Montauk Station  1895+

BUILT: 1895. REAR PORTION ADDED c. 1898.  ENLARGED AND 2ND STORY ADDED: c. 1911 (based on news article below.  Photo postcard cancellation of 1908 shows no remodel as of yet). LARGER STRUCTURE CONTAINED THE STATION FACILITIES, POST OFFICE, EXPRESS OFFICE, TOWN HALL, JAIL AND RESIDENCES OF THE POSTMASTER AND STATION AGENT (per 1911 article in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle).  RAZED: 1927. 



4TH DEPOT WITH HI-LEVEL PLATFORMS OPENED: 2000-01.  Research: Dave Keller

1893 Montauk Extension Railroad $1000 Bond
Bridgehampton to Montauk by the Montauk Extension R. R. Co (LIRR subsidiary) completed 1895 Robert Emery Notes.

Montauk Station with rear portion added - 1898

Montauk Station enlarged and 2nd story added c.1911+

Montauk parlor train 1899  Photo: Hal B. Fullerton
Archive: Queens Public Library

Montauk Station parlor cars 1899 (Fullerton-Eikov)

In this eastward view, DM30ac #518 and westbound train of bi-level cars rounds the curve at the "End of Block" signal as it leaves Montauk, NY on April 25, 2009. 
The massive Montauk Manor nestles securely on the bluff in the background as it has done since 1927. (Olev Taremae photo, Dave Keller archive)
montaukbeachposter_LIRR Ad Poster_c.1929.jpg (121171 bytes)
Montauk Beach poster-The Montauk Manor Hotel c.1929 

Long Island - Sunrise Trails flyer
LIRR Ad Poster for Montauk Point c.1928.jpg (67519 bytes)
LIRR ad poster for Montauk Point c.1928


Montauk-Fisherman-timetable-1953_Huneke.jpg (165983 bytes)
Fishermen's Special  timetable 1953 Archive: Art Huneke

Penn-Station-Montauk_Going-Fishing-print_Rudolph-Hoffman_c.1930s.jpg (73524 bytes)
Penn Station to Montauk "Going Fishing"  c.1930 
(Rudolph Hoffman-Dave Keller)

Fisherman-timetable -Montauk_1933_Huneke.jpg (116487 bytes)
Fishermen's timetable to Montauk 1933
Archive: Art Huneke

Montauk_Fishermens-Special_viewSW_1940_HughKingCollection_MontaukLibrary.jpg (77274 bytes)
Montauk Fishermen's Special view SW 1940
(Hugh King Collection -MontaukLibrary)

montauk_c.1910.jpeg (32606 bytes)
The white flag special with wooden parlor cars headed into the old Montauk station, with partial platform for the fishing station stop visible at the far right.  This view is c. 1911.  The old one-story depot had an upstairs added in that year.  Info: Dave Keller

Montauk -  boxcar fish freight shipments 9/14/1909

ticket-Montauk-New-London_Excursion-Sample_1940_BradPhillips.jpg (56360 bytes)
Excursion sample ticket Montauk - New London, CT 1940  Archive: Brad Phillips

ticket-Montauk-Brooklyn_Excursion-Sample_BradPhillips.jpg (43292 bytes)
Excursion sample ticket Montauk - Brooklyn Archive: Brad Phillips  

Montauk fishing pier - View SW c.1940
Dave Edwardes Collection - Montauk Library
Camp Wikoff, Fort Pond

Established in August 1898 as an isolation camp for returning soldiers from service in Cuba and Puerto Rico during the Spanish American War. Troops returning from overseas began to arrive on 14 Aug 1898 to a camp that was not complete and could not provide basic services or proper medical care for the wounded and sick. The Camp struggled to catch up with the ever increasing numbers of sick troops, some 10,000 troops were treated in thirty days and the camp contained over 21,000 troops at one time. Conditions were bad and at one point President William McKinley and Secretary of War Alger visited the camp to show support. Troops were processed out as soon as possible and the last unit left the camp 28 Oct 1898 and the camp was abandoned. After the camp was closed, it would appear all but a couple of those yard tracks were removed.  My view shot from the bluffs around 1920 shows the area quite desolate once again (see below). Dave Keller

Fort Pond,  Montauk - View NW  1897  Photo: Harold B. Fullerton Archive: Queens Library

Fort Pond, Camp Wikoff  - View W from Observatory Hill 1898 Archive: LIRR

Camp Wikoff View NW 1898 (Fullerton-Huneke)

