Patchogue Crew Messages


LIRR PD Tower Crew Messages 1929 - 1942

These are transcribed hand-written messages that appeared on any type of scrap of paper that came to hand or were written on the backs of official LIRR forms by and for train and engine crews or yard hostlers and agents, handed off to the block operator at “PD” tower or station agent at Patchogue, to be passed along to the proper individuals involved.   Some of the limited repairs mentioned took place at the locomotive facilities in the old yard at Patchogue.  All repairs were done outdoors despite the time of year and weather conditions as the 4-stall engine house had been removed in 1928-29 by parent-road PRR edict.  Archive: Dave Keller

, NY
Sept. 8, 1930


J. M. Fair,

          Div. Engr.



Minor C. Keith’s siding, leading from #2 track 1.80 miles east of Babylon Station is out of service indefinitely on account of repairs.





Eng. 42 was stuck on turntable two and one half hours last night.  Please have turn table repaired so we can turn engines.


                                                                   James Nudo





Clapper lost out of bell on Eng 7622.


                                                                   Spoonheimer, Engr.



Jamaica, 12/31/41


D. Y. Geddes, Penn Station

Condr #50.  Care Opr, PD Patchogue, Jan. 3rd

Condr #102 Care Crew Dispatcher, Penn Station, Jan 3rd

Condr #98   Care Crew Dispatcher, Penn Station, Jan 3rd


          On Saturday, Jan 3rd, New York division will make up #102 with one extra coach for return on #143.

          On Saturday, Jan. 3rd, #53 will reserve the head coach for 50 colored selectees, Patchogue to Camp Lee, Petersburg.  Transfer to #143 at Babylon.

          On Saturday, Jan 3rd #143 will reserve the head coach for above party, Babylon to Penn Station.

          Agent Camp Upton will arrange for proper rail transportation.


                                                          W. L. Hoffman



Engine Disp:  MP                                        11/6/29


Flues leaking Eng. 87


                                                          Spoonheimer, Engr.



Crew Dispatcher                                         11/15/29


Please get me a Trainman’s cap, size 7 and send to Patchogue.


                                                          D. V. Whaley, Trainman



F. R. Gerard, Supt;                                     10/28/29

J. W. Cousins, RF of E


Engine 88 flues leaking absolutely no blower almost impossible to get along.


                                                                   Baptist, Engr.



F.R.G.                                                         Jamaica 3/19/30


Mail clerk on Train 56 car 739 reports no lights in car.


                                                                   C. S. Hammond, Condr. #56



Morris Park Eng. House Foreman:              10/31/29


Send out today one air pump governor for Eng 91.  The one you sent out yesterday is too small and superheater damper cylinder for Eng 229 one ½ inch globe valve for sprinkler hose Eng 212.


                                                                   Geo. Delach



All Concerned:                                            Jamaica 9/13/32


Effective at once Shinnecock team track and passing siding out of service.


                                                                   J. F. H.





Mr. Marlin, Psgr. Rep at Camp Upton asks that 205 be stopped at Hay Road to pick up 17 men today, Sept 17.


Given to Dispatcher Doran at 7:30 am



Patchogue 2/15/33


The portion of dock track beyond the freight house switch at Montauk is out of service until further notice.  Switch set and spiked for freight house siding.


                                                                   F. J. N.



FRG & J. E. Timson                                    Patchogue 2/25/30


Coach 334 uncoupled from Engine 82 on train 69 pulling off steam valve and piece of pipe so car cannot be heated caused by center piece of uncoupling lever on Engine 82 being too long.  Should have coach to replace 334.


                                                                   Wm Smith, Car Inspector



Condr. #L80                                                Jamaica, 2/25/30


PRR 1L0943 at Patchogue loaded cinders for Quogue OK to go forward. 

Pick up and handle carefully account cut journal.



                                                                F. R. G.

All Concerned:                                            Jamaica 10/4/30


Water low at Hicksville .  Take full supply elsewhere. 




Round House Foreman, MP                        2/25/30


Eng 8492 both front arch bar plugs leaking bad.  Also rear belly plate leaking bad.







Round House Foreman says to have boiler maker do job on Eng 8492. Boiler maker say he has not the tools to do job and this type of eng needs socket wrench. R. H. Foreman said he will have to take care of it tomorrow and for boiler maker to go home when he gets done.

JHS                                                            2/25/30


L106  Eng 300.  6 hrs 45 min.  cut off 11.45  18 cars 


                                                                   Van Nostrand  (Engr)

                                                                   Jacobs (Condr)



F.R.G. & J. E. Timson                                 Patchogue 2/24/30


Coach 362 one trap door hinge broken.


Coach 362 two trap door springs defective.


                                                                   Wm smith, Car Inspector



F. R. G.                                                       2/25/30


Set out PRR 160943.  cinders at Patchogue.  Hot journal left side.  Destination Quogue – No bill


                                                                   Condr. Livingston, L80



C. D. Burgess, M.P.                                    2/24/30


On Eng 43 tender is old generator from Eng 100 also some scrap iron.  Have it removed.





Tom (Gafney, PD Operator)

          Will you have 4085 put his 4 coaches and combine on Fence.


                                                                   C. S. Hammond



L80                                                             BO (Bellport)  12/16/29


Pick up 6 pieces of freight at Bellport for Brookhaven today without fail.





Signal B405 out of order in stop position for train #74.


                                                                   Dobbins & Lewis



J. H. S.                                                       12/16/29


L106           9 hrs, 30 min.

                   Handled 45 cars

                   Eng. 300



Eng House Foreman – M. P.                       12/15/29


Flues leaking in fire box Eng 87.  Also send out today on train 4058 one three eighth by inch and half pipe nipple.







L106           Eng. 300

                   7 hrs, 10 min.

