LIRR Ore Car 4038 - c.1996.jpg (124463 bytes)
LIRR  Ore Car #4038 - c.1996  

lirrore_ 120699.jpg (80326 bytes)
LIRR Ore Cars - Close Up 12/06/99
Photo: John McCluskey

Early LIRR  Ore Cars
Archive: Dave Keller

Steam Crane-Ore Cars-65th st.-3rd Ave-Bay Ridge-11-17-09.jpg (130038 bytes)
Steam Crane Ore Cars 65th St. 3rd Ave Bay Ridge 11/07/1909

Camelback-Ore Cars-3rd Ave-Bay Ridge Yard-1917.jpg (136881 bytes)
Camelback Ore Cars 3rd Ave Bay Ridge Yard 1917

G52-114-Ore-Cars-Bay Ridge Branch Construction.jpg (119126 bytes)
G52 114 Ore Cars Bay Ridge Branch Construction
Ore-Car-Fulton St. Tunnel Construction-East NY-1913.jpg (133167 bytes)
Ore Car Fulton St. Tunnel Construction East NY 1913
Ore-cars-BRT Portal-Sea-Beach-Line-5th Ave-Bay Ridge-1917.jpg (150152 bytes)
Ore cars BRT Portal Sea Beach Line 5th Ave Bay Ridge 1917



LIRR  Ore Cars - Ore Jennies

They were used in removing tunnel boring excavated rock from the Third City Water Tunnel, Queens section. Cars numbered by my observations:125 cars, 4001 to 4126
 queenstunnelore_061197.jpg (42141 bytes)
Queens Tunnel Bore 06/11/97 
Photo: John McCluskey
Loaded out in Maspeth where the LIRR used to have a freight house on Grand Avenue. There was a ban on shipping this material by truck from the Queens job site, so the railroad got the business.  
lirr_104_081397.jpg (71098 bytes)
LIRR #104 08/13/97 
Photo: John McCluskey
LIRR-Ore-Cars-Bridgehampton-7-1995.jpg (51524 bytes)
 Hampton Materials and Handling 
Bridgehampton 07/1995
Photo: Thomas Collins 
 Archive: Dave Keller 

MOW-Ore Cars-Bridgehampton-2-1996.jpg (50363 bytes)
Hampton Materials and Handling 
Bridgehampton 02/1996
Photo: Thomas Collins 
 Archive: Dave Keller 
LIRR-Ore-Cars-Speonk-7-1995.jpg (45940 bytes)
Hampton Materials and Handling 
Bridgehampton 07/1995
Photo: Thomas Collins 
 Archive: Dave Keller 

They went caput a short time after. Did not pay the bill to the railroad. Freight job RF7 from LI City went out with the ore jennies. They received Conrail hopper cars of 1/4 inch bluestone also when freight job RF70 went out and did Pulver gas which is just east of there on the DEF....(double end freight)
Research: Don Fischer

Former CN and BN cars. The LIRR sold them to LS&I who shortened the cars.
10-06-00LSI_lirrjennies_ MikeEllis.jpg (34503 bytes)
LIRR Ore Cars sold to LS&I 10/06/2001 Photo: Mike Ellis

One of the un-rebuilt Long Island ore cars LIRR #4072 sits with the set used for re-claimer service (picking up spilled pellets on the roadbed) 12/10/08
Info/Photo: Robert Welke

One of the un-rebuilt Long Island ore cars LI #4034 at Eagle Mills 12/10/08 
Photo: Robert Welke

LS&I 9501.jpg (91911 bytes)
At Eagle Mills (LS&I shops). The cars have to be narrowed 8 inches otherwise they cannot pass each other on the Presque Isle dock. 
Photo: Robert Welke


order_071797.jpg (64294 bytes)
LIRR "Ore Car"  Train Movement Notice #27-97 07/17/97
Collection: Paul Strubeck
lirr4001_ 081397.jpg (70786 bytes)
LIRR #4001 08/13/97
Photo: John McCluskey

lirr4002_120699.jpg (53310 bytes)
LIRR #4002 12/06/99
Photo: John McCluskey

lirr4011_06-96.jpg (43841 bytes)
LIRR #4011 06/96
Photo: John McCluskey

lirr4014_ore-car_YardA-LICity_viewN_c.1998_MarioCraig.jpg (135383 bytes)
LIRR #4014 Yard A, LI City view N c.1998 Photo: Mario Craig

lirr4056_022897.jpg (54102 bytes)
LIRR #4056
Photo: John McCluskey


Cars extensions for use in hauling taconite pellets.
 Not as dense as iron ore.
 lirr4156_HOmodel.jpg (15603 bytes) 
LIRR #4156 HO Scale Model

String of cars in Yard A were
bad order cars/part sources
for the rest of the fleet. They 
got scrapped when the others 
were sold. 
lirr4044jenniesbobanderson.jpg (55765 bytes)
LIRR #4044 
Photo: Robert Andersen

lirr4023.jpg (53178 bytes)
LIRR #4023
lirr4064.jpg (81844 bytes)
LIRR #4064
lirr4088_08-97.jpg (58006 bytes)
LIRR #4088
Photo: John McCluskey
lirr4096_022797.jpg (54280 bytes)
LIRR #4096
Photo: John McCluskey
lirr4118.jpg (34425 bytes)
LIRR #4118
lirr4123_120699.jpg (60547 bytes)
LIRR #4123 12/06/99
Photo: John McCluskey
lirr4126_05-99.jpg (52432 bytes)
LIRR #4126 05/99
Photo: John McCluskey
lirrorestring_08-97.jpg (78366 bytes)
LIRR Ore Consist 08/97
Photo: John McCluskey
lirr_157_022897.jpg (35739 bytes)
LIRR #157 02/28/97
Photo: John McCluskey
NYA_105_051599.jpg (99905 bytes)
NYA #105 05/15/99
Photo: John McCluskey

NY & Atlantic Railway SW1001 #105 (formerly LIRR #105) pulls a string of LIRR ore cars
 in Long Island City, NY on 3/18/1999. (Dave Keller archive)

I'd have to do some research on these cars for their predecessor information, but I can tell you they were referred to in the LIRR timetable as ore cars and were called ore jennies by the crews. 

The entire fleet was transferred to the New York & Atlantic Railway in 1997 and at the time were being used for the GROW tunneling project in Maspeth. The rock that was removed to build the tunnel was transported to Prima Asphalt in Holtsville, NY. For most of the first few years of the NYA, this was a unit train that ran weeknights (and sometimes on weekends). 

One small item though. The tunneling operation was year round. We did not stop during the winter for maintenance. The trains did slow down but did not stop. The Contractor was always upset when the railroad would run slowly, as we would get "muck bound" very quickly and he would be screaming to get switched or for more empty cars. Info: John McCluskey

Before the freight transfer, LIRR also used the cars to service Hampton Materials in Bridgehampton and for a sand project just east of Speonk.  Research:  Jay Eichler

The fleet went to the Lake Superior & Ishpeming Railroad and are back in Ore service. (LS&I RR)   Research: John McCluskey and Paul Strubeck