Camp Wikoff view W 1898 (Fullerton-Huneke)

Looking west from the bluffs we have a panorama view of the Fort Pond Bay fishing community and LIRR terminal facilities at Montauk as they looked around 1920.  In the center of the image we see the rail dock with two boxcars with open doors spotted thereon.  At the end of the dock is a steamship in Fort Pond Bay preparing to get underway.  At the far right is a fishing dock with fishing nets hung out to dry.  Most of this fishing village, which was owned by the LIRR, who rented bungalows to fishermen, was destroyed in the 1938 hurricane that decimated a lot of Long Island property.   What wasn't destroyed in the storm was removed four years later by the U. S. Navy when they took over this land to create a Naval facility during WWII and relocated the LIRR tracks slightly south and constructed a replacement depot building.   (Dave Keller data )

In this close-up of the LIRR's terminal facilities at Montauk, we see a camelback locomotive pulling a three-all-steel-car train westbound at the old wooden 2-story depot building.  The lead car is a combine, followed by a passenger coach which MAY be a parlor car and what appears to be an open-end observation parlor car at the rear.  The depot was originally built as a one-story structure with the second floor added around 1907 to provide the agent and his family living quarters.  If you look at the jutting eaves sticking out under the first two upper windows this will give you an idea of the size and shape of the small, square original depot.  An image of this original depot, with rear extension added, appears further down on this page.  The old structure was razed in 1927 and replaced by a large structure constructed at the end of and perpendicular to the track.  To the left of the train is the freight house.  To the right of the train is the express house and at the far left, where the string of boxcars is laying up, is the approximate location of the post-1942 station trackage after it was relocated by the U. S. Navy and a new, somewhat similar depot building constructed minus covered platforms.  Images of this depot also appear further down on this page.    In the right background, visible above the water tower, can be seen the wooden platform on piles, connecting the fishing village with the LIRR's fishing station wooden platform.

In the 1966 color image below, you can see the former 1927 depot at the far right in its perpendicular position and the post-1942 newer station parallel to the relocated tracks.  This shows the extent of the southward movement of tracks. The fishing village is long-gone as is the railroad dock and the Naval facility sprawls over the entire area.  Today a complex of condos or town houses covers the site.  (Dave Keller data)

LIRR fan trip 05/15/1966 view from Montauk Manor. The dormitory car was parked in Montauk yard for crew layovers. 
The railroad installed a bumper in front of the car to avoid accidental couplings to regular trains. Info: John Fusto
Montauk1895-1926emery.jpg (46578 bytes)
Montauk 1895-1926 Emery Map
Dave Keller Archive

 montauk.gif (4805 bytes)
1950 Track Capacity LIRR P-54 Pass Cars

Montaukmp114-115_post1942emery.jpg (226601 bytes)
Montauk MP114-115 c.1942+ Emery Map
Dave Keller Archive

LIRR map  - Montauk 1966

Montauk Branch - Montauk Track profile map 1994

Montauk Station side view blueprint 1927
Archive: Martin Quinn

Montauk Station 2nd Floor proposed remodel
blueprint 1927 - Archive: Martin Quinn

LIRR H0s #109 relief engine Train #27 South Shore Express - PRR RPO westbound March 1949 Photo: Robert B. Morgan Archive: Queens Borough Library

Montauk Station postcard early 1900's
LIRR-Dock-Fish-boxes_viewNE_1901_HaroldFullertonMontaukLibrary.jpg (99303 bytes)
Montauk Dock - Fish boxes View NE 1901 
Photo: Harold (Hal) Fullerton  Archive: Montauk Library

Montauk Station View NE 1928
Photo/Archive: Art Huneke

Note: There doesn't appear to be a platform in place and only one track bumper is visible at the far left. In the c.1932 photo (below) one can see can see the platform, platform lamps, and one of the two tracks as well as both bumpers. Dave Keller

Montauk Station (3rd) and Freight House - View NE 1942
Archive: Art Huneke

montaukcattledrive-c.1955.jpg (104190 bytes)
The view of the depot is looking northeast and shows the relationship between the 2nd (1927) and 3rd (1942) depot buildings as well as the short distance the LIRR terminal was moved south in 1942 when the U. S. Navy took over the LIRR’s former property.