                   Handled 29 cars


                                                                   Van Nostrand




Eng Dispatcher:                                          12/14/29


                   1 stay bolt leaking on Eng 84.





F. R. G.                                                       11/2/29


L.I. 5615 car manure for East Hampton set out at SayvilleHot box.  Bill left at Sayville.


                                                                   Condr. Welsh, Eng. 118



Eng House Foreman                                   10/31/29


Send to Patchogue shaker bar for Eng 229 and a shaker bar for Eng 89.





J. H. S.                                                       11/1/29


L106           Eng 300

                   Handled 34 cars

                   Made 8 hours


                                                                   Rose & Jumic



Eng. Disp. M.P.                                           11/1/29


Send out cylinder head gasket for Eng 229 on haul job.





Eng. Dispatcher – M. P.                              10.31.29


Eng 37 – train control out order.  Brakes will not release.  All lights lit except 3 bulls eyes at right corner of cab. 







Delach                                                        10/31/29


Cut out train control and come in without it and have it fixed up at Morris Park.


                                                                   Chief Dispatcher




F. R. G. – Jamaica

J. E. Timson – Rich. Hill                             10/30/29


Hot box on cinder car #228 at Bayshore has been repaired.


Car is OK to go forward.


                                                                   G. B. Wicks



J. G. Y.                                                        10/30/29


Within two weeks time we will need 100 feet 5/8 inch cable for coal hoist.


                                                                   Geo. Delach



Condr. L80

Holban Yard                                                PD  10/29/29


PRR 301492 for Easthampton on scale track.





J. G. Yarwood                                             11/4/29


On ground: 40 tons.



Condr L81                                                  Patchogue 10/24/29


Arrange to pick up 14 cars off scale and take west.


                                                                   W. B. Housch


F. R. G.                                                       PD 10/24/29


12 hours, 15 min.

42 cars



                                                                   Eng. 305



Work Xtra 92                                              12/7/29


Eng crew 5.30 AM

Train crew 6.00 AM


Overton & Larr


Work between BH and MY unloading ties.





Condr L80                                                  Bellport 12/17/29


Please pick up freight at Bellport going east.





L107  Eng 300


DLW 43319 taken out as MTY (empty) has feed for Patchogue in it.  Please bring back.





Mr. J. L Hill                                                          2/4/33


#9 delayed at Patchogue 22 mins. Account of having to clean snow out of 5 switches.  No help.


                                                                   H. Ruff (Block Opr, PD)



J. F. H.                                                        11/9/32


Set out LI 5815 at Lindenhurst with hot journal.  Dest. SouthamptonLading manure.  Waybill at Dest.


                                                                   Condr. Collins, Extra 109



Engr. #65                                                    Jamaica 12/17/34


Take full supply of water at Patchogue account of water low at Babylon.


                                                                   E. E. E.



How many potatoes and where do they go?


How many cars leaving PD?


4 MTY at Islip north side

7 MTY at Bayshore north side

2 load & 8 MTY 1st out on back track at Babylon

2 Oysters Sayville


                                                                   L107, Eng 110




Engr. #60                                                    PD  12/29/343


You are to double-head #5 with PRR Eng 4106 today and be on west end ready to back on #5 after he makes station stop.


                                                                   Munsell, Blk Opr.



Bottom light S421 (signal) out.



                                                                   Engr. Extra 117 East



Condr. L80

Holban Yard                                                PD  11/2/29                


PRR 288981 on scale for Bridgehampton.





F. R. G.                                                       11/9/29


Car #PRR 157685 pocket bracket broken on both pockets.  Can’t close them.  This car is at Shinnecock Hills.


                                                                   L. F. Lavelle

                                                                   Condr. Extra 17



J. G. Yarwood


Please send a supply of sand.  We are all out.





F. R. G.                                                       PD  11/13/29


L106, Eng 102 handled 28 cars.  Cut off 12.15 PM.  6 hours, 15 minutes.


                                                                   Engineer Yaeger

                                                                   Condr. Jewell



Eng. Disp. – Morris Park                             11/15/29


Eng 87 has no flags, lamps, fuses or torch.


                                                                   Dobbins, Eng.  #56



L80                                                             11/25/29


PRR 565967 on scale goes to HA.  Bill in box.





L80                                                             Patchogue 11/26/29


L. I. 3400 salt on scale track for Bellport.







Send man Monday to fix valve in Water Tank.  It is now necessary to get up on tank to open valve and shut it off.  Ladder leading to top of tank is rotten and unsafe to go up.


                                                                   R. M. Rees




Eng. Disp. M. P.                                          2/25/30


Have supply of valve oil sent out for Eng 8534.  Not a drop on hand.





F. R. G.                                                       Patchogue 2/27/30



Top light out sig. S405 and S417 for train 48


                                                                   Parks, Condr.

                                                                   Spoonheimer, Engr.



F. R. G.                                                      


Set out E22948 car coal for Bellport.  Hot journal at Sayuville.  Waybill ahead.


                                                                   Condr. Livingston  L80



F. R. G.                                                       10/10/29


Set out at Bell siding Eastport LI 85810. Drawbar pulled.

This car will have to be turned to come in on rear of train.



                                                                   L81, Eng. #117



Claude Hammond                                                12/11


Tale blades off signal at AG.  Disconnect batteries and take bulbs out of lights on top of signals.


                                                                   M. Smith



204                                                             6/27/42


No sand in sand box of Eng 1470, train 61.  Will have trouble if it rains.


                                                                   E. Murray, Engr.

                                                                   Campbell, Condr.

                                                                   Baldwin, Opr.                         



Condr. L80

Holban Yard                                                PD  10/24/29


Three cars on east end of freight house track, Patchogue to go east.


                                                                   W. B. H.