to the left with the former Manorville branch ROW continuing straight ahead. Eastport 1970 Photo/Archive: Dave Keller

Manorville Branch Form 19s

Manorville Branch Form 19 - (Keller) 1.jpg (148511 bytes)

Train order issued at "PD" tower in Patchogue addressed to eastbound Montauk train #4, indicating that PRR-leased K4s #1984 was to run passenger-extra from "PW" interlocking which was west of Pinelawn on the Main Line to Montauk, which required using the Manorville-Eastport branch. The extra was to run ahead of train #4 from "PT" (Eastport) to Montauk. The 200-series train numbers indicated Main Line scheduled trains. "EEE" at the end of the order represented Supt. of Transportation E. E. Ernest. Order made complete by block operator Gafney.

Manorville Branch Form 19 - (Keller) 2.jpg (129083 bytes)

Train order issued at "PD" tower, Patchogue, addressed to eastbound Speonk train #38 indicating that PRR-leased E3sd was to run passenger extra westbound from Montauk to Manorville. Order made complete by block operator Panevich.

Manorville Branch Form 19 - (Keller) 3.jpg (158372 bytes)

Similar train order indicating that PRR-leased K4s #5407 was to run passenger extra westbound from Montauk to Manorville. "HTF" at the end represented Supt. of Transportation H. T. Frushour. Order made complete by block operator Hawkins.

Manorville Branch Form 19 - (Keller) 4.jpg (143290 bytes)

Train order issued at "PD" tower, addressed to G53 freight engine #142 with instructions to run extra (and light) from Patchogue to Manorville. This required a reverse move at "PT" cabin in Eastport as the west leg of the wye that would have facilitated this move much easier had been taken out of service in February, 1931. Order made complete by block operator Casey.

Manorville Branch Form 19 - (Keller) 5.jpg (112807 bytes)

Wartime train order issued at "WH" (Westhampton) via "PD" in Patchogue addressed to H10s freight engine #110 to run extra (and light) from "WH" to "MR." "MR" was the block signal at the Manorville end of the Manorville-Eastport branch. "MR" cabin had been taken out of service by this time. "ELH" represented Supt. of Transportation E. L. Hofmann and the order was made complete by block operator Baldwin. It is noted that the order was relayed to Conductor Overton who received this order via telephone in a LIRR "T" box at Westhampton.

Manorville Branch Form 19 - (Keller) 6.jpg (113069 bytes)

Wartime train order issued at "PD" tower, addressed to the driver of Track Car #8632 directing the unit to run extra from "PD" to Manorville. Again, like the earlier order, this would required a reverse move at "PT" in Eastport. Order made complete by block operator Gafney.

Manorville Branch Form 19 - (Keller) 7.jpg (137730 bytes)
Wartime train order issued at "PD" tower, addressed to westbound train #55. PRR-leased K4s #5387 is ordered to run extra from "Y" cabin (end of double track east of Sayville) to one train length east of "PT" (Eastport) to allow it to clear the switch, where it's to make a reverse move and run extra westbound up the Manorville-Eastport branch to the junction on the Main Line where it will then continue westbound to the Camp Upton branch east of Yaphank. Obviously a troop-train move. Order made complete by block operator Gafney.