The shot with the cattle round-up is c. 1955 and you can see that the 1927-era depot in the left background has already had its long covered platforms removed.  The old, wooden freight house is across from the 1942-era depot. Archive: Art  Huneke Info: Dave Keller

Montauk Station (2nd) View NW 1979
Photo/Archive: Art Huneke

Note: The one covered platform still in place of the former 1927 depot, but modified with matching dormers.  The angular end at the left would have been the stairs to the upper level/former agent's residence. Info: Dave Keller

G5s-RPO-Parlor-Car-Train-Montauk-c.1930.jpg (35040 bytes)     G5s-RPO-Parlor-Car-Train-Montauk-c.1930-close-up.jpg (47225 bytes)
PRR K4s with RPO car and heavyweight parlor cars arrives eastbound at station – Montauk, NY  c.1932 Archive: Dave Keller
(Per Art Huneke:  The configuration of the power reverse and the air reservoir indicate that the engine in question is a K4s and not a G5s.)

This depot, the 2nd one at Montauk, was constructed in 1927 parallel to the end-of-tracks, bumpers of which can be seen in front of the depot.  Also visible is the keystone station sign hanging from the eaves.  This was all removed in 1942 and moved slightly south, with a newer (3rd) depot constructed parallel to the end-of-track when the U. S. Navy took over the LIRR property for a torpedo base on Fort Pond Bay.  This 1927-era depot (rebuilt and missing one covered platform) still stands on the grounds of a condominium complex which has been built on the former U. S. Navy site.  Dave Keller archive/research

K2s, K3s and K4s locomotives began replacing G5s locomotives making Montauk runs after the heavier “K4 bridge” (as it was nicknamed) was installed over Shinnecock Canal and placed in service in June, 1931. 

PRR-K4s-5414-Montauk-08-07-38 (Keller).jpg (76326 bytes)
PRR K4s #5414 lays up with another Pennsy locomotive (which is flying white "extra" flags) in the old yard at Montauk - 8/07/1938.  In 1942 the yard would be relocated slightly south and reconfigured as the U.S. Navy would take possession of the former yard and terminal location.  (Dave Keller archive and data)

Photographed at the pre-WWII station location at Montauk, view looking NW with the LIRR's rented fishermen's cottages in the background.  The double terminal tracks behind the depot are inside the low-level concrete platforms on either side of the tracks.  The locomotive is pulling a single-door LIRR express/baggage car and you can just make out "Long Island" stenciled on the car.  The image is prior to September, 1938 when the massive hurricane demolished all the LIRR's rentable fishing cabins.  I'm dating this c. 1937 but it may have been shot earlier. . . any time between the opening of the "K4 Bridge" over Shinnecock Canal in 1931 and the infamous hurricane of 1938.  Dave Keller archive/research

H10s-109-Psgr-Train-West-at-Montauk-c.1947.jpg (70602 bytes)
LIRR #109 H10s passenger train WB Montauk c.1947 
Photo/Archive: Art Huneke
WaterTower-PsgrCars-Montauk-c.1955large.jpg (51022 bytes)
FM CPA20-5 #2004 backing baggage and RPO/REA cars onto wye to couple onto west end of train for return trip. 3/19/55. Part of old water tower in view at far left. Note brakeman riding the end car and giving hand signals to the engineer. Montauk Manor Hotel in background. Dave Keller archive
lirr217_train4011_The-Sundowner_Navy-Road-Crossing_Montauk_6-23-68.jpg (84786 bytes)
LIRR #217 train  #4011  "The Sundowner"  - Navy Rd Crossing, Montauk view E 6/23/1968

The topography of the railroad just west of Montauk was the perfect location to capture a portrait of a long Sunday train departing the Fort Pond terminal in the shadow of the grand Montauk Manor.

And no train fit that image better than The Sundowner as it sped through The Hamptons into the gloaming at Westhampton on summer Sundays. In June, 12 cars and one locomotive were sufficient for the run but July and August brought 15 and sometimes 17 cars to the limited that had sole proprietorship of Hunterspoint Avenue on weekends.

