Mattituck-EmeryMP82-83_10-57.jpg (330991 bytes)
Emery Mattituck MP82-83 Date: 10-57

WaterTowerandStationMattituck-c.1905.jpg (103408 bytes)
Water Tower and Station Mattituck-c.1905
Archive: Dave Keller

WaterowerCloseupMattituck-c.1905.jpg (16111 bytes)
Water Tower Mattituck-c.1905
Archive: Dave Keller

Mattituck agent RETIRED 1923.jpg (138707 bytes)
Mattituck Station Agent, Charles Gildersleeve, retires 12/01/1922
Archive: Dave Morrison

09-10-08Mattituck-MikeMcDernet.jpg (76113 bytes)
Mattituck 09-10-08
Photo: Mike McDernet

09-10-08Mattituck-MikeMcDernetscale.jpg (64403 bytes)
Truck Scale Mattituck 09-10-08
Photo: Mike McDernet

09-10-08Mattituck-MikeMcDernetview.jpg (65268 bytes)
Mattituck view East  09-10-08
Photo: Mike McDernet

Tower-K-BlockLimitSignal-Mattituck-7-01.jpg (95985 bytes)
K Block Limit Signal Mattituck  07/2001

This is the newer, relocated K block limit signal which has been moved further east of the original location as indicated in the older photos above. It remains on the south side of the tracks.  This view is looking east.  Dave Keller photo and archive

09-10-08Mattituck-MikeMcDernetproduce.jpg (66737 bytes)
 Produce Storage 09-10-08 
The photo is between Westphalia and Love Lane
Photo: Mike McDernet

ex-producehouseNWcornerWestphalia09-18-08ikeMcDermet.jpg (54106 bytes)
ex-Produce Storage 09-10-08  
Currently "Inland Homes"
The photo is NW corner Westphalia 
Photo: Mike McDernet

Sta-K-Mattituck-1958.jpg (49896 bytes)
Mattituck Station and 
K semaphore block signal and block limit signal  

1958 photo:  This is the same Mattituck depot building as shown in the early view above and reflects the severe remodeling of 1944 to which several eastern LI depots were subjected.  K block signal with semaphore arms appears out front of the structure with the block limit signal affixed lower down on the signal mast.  This view is looking southwest and shows the express house at the far right and the large, old school building in the background behind the depot area.   Photo by LIRR trainman Irving Solomon for the Public Service Commission,  Dave Keller archive

Sta-K-Mattituck-1966.jpg (74232 bytes)
Mattituck Station and  K Block Limit 
Signal 1966

1966 photo:  This view almost duplicates the above shot, only closer.  By the time this photo was taken, the signal mast had been severely truncated and only the K block limit signal remains.  The large, old school building is gone and at the far right can be seen the depots replacement metal shelter shed which became an ubiquitous sight for many years.  A year later, the old wooden structure was razed.  Dave Keller photo and archive