LIRR Milepost Photos

GN 7-22 Operating Rule 109 - Entire Railroad Mile Posts 10/04/2021 Archive: Jeff erlitz
MP1HunterspointAveLICc1999.jpg (66570 bytes)
MP1 Hunterspoint Ave  LI City view east, north side of tracks, at east end of station platform  c. 1999 Archive:  Dave Keller
LIRR-GP38-253_east-B-Tower_viewW-MP29_EdwardHand.jpg (98374 bytes)
MP29 east of  "B" Tower LIRR GP38 #253 
View W Photo: Edward Hand
FM-CPA20-5-2005-Trn-B-Bethpage-1952-2 Westbound Main Line train at Bethpage Jct MP 29.jpg (61545 bytes)
MP29 Bethpage Junction - FM CPA20-5 #2005 1952 westbound Main line View NE

Train is a westbound push-pull with engineer operating train from a control cab (not visible in photo). Non-electrified Central branch is just visible veering off to the far left in the left background. Info: Dave Keller

05-15-00 Mainline MP33.jpg (75673 bytes)
MP33 05-15-00 Mainline 
MP47_LIRR-606_west-of-Ocean-Ave-Rononkoma_12-28-87_EdwardHand.jpg (136510 bytes)
MP47 West of Ocean Ave., Ronkonkoma  LIRR #606 12/28/1987 Photo: Edward Hand
M1-9877_MP47_Ronkonkoma_3-31-14_EdwardHand.jpg (111748 bytes)
MP47 Ronkonkoma M1 #9877 3/31/14 
Photo: Edward Hand
01-16-03 MP59.jpg (64525 bytes)
MP59 01/16/2003
east of Yaphank station MP59.jpg (112557 bytes)
MP59 east of Yaphank station 
6/01/06  Photo: Nick Kudreyko
Milepost 69 west of AH block limit signal in Calverton.jpg (142991 bytes)
MP69 west of AH block limit
 signal in Calverton 8/11/06 Photo: Nick Kudreyko
MP73 Riverhead weekend Greenport Scoot  on LD Siding in Riverhead. 2/06/2021 Photo/Archive: William Skeats

Milepost zero (0.0) at the LIRR’s Atlantic Terminal, Flatbush Avenue, (FBA). The “zero post” is mounted on Track 2’s bumping block. What’s really odd about the Atlantic Branch is that the chaining, or stationing, number here at milepost zero is 68+64 or, 6864 feet east of the engineering/measuring “zero point.” That would be 1.3 miles to the west, at the Brooklyn & Jamaica Railroad’s waterfront terminal! Info/Photo/Archive: Jeff Erlitz

MP47westofSmithtownStationLenTorney.jpg (81865 bytes)
MP47 Port Jeff Branch west of  Smithtown Station  
c. 1979 Photo: Len Torney
05-21-01 MP31 Central Branch.jpg (99883 bytes)
MP31 05/21/2001 view W 
Central Branch Photo: Joe Tischner
LIRR_CentralBranch_milepost31_lookingwest_04032011.JPG (87441 bytes)
MP31 Central Branch view W 04/03/2011





MP26-Wantagh_ViewE_2-27-2018_JoeMcMahon.jpg (78121 bytes)
MP26 Wantagh View E 2/27/2018 
Photo/Archive: Joe McMahon
MP27-Seaford_3-04-2018_JoeMcmahon.jpg (112913 bytes)
MP27 Seaford 3/04/2018 
Photo/Archive: Joe McMahon
FM-CPA-20-5_2004_westbound-Deer-Park-Ave-Babylon-MP36_Huneke.jpg (107390 bytes)
FM CPA-20-5 #2004  Deer Park Ave., Babylon MP36
Photo/Archive: Art Huneke
east of Babylon station MP36.jpg (56934 bytes)
MP36 East of Babylon station 
5/29/2006 Photo: Nick Kudreyko
lirrMP42Islip02-24-08MikeMcDermet.jpg (65518 bytes)
MP42 Islip 02/24/08
Photo: Mike McDermet
mp43 eastislip.jpg (71505 bytes)
MP43 Montauk Branch  East Islip Irish Lane Photo: Steve Lynch


LIRR-13_1969 Scoot at Montauk Hwy overpass east of Great River MP 45.jpg (111393 bytes)
 MP45 LIRR-13 1969 Scoot at Montauk Hwy 27A overpass east of Great River
lirr610_westbound_Great-River-Bayard-Cutting-Arboretum-Montuak-Hwy-27A_MP45_6-1975_Huneke.jpg (145061 bytes)
MP45 - LIRR #610 westbound  Bayard Cutting Arboretum Montauk Hwy 27A overpass, Great River 6/1975 Photo: Art Huneke
MP45_03-10-08eastMontHwyGrtRiverMikeMcDermet.jpg (77411 bytes)
MP45 03/10/2008 east of Montauk Hwy Overpass Great River Photo: Mike McDermet
westofsayvilleMP49.jpg (102736 bytes)
MP49 west of Sayville
7/13/06 Photo: Nick Kudreyko

MP54.jpg (62828 bytes)
MP54 east of the Patchogue station (Grove Ave) 8-14-06  Photo: Nick Kudreyko

MP60.jpg (48923 bytes)
MP60 east of Moriches Middle Island Road 07-25-06 Photo: Nick Kudreyko
MP63Mastic.jpg (108688 bytes)
MP63 Mastic
MP66 east of the abandoned Center Moriches station.jpg (92361 bytes)
MP66 east of the abandoned Center Moriches station 5-7-06 Photo: Nick Kudreyko
LIRR-DM500_westbound_MP76_EdwardHand.jpg (48512 bytes)
east of Old Depot Road, west of Quogue - LIRR-DM500 westbound 1/17/2017 Photo: Edward Hand
MP81HamptonBays(WestendofNDsiding)2-20-07.jpg (98402 bytes)
MP81 - West of Hampton Bays Station 02/20/07

Watermill MP92 east of Scuttle Hole Road - View W 4/21/1963  (Weber-Morrison)
 MP94Bridgehampton(BHsiding)4-22-07.jpg (86018 bytes)
MP94 Bridgehampton,  BH siding 04/22/07
MP103-original-style-milepost_west-of-Amagansett_relocated-Sag-Harbor-display_5-1977_BillMadden-DaveKeller.jpg (76175 bytes)
MP103 original style milepost from west of Amagansett relocated to former Sag Harbor Express House for display 5/1977 (Bill Madden-Dave Keller)
Note: The bldg is in use as a garden center.
MP104Amagansett_East end of AG Siding_6-10-07.jpg (117587 bytes)
MP104 Amagansett east end of AG Siding 06/10/07
LocustValleyStation-MP29viewE10-1963.jpg (128328 bytes)
Locust Valley MP29 view E 10/1963
MP96SagHarborBranch4-22-07.jpg (147313 bytes)
MP96 Sag Harbor Branch 04/22/07
MP97SagHarborBranch4-22-07.jpg (106439 bytes)
MP97 Sag Harbor Branch 04/22/07