Indeed, in the absence of an East Side Manhattan terminal, Hunterspoint Avenue was the origin of dozens of limousines on Sunday, with these elegant liveries provided through an ad hoc arrangement with the railroad's Special Services Department. Photo/Archive: Richard Makse

LIRR Prestige Train of all Parlor Cars #4011 headed by ex-D&H RS-2's #1520 and #1519
departing Montauk 9/1963 Photo/Archive: Art Huneke

Montauk C420 arrival with a heavyweight parlor and American Flyer coach
c.1965  - Silverman Slide Collection, Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, PHMC
montaukAHunekeJimOsborne.jpg (40467 bytes)
Jim Osborne began his LIRR career in 1921 and the photo he took of Montauk would have been shot anywhere between 1921 and 1927; prior to when the structure came down for the 2nd depot perpendicular to the end of track. Info: Dave Keller, Archive: Art Huneke
PRR-K4s-5336-Westbound-Old-Sta-Montauk-c.1932-DaveKellerArchive.jpg (103561 bytes)
PRR K4s #5336 westbound Old Montauk Station  c.1932 
Archive: Dave Keller
lirrW80Montauk04-70.jpg (63175 bytes)
LIRR W80 Montauk 04/1970
Photo/Archive: Dave Keller
montaukc.1905.jpg (47116 bytes)
Montauk c.1905
There is no electricity as is evidenced by the Dietz kerosene platform lamp on the station wall past the door. The wire you see is the telegraph line. Info: Dave Keller, Archive: Dave Morrison

montaukDKeller.jpg (13200 bytes)
Distant shot of the depot in this photo, you can make out the vestiges of the overhanging eaves at the former 1st level roof as the structure continues above and out back. Archive/Info: Dave Keller

Montauk_NY-National-Guard_Cavalry-Regiments_6-21-1913_Montauk-Library.jpg (63986 bytes)
New York State National Guard, 2nd Cavalry detraining for maneuvers at Montauk  6/20/1913 Collection: Montauk Library

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York), Saturday, June 21, 1913, Page 16:  All day training of men and horses in the field ... comprising the First end Second regiments of the New York National Guard. 

montaukAHuneke.jpg (36767 bytes)
2-story photo shot above shows a length accommodating 3 equally-spaced windows deep and this is 3 equally-spaced (almost) windows deep. 

Art Huneke suggests this rear area was added in 1898 which is most likely as the Army Camp created quite a bit of growth out there around that time. Info: Dave Keller, Archive: Art Huneke

About 50 years later, c.1948

FM C-Liner #2002 RPO BM62 baggage/mail car
c.1958 (Maywald-Boland)

PRR_K4s719-Montauk-c.1937sideview.jpg (79276 bytes)

PRR_K4s719-Montauk-c.1937.jpg (103272 bytes)
Leased PRR K4s #719 and train is laying up eastbound at the bumper block of the 1927-era station facilities at Montauk, NY c. 1937. Notice the crossover switches slightly behind the tender, allowing the train to be pushed slightly west after all passengers have gotten off, engine and tender cut off the train, then over the crossover switches onto the south passenger track, heading west to access the wye for turning for the trip back. These facilities were taken over by the U. S. Navy in 1942 to build a torpedo-boat base and the LIRR facilites were moved slightly south to their present-day location with all new tracks, new yard and new depot. One major change was that the similar style depot building was constructed parallel to the tracks as opposed to this layout stubbing out perpendicular to the structure. Dave Keller archive

G5s-37-Old Station-Montauk-c.1931.jpg (34372 bytes)
G5s #37 has just pulled into the north platform of the old (2nd) Montauk depot (see covered platform of station at end-of-track) c. 1931 

After the "K4" bridge was opened over Shinnecock Canal in June, 1931 it was extremely rare to find a G5s at Montauk . . . . 

While I don't have an "official" date on this shot, I'm saying c. 1931 because of the fact of the K4 bridge opening in July and the pin-striping on the engine and tender, which was ordered to be discontinued effective June 13, 1932.

This could have been taken anytime between 1929, the build-date and June, 1931, when K4 locomotives took over the Montauk runs.

I'll go on the outside edge and say it was shot just before the bridge opened as it is not shiny and new-looking . . . .as though it's just been delivered. Archive/Info: Dave Keller

FM2006 at Montauk
"Handing up Train Orders?"

The "crew" posing for a moment. 

