PATCHOGUE   Local railroad industries/LIRR facilities obtained via insurance maps.
Time period is circa 1885-1925 (and what's left today)

Bluepoint, NY 1/2 mile west of Patchogue, NY (55+ miles east of NY City)
Single track no siding: Reid's Ice Cream

Following area is approx 3/4 mile in length running through Village of
Patchogue, NY 11772 4 tracks through Patchogue
Bunk House
E. Bailey & Sons Lumber yard & Mill
1 siding for brick Coal bin
2 sidings for lumber loading
1 siding further east for shipping/receiving
Nelson Morris Co. Dressed Beef
Water Tank
Express Office
Passenger Station (south side of tracks)
PD Interlocking Tower
Pair of team tracks
Welz & Zerwick Brewery
South Bay Ice
Hiscox Chemical
Swezey Coal & Feed
Wood & Vernon Coal & Lumber
Red Rose Corp. Plumbing Supplies

T&S Building Supply Company
Sinclair Oils
Standard oil Co.
Freight House
Week's Coal & Wood Yard
Section House
Engine Oil Facility
4 Stall Roundhouse
Hand Car Shed
Tool House
Electric Co.
Monsell Bros. Cement Block
Gas Company
Patchogue Lace Mill
Coal Trestle siding

Current Standing: 1999

Reid's Ice Cream - abandoned

Patchogue - Eastbound
One yard track for storage/maintenance shed and siding (Sperry
Rail test car seen here)
Bowling Alley, Federal Park Land was Bailey Lumber
Passenger Station (south side of tracks)
PD Interlocking Tower in operation (rumored to phase out)
Team tracks - parking lot and row of small businesses
Welz & Zerwick Brewery/Hiscox Chemical - abandoned
Ice House (burned out late '80s) was part of South Bay Ice
Swezey Fuel Oil (no freight delivery) was Swezey Coal & Feed

Single track east to Montauk

Westbound through village
LIPA/ex LILCO -substation was the Electric Co. - no siding
Patchogue Lace Mill- abandoned, due for razing - no siding. Torn down c.2000