FM-1506-1504-Train-Montauk-c1958.jpg (55211 bytes)
FM H16-44 #’s 1506, 1504, doubleheading train eastbound at station platform  Montauk, NY c. 1958. Conductor in blue uniform on platform.  Engineer Richard L’Hommedieu in cab of  lead unit. Collection: James Caramore Archive: Dave Keller

CPA20-5-2004-Backing Baggage-RPO-REA Cars onto Wye-Montauk-3-19-55.jpg (78746 bytes)
LIRR #2004 CPA20-5 Backing Baggage, RPO/REA cars onto Wye Bunkhouse at left View SW 03/19/1955 Archive: Dave Keller

lirrCannonballtrain5_montauk7-29-68richmakse.jpg (45204 bytes)
July 29, 1968: Bob Emery backs the 12 cars (note six parlors) of train #5, The Cannonball, into Montauk Station. It's barely daybreak and Bob's primary piece of flagging equipment, a white handkerchief, works just fine. The Mattituck is the rear car of #5. Bob and I frequently worked parlor trains together. 
Photo: Richard F. Makse

Station-Montauk-Ticket Office-Last Day of Year-Round Agency-01-21-72 (Keller-Keller) (2).jpg (76002 bytes)
Montauk Station Ticket Office - The last day of the Year Round Agency 1/21/1972 Photo/Archive: Dave Keller


Station-Montauk-Block Operator's Desk-Last Day of Year-Round Agency-01-21-72 (Keller-Keller).jpg (78546 bytes)
Montauk Station Block Operator's desk was, as usual, situated in the trackside bay window.  Ticket windows were 90 degrees to it, facing east into the waiting room. The last day of the Year Round Agency 1/21/1972 Photo/Archive: Dave Keller
Station-Montauk-Ticket Office-Last Day of Year-Round Agency-01-21-72 (Keller-Keller) (1).jpg (72273 bytes)
Montauk Station Ticket Office - The last day of the Year Round Agency 1/21/1972 Photo/Archive: Dave Keller
Montauk-Special_Hampton-Express-Timetable_5-1927.jpg (600447 bytes)


Hampton Express through Parlor Car service between Pittsburgh and the Hamptons/Montauk. Timetable 5/1927, at left, indicates Pittsburgh to Washington, D.C. 

Through Parlor Car service between Washington, D.C. and the Hamptons/Montauk. Timetable 6/26//1927 at right.

ticket-Easthampton-Amagansett_Montauk-Dater-Die_10-13-61_BradPhillips.jpg (65921 bytes)
Ticket - Easthampton to Amagansett Montauk Dater Die 10/13/61 Archive: Brad Phillips

Montauk Station dimensions by Martin Quinn

Washington-Montauk-timetable_6-26-27.jpg (270965 bytes)
Through Parlor Car service - Washington, D.C. to 
Montauk timetable  6/26/1927

LIRR- Ticket Form 1813 Ferry one day excursion
Montauk to New London 6/18/1940

Ticket-Montauk-Penn-Station_c.1968.jpg (57639 bytes)
Ticket - Montauk to Penn Station c.1968
Archive: Brad Phillips

Montauk Station view W 1960's Photo: Ron Ziel

Montauk Station - View SW 1982
Photo/Archive: Art Huneke

Montauk-station_1988_EdwardHand.jpg (61041 bytes)
Montauk Station 1988 Photo/Archive: Edward Hand


 Montauk-station_10-27-84_EdwardHand.jpg (75925 bytes)
Montauk Station - MP 115 10/27/1984 Photo: Edward Hand
Montauk_1-02-1988_Edwardhand.jpg (94606 bytes)
Montauk 1/02/1988 Photo: Edward Hand
montauk-station_1-02-88_EdwardHand.jpg (109669 bytes)
Montauk Station 1/02/1988 Photo: Edward Hand

Montauk Station  - View W  7/1971 Photo/Archive:  Steve Rothaug

montaukfreighthousemap.jpg (228783 bytes)
Montauk Station area 2010

MontaukMap_station-photo-views2012.jpg (131939 bytes)
Montauk Stations photo locations 2012 Courtesy: Al Castelli
MontaukStations_FlamingoAve_viewSW_07202012AlCastelli.JPG (69933 bytes)
Montauk Station (1)  Flamingo Ave view SW
7/20/2012 Photo/Archive: Al Castelli
MontaukStations_FirestoneRd_viewSW_07202012AlCastelli.JPG (55900 bytes)
Montauk Station (2) Firestone Rd view SW
1927 Station at right, 1942 station left
7/20/2012  Photo/Archive: Al Castelli

Montuak_wheelmarksinroad_FirestoneRd_0720201AlCastelli.JPG (61259 bytes)
Wheel marks in Firestone Rd from when a GP38-2, I believe, overran the end of the track and went across the road  720201 Photo/Archive: Al Castelli

montaukfreighthouse.jpg (36935 bytes)
1942 Freight House moved from its original location to
Industrial Rd. c. mid 1960's 
montaukfreighthouseindustrialrd1994.jpg (61391 bytes)
Montauk Freight House on Industrial Rd. 1994 
Photo/Archive: John Fusto

Montauk_formerfreighthouse_IndustrialRd_viewN_07202012AlCastelli.jpg (80959 bytes)
Freight house now a private residence view N 7/20/2012
Photo/Archive: Al Castelli

wyeeastendMontauk_JohnFusto.jpg (91765 bytes)
East leg of wye, view S/SE from station platform
Photo/Archive: John Fusto
LIRR-Montauk-wyeswitch-07212011_Al-Castelli.jpg (143053 bytes)
Montauk wye switch view S 07/21/2011 
Photo/Archive: Al Castelli

montaukwye3-21-08MikeMcDermet.jpg (88294 bytes)
South leg of wye, view N from Industrial Rd. 03/21/2008
Photo/Archive: Mike McDermet

lirrDM30-511-531Montauk08212011JonLebowitz.jpg (108644 bytes)
LIRR DM30AC  #511 #531 Montauk View W 08/21/2011 
Photo: Jon Lebowitz

LIRR-Montauk-wye-07212011_Al-Castelli.jpg (80312 bytes)
Montauk End of south leg of wye view SW 07/21/2011
Photo: Al Castelli

lirrMontauk-C3coach-5013-08212011ViewSEJonLebowitz.jpg (132553 bytes)
LIRR C3 coach #5013 Montauk 
View SE 08/21/2011 Photo/Archive: Jon Lebowitz

lirr409-DE30AC_Montauk-Layover_viewW_8-07-2010_WilliamJSkeats.jpg (386173 bytes)
LIRR #409 DE30AC Montauk layover view W 8/07/2010 
Photo: William J. Skeats

lirr518-DM30AC-MontaukViewSE-08212011JonLebowitz.jpg (152817 bytes)
LIRR DM30AC 518 Montauk View SE 08/21/2011 
Photo/Archive: Jon Lebowitz

lirr-C-3_Bi-Level_cab_car_Montauk_12-27-13_Gurney's-Inn_RonYee.jpg (73039 bytes)
LIRR C3 coach #508 Montauk view E  towards Gurney's Inn 12/27/13  Photo/Archive: Ron Yee

Montauk Wye - View W 7/16/2017 Photo/Archive: Marc Glucksman

The train in the aerial photo of the wye is laid up there per manipulation not by employee error. Montauk yard is full all weekend. They don't deadhead everything back to Jamaica.
The wye is also used to turn road power should the cab car fail and is not able to lead. It's also used in the rare instance they double head a set to bring power out to swap a shopped engine. I've seen this on #602 on occasion. Removing all the turning points wasn't the smartest idea operationally. Of the remaining eastern wyes only Montauk can turn a short consist. Info: Joe Vila

Montauk-Branch_end-manual-block-operation_Train-2716_Montauk-Yard_11-10-17_DietrichRyan.jpg (77857 bytes)
Montauk Branch - End of manual block operation - Train #2716 at Montauk Yard 11/10/2017 Photo/Archive: Dietrich Ryan
MontaukPoint_Amanda-Haddox_11-29-08.jpg (52179 bytes)
Montauk Point - Sunrise View East 11/29/2008
Photo: Amanda Haddox
milky-way-montauk-point-light-house-NY-Chirag-Upreti-2-17-2018.jpg (52122 bytes)
Montauk Point Lighthouse- Milky Way 2/17/2018
Photo: Chirag Upreti

Montauk Branch - The end of manual block operation banner  Train #2716 at Montauk Yard 11/10/2017 
Photo/Archive: Dietrich Ryan

Montauk - Track 5 Photo: Jason Baxter

Montauk 2023 map - Google

Sunset At 2nd House Road. Following the Cannonball is a tough job, but Train #18 with LIRR DE30AC #414 and its 5 coaches hold down the assignment on Friday, August 11, 2023. While the Cannonball makes only a few stops and covers the run in 2 hours and 41 minutes by timetable, Train 18 makes local stops and originates at Hunterspoint Avenue, taking 3 hours and 4 minutes to make the trip. The train is seen at the 2nd House Road crossing in Montauk, NY, just under a mile from the end of track. Photo/Archive: River Rail Photo  - Marc Glucksman 8/